June 28th, 2012 | 285 Entries

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285 Entries for “crust”

  1. I felt the thin crust and dug my finger nails into it and ripped. I heard yelling from beneath and dug deeper. Sweat poured down my face my hair stuck to my cheeks and I yelled and screamed pulling on the dirt.i stopped to breath and tears ran down my cheeks as I dropped into the dust. I knew it, so did he. It was over.

    By BellaBella URL on 06.28.2012

  2. pizza is good. i don’t like crust. crust rhymes with lust crust reminds me of the krsuty crab. it’s that stuff on the outside of a pizza. bread crust. i hate bread crust. i usually cut the crust of the bread with a knife.

    By Sherry tsang on 06.28.2012

  3. Pie crust. Delicious dessert!! Apple, blueberry, rhubarb, and more! The crust of the earth. The planet we live on. Butt crust. Cats. Ew. I don’t even want to think about it. Let’s think about pies again.

    By Rebecca Smith on 06.28.2012

  4. the crust of the toast lay solitary on the table. he was contemplating the knife he had just used to cut it off, like his mum always did when he was a little boy, not able to utter even one word in response to what she had just told him.

    By Doria on 06.28.2012

  5. Flaky, thin, she was not who I would have chosen to spend my time with. Not sober, anyway. But there was something, something about her that made the back of my throat itch, and no matter how many times I cleared it, the tickle of her would not go away.

    By Lara on 06.28.2012

  6. “Drill harder!” Cried the man with short, blonde hair and a faded pink scar that ran from the middle of his sculpted chin to the top of his left eyebrow.
    In response, a man with sweat gathering at his forehead began pressing more buttons on the drill.
    Soon came an unforgettable crack as the crust of the earth began to split

    By Hannah URL on 06.28.2012

  7. Thebest part of bread but the part I’ve avoided for the last few years. Also connected to the earth and volcanoes so there’s some danger involved.

    By Nushia URL on 06.28.2012

  8. its always been the same story replayed and replayed. I left because I was scared what the future held and what was coming my way. I never thought I could affect a person so much with how I thought or what I said.

    By Celeste on 06.28.2012

  9. i already did this word. ive already heard this word. ive already explained this word. i guess there has to be more than one way of explaining one concept though. after all this is english. our words go for miles, like the tiles on the path to the end of the sidewalk she led me from the ocean.

    By Howl URL on 06.28.2012

  10. She crunched down on the crust of her toast, cringing at the echoing sound it seemed to make in the otherwise quiet diner. A young couple continued to speak silently to one another, unaware of the girl sitting alone across the room, crunching on her stale, over-buttered bread. She wished she could be anywhere else, but didn’t know where to go. The girl was stuck in a rut, what with all of her friends being off to college and her parents travelling around the world.

    By margo URL on 06.28.2012

  11. there are sparrows in my windpipe and they are trying to sing but their song cannot escape because it hurts my throat and it hurts my core. i think about the crust of your shoulders, the smoothness of the skin, the outer layer and the lumpy sea of organs and little pink guts which lay inside your body, i think about your core and how it does not hurt like mine because i can see it in your eyes.

    By Katia URL on 06.28.2012

  12. On a bus, feeling like I never had a chance, wipe the crust from my lips and pray to see a sexy girls hips, some eye candy for this broken soul could never hurt my internal motor…. Sending me back in time to childhood, riding the bus while hiding

    By buttholes galore on 06.28.2012

  13. The crust is the best bit of the pie. Always. No matter what people say. It’s what balances the whole thing out and makes it tasty.

    By rushtail on 06.28.2012

  14. Pizza has crust. I’ve always liked pizza crust, even though some people don’t. Crust is really necessary for pizza. How else would you hold it? I’ve never had stuffed crust pizza. It sounds pretty good though. Maybe I’ll try to make it sometime. Bread also has crust. So do eyes when you wake up in the morning, although some people call that sand.

    By Cassidy on 06.28.2012

  15. Ted set down the crust of his bread and overlooked his breakfast bounty. The orange juice fresh-squeezed. The cereal freshly milked, and the grapefruit half freshly fleshed. The only thing missing was the cherries. But it would be weeks before the transport ship would bring them from Earth, and his oxygen would run out by then.

    By richpee URL on 06.28.2012

  16. Sometimes I wake up with crust in the corners of my eyes, like something has taken over while I slept. There is some resistance to me beginning my day, and avoiding the fact that my body is something of its own, and this crust is there for a reason, has been trying to grow all day as I blink and blink and rub and generally distract myself from what, maybe, is most important.

    By Katie on 06.28.2012

  17. The bread’s crust ws dry. The crust was brown, and smelled f chocolate. He took a bite. It tasted just as good! He was thrilled, and he jumped for joy! Oh, YAY, now he could get icecream. What a great day!

    By Amber on 06.28.2012

  18. it lifts up the sides of pies and wounds. it crinkles and breaks and rips and heals and falls to the floor. the crust of the Earth is what keeps us alive and keeps us from the flames

    By Serena URL on 06.28.2012

  19. Crust. Crust means bread. I love bread. I travel. Have traveled for over 10 years now and never really miss my homecountry. Holland. Apart from the bread. Screw France. Holland has the best bread in the world.
    Sliced bread, dark bread. Crust and all, I’ll eat it. Daily. Love it.

    By Mika on 06.28.2012

  20. Climb into my mind and
    rust through the bone.
    Usher my thoughts.
    Scrape out my heart.
    Tear down my soul.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 06.28.2012

  21. It was a day just like any other, sitting in the kitchen with grandma waiting for her famous apple pie to finish. She smiled at me as I bounced around innocently. As she cut a small piece of pie for me I instantly picked up my spoon and scooped the filed out of the crust. She shook her head at me and sighed. “what am I to do with you?” she asked me as I’d I knew what that meant at eight years old. “you can’t just have one part of something so perfectly whole.” she said to me. I never understood hat she meant until today. I stood their staring at her lifeless body in the casket. I wanted so much for her to pull through, for the sickness to leave her. But it had been part of her for sonlong.. And just as you can have pie without crust, you can’t have a life without pain to remind to enjoy the little things in life. Like the days of innocence and laughter, and pie.

    By Dominique. on 06.28.2012

  22. he lived on the crust. it wasn’t the best place to be, but it was his home. he kicked a bit of the dust and sneezed. he didn’t want to be here though. he wanted to be in space

    By kelly on 06.28.2012

  23. I nibbled on the crust of my pizza as she sat across from me staring. I looked up at her. “What?” I asked. “Nothing,” she replied,” just wondering if you’ve made a decision about our relationship?” I looked back down and tried to ignore the question.

    By Meredith on 06.28.2012

  24. The crusted edges of the day old dinner fell onto the table, causing the little girl to shriek in disgust, jumping away in time to avoid them reaching her skin.

    By Nadia Tivvis on 06.28.2012

  25. One there was a boy with the last name Crust. He told me he loved me. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say. I was awesome and cool. He wasn’t. so i said i love you too. because i did. now we’re married with 3 kids. I couldn’t be happier. He is my life. so sometimes the cheerleader does end up with the nerd. i am now mrs. crust and i’m happy. i love him.

    By Pauly on 06.28.2012

  26. is crusty, who knew crust could be crumbly? i did, its good sometimes, it bad other time. i guess im not a crust kind of gal… its dry, and tasteless. its just not as worldly as id like it to be.

    By WoodWould on 06.28.2012

  27. Die Kruste überdeckt das ganze Tier. Es versucht sich zu bewegen, aber der Sand ist ganz hart und hat alle Gelenke versteift. Eine Windböe treibt noch mehr Sand in die Bucht. Es wird dunkel und über dem Wasser wabern grünblaue Nordlichter.

    By Eli URL on 06.28.2012

  28. The crust on the pie was golden brown when it came out of the oven, and it smelled great.

    By Marie Grace on 06.28.2012

  29. here we have an absolute beauty.I am so stuck for words. my mouth waters.
    some great man said ‘one can taste the sun and all the stars in a dry crust’

    how is so much fitted into such a tiny word. Baffling….

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 06.28.2012

  30. The crust of the read was so… crusty. Like a bad day. The bread was stale, and I was bored. Someday, I will get fresh bread. Then, I will feel the crust and I will eat it, boom, yay.

    By Rebecca URL on 06.28.2012

  31. ew. i’m personally not a fan of this word as it brings to mind crusty old men and other assorted crustinesss, but there is also good crust. like krusty the clown and pie crust. the earth has a crust too.

    By Jess on 06.28.2012

  32. The crust of the pie is the most important part of a pie. Oreo is the best. I love pie. You love pie. We all love pie. :)

    By Kate on 06.28.2012

  33. blimey there’s a word that you could chew on! A rustic crust. I earned an honest rustic crust. Ichewed on more than i could bite off. I chewed over
    the events that had befalln my befallen friend. wherem would his crust come buttered now

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 06.28.2012

  34. I never like the crust on my sandwhiches but for some reason it’s perfectly okay with me to have it on my toast. It just tastes wierd to me for some reason.

    By sophia on 06.28.2012

  35. and the taste of it is like a sugary-dried rind of summertime from a cabin lost in memory- sweet and bitter paled over with time.

    It’s nice here and you wish forever in that moment.

    By Last Thing URL on 06.28.2012

  36. bread fallen on the floor, peanut butter side down.

    i looked and laughed as i bent down, tearing a piece from the floor

    as i returned to seated, i’d knocked down the jelly slice.

    By James on 06.28.2012

  37. Crust is not my favorite thing. I tend to eat around the crusts on bread. But pie crusts are actually my favorite part of the pie. Where did the word come from? A foundation? Crust of the earth? I don’t concern myself with crusts very much.

    By Billie on 06.28.2012

  38. Crusty bread is yummy, the outside of the earth is also called the crust ironically, thats funny isnt it? hmmm yes it is crusty bread mhmmmmm very yummy indeed yup thats it super yummy, I love bread.

    By Jasmine on 06.28.2012

  39. Crust, the edge of a pizza or the seal on top of a cut. The way your body forces your skin back together after something has wounded you. Or when you’re wounded to the point of crusting over.

    By Emily Sexton URL on 06.28.2012

  40. pizza bread sandwiches gross eyeboogers crispy end cut crustless food garlic sauce ranch cheese pepperoni

    By Andrea Piamonte on 06.28.2012