August 30th, 2012 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “darlings”

  1. darlings means somone very lovable..i call my love darling..i call my sis darling…its just a cool way of calling some…darling is even a famous hindi song from saat khoon maaf wherein priyanka chopra killed her 7 husbands. this words gives you beautiful slang to calll someone…hey darling….whats up….darling can used to taunt even with a

    By Nika Mishra on 08.31.2012

  2. i love the weather today. so breeezy and windy. reminds me of the hills. with the wind blowing in our hair. and the sweet smell of flowers and roses. of days spend lazying on the hammock and munching on food and sweet nothings.

    By Mait URL on 08.31.2012

  3. dont think just write all you my darlings. that is not what i deem you doo. most things here are too carefully composed…. darlings are sivler and swim
    they live int e deep ocean blue wish you my darling had vim enough so i could swim freely with you

    By jack blake URL on 08.31.2012

  4. It was not the way things were supposed to be for this particular dog. His friends looked at him with sleepy eyes as he jumped about, thrashing all over the place.
    “Darling,” said his wife. “I say, stop this at once!”
    “I cannot control myself,” the dog whimpered, and he lifted one of his legs and started scratching on the side of his ear.
    It was not enough, he thought, but kept moving his feet. The way he did it was so hard that some of the hairs in his ear began to tear away from his mutty skin. The dog turned to his side and hit the side of a craggy wall, where he kept

    By samael URL on 08.31.2012

  5. nonstop i thinks this darling lark is dooggone ironic i don care i don think i don wanna tink. this ting true i jus writeiswotidoo. darling loftus i do love yoo wot has loftus gotta doo with darlin daarlin i luv yoo
    Awl loftusses are darlins throo an throo. darlin loftus i doo lovuv yoo. boo hoo hoo darlin loftus i doo miss yoo

    By jack blake URL on 08.31.2012

  6. Are people that we surround ourselves with, they make us happy when we are upset and they are like the sunshine to our cloudy days, our darlings make us be the way we are because they love us for who we are not for they want us to be!

    By Nano on 08.31.2012

  7. Our little daughters were darlings of all the neighborhood. There little praks were loved by one and all.

    By brij URL on 08.31.2012

  8. too mooch dahlins make yoo sick too mooch dahlins are grick dahlins dahlins
    tired of yoo tired o dahlins boo hoo hoo. darlins footless dahlins free dahlins climbin up a skee. oh dear me dahlins dahlins make me sweat. haven met a singlin wun yet. as of yet yoo bet

    By jack blake URL on 08.31.2012

  9. I have a classroom full of little darlings who are all unique little beings in the world. Our next generation, our next Prime Minister our next surgeon and chemist and zookeeper. All of them are little darlings whom I am so lucky to have met.

    By Cre8tive Classroom URL on 08.31.2012

  10. Very sweet, cute, lovely joyous

    Sweet little girls on a play ground, sincere, loving, kind, gracious, pure, unstoppable
    Sweet small innocent

    By Sabrena on 08.31.2012

  11. “Ahhhh, my darlings….” he murmured, but his eyes were different now and there was a growl in his throat when he said the r. M narrowed her own eyes and took step back from the others, her skin crawling, just before he turned around and revealed his face.

    By icfasntw URL on 08.31.2012

  12. I have only 1. I love u darling.

    By Neeta Shukla on 08.31.2012

  13. Being someone’s darling nowadays is a myth. Our grandparents were lucky enough to have them, and some of our parents. But in today’s age? It’s a joke. People don’t take love seriously, they’re only out to “get some” for the most part. Wouldn’t it be great if that wasn’t true though?

    By Izzi on 08.31.2012

  14. She tends to call me her darling. Her dove, her baby, all these sweet little nothings virtually whispered in my ear to soothe me and make me feel special. I shouldn’t be so upset, so desperate. After all, I ended it. I left her, because I couldn’t handle the distance between us and I still can’t. She’s in a new country now, a foreign land, and I’ll never be able to be with her.

    By Sister Ginger URL on 08.31.2012

  15. dalings when the

    By Frida on 08.31.2012

  16. baby. daughter. girlfriend

    By philipe jonsson on 08.31.2012

  17. A sweet person.

    By Moa on 08.31.2012

  18. e darling! :D herpderp.

    By Edvin Bengtsso on 08.31.2012

  19. Hey my darlings. This is a word for persons do you like.

    By Viktoria on 08.31.2012

  20. When has anyone gone a lifetime without any love, so I tell you my darlings you mustn’t be afraid of stepping outside the door to find a never ending love and passion for some one. The word darlings reminds me so much of a romantic novel. Oops I would keep babbling along but time is up!

    By ely URL on 08.31.2012

  21. Why have you left me all alone. With no reason to live. I don’t want to sit still alone with no one to love me to adore me or to even look at me. My darlings please return and sit, have a cup of tea and enjoy your while with me.

    By ely URL on 08.31.2012

  22. “Little darlings” such a term of endearment from a mother or grandmother’s mouth, cradling the small bodies as they squirm and wiggle, oblivious to tiny fists hitting arms or legs, just burrowing deeper into the warm embrace.

    By Ara on 08.31.2012

  23. ah my little darlings, children, pets, soft, warm, cuddley. just love my little darlings.

    By eyeinthesky on 08.31.2012

  24. Darlings are nice. They have… I don’t know what, because I don’t even know the meaning of this word. Well, we can say that they are something like pearls. Are they? Or they are more like dire products? Maybe cow wear darlings. Don’t you think so? I don’t! But, who really cares.

    By Mixa on 08.31.2012

  25. Well, darlings again? So, you can call two people, who are in love with each other, darlings. “Oh, look how darling they are, just like two darlings!”
    But, let me ask you a question: Have you ever saw three darlings? No? Well, me neither. But whatever.

    By Mixa on 08.31.2012

  26. all my friends are darlings. my family. that’s because they all care for me like their child.

    By Aditi Chawla on 08.31.2012

  27. darlings, a pretty word, why tell something differently than it is? What are they beneath the bow clad hats? Under those big hoop skirts? Things are not always what they seem.

    By Lena URL on 08.31.2012

  28. how often have you heard someone said the word “darlings?” its old, antique, a throwback to an era where there were crinolines, baby powder, musty sickly sweet face powder and greased sweat. Your grandmother calling you her”darlings”,it was a time-long gone, and strangely enough;missed.

    By Lauren Gn on 08.31.2012

  29. All the pretty darlings
    Went up to the same room
    Question everything
    “But Hark!” Said the Treasurer,
    “The Minister of Finance is apt.”
    There is no gold for a self-serving currency

    All the pretty darlings are dead now. There is no nation.

    By Justin URL on 08.31.2012

  30. darlings.when i think of darlings, i think of two people who are in a relashionship who love each other and call each other darling. I also think of people calling everyone else darling in the classical time period. Darlings are what people call each other in a casual way also.

    By Bretteny URL on 08.31.2012

  31. When I think of darlings I think of a cute little old lady that always says awh your such a darling. I think it remind me of them and they always say it. or it remind me of an olden day movie when they would always be “oh darling” I th

    By Quinn Schroeder on 08.31.2012

  32. They brush by the tips of my fingers, the callouses in between. They scratch my nails and taint my bones. I bend, but I don’t break. On the shelf cradled by the night time’s slumber, they sit still. And by the edge of my wooden thoughts, parchment woven with lead. Darlings, my little darlings. Flimsy little darlings.

    By elysia URL on 08.31.2012

  33. Darlings is a word from the olden days. That is what come to my mind for the word darling. It is also a word to call your little hubby or pookie. It also reminds me of the Notebook because Noah and Allie were so cute with eachother and the word darling is so cute. So that’s where i see the comparison.

    By Allison on 08.31.2012

  34. it’s not the word that is said, but the person who says it, that’s what makes it darling.

    By meliora URL on 08.31.2012

  35. Darling. when i think of darlings, think of two people who are in love and have nothing else to call each other and so they just call each other darling. Another thing i think of is two people casually calling each other darling in the classical period.

    By Bretteny URL on 08.31.2012

  36. I have no idea what darlings are. So I’m just going to make up my own definition for it. I think darlings are Christmas decorations. Well, that’s what it sounds like at least. Christmas decorations are the things you hang up on chimney or the house. My family does not put that many decorations up because it’s not our family tradition. We just put lights up around our Christmas Tree which is located in our living room. Honestly, I have no idea what the definition is, but that’s what I think!

    By Alexis on 08.31.2012

  37. I am darling, Darling. Kristy McNichole and Tatum O’Neil are darlings, said Zsa Zsa on Green Acres. Phhhttttt!!! Is this thing on!?!?!…. I am now at a loss for words.

    By chocosapien on 08.31.2012

  38. The word darlings to me makes me think of my grandma. She always calls me darling. It always makes me smile. So did my grandpa but he passed away. I also think of doilies and coffee. I think of old ladies having coffee.

    By Abby on 08.31.2012

  39. When i see this word i think of people saying darling. it reminds me of like an older person when they are talking to you and say oh darling. Or another thing it reminds me of is like girls. That is what comes to my mind when i hear this word. It especially reminds me of my grandma because she says that.

    By Bailey on 08.31.2012

  40. Darlings makes me think of a horrible daycare name. For instance, there is a daycare on my way to work that used to be called “Pinky-Pie’s Playhouse Two” or something to that effect. There was a child in pink clown makeup on the sign. I always wondered who would seriously think about sending their child to such a place.

    By Emily on 08.31.2012