December 31st, 2013 | 82 Entries

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82 Entries for “damage”

  1. The ship finally came a stop. The thrusters had been torn from the backside of the voyage-worn space vessel. Sara opened her eyes she had shut during the long, incredible crash. She slowly got up on wobbly legs and went to inspect the damage of the spaceship.

    By Rosheen URL on 12.31.2013

  2. I walk upon the stars and feel something crush under my weight. Was it your head? Is it damaged? Have I damaged you? No, it’s just a toy…

    By EmilyH URL on 12.31.2013

  3. Seek revenge and you find it. Love negative and it’s there for you. I never like the way it represents itself.

    By Raj URL on 12.31.2013

  4. There’s always damage. Every decision you make. Every person you talk to. Every step. It all cascades down that infamous slippery slope toward an ending you could never have expected. There are always consequences, always damage. You can’t avoid it. You can’t run from it or mitigate it or predict it. All you can do is hope that some good comes of it as well.

    By Kathryn on 12.31.2013

  5. I swerved my car to the far right as fast as I could to avoid the careening truck. It wasn’t enough and the sound of crushing metal filled my ears as I was jolted forward. Oh god was I dead? No I was in pain I couldn’t have been.

    By Gray on 12.31.2013

  6. “you taught me how to fly
    please don’t take it back”

    you taught me how to walk

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 12.31.2013

  7. my bone are shaking
    too much
    he didn’t know what he did
    he released the beast in me
    i am not fragile
    i am not delicate
    i am
    a monster
    and i cause damage

    By Michela Herbert on 12.31.2013

  8. You have no idea how much damage this year has caused us. With all the missing pieces and newly shattering hearts, oh god, how can anyone live like this? Hopefully the days on their way and the leaves about to fall will be enough to pick us back up and build us tall once again. Because you know as well as I do that there’s more to life than this.

    By Madison on 12.31.2013

  9. Sara was trying to get damage control over her heart, her mind. Steve broke up with her a week ago and that was

    By Angie on 12.31.2013

  10. who knew one night could cause so much damage? one incident and all of a sudden your whole life is changed, your future, and everything you stood for- changed, for the worse. it’s scary, and strange, but damage can cause a whole lot of d

    By lexi on 12.31.2013

  11. How much damage could a damsel do if a damsel could do damage?
    She would do as much damage as plankton would, if plankton could do damage
    But let’s just say you presented a bottle of bubbly and poured her a few glasses
    Then you’d see a change take place upon the nonce of New Year’s Eve
    Still she wouldn’t do much damage even if she could do damage
    Unless you’re talking poetry
    Then she could do damage, serious damage, to every sentient being’s sensibilities
    Ahahahaaa…I think I’ll go have another glass…
    Happy New Year Brian et al!

    By Miss Alister URL on 12.31.2013

  12. It happens. One minute, everything is fine. You are invincible. the next? Damage. All around. What do you do? Try to fix it. Put it all back together. But, the damage, it is probably too severe. It can’t always be fixed. Especially when it involves people. Then it is forever.

    By Ann C URL on 12.31.2013

  13. The damage has been done. I don’t know what to do. Who can I talk to about this?

    By teeda URL on 12.31.2013

  14. The damage was too much to take
    And now I am broken, empty and damaged.
    Throw me away like a broken doll
    I’m used to it…

    By Dana URL on 12.31.2013

  15. Damage happens in drawers, underwear, and in the rain. To pots and sneakers and lungs and headlights. Damage is done to packages marked fragile. Mostly household lamps. Many people don’t know.

    By Erin on 12.31.2013

  16. I laugh. It’s there, the damage, and they can’t see it. They want to not see it, because they’re so frightened of what could happen if it were there.
    The cracks have begun to spread. The relationship is deteriorating.
    And then, damn her, she turns to him and says, “I’m so sorry, Danny,” in that tone that women use, and he melts, damn HIM, and the cracks heal.
    And they’re happy again.
    And the damage is undone.
    I hate it when they mend the cracks.

    By Maria URL on 12.31.2013

  17. “What’s the damage?” I asked the clerk, only to discover that the person ahead of me in line had already paid for my coffee. It’s the newest fad, I suppose, but it felt so good that I treated the person in line behind me!

    By Mexichick URL on 12.31.2013

  18. The damage one this year cannot begin to compare to what I’ve faced in general. But, you have to ask yourself what damage really is. Aren’t broken people more special? I believe it is in japan that they fill the cracks of dishes with gold to imply that broken is beautiful. It might not be in Japan, but the fact is that this is my new motto. Broken is beautiful.

    By IsaPinaud URL on 12.31.2013

  19. Be careful making wishes in the dark, can’t be sure when they’ve hit their mark.
    You can’t have my heart and you won’t use my mind, but do what you want with my body.
    Just don’t get too close, it’s dark inside. It’s where my demons hide.

    By aura.rayne URL on 12.31.2013

  20. I feel damaged. My life feels in ruins. All the damage has been done and then here I am left. Lost. Alone. Hopeless. Everything feels pointless. The damage is done and there is no going back only the whisper of hope to keep going forward. to undo the damage.

    By Anonymous URL on 12.31.2013

  21. We are all damaged. This is a universal truth. No one is without fault. Without damage of any kind. However, this does not mean we are unworthy. We are still deserving of love, of kindness. Our damage does not define us. It united us.

    By Faith URL on 12.31.2013

  22. When I think of damage I think well sofas tables ex. because people and things get damaged a lot and its kind of like geting hurt.

    By Jailynn Kelly URL on 12.31.2013

  23. “I’m damaged bad at best,” she murmured, eyes downcast and partially hidden by her tangled hair.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.31.2013

  24. I tried to convince myself it wasn’t that bad. If I tilted my head sideways it looked like a piece of interpretive art reflecting on the evils of vehicles which take you places. It would be placed next to a horse and wagon in a museum. Unfortunately, I was all that was next to it, since the guy who hit me was already off exploring the art of hit and run.

    By Beth A URL on 12.31.2013

  25. she thought she was damaged
    beyond repairing
    beyond useable
    she thought no one wanted her
    that she was something to be thrown away
    left behind

    she learned instead
    over time
    that she was only as wonderful
    as she believed herself to be
    and so she began to see herself amazing
    repaired the damage done
    by time
    by neglect
    by forgetting

    By Poet Nia URL on 12.31.2013

  26. damage to flowers, damage to soul, lightning and thunder out of control – let it all go! Happy New Year!

    By P J Colando URL on 12.31.2013

  27. I felt it to my bones. “Sticks and stones” my ass. Words hurt like hell. They found the soft spots and tore. They took vital organs with them, like self esteem and confidence. I couldn’t even remember the last time I had felt strong or beautiful. My hair was made fun of for being a normal color.

    By Sierra Noelle URL on 12.31.2013

  28. I don’t think that I can hurt myself any more. It’s time to move onto other people. I think they’ll understand. I hope. We’ll see.

    By Jar on 12.31.2013

  29. “The damage you’ve done to your reputation tonight…”
    “It wasn’t that bad, Jentras,” I assured him, rolling my eyes. “Besides, those crotchety old biddies could use a good tongue lashing. Odds are, if they got them more often, they wouldn’t be so bloody crotchety to begin with,”
    “My lady!” he cried, aghast.
    I couldn’t help but laugh.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 12.31.2013

  30. when i gave my father a birthday present that he didn’t want or need and he laughed, the damage was done.

    By Clive Aaron Gill on 12.31.2013

  31. the worn ship lurched to one side then the next. each time the wood splintering and cracking a little more

    By xspelled URL on 12.31.2013

  32. i am so goddamn damaged and everything about me is broken. you didn’t do much damage, i can’t blame you for how fucked up i turned out to be. but i am damaged and broken and not at all bent, just messed up as if there’s something in my head that stops me from being okay. like a goddamn gun that’s always got a finger on the trigger. i hate feeling like this but i can’t help it. i love it. i love this feeling. it’s a hate love sorta thing.

    By rose on 12.31.2013

  33. Well, we certainly caused an awful lot of damage, as the sheriff put oh-so-bluntly. Like he didn’t understand what the celebration was all about. I mean, sure, maybe buying twenty-six piñatas was a bit overboard, and the fact that we had filled up two dumpsters with champagne and whiskey bottles made it look like we all belonged to Alcoholics Anonymous. But hey, it was the New Year, and considering how shitty my last year had been, I was ready to sucker-punch the night with a booze-stained fist.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.31.2013

  34. The damage was done. When my mother got home, she’d see my disaster. Again, I’d managed to break a perfectly good plate. I could hear her now yelling about how careless I am and how I’m good for nothing. I was very careful. I swear I was. But that’s what happens to me. The more careful I try to be, the more I fuck shit up. Story of my life. That’s what I think happened with Steven.

    By Tiara Cross URL on 12.31.2013

  35. the damage was done. It no longer mattered. He jumped. The water was cold, and hard. He hit. he gasped. He cried out and died.

    By Terry on 12.31.2013

  36. Everyone in life has something that goes wrong with them. They either have bad parents, or school issues, or even friendships that falter. Either way the point is that everyone goes through a time where they come face to face with damage. Their hearts are damaged, their spirituality is damaged. Something gets damaged.

    By Tiana URL on 12.31.2013

  37. The damage is done. The damage has existed for so long that you can’t go back and change it. It still hurts, it still burns, and it’s still on my mind everyday. You cause damage. You should work on not inflicting it on others. Be the change. Don’t damage those around you. Heal them instead.

    By xXTheBelieverXx URL on 12.31.2013

  38. The damage is done there’s no going back. I am broken beyond repair.

    By -A URL on 12.31.2013

  39. loss of something or something which is broken

    By kaushik on 12.31.2013

  40. She slowly sank to the floor. It wasn’t that she hated them. In fact, it wrenched her heart out every time she had to see them go. She had shouted at them to go away, to leave her alone. It wasn’t because she didn’t love them, didn’t want to spend time with them. But if they looked at her closely enough they might see. It she allowed herself to let her guard down she might say something too revealing.
    It was never her intention to hurt them, but she knew that, no matter how bad it got, she couldn’t let them know. She couldn’t let them see how damaged she really was inside.
    She loved her parents. Really, she did. But she just couldn’t bear the thought of that disappointment in their eyes when they found out the truth. So she kept it from them.
    If she had to push them away, so be it.

    By maddieoftheviolets URL on 12.31.2013