January 11th, 2013 | 210 Entries

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210 Entries for “cry”

  1. i try to abstain from it, to be hardcore, but sometimes at night, when i think about all the stuff, all the dead, all the loss, i just cry and i cry and i cry an i cry and the tears won’t stop coming down and i want to stop but i also want to keep going because it feels damn good to finally let loose for a bit.

    By Joan on 01.11.2013

  2. I try to abstain from it, to have a tuff front, but sometimes at night when i think about all the stuff, all the dead, all the loss, i just cry and i cry and i cry and i cry, and the tears just keep coming, and i want to stop, but i also want to keep going because it just feels so damn good to finally let loose for a bit.

    By Judith URL on 01.11.2013

  3. belongs to life. forget fast about it and turn to good. helps sometimes to relax and start new. wanna avoid it in the future.

    By Caipi on 01.11.2013

  4. He cried all night after she left him. It wasn’t his fault. Her dog just had to be put down. He was in pain and she couldn’t bare to accept the prognosis. He had to do the humane thing. She will only be mad for so long, anyway.

    By Carl S. on 01.11.2013

  5. The woman with the wind-blown auburn tresses stands up. Her cry is a force to be reckoned with. It stretches her mouth open, cracking her pale skin like the flagstones at her feet. Her fierce white teeth shine under the streetlight. Muddy as her jeans and sweater and eye liner have become, she will not wait anymore by the muddy bricks and cracked flagstones.

    By ISOreality URL on 01.11.2013

  6. She doesn’t cry. That much she knows. She remembers very little of the funeral, but she can distinctly recall the dryness of her cheeks. Her eyes are like a desert that day.

    By Gwyn_Paige on 01.11.2013

  7. I do this when I’m sad. I do this when someone has hurt my feelings or I have lost something dear to me. I cry sometimes just to cry. I am better now because I take anti-depressants. I don’t cry much anymore except when I am told I’m ugly. That hurts a lot.

    By angelica marquez on 01.11.2013

  8. it was an interesting eve, to be more specific the eve of the year 2000. Jeffrey was at once both proud and shocked by the lips he was just after grazing. As the backed away you could see a tear slide down her cheek.

    By David Mc Court on 01.11.2013

  9. I was crying. I hated crying, I was supposed to be strong. Strong! Why couldn’t I just be strong like everyone else? Or at least able to control my feelings. It would just…my thoughts wandered as tears flowed down my face. Salty and pure, they told a story that no one would listen to if it were in my words.

    By Kristina URL on 01.11.2013

  10. As the tears began to rush down my face, I cursed myself. I felt like I was showing weakness, like I was being foolish, but I couldn’t stop. So I just sat in my desk and wished I had more control over my emotions.

    By Kat on 01.11.2013

  11. I shriveled my body up into a small corner, waiting for them to just leave me alone. “Go!” I shouted with an uneven tone in my voice. The girl immediately left. However the boy took, a little longer. I told him to leave once more, and he did. I loosened my muscles and stretched across the floor. All I could do is cry.

    By Annee URL on 01.11.2013

  12. I’m done with crying. Done with bull shit and grief and regret.
    I’m tearing out my roots and testing out my sea legs. ONWARD.
    I’m hopping out the window, straight into the great, eclipsing unknown.

    By koolaiddx URL on 01.11.2013

  13. I cry because I’m sad
    I cry because I’m happy
    I cry because of my dad,
    I cry because I feel crappy.
    I’m trying to better myself,
    Believe me, I try and try
    But it’s hard to challenge oneself,
    And sometimes I would give up. . .and cry.
    I don’t mean to sound sappy,
    But in the public eye, I’m happy
    I hide the shouts, the pain, and the lies
    But hiding isn’t cutting it anymore. . .
    So I would go somewhere and cry.
    Crying isn’t wrong
    It’s not a crime,
    It does no harm.
    I’m expressing myself
    Letting it all out
    Because I’m tired of hiding the pains, lies, and shouts.
    It’s okay to cry,
    So go ahead and shed a tear
    Don’t be ashamed of letting it out,
    Because you’re end is not near.
    I know I’ll get through this
    I know I’ll survive,
    But for now let me be,
    And let me go home and cry.

    -Lupe Garcia
    Tumblr: Coeur-shapedbox

    By Coeur-de-June URL on 01.11.2013

  14. When I heard him I wanted to cry. It struck too close to home.

    He was talking about “radiation” and “fighting it.” He couldn’t have been much older than his early 30s.

    I wanted to tell him, I’ve done it twice and won both times and you can
    do it too. But the words just wouldn’t come out.

    By chipschap URL on 01.11.2013

  15. He expected to see her cry. Everyone else had gone home, and he had pretended to go with them, only to turn at the last minute and head back to the playground.

    And there she was, curled up and holding her head in her hands. The torn coat had been thrown behind her, and now, she looked very, very small.

    “Talulah?” he asked quietly.

    By Amber URL on 01.11.2013

  16. lately all i’ve wanted to do is cry. i’m currently sitting in my room listening to music that I’ve avoided for a while and surfing the internet. my heart was broken by someone who was only in my life for a moment. i can’t stop thinking about it. at all. i’ve avoided all types of music and movies connected to love for fear that it would bring up things that i haven’t really dropped. music and movies get me through everything but they all deal with love. everything revolves around love. losing it, making it, finding it. everything revolves around love so it is impossible to avoid. but why would you want to avoid love. maybe why i keep crying is because he was the best my heart has ever known. i’ve never felt so connected to someone so quickly. but really. he wasn’t that great. i refuse to believe that someone who only cared about me a little is the best i’ll ever have. he was alright but im looking for so much more. someone who i can be creative with without the fear of judgement. someone who i can really laugh with. thats the only kind of pain love should cause. the pain that comes from laughing too much. someone who i don’t have to correct grammatical mistakes for. someone who makes me want to be better, smarter, funnier. someone i feel entirely good with. someone i can have endless conversations with. the kind where you don;t realize that its already three in the morning. and if you do realize you dont care. the kind where you dont have to think about what you have to say next to fill the empty space. the kind that just happens and doesnt stop. someone who notices the hedgehogs on my socks, the dinosaur on my shirt, the owl that is my purse, the pain in my voice and in my fingers when im with my guitar, the neverending curl of my hair. someone who wants to be there. who wants me. who wants me to be happy. someone i want to make happy. someone who deserves my time. he doesnt deserve the time he still takes up and thats frustrating and thats why i want to cry. the next tears will be because im so happy there is no other acceptable physical response. ill laugh so hard that it hurts and ill cry as i say goodbye to everything that ever caused the other kinds of hurt. i will never apologize for feeling as hard as i always do. i love me and he will too.

    By natalie on 01.11.2013

  17. I’m only just learning to cry again. It’s funny- back when I was sad, sad for one log, long chapter of my life, I forgot how to cry. My eyes were always bone dry and my chest always felt as if it was full of fire and rage. My head was a flooded maze with water pressing up against all the walls. And yet now that I am happy, I cry with sadness all the time.

    By F on 01.11.2013

  18. Even if I cry, I’ll try to do my best. I can not be like the rest. I’m unique. I’m nice. I’m girl, i’m hot and i’m ice!

    By lee URL on 01.11.2013

  19. Tears crawl across the floor as she sits, sobbing on the tile. She’s been lying there for hours, and though the house it full, no one can see, for no one dares to look closely enough.

    By Ebony Bird URL on 01.11.2013

  20. Crying is sadness seeping through your pores. It is passionate. It is heartbreaking. It is as liberating as it is painful. To cry means to let yourself go- which at one point everyone needs to do in order to get themselves back.

    By Lia on 01.11.2013

  21. crying is significant it is a cleanse of ourselves emotionally physically and spiritually . without our cry we would never be complete as a person, it is the first thing we do as a human being. Cry has far more to it then what people think. It can help people break through barriers by relieving themselves.

    By Leo Chimienti on 01.11.2013

  22. So many emotions and thoughts come to mind htinking of this, considering I’m one who’s always crying. I spent all of high school crying over silly problems. My weight, my parents going through divorce, not getting good grades despite trying to hard. Thank God I realized it’s okay not to be perfect, and that it’s okay to cry

    By Zeina on 01.11.2013

  23. “Will you fix me?” She picked up her head, and I then noticed the stream of black mascara running down her cheeks.
    “No one can fix you,” I whispered, taking her by the shoulders, “only you can.”

    By Kalene Vigil on 01.11.2013

  24. The raven cawed on the high chords of electric poles as it looked down to a young boy whose lollipop dropped to the asphalt floor. The child let out a sound that the bird could not quite understand. It tilted its head from one side to another, until from the house came out a woman who said to him, “Oh, Josh, don’t cry, baby. There, there. We’ll get you another one, okay?” And both walked hand in hand into the house, leaving the raven to its own thoughts once again.

    By Tricia URL on 01.11.2013

  25. I knew I would cry, whether I passed or failed. I knew that the crying is mandatory and that I’d bawl once the results come out. Right now, I am crying inside. I don’t know of why but I am.

    By Reena on 01.11.2013

  26. I was crying in the corner watching him. He left me for her just last week… I couldn’t take it anymore. I ran home and felt a blow to the gut. A kick to the head. I couldnt take it anymore and went to the kitchen and found the knife. I though i should of done this a long time ago and drove it into my heart

    By Julia on 01.11.2013

  27. Sometimes, I just need a good cry. I like crying. Crying gets me. It gets how sometimes, I just really need a way to get everything out, something to show that everything isn’t okay. I used to cry every day when I was really sad before, and it’s great that I do it a lot less now, but there are still some days when all I want to do is cry. Nothing else can compare to the great rush of emotion that comes with crying, be it inspiration or depression..

    By Jason URL on 01.11.2013

  28. There was nothing to do. He collapsed to the ground in a heap of emotions. Oxygen going in, salty memories coming out. Each drop a liquid reminder of what he had hoped, what he had lost. So many hopes, so many losses.

    By Grace URL on 01.11.2013

  29. I had to scoff that they even tried coming together again. But I guess the comfort of fire and smoke from elsewhere could do that. I only remember not missing being seventeen–not missing the crying, not missing him always asking what was up with me. I’d never ask for that again. I rather keep those secrets to myself, thank you.

    By Marissa URL on 01.11.2013

  30. everything became too much. too high expectations, too many regrets, and too many disappointments. After everything became much too overwhelming, she let herself let go completely and unleash the unbearable sadness hidden deep within her heart

    By Nicole URL on 01.11.2013

  31. Sometimes its healing and refreshes my tear ducts. The sky cries sometimes, why doesn’t anyone cry with it? How selfish. Some people cry for no reason. That’s interesting. Cry cry cry cry cry. It doesn’t fix anything.

    By Lise D. on 01.11.2013

  32. When I cry, I feel like a wimp. And yet, it feels good to cry. What a conundrum. Tears are both refreshing and an added burden.

    By Rex on 01.11.2013

  33. The little girl was falling over herself. The scrape on her knee wasn’t that big, but when she tumbled out of the trunk of the car, she was horribly, terribly frightened. She tried to be a grownup but the tears just wouldn’t stop flowing.

    By Jorge Franco IV URL on 01.11.2013

  34. Like a river… As much as an ocean. Just cry. Let it all out and breathe. You’ll feel much better, young again. In love again, like always. Cry. Breathe. Love. Live :)

    By Marta on 01.11.2013

  35. Don’t cry, it’s a waste of water.

    Don’t waste water, it’s a waste of energy.

    Don’t waste energy, or the ice caps will melt.

    Don’t cry, its all over now.

    By Jack on 01.11.2013

  36. Heartbreak Toronto liar liar liar

    By o. URL on 01.11.2013

  37. I ate crying it makes me so sad the last time I cried was when i was with Stetson. I felt so sorry for him because he lost his mom in September some time. im sure that was really hard for him and I tried so hard to make him feel better but I don’t think I did anything to help.

    By Kaitlyn on 01.11.2013

  38. at night, i cry myselft to seleep, thin it’s like i weep. crying can be becasue you hurt deep . I cry all the time when i am hurting. I don’t want it to stay inside. al the hurting. i ry when i watch movies. i just cry to cleanse the pain. i cry and cry because it hurts fso bad what would i do if i ond’t cry. this is making me cry becasue it’s sooooooooooooooo boring. this is what make me cry. movies people who hurt me make me cry like a baby

    By Cynthia Valentine URL on 01.11.2013

  39. i do this when i’m happy or sad. sometimes i just do it to do it, sometimes it feels good to cry a little bit. feels good to feel the salty tear drops slowly glide down my cheek after a long day, or any day really. i don’t seeing crying as an act of weakness, but as a act of emotion, a way to just let go and be free. sometimes crying makes you stronger.

    By Jillian on 01.11.2013

  40. I always broke into tears when my dogs died. I love animals and my tears never gave them justice. Love is a beautiful thing and so is tears. I will always love my animals.

    By Samantha URL on 01.11.2013