August 5th, 2012 | 289 Entries

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289 Entries for “dare”

  1. There comes a point in your life where there is no more thinking. Everything comes to a head and you just have to jump. Who knows. You might fall on your face, maybe if you are blessed you’ll end up on ht other side, but no matter what it will always be an adventure.

    “I dare you,” She said. I closed my eyes and jumped.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 08.05.2012

  2. I dare you to eat a candy covered worm and propose to me with a ringpop whilst skydiving without a parachute and let me buy a husky AND a kitten cuz they’re adorable.

    By Elizabeth on 08.05.2012

  3. dare to think..think what you will never even imagine.. think that can not be rached by any wild imagination by you.. and dare to enjoy it. enjoy your life. your time. your self

    By dalveer on 08.05.2012

  4. he couldn’t….could he? he licked his too dry lips with his suddenly dry tongue, and slowly extended his hand.

    By aone URL on 08.05.2012

  5. i dare you to say what you really want to say. i dare you to do what you really want to do. i dare you to think how you really want to think. i dare you to do something that you will never do but want to do. i dare you to be mine. i dare you to be mine now. and forever.

    By xyz on 08.05.2012

  6. Dare to do what you fear the most. It doesn’t have to be considered by others as a “big” thing. Some of the things we fear the most are small things we carry inside of us.

    By latebloomr on 08.05.2012

  7. A group of people getting together to play games. The nature of the game is to get someone to do something that they wouldn’t normally do. This can be done to allow someone to expand their horizons or an attempt to get a friend to ‘loosen up’ a bit.

    By Leonard Smith on 08.05.2012

  8. I dare you to. Those were the words that were uttered from his mouth right before I realized that this wasn’t a joke. It wasn’t a joke at all. And now? Now everything’s about to be ripped apart at the seams. I don’t know what to do anymore. About anything. There was nothing else I could do. So I looked into the void. And jumped.

    By Kayci URL on 08.05.2012

  9. Dare makes me think of a challenge, like the game truth or dare.
    Dare to be different, an individual. Dare can also make me think of brave people, who dare to do things couragous and bold, dare to accept to do things that are considered ‘scary’, that can range from extreme challenges like bungee jumps and making life choices.

    By Amanda on 08.05.2012

  10. We were young, but not too young that we couldn’t go off to the park by ourselves. The trees were perfect for climbing. Looking back, climbing and digging, moving up and down, away from the plain, even, balanced ground, was what kept us busy every afternoon and every summer’s day. We weren’t content to remain at even ground. I think that might be some kind of foreshadowing, some kind of glimpse into why I am at where I am at now, but there is still digging left to be done, or perhaps climbing. We could never decide which direction we wanted to go in, after all.

    By Zach Stivers on 08.05.2012

  11. Dare to think. Dare to act. Many times we’rare intimidated by thoughts in our head, formed many years ago while growing up. Can’t blame our parents, but they stop us from doing things we shouldn’t be doing as well as things we should be acting on. So dare to break through from intimidating thoughts and take action. Change something that is screaming to be changed. Engage friends acquaintances, coworkers to act with you. I dare you

    By Cathy Hollingsworth on 08.05.2012

  12. I sat across the table from him, having the ability to look into his brown eyes. Although my nerves were dancing around me, I had to forget about those fears to know if for one moment he cared about me.

    By Mary on 08.05.2012

  13. I dare you. Dares are weird. They’re intriguing. Dare. Like that Gorilaz song. Dare. Could it be an acronym? I think it is for something? Or maybe I”m thinking of MADD. Mothers against drunk driving. Who knows. I have no idea. Dare.

    By Zahra Sanie on 08.05.2012

  14. Every day we would wake up early, and go climb, or go dig. It was always one or the other. We could never find fun on the regular solid ground. And each day we would go higher, or deeper, pushing our bravery a few more feet every day. Until the wind was too strong, or perhaps the tunnel dirt too soft. I don’t remember which it was, but I do remember being alone after that, and staying on the flat ground ever since.

    By Zach S URL on 08.05.2012

  15. i triple dog dare you to go kiss sally under neath the star light. she told me she really likes you and i love to see sally happy, shes a really sweet girl and i know you two would get along tremendously. if you don’t do it for sally please do it for me…. i dare you!!!~

    By elizabeth on 08.05.2012

  16. I wouldn’t dare to share thoughts that I don’t own. The trickiest thought, and this I own, is to think that you must not keep things you’ll love close, for you shall find it somewhere else.

    By fati on 08.05.2012

  17. i dare you to try to get me to open up to you, i dare myself to try.

    By megan on 08.05.2012

  18. dare to dream. dare for distance. dare love something you know you cant have. dare to feel. dare to believe. dare to know you adore something that cant be real. real cant be perfect, but every flaw makes his perfect beauty. dare to do something that scares everyone. dare to fall in love. dare to feel the love you’re falling in. dare to close your eyes and let it all happen. dare for life, dare to live. dare to die for whats making you survive. dare forever, don’t miss a beat. don’t let your heart miss a beat. dare for eternity.

    By via on 08.05.2012

  19. It starts at the top of a monumental site, sitting and swishing its legs in a hope that you decide to do something with it. “Come on,” it whispers, “just do it.” You take a deep breath, and decide to follow along. “Do something new,” it urges. “Dare to dream.”

    By elizabeth URL on 08.05.2012

  20. I dare you to put down your words. I dare you to go into the emptiness you fear in your head and find substance in the void. Have trust that there is meaning hiding in the silence. Trust that you have not lost yourself beyond any definition,

    By Angi Ant on 08.05.2012

  21. A dare can mean many different things. A friend your dare you to do something embarrassing or a you care ‘dare’ to do something outrageous and terrifying.

    By Abby on 08.05.2012

  22. things in my head, thoughts of fear and future ahead, love, life, senitments, all at steak. Daring is going beyond your and everybodys limits. i am afraid of daring.

    By fran on 08.05.2012

  23. Dare as in truth or dare. Daring you to go farther. To push yourself more. Dare liie afraid of the dark. Dare you to kiss her. Dare you do it. Dare against the law. Dare in the negative sense. Dare foods. Cookies.

    By Russell on 08.05.2012

  24. Do I dare?

    How can I possibly?

    What are my options?

    Should I think this through?

    Do I trust my gut?

    Why does it hurt?

    Is this the right choice?

    Am I being selfish?

    A child?

    Why don’t I have the answers?

    Do I dare to put myself above others?

    To make this choice for myself alone?

    By Meghan Gabehart URL on 08.05.2012

  25. I dared him to jump. To not look down or look back, to trust me and jump. I could see the hesitation in his movements, resisting my orders. Daredevil, thats what they called me, the girl who didnt care for her wellbeing to just take the chance and be utterly foolish. I don’t think i’m daring. I am brave.

    By Hannah on 08.05.2012

  26. don’t dare to stop reaching your target always try even you fail many time just go f

    By tomas f fredrico on 08.05.2012

  27. I look to the left, and then to the right. Who’s looking? No one’s looking. I walk up to the clerk, restocking the shelves, and I ask, “Sir, may I ask you a question?”
    He looks down at me.
    Having grabbed his attention, I, then, proceed to ask, “Will you go out with me?” I can feel my face reddening.

    By Mags URL on 08.05.2012

  28. There sprint in the cycling at London is part mental, art physical. Psyching out your opponent before making a dash and busting a gut.

    dare to live.

    By pól URL on 08.05.2012

  29. daring is caring, daring is staring, daring is baring, daring is layering, daring is haring, daring is pairing, daring is daring

    By shivam on 08.05.2012

  30. It was 7:30 pm. I was at a slumber party with my girlfrends at school. We played truth or dare as a bedtime game. Stupid huh? I never really liked playing any sorts of idiotic games made up by adolescent teenagers.

    By shauna on 08.05.2012

  31. I dared to tell my friends and family about my homosexuality. That is one my proudest moments so far.

    By Fredrik Andersson URL on 08.05.2012

  32. Do something about what you want, don’t just stand idly by waiting for it to happen. Make it happen. If you really want it, it doesn’t matter if you make a complete fool out of yourself, it doesn’t matter if you screw up, what matters is that you tried, you tried to do something that you really wanted, and that’s what matters really.

    By Filipe Tapia on 08.05.2012

  33. She stood there, burning beneath the goading gazes of her peers like a sacrificial lamb loosed from its ropes. Why had she chosen dare? Was there really anything she didn’t want them to know? From hence forth, she was sticking to truths.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 08.05.2012

  34. I dare you to live. I dare you to stop doubting, and do what you want. Be happy. I have personally been shot at numerous times so you can be happy. do it. Because some of my friends can’t…

    By Jimee on 08.05.2012

  35. i am dared to respond to each and every question that you give to me, its a loaded gun with 50 percent chance of death by words…… what if i dont want to answer? what then?

    By Luchador Lavender URL on 08.05.2012

  36. “Jump off,” Toby said, smirking. “I DARE you.”
    The group of boys had gathered around Henry, their faces splotched with dirt, their shirts untucked, their suspenders dirtied, and their hats cockeyed. They were quite the menacing bunch . . . well, as menacing as 10-year-olds get.
    Henry swallowed hard as he leaned forward and peeked over the edge of the cliff. His feet began to tingle as he took notice of the violent waves throwing themselves up against the jagged rocks below. “Do . . . do I have to?”
    “Yeah,” Toby answered, a cocky grin pasted on his face. “If you want to be friends with us, then jump.”

    By Rachel URL on 08.05.2012

  37. i love dares they are awesome! i am so bored right now this is why i am doing this lalalaalalal boredom! :D omg did i tell you that i love dares and daring people mostly to lick the ground they don’t don’t do it most of the time though

    By Peyton on 08.05.2012

  38. She wondered if it was okay to dare to dream. It had been nearly seventy-five years, but there he was. How was it possible? Logic knew the answer, but Kay couldn’t bring herself to think that. There was Warren, looking like he had when he went off to war. Tears sprang to her eyes. For a moment, she thought he saw her. She dared to hope he’d come to her. But it was an illusion. If she stayed in the open, she’d get caught. She saw the man near him and cursed to herself. It was all a plot to catch her. Damn it!

    By Meghan Gabehart URL on 08.05.2012

  39. “You wouldn’t dare” She spouted as she stood across the counter from him

    The tension mounted. He would; in fact, he did.

    “Why?” She whispered. She knew why.

    By Bailey on 08.05.2012

  40. “I dare you to run across that old bridge” said Julie to Adam. He plucked up his courage and ran. The bridge fell apart with each step. He fell through the old wooden planks and was never to be seen again.

    By Craig on 08.05.2012