October 17th, 2016 | 68 Entries

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68 Entries for “dawn”

  1. So dawn is a beautiful word to me and since It’s take me forever to type this but I love dawn and it’s making me happy.

    By Rain URL on 10.17.2016

  2. once again I’m writing about dawn, the prettiest time of day for me but I type slow so I’m not able to get out all my feelings about this wonderful time. I still love it a lot though

    By Rain URL on 10.17.2016

  3. Dawn is beautiful. it is when the sky comes alive and the earth wakes up for the day. it is a sight that many people love seeing and they take pictures of it. I never see dawn because i am never awake. But i have seen it before and its really amazing.

    By Bridget on 10.17.2016

  4. His main character was named Dawn, and the opening scene of his novel was her watching the dawn from her window. Eliza could feel her nose crinkling like wet paper as she perused the manuscript, her fingers barely touching it as if it were moist or toxic. The writing pretty much went on like this, until she had to stop after Chapter Two to call her mom and pour herself a stiff drink.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.17.2016

  5. I fell in love with her that night. There was nothing so special about it–it was just something that needed to happen. To the dismay of poets, there were no fireworks or a great realization of life’s potentials. On contrary, there was just me and her, by the beach as silent as the night approaching dawn. No words–just us sharing solitude. At one time my heart raced, though not out of excitement but of fear that it would end just as soon as the first light.

    By edrianredentor URL on 10.17.2016

  6. Literally speaking,
    I like dawn in the morning, that sudden surge of chilling air precedes the warming
    as, from behind mountains, flame coloured sky reflecting in city fountains as it flies
    through town and groves and veins of city streets it freely flows, alighting all with gentle glow
    later to wane to tepid typical day, but at dusk, transitioning to fire along the calm sea’s horizon

    By Renzo Saggio on 10.17.2016

  7. Figuratively speaking,

    for most people dawn is something to always look forward to yet forever miss
    because most people are stupid and that realisation never dawns on them a bit
    it’s as if they are albino vampires and the least light of thought is too brilliant a doom
    a shame for many to shun a wisdom’s dawn in a world that needs full function at noon

    By Renzo Saggio on 10.17.2016

  8. “Have you made up your mind?”

    Watthana shook her head. “I keep thinking about it, but my mind goes around and around. What will happen with my parents? They’ll worry about me. They won’t know where I’ve gone.” Boualapha released himself from her grasp. Watthana continued. “But I really want to go with you. I can’t stay here, and it will be impossible to leave on my own.”

    Boualapha looked over the valley. He knew how difficult it would be to leave, but he also had to go. Too many people were suspicious of him already. “I have to go. It’s a matter of life or death for me.”

    “I need more time to think.” Boualapha shook his head.

    “You’ve had more than enough time to decide. I can’t listen to you any more. I will be next to the spirit tree at dawn. I will wait a few minutes but then I will leave, whether you are with me or not.” He walked away, tuning out her crying behind him.

    By chanpheng URL on 10.17.2016

  9. It was almost always purple twilight here. Strangely calming and nothing like him. The planet was lush and filled with fields and farms and she could only imagine how they looked with explosions peppering the vast expanse of flax-seed yellow and deep verdant leaf.

    It reminded her of home. She had never been before, but it reminded her of home and that left a bitter taste in her mouth. Like chewing too long on a coca leaf.

    By Zoe on 10.17.2016

  10. Immediately think of the terrible series of Vampire novels or a middle – aged housewife that is always in the kitchen, whilst sporting a cropped hair do. She must be someone who enjoys eating sandwiches.

    By Jess on 10.17.2016

  11. In the evening, behind the watershed, a thought dawns on me: “I’m in my twilight years” just as the creeping claw of the crepuscular crawl reaches in and taps on its watch.

    By omqwat URL on 10.17.2016

  12. I’m reminded of a poem with this word DAWN

    “Nothing gold can stay”
    a poem by Robert Frost
    …”dawn goes down to day”

    one verse of eight lines
    with true realization
    love life’s little gems

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.17.2016

  13. At the break of dawn we awoke to ride off. we were on our way to castle redmond where i would be chosen to become an apprentice of one of the arts.

    By Rebecca on 10.18.2016

  14. i just woke up from a bad dream, a nightmare in fact. I couldn’t go back to sleep. When i came back i found it was dawn and sun was just raising. Looking at the picturesque sun, i felt thankful to the nightmare.

    By Akshatha URL on 10.18.2016

  15. That moment just before where there is a speckle of light. The amber is soft, the dew is sweet and the beginning is about to rise.

    By B. URL on 10.18.2016

  16. it was time. today and dawn he would leave to go seek his destiny. All his life Bob wanted to be a dawntreader. Someone who protected the world f

    By vritika on 10.18.2016

  17. the dawn breaks and i can’t breathe. stuck, and in awe. this kind of beauty burns //

    By eccentric on 10.18.2016

  18. Waking up is always my favorite part of the day. I always make sure to find a room in a new apartment, dorm room, house that is facing towards the dawn. The colors change, but the feeling stays the same. The start of a new day, the pinks and purples, the oranges. The sun coming over the edge of the trees in Pennsylvania, above the fields of sheep in England or through the cut out brick in the wall in the middle of Uganda. The joy that comes from a new days sun streaming through and lighting up the world around you, lighting up you, can not be replaced by anything.

    By Emma on 10.18.2016

  19. dawn came and went
    but i stayed in bed
    past breakfast and past brunch
    getting up just in time for lunch.

    By Steve O URL on 10.18.2016

  20. Maybe
    Maybe when the sun comes up
    That’s when we’ll find you.

    Maybe when it’s a new day and everything’s bright and clear
    We’ll see you were there the whole time.

    You’ll come running up to the door, wagging your tail
    Just like you never left
    Because this is your home

    And we love you.

    By Brandon Steward URL on 10.18.2016

  21. I saw the dawn in the morning. A dawn is when the sun comes up.

    By Simon Woodard on 10.18.2016

  22. The light was beginning to filter into the room, illuminating what had happened the night before. Broken furniture, smashed glass, and two bodies laying at odd angles.

    By Emma URL on 10.18.2016

  23. I woke up a little after dawn this morning so I could get my homework done early. :)

    By homeschooler URL on 10.18.2016

  24. a flickering touch of fire
    in the sky
    far away where the angels sing.

    the trees embrace the fire
    yet do not light
    as the funeral for morning begins.

    By batteryman URL on 10.18.2016

  25. Dawn is beautiful at State College, at least recently. I take my dog out in the morning, and look at the leaves changing color, the morning beam shining through the thick and thin layers of trees. This morning the moon was still in the sky and I took a picture of it.

    By Wendy on 10.18.2016

  26. Softly it comes, yet all at once. One moment you are sitting in the cool stillness of the world before light, and the next – the soft pink glow flushes from the horizon. The birds awake. And just as soon as you notice the beauty of the dawn, it’s over, and the day is upon you.

    By Ash on 10.18.2016

  27. It is just before dawn when I awaken. I stare at the ceiling, sweeping my hand over the empty space beside me in bed, noticing the ever so slight shift in light outside – the soft glow of the rising sun,
    It just shines on the bed as it climbs higher, as if pointing out I am alone again. I stare at that space, cold and and untouched by the sun’s heat, and curl up on my side, sobbing silently with a fist in my mouth.

    By Sharna on 10.18.2016

  28. i played a Video game in dawn and the Name of the game was until dawn and i love it. after that i walked outside and it was still dawn and now ist still dawn. forever dawn

    By Kimsey-Chan URL on 10.18.2016

  29. If the dawn was all we know
    would it be as beautiful
    taste like water on the hottest night
    or just be another day that took flight
    if the sun didnt shine as bright

    By anika URL on 10.18.2016

  30. it is the end of an era, yet every end brings with it a fully-fledged beginning
    when will we learn to appreciate the traces of hope and opportunity that turning away from closed doors can clue us into, without first having these firmly slammed in our faces?

    By * on 10.18.2016

  31. it then dawned upon me
    that my life would never be the same
    things change
    and i knew that i would have to too
    i decided to pack my bags and head for californee way
    i didnt have much
    but i had all i needed

    By grld URL on 10.18.2016

  32. i even dont know what meaning of dawn. i just checked at google to see what is this. is not down, like under, is dawn, with the ‘a’. the images showed a lot of sunrise, sunsets. i didnt understand why. what

    By fernanda on 10.18.2016

  33. Dawn:the time where night turns into day.

    By Jada Engel on 10.18.2016

  34. The sun broke over the horizon. We sat, cuddled together, under layers of blankets, the air was getting colder now. There was no reason to speak, we just sat and stared at the beauty that beheld us. That was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

    By Daisy Leason URL on 10.18.2016

  35. at the beginning of time
    starter of the day
    after night

    By jaycee on 10.18.2016

  36. The dawn is the beginning of the day, but sometimes you don’t get to see it because you are sleeping. In fact, most of the time people are sleeping at dawn because they are sane. The end. Also birds.

    By Phoebe on 10.18.2016

  37. At the break of dawn the roosters yelped, the cattle mooed, and the wife wife was cooking bacon. She asked “Would you like your eggs fried or scrambled honey?” He answered “Scrambled if you don’t mind”. And with the coffee pot gurgling with noise.

    By jaylen on 10.18.2016

  38. “I will pick you up at dawn my love.” Jami yelled up to my window. I smiled and said “I forever will wait in agony, for my father leaves for work at dawn.” “Then I will come at… 8:00 to pick thy up for school!” he said with a smirk. He then drove off in his car. I love that joke we have. We do it almost every night.

    By Samantha on 10.18.2016

  39. The pink sherbet colored sky did little to calm the beat of her heart. She hugged her knees and watched the kaleidoscope of colors illuminate the sky. Beauty of this magnitude demands to be appreciated, but she was only a casual observer today rather than an active participant.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.18.2016

  40. Dean sits on the hood of the impala watching the sun rise. A warm cup of coffee in his hands. He lays back against the cool metal, watching the trees sway in the wind, the occasional stray leaf floating to the ground. Castiel appears beside him, sitting next to the human. The angel’s wings were curled tight around him. “Hello, Dean.”he says, his voice slicing through the still air. “Hey Cas.”Dean glances at the Angel.

    By Deandra URL on 10.18.2016