October 16th, 2016 | 65 Entries

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65 Entries for “misguided”

  1. I thought we were going to the zoo but the map misguided me to the park instead.

    By Abigail Smith on 10.17.2016

  2. i was misguided by the dark one (once upon a time reference)

    By Amber on 10.17.2016

  3. “oh, she’s being an idiot again.”

    “It’s not such a big thing.”

    “Yes, it is. She has been misguided all her life and if she doesn’t do anything on her own, this whole thing is going to end up in tragedy.”

    He laughed. His wife was always one to see everything as a catastrophe. “Give her a chance. You can’t direct everyone.”

    She looked hurt and sighed. “I’m just trying to do what I can, while I can.”

    By chanpheng URL on 10.17.2016

  4. She was misguided about the trail. No one saw her and the fake tour guide. Go off the trail.

    By jaylen on 10.17.2016

  5. Many people are misguided when making decisions. They often rely on inaccurate information and fail to thoroughly research the issue. This has become increasingly worse with the advent of the internet and social media. People post information without checking its veracity.

    By Robin on 10.17.2016

  6. I have been misguided. I think. My cousin says i’m going to his house for Christmas, but that just cant be right. Can it? I mean, the chances are low because plane tickets to Texas are expensive.

    By Samantha on 10.17.2016

  7. I walked over the muddy sidewalk, each step bringing another sloshing sound to my ears.
    It was quite rainy, so I ducked into a store to catch my breath.
    “Hey, do you know where the bus stop is?” I asked the cashier, admiring the curls his hair was in.
    “When you walk back outside, take a left and then walk straight, it should be right there.”
    I followed his directions, but as I scanned the area around me, I realized that he’d misguided me, this was the stop for a school bus.

    By Blue on 10.17.2016

  8. “Of course it will be OK.” She’s smiling at me, but it seems to have more bite in it than it had a minute ago. “Just walk on in. No one will mind in the slightest.”

    By Emma on 10.17.2016

  9. In order to do my job effectively, i need to be informed of what is expected of me. I feel that I have been misguided by people who are terrible at explaining things. It’

    By Olivia Hook on 10.17.2016

  10. To be lead the wrong way or to be told to do something wrong. Mislead

    By Daniel on 10.17.2016

  11. i feel so misguided
    my job aint paying no money
    my honey aint giving no bummies
    and my dummie aint pimpin out bunnies
    its a damn shame my game has no dames
    but if you want to make a quarter
    you have to play some poker

    By grld URL on 10.17.2016

  12. The trip had been unexpected; unplanned, even. In a hash condition like so, no GPS could be used, even if one had wanted to. The floods. The quakes. It hurt.

    By Frey R. on 10.17.2016

  13. pure but misguided
    if one sided

    By katiekieran URL on 10.17.2016

  14. I was lonely, ever so lonely since you left me. I knew where I was going when you were there, but once it’d all been ripped apart to reveal your lies. Then I didn’t know who I was, who you were, or where I was going anymore.
    I’ve been lonely taking all the wrong steps here.

    By KitKat on 10.17.2016

  15. there’s a lot of things that push my feet into sinkholes and lies
    and many of them are things about you
    im balancing my weight here, on a string thinner than your facade
    and i cant carry you too.

    By maybe a somebody on 10.17.2016

  16. He did not know where to go, but they were following him. Why would Micha lead him to this dead end? He began to run again, something grabbed him.

    By Kiarra on 10.17.2016

  17. As they ran through the forest, despretly trying to ecsape from their persuers,
    James turned away, terrified.
    Something changed him.
    Something took him from us.
    He ran back towards our persuers, and he disappeared into the forest.

    By Joy on 10.17.2016

  18. i was misguided into leading a charge in the cold war but made in out alive.

    By Ashton on 10.17.2016

  19. So you think you’re misguided? Try this. You’re walking along and a guy comes up to you and offers you $1000 for the t-shirt you’re wearing. Except he wants you to take it off in the middle of 5th Avenue in New York and start screaming terrible, nasty epithets about every religious group known to man. He says if you do it, he’ll give you the $1000. You tell him that you want the money up front, which immediately shows this man that you are one fucking lunatic. He likes what he’s hearing; he knows you’re on a team he can work with. So he ups the ante. He offers you $2000 to scream even louder and threaten everyone in the vicinity with something. You pause for a moment. You think about your brother who has no money, your relatives who keep hitting you up for money, and just, well, money money money. So you say to this guy, “What the hell is wrong with you?” He looks you up and down and says, “What’s wrong with me? You shoulda walked away the minute I opened my mouth. I’m on anti psycho meds and a few anti-depressants and I’m out here wondering how normal the rest of the fucking world is. And you’re standing there, almost willing to take $2000 to show all these people out here that you should be on meds too. How fucking misguided are you?” Then I ask him, “Do these meds work?” He shakes his head. “Naaah. This is the tenth time today I’ve been in the same conversation.”

    By ruby on 10.17.2016

  20. “Stop!”
    “Stop! Ren’s not evil!”
    “That’s impossible!”
    “It’s true! He’s just misguided! Snoke tricked him!”
    “Okay, now you’re just messing with my head.”

    By Shadow Writer on 10.17.2016

  21. Simile:She was as misguided as a penguin ending up at the airport.
    Alliteration: The misguided muffin marveled at the mysterious master of the kitchen.
    Hyperbole: His directions have misguided you a million times!
    Metaphor: The misguided teen was a warship on the path to disaster.
    Personification: The misguided wind offered no advice to the little girl who listened at night.

    By mrsberke on 10.17.2016

  22. the hollow light was lost, as we all expected it to be.

    He walked on the same path he had ever since he was a boy, and he asked himself again if this was the right way. His parents said yes, but the stars always said no. Who should he follow?

    By anothershadowbox on 10.17.2016


    By Rachel McFadyen URL on 10.17.2016

  24. I was misguided
    unguarded, thrown out into the world
    without a chance, with out a hope
    the only way out is down
    that’s what they said
    the only way out is down.

    By nemA on 10.17.2016

  25. America’s choice
    Giant douche or turd sandwich
    Again the wheel turns

    Intelligent thoughts
    News has nought, or all but lost
    ! Still, you’re MISGUIDED

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.17.2016