June 28th, 2012 | 285 Entries

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285 Entries for “crust”

  1. You gave me the word crust again. I could not figure out what to write my previous turn, so what made you think that I could write this successfully a second time? Yes, I see the irony in this blurb.

    By J on 06.29.2012


    By HANNAH on 06.29.2012

  3. bread, crust is usually pn bread. i dont really like it, usually i strip the bread of the crust and throw it away, at times i eat it if its not that thick. i also never eat pizza crust because i dont like it toomuch, especially not if its cheese filled

    By daniel juarez on 06.29.2012

  4. I bought bulka and tiger bread. You decided on tiger bread for your kanapki. You said you like it when the crust is slightly burnt, although you find it a little hard on your braces.

    By traindeer URL on 06.29.2012

  5. Pie crust. That was it. That was all I could think about when I looked at her body on the street. No good memories flooded me, no laughs or smiles. Just pie crust. No one ever said that death hit you like this; dumbfounded.

    By Valerie on 06.29.2012

  6. Pie crust. I need to get pie crust. Don’t forget. Just keep walking. Are they staring? No. What did I need again? Shit. Shit. Shit. Pie crust. That’s right. Keep walking. What did I need again?

    By Ploober on 06.29.2012

  7. This is my third time writing about damn crust. I can’t be creative about Crust a third time around. Crust is on the Earth. Pie. Bread. Eye crusties. Crust can be in a relationship. He is one crusty motha.

    By Valerie URL on 06.29.2012

  8. Is what you get on the edge of your bread. It makes up part of the earth.

    By Kate on 06.29.2012

  9. The crust of the Earth is like a heavy blanket. Its jagged edges support us by providing us with a foundation for our foundation.

    By Lashay on 06.29.2012

  10. Blood caked the skin around the wounds like the dry, crumbling mud banks of a raging river. It painted her all over, exaggerating her features with great streaks and fine lines of brilliant red. Her face was crusted in garnet, glimmering gently and ever-changing in the half-light, the small gems weighing down her eyelashes until she could see nothing. It was a mask of rubies that would sparkle and shine and roll away across the pavement for the rest of her eternity.

    By Doctor noun, M.D. URL on 06.29.2012

  11. bread is my favorite thing in the world, i even eat the crust. I eat the crust so easily I enjoy its difference to the centre of the the slice.

    By george on 06.29.2012

  12. There’s all that sticky-sweet-sappy underneath. But how do I get it?
    You’re as wholesome as apple pie, I guess, as sweet and delicious. But I can’t get past the crust to the sweetness within. Nothing’ll work, will it?

    By Chelseyann URL on 06.29.2012

  13. The outer crust of the pie was warm and gooey it dripped onto the paper film in large globs that Claire found surprising drawing. Her mother was upstairs still wiping the crust from her eyes while her father cleaned up the kitchen illuminated by the morning light and her brother was doing some last-minute studying for his geological exams.

    By Eric Harrell on 06.29.2012

  14. kjenn376j6

    By frode samuelsen on 06.29.2012

  15. In the waking dawn,
    counting bruises I met:
    fruits of the season,
    I have yet to forget.
    My memory drawn
    under the outer crust—
    the edge of reason—
    indomitable lust.

    By None So Lovely URL on 06.29.2012

  16. Crust is the stuff you eat when you’ve finished your sandwich.
    Another crust, is the earths crust, above the mantle which is inside the earth.

    By Colleen Donnelly on 06.29.2012

  17. We live on the crust of the earth, sounds like we live on a loaf of bread. wondeful. crust. crusty. crusty the clown. I don’t eat the crusts of my bread. My hair is still curly though so that old wives tale is a load of

    By nancy on 06.29.2012

  18. i like lots of crust on my toast bread as it is very crispy and makes a great texture

    By ravinder singh URL on 06.29.2012

  19. what is crust? I’m french.. I don’t speak english.. but yeah.. CRUST sounds like a.. the sound you do when you eat peanuts. That’s all I can say haha :p

    By Manon on 06.29.2012

  20. the crust of the loaf was crisp and warm, fresh from the oven. A delicious aroma hit the nose as it was broken apart.

    By Tricia on 06.29.2012

  21. Lemon pie crust…crust is sweet, crust is crunchy. I think about my moms cherry cake with
    crust on top and powder sugar. Crust is good.

    By Vicky on 06.29.2012

  22. Crunchy, thick. Soft, thin. The crust crackles in my mouth as I enjoy the last bite of my favorite food. Crunch, crunch. It’s comforting how something so simple can be so goo to me.

    By marianna URL on 06.29.2012

  23. Crusty bread is the tastiest bread in the world.

    The earths crust is miniscule in comparison to the overall depth of the earth. It is broken up into smaller pieces and drifts on the mantle. When the crust collides it can create earthquakes and volcanos.

    By Lottie on 06.29.2012

  24. Crust me off you dead twig whore. Eat the crust of the piza like a lillybug does super twick. Down with dubstep blowing the crust off of you earfaces? Die. Die and lay beneath the sad willowcrust on a crustday.

    By Will on 06.29.2012

  25. I love to see the crust on the bread when it is finish bake. Not only do it look good, but it give it a sweet smell as well.

    By victor URL on 06.29.2012

  26. crust is found on bread, it’s the least nice part of bread and it doesn’t taste that great. one time I used it to make cheese on toast and it tasted shit. it also reminds me of the word “encrusted” which means covered in, which I discovered in primary school.

    By Tom on 06.29.2012

  27. They call it the crust of the world, where the ghouls float above the skies and an angry red and dark precipice dangles fittingly below. A place where men fear to tread and god men come to die.

    By Syde on 06.29.2012

  28. crust means to cut something into small peices .

    By swadhi on 06.29.2012

  29. toast breads crust

    By ravinder singh URL on 06.29.2012

  30. the lovelyy crust of pizza is my favourite part of the pizzaa the crunch nd softness is simplyy yum!

    By Rebecca URL on 06.29.2012

  31. My heart my life my everything, was once opened. Now as the time goes slowly by my heart is covered, no longer opened as it was before you left. Covered in crust, no light to enter it feels ever again.

    By Tenessa Williams on 06.29.2012

  32. Morning is apon us an the sun hasn´t risen. Peal away the crust of night and find day. Look at the world anew. Be there and not away. Winding tress of pearly white and paths made of golden dust find us at the doors of Mem a place full of wonder.

    By morgan on 06.29.2012

  33. The crust of the Earth peels off like an orange. Musty air, dirty surface. The wind fan the flames, but who is it to blame? Earth is slowly dying and no I’m not lying.

    By Bluecab URL on 06.29.2012

  34. Crust is on the sides of bread and a crust on the Earth, imagine if the Earths crust was on the side of a slice of your morning bread!
    Imagine if the Earths Crust was made of bread, in times of famine, we could eat the earths crust instead!

    By Miriam on 06.29.2012

  35. Bu nedir şimdi. Siz bana ne yaptırmaya çalışıyorsunuz. Kabukta ne demek ya analamdım aslında ama yazmakta ısrarcıyım bunu ne oldugnun bana anlatmakta mecbursunuz çünkü birazdan sitenize kaydodla

    By hamzaciftci URL on 06.29.2012

  36. I want my crust on my bread, I demanded to my mother ‘don’t cut it off!!’.

    By rachel URL on 06.29.2012

  37. Layers. Yes.
    It`s supposed to be that way.
    Like chocolate.
    Not like pudding.

    By dave on 06.29.2012

  38. When you start picking at the crust of life, you’ll find the fruit that is tasty and juicy. Sometimes it hurts to get to it, even makes you bleed, sort of like picking at a scab on your shins when you were a kid. But you knew that once that crust was gone, the bright pink new skin would emerge and it had a delicious sort of feeling to it. Do you remember?

    By Donna Camacho on 06.29.2012

  39. Crust is what you find on the edge of bread/toast, apparently it can make your hair curly but that’s just a myth. It also the outer layer of the earth, called the earths ‘crust’ which is the thinnest part of the the elements which make up the earth. It is also the part in which we stand/live on.

    By Olivia on 06.29.2012

  40. Hours upon hours in the sweltering heat,
    Sweat turned the earth to mud beneath their feet.

    By Tony URL on 06.29.2012