December 31st, 2013 | 82 Entries

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82 Entries for “damage”

  1. Damage to the body
    To the mind and
    To the spirit

    Everyone does it
    But most refuse
    to see it with clear eyes

    There’s nothing to do
    Yet we strive to show
    The damage they inflict
    On themselves

    By Adrian George Nicolae URL on 12.31.2013

  2. Is it worth the headache? The overslept wishes? I hear honking of horns, red headed bufoonery. I am in the midst of reckless disregard. I recall the beginnigs of nine years past, all one by one

    By micheline on 12.31.2013

  3. Debris rained down around you.

    “What… what happened?” You coughed ash and dust. The world is varying shades of gray.

    By Catherine on 12.31.2013

  4. Debris rained down around you. Your ears rang. Noise slowly returned, muted and echoed.

    “What… what happened?” You coughed ash and dust. The world was varying shades of gray. In the distance, you can see the silhouette of a retreating figure.

    By Catherine on 12.31.2013

  5. Dear love, you are the calm before the store, the calm in the eye of the storm, and the calm after the storm. No matter the damage.

    By Ash Wednesday on 12.31.2013

  6. The damage we do to ourselves, to our bodies and to our minds. Can’t we just be happy and content? Is there such a thing?? Is it too boring? Why, why, why???

    By just a girl URL on 12.31.2013

  7. You never really know how much damage people take during their lifetimes. It seems that some of us are able to hide the damage by passing it off as something else. Others just seem to cave under the presures put upon our fragile forms.

    By Chuck K. URL on 12.31.2013

  8. She walks among the ruins dragging her feet. Dust, still unsettled, drifts on the wind and as the sunlight catches them, they sparkle, turning the damage and destruction into a surreal glittering landscape.

    By Minette Tonoli URL on 01.01.2014

  9. Groups of people crawled out of the ruins to see what was left of their street. Their town. Their state. Everything the eye could see was damaged.

    By Kira on 01.01.2014

  10. Jason surveyed the damage left by the German incendiary bomb. Pieces of chalky brick and blood stained glass littered Piccadilly Circus.

    By mediaman64 URL on 01.01.2014

  11. She was damaged.
    She didn’t know how it happened, or why… but she had done the one thing that she had promised herself she would never let herself do.
    She had trusted a male.

    What had made her be so stupid? Her father’s mistakes alone were enough to deter anyone from ever trusting another man… yet she fell for his charm.

    By Breanna on 01.01.2014

  12. Damage comes from storms, avalanches and mean spirited words.

    By Dan on 01.01.2014

  13. youve done your damage, made it as bad as you could manage. then we cleared up, helped out, bonded despite you. and its all good; you made us stronger and now we’re better and youre left in the dust trying to imagine how me made good from the bad. Success isnt always what you see, darling.

    By Kim URL on 01.01.2014

  14. discipline, assertive, gentleness, kind, positive, honest, joy, optimistic, self-control, pleasant, not sensitive, not too emotional, understanding, delight

    By Shallum Lee on 01.01.2014

  15. I always do great damages;
    I always think way too much.

    What else should I do?
    Other than sitting here,
    in this old chair,
    drinking this hot cup of coffee,
    inhaling the bitterness of my own dreams.

    A bunch of old forgotten handwritten
    letters and a lonely thought:
    thursday afternoon.

    By gargouillis on 01.01.2014

  16. Broken, in pieces, shattered on the floor. Why can’t I fix it? What can I do?

    By Francis Magnolia URL on 01.01.2014

  17. Damage was yesterday’s word. I feel damaged by the idea that I dont have a new word to write about. If damage is important, and I think it is, it’s also important to move forward. To let go of the damage that i”ve caused and that has been thrust on me. It’s time to move forward and to let go of all the damage.

    By Ann C URL on 01.01.2014

  18. Damage can be done to a person or a thing. While damage to an object can usually be repaired, damage to a person is much more difficult to repair.

    By Elizabeth on 01.01.2014

  19. Damage is that which results when people do not heed what dangers lie before them. It may be the damage that is caused in a relationship when people stray. It may be the damage that is caused in the human body when people do not listen to the warning signs. Damage can result to people, property, relationships, friendships, etc. Damage is that which is left when a negative event occurs and the healing process must begin.

    By Richard Mason on 01.01.2014

  20. Gosh, how was I ever going to think of an excuse for this? How much could I possibly mess up in one day. If anyone found out about this, I’d definitely get in some big trouble. Damn it.

    By CJ K. URL on 01.01.2014

  21. The most significant damage is emotional and social. people say things and do things that harm others’ feelings, spirit and motivation which lead to more damaging words and actions.

    By L'tanya on 01.01.2014

  22. damage my head why don’t you with all those Christmas adverts and food and hideousness and tinsel and waste. Go on why d

    By Angela F on 01.01.2014

  23. Abuse. Screaming. Afraid. Hiding. Ignoring. Continuing. Pretending, Stuffing, Continuing. Enough. Changing. Living.

    By Tina on 01.01.2014

  24. Celebrations can be damaging.

    She looked at the list of resolutions her son had taped to the wall. Twenty and in college, he still kept old habits. One of them was to never get drunk again. Alas, the same could not be said of his friend who drove.

    By Holden URL on 01.01.2014

  25. damage me damage you damaged goods damaged souls. Qu’elle damage? What’s done in done.

    By Angela F on 01.01.2014

  26. Our home was damage from the impact of the collision, after the truck ran off the road. Fortunately no one was injured in the accident.

    By victor URL on 01.01.2014

  27. Your soul is free to express itself. Font allow your experiences to detract your outcome. Flow freely your are not damaged.

    By Monica on 01.01.2014

  28. damage repair . Damage done. Potential Damage. How to avoid doing damage
    be aware of the damage done. be aware of damage already done.

    By Glenn URL on 01.01.2014

  29. we’ll get started again, right here. no we will move this time. there is nothing for us here – there was nothing here to begin with. But, where would we go? we don’t know anyone anywhere else. That is the beauty of it…

    By Lee URL on 01.01.2014

  30. It had a lot to do with it I think. The ‘environment’ as they like to put it. It’s damaging. Broken walls everywhere. No that wasn’t the door missing a stopper. More like a fist brushing past moldy sheetrock. Curse words in full vernacular and completely accessible by the age of six but still only thought of and heard with shaking fear.

    By DMM URL on 01.01.2014

  31. There are so many irresponsible parents. I hear them swearing at their children, dropping litter and behaving disgracefully. I wish they knew the damage they were doing.

    By Alexandra URL on 01.01.2014

  32. damaged goods, heart damage, heart break, natural disasters. your voice is like a hurricane coming in and blowing me away. my heart is the house that gets crushed under you . you may have caused damage but you breaking down my very being allows me to recreate myself. stronger. better. and you won’t break me down next time around.

    By anon on 01.01.2014

  33. He didn’t react melodramatically. He didn’t break so easily. He’s not fragile the way they are; he’s steel and fire and stone. She hurt him, but instead of lying down and crying about it like I do, he kept walking. I wish I could be like him. I wish I didn’t let people into my life when they shatter at the slightest touch.

    By Brie URL on 01.01.2014

  34. i have a lot of damage done to me. everyone does. that’s what makes them them. if you didn’t have any damage you wouldn’t realize all the good things you have. it makes you a stronger person is what i think.

    By deja URL on 01.01.2014

  35. Damage is pain and suffering, damage is hurt. We are all damaged. We all end up damaged, its this that defines us, our damage is the only thing that is constant in our lives. DAMAGED. Damage is the destruction and taunting of the material plane.

    By Rad on 01.01.2014

  36. The red textured sofa, stained with use, sat upright at the bottom of the staircase. It’s insides–a skeleton of a mattress folded like an acrobat–already waited forlornly in the garage.

    By jbmccormack URL on 01.01.2014

  37. Mental damage. Everyone carries his own cross.
    physical damage -> mental damage -> physical damage.

    By Bubroi Attila on 01.01.2014

  38. Pain. Hurt. Fixable. (potentially) Chistled away. Weakened. Fear. Anxiety. Bandaids. Risk. Impossible to avoid.

    By Chantastique URL on 01.01.2014

  39. This is the same word as yesterdays. I don’t understand! Maybe I am just going crazy haha. I don’t know. Anyway what can I say about damage? Everyone has been damaged at least once in their life I think. And I know I surely have. It sucks but you just persevere through it and you’ll be okay.

    By xXTheBelieverXx URL on 01.01.2014

  40. The damage had already been done. He saw his sister-in-law’s eyes narrow. “What do you mean, ‘whoa?'” she inquired, with a dangerous glint in her eyes.

    “Uh…nothing. Just that you’ve…you’re…a bit bigger than the last time I saw you.”

    By mrsmig URL on 01.01.2014