September 20th, 2011 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “crouch”

  1. You are in a distant land, oceans and waves between.
    Experiencing the new and the unplanned, crouching beneath the pier and washing your hands after a hard night drinking with your friends.
    Never occurring to you where I am in life, you don’t plan, plan, plan or look back, back, back because all you do is live, live, live… always in the present never in the future or the past.
    However lovely this may seem, you are selfish don’t you see.
    Maybe this worked when you were young,
    but don’t you see that were in love.
    Look into my tearing eyes, cracking voice and anxious heart.
    You are a fool.
    Falling in love with you, how much more can I bare?

    By :) on 09.21.2011

  2. down low and keep steady. no one will see you if you just stay here. it might be damp but at least you’re safe. Just beyond your hiding place you can hear them crunching through the plants. you’re scared but you know you’ll win…just stay here…don’t move. they don’t know how strong you are…remember, you’re the hunter.

    By Emma on 09.21.2011

  3. In the jungle with an umbrella but the umbrella has to be green or the lion might see you. If you wear a green hat you could probably get away with not having an umbrella. If you wear pink you should probably just write “EAT ME” on your forehead and poke the lion in the eye.

    By Claire B on 09.21.2011

  4. barty crouch is a character in harry potter. Is is quite funny that this is the first thing I think about hwen I heard , or read, in this case, the term ‘croush’. It also makes me thinking of an elderly woman, with graying hair and flaky skin, a hand-knit shawl draped over her back, crouched over the fireplace in her humble abode, a wooden hut in the middle of the woods. I just think that couching is reall cool. Especially inf ront of a fireplace. I should crouch in front of a fireplace, too.

    By Zahra URL on 09.21.2011

  5. As I crouch in the shadows, pins and needles stab at my toes yet I dare not move. Breathing is risky, he must not know that I am here. I dare not come out until I am sure he has gone and sure that she’s not getting up.

    By Laura URL on 09.21.2011

  6. ing tiger, hidden dragon….my cat, crouching in the undergrowth just out of reach. I can see the dripping wound on his face, his yellow eyes are wide and glazed with shock. He squeezes himself back each time I reach out for him….

    By georgie on 09.21.2011

  7. understandably the end table couldn’t have gotten further away from the truth. There was a marker on the bedside table as well, but no one minded that. I crouched down, picked up the couch and threw it out of the room off the balcony. Then it happened, the cheetah errupted! What could we do? no one could solve the endless mystery.

    By Christie Richmond on 09.21.2011

  8. I crouched at the end of the bed, waiting for him to see my feet and take me. I heard my breath shaking, my heart racing, each individual tear drop fall to the floor…and I waited. I was still as I could possibly be but shaking so violently inside. His feet crept closer and closer…and I waited.

    By Kristen on 09.21.2011

  9. I saw when the thief crouch under the house in order to evade detection. however he was not fast enough, for in less that a minute, two policemen grabbed hold of him and pulled him from his hiding place.

    By victor walkes URL on 09.21.2011

  10. Tell me if I am a dragon, or a hidden tiger? I forget which. The days seem to roll into one and the nights are no better? I rang the pizza delivery guy for a chat – he said he had his own problems, crouching as he was between the freezer and the baking oven, trying to catch a rat.

    By E.P. Hantera on 09.21.2011

  11. He crouches beneath the sofa hoping to catch wind of their conversation. He knows he’s supposed to be in bed, but he has a hunch that his parents are discussing something important that he should know about. He overheard them earlier discussing that they needed to discuss something not meant for little ears.

    By spartica URL on 09.21.2011

  12. Peter Crouch is a English Footballer who currently plays for Stoke City and England. He is married to Abbey Clancy, who is a supermodel and a WAG.

    He is one of the tallest footballer.

    By Siddharth Rajan on 09.21.2011

  13. Crouch…. I’m at a loss. The first thought that comes to mind is a tiger. Tiger’s crouch before attack. Before they pounce on their next meal… time is ticking and I’m not sure what else to say… my cat crouches before running after my dog. Watching them go at it is entertaining. They have a love-hate relationship.

    By Kaci URL on 09.21.2011

  14. bending my knees don’t let my knees snap just bend so I’m low near the floor and i can touch the floor and with really bendy knees lick the floor too, i crouch low and my back bends and doesn’t snap though bones can snap i crouch with words i know crouch is a word and i crouch down low.

    By roo on 09.21.2011

  15. To crouch is to lower your body down by bending at the knees. It is a verb, the word Crouch reminds me of the Crouches (Marty crouch and barty crouch JR) from Harry Potter. It’s a

    By Emily on 09.21.2011

  16. i crouched to get the fork that fell from the coffee table. as i was doing that, my pants tore apart, right in the middle.

    By pesky on 09.21.2011


    By Greg on 09.21.2011

  18. i crouched to get the fork that had fallen from the coffee table. as i was doing it, my pants tore apart. right in the middle. :(

    By pesky URL on 09.21.2011

  19. Crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Crouching is not hiding; it’s waiting, whiling time, waiting to pounce on the right moment, the right possibility, the right prey. It’s patience. Muscles bent ready to spring into action. Crouching is being ready; not hiding.

    By siobhan347 URL on 09.21.2011

  20. Beneath the sink, scrunched against pipes, pans and other none-such, he waits. Silently, breathlessly, awaiting “Ready or not, here I come!”

    By Sugar on 09.21.2011

  21. I love to crouch and kiss my boy’s cheek, even if he pulls from me. I snatch his face.

    By Natalie URL on 09.21.2011

  22. hide. hide your thoughts and hide your feelings and your secrets. stay down and move with grace and with silence and they won’t find you.

    By Deshani URL on 09.21.2011

  23. one word?? really?? what is this even about?? is this a test?? i hate tests!! why does this even make sense?? like really?? one word?? makes no sense?? but okayy… one word hello!!!! :)) haha you like that?? okay good!!! bye then!!! crouch?? umm i just saw that haha oops!!!

    By Leticia Tye URL on 09.21.2011

  24. Crouch couch cough rough rouge route rout pout rout root roof poof

    By elizabeth b URL on 09.21.2011

  25. I’m crouching right now as I type about the word crouch. My friend think its says Crotch, but he is mistaken. Freudian slip? I think so. Anyways, crouching is quite the useful position. There are times where you need to duck out of the way to prevent getting hit but instead of going on all fours I prefer to crouch.

    By AJ on 09.21.2011

  26. small, lowered, tiny, movement, couch, down, kneel, surrounded, submissive,

    By Sophie Thomas on 09.21.2011

  27. crouch down low and towards the ground. begin to play challenging games with your eyes. learn to appreciate all that is below and far smaller than you are. embrace the beauty of the tiny.
    touch the soil, run it through your hands and don’t be afraid to like it.
    lay on your back and look at the stars…. go ahead ad start counting, see if you can keep up with me.

    By abra URL on 09.21.2011

  28. Crouch

    I got nothing.

    I’m thinking of another word that’s similar, and yet very much *not* this word.

    I’m also thinking of Barty Crouch.

    I’m also thinking Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

    I’m also thinking of sore knees from memories of crouching too long!

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 09.21.2011

  29. Half bent, a branch of a man, I creep through life.
    Long gone are the days of standing tall
    My imaginary books have tumbled from my head
    Instead, I look to the floor
    Tip toe tip toe
    For fear of bumping into
    So All i do is crouch
    Half ready, half lost
    Which way will I go?

    By Geejay URL on 09.21.2011

  30. He crouched in the dark corner…waiting for me to come innocently waltzing around by. Barely breathing he just waited and waited. Finally he heard me singing softly to myself and the moment had finally arrived. He sprung up from his hiding place and yelled something unintelligible. He smiled while I put my hand to my heart and tried to regain my ability to breathe. I still love my brother I guess :)

    By Sarah Lee URL on 09.21.2011

  31. I just feel all this pain around me and I can’t stand it all. I look and I see, I look and I see. It’s unmistakable, it may wear its many masks to fool us, but us humans are too easily fooled and in the end it finds a way to slither into a cowardly blood. Eyes shut as ways are sealed. You’re trapped. Trapped in this life. I try hide from it all, shelter the little I have left, crouch behind feeble objects I place a false hope in, but I feel it. And I can’t shake. And I hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

    By Saskia URL on 09.21.2011

  32. I crouched under the table, ready to pounce. Stephen was my prey. I got into my hunting position and lunged. I woke up panting and looking at Spencer laughing at me. Oops, I shouldn’t fall asleep in school again!!

    By Gabby on 09.21.2011

  33. Hidden behind the stacks of boxes full of paper. Well… the giant crates full of counterfeit terrorist money, he was crouched. Out of view with only three bullets left and at the last count seven enemies. Whats a guy to do? The crouch was getting uncomfortable. One. Two. Three. A hail of bullets went flying. He just hoped back up would be there soon.

    By Z on 09.21.2011

  34. iCROUCH, WHEN I SEE SOMETHING NICE ON THE FLOOR, AND TO PICK IT UP. I do smal crouches when i do sit-ups. I like to crouch from time to time.

    By Daniel on 09.21.2011

  35. crouched like a tiger he waits
    patiently for me
    and at the opportune moment he will strike.
    devour me whole
    for I was the naive lamb
    who wandered into his den
    & left myself open
    to fall victim
    to his salivating jaws

    By Ophelia on 09.21.2011

  36. I had to crouch down behind the log to avoid the bear’s gaze. My heart was pounding and all I could think was “don’t breathe.” The more I tried to remain frozen the louder my panicked breathing became

    By Carol Lane URL on 09.21.2011

  37. Go kill yourself on the couch with a bottle of wine sucking on fine cigars. Its about time you take responsibility and stop ducking the financial crisis. Its here, at your front door; so answer it with an irrational act.

    By Thomas Brewer on 09.21.2011

  38. i dont know what to think about this. everyone in my class has the same word. i dont know . ima am thinkging to much im hungry, i dont know hwat to write but tii think this is really cool, and i can already tell that i am making alot of spelling mistkeaks. i dont like typing fast. im thirtsy. i am worrrying to mucch about twhat to write and about spelling. i dont know what to write about uummm i dont know how much tieme i have left.

    By gabbie on 09.21.2011

  39. you sit down on a couch watch tv watchin football or playing xbox in call of duty i crouch wen i stick it in here she says ouch

    By Big G on 09.21.2011

  40. As she crouched down to see the little creature, something caught her eye. There was something in the water. It was shiny and gold.

    By Sophie on 09.21.2011