July 15th, 2012 | 285 Entries

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285 Entries for “crew”

  1. cut an inch gone for every time I back talked, didn’t make my bed or an A on a test, and the hair I once could sit on disappears in less than two months. To this day I cannot cut my hair short without feeling the shame of the less than perfect paper or the unmade bed or the retort, and it was years before I understood that a B was above average. To this day, I understand Rapunzel

    By Pamela12345 URL on 07.16.2012

  2. Yesterday I went to visit a girl who had been in a car crash. She was one in a crew of 6 kids. The roads were wet and the speed limit sign read 35. The speedometer was fluttering at 100. They flipped the curve, tumbled in the dust, branches ripped the roof from above their neon heads. Everything glittered in the tumult of ruined adolescence.

    By barefootink URL on 07.16.2012

  3. Crew can refer to different things these days. It can either mean a team who works on race cars or ship, or a hiphop dance group. Well that’s what comes to mind.

    By Lych URL on 07.16.2012

  4. Socks. That’s what I think of. Those stupid, almost knee-high socks that I used to wear. I wonder who thought of those. I mean, they have these ugly stripes at the top in all sorts of horrid colors. Just awful.

    By E on 07.16.2012

  5. Another day and I haven’t mopped the floors. Maybe my place on this crew is going to be shortlived. Not that anyone cares, they just tread on everything with muddy boots and drop their jackets on floors. The dishes are washed and the food cooked. I will mop after the I clean up from the meal and they are sleeping. Dancing with a mop in the moonlight sounds like fun.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.16.2012

  6. crew reminds me of a sport of rowing, not usally in the ocean because its not for vast exploring its a teamwork based entity where you row in unisen to unlock the true potential that lies within, or is that something else, its probably whatever you felt with the touch of your heart.

    By Ryan on 07.16.2012

  7. The pirate ship had a crew of miscellaneous people; there are people who steer in the crew and people who manage the rest of the ship, people who cook, people who assist the captain. The captain is in charge of the crew. Crew is also another name for rowing.

    By Emily on 07.16.2012

  8. crew members. family. team. cooperation. work together to create, to complete a task. To build a set for a play. To row in a boating competition

    By audrey on 07.16.2012

  9. A group of slaves working together for a common goal under the false impression that their efforts are equating to something worth their time and effort.

    By morgyn URL on 07.16.2012

  10. What can be more important than a crew? When you are on a boat and have to be out on wicked seas you should be able to trust those around you. A crew can be people on a boat, a gang, or even a group of kids at school.

    By Sierra on 07.16.2012

  11. crew is all about a group of people who may be belonging to a same organisation or so .
    They need to be united when they are doing their work.

    By logeshwararaja on 07.16.2012


    By Mewi on 07.16.2012

  13. The crew could not yet see what was happening on the nearly deserted beach. But as the boat drew closer, the deck hand raced for the binocs…

    By Jennyg42389 URL on 07.16.2012

  14. It’s strange – being part of a team. It’s not bad, just new. Clint’s not sure how he feels about that – he’s not used to taking orders or just being a crew member. He’s always been more than that. He’s always been on top of things. But now…? Now he’s expected to just play nice and get along with everyone and save the world over and over and over…

    And he’s not entirely sure he’s ready for that. But that’s the thing. He has to be.

    By Clint Barton URL on 07.16.2012

  15. The group of guys who get up early in the morning to put a very slim boat in the water where they work together as a team to make the vessel go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

    By randy van heusden on 07.16.2012

  16. The crew didnt know what hit them, whether or not the bottom of the ship was wrecked, we were fucked and the whole crew knew. We were going to be stranded if it really comes down to it, and we had limited supply for the rest of the week.

    By dillan on 07.16.2012

  17. My crew are scattered
    but together virtually
    But scattered still
    in other states
    in other countries
    but we meet
    and we fight
    as one

    By Skip Ploss URL on 07.16.2012

  18. the crew members take care of my security and my confort, i’m like a baby, at my favorite place- A1- Champagne before take off, flying is the best thing I do….

    By ampointet on 07.16.2012

  19. The crew rowed as if they were rowing for their lives. The school depended on them winning. It was a challenge known by no other team before them. They were THE crew. They had to win and the school would accept nothing less.

    By t on 07.16.2012

  20. my crew is the high crew. How do u do? Quite well cuz im in a crew. Flamboyant in nature my crew is a zoo. My crew, my crew, my crew

    By Wattlezz on 07.16.2012

  21. I was rolling down the street with my new crew, we had met in an alley way a couple weeks ago while we were following a suspicious looking little kid and we all had been lead to the same place, which was a dead end. Ever since then we’ve dedicated ourselves to finding out what happened to the kid, but you know….I don’t really know these people. And I’m afraid of what I’ve gotten myself into….

    By Danielle Ramey URL on 07.16.2012

  22. A crew of men moved through the mines step by step. The walls creaked and crumbled, sand and mortar landing on the mine floor. They were ten minutes from the mine’s entrance. But safety was a priority. They couldn’t rush, couldn’t risk disturbing the mine’s structure any further. Each of them visualized the horror of what might be. A blocked exit, darkness, lack of air, food,

    By joylene URL on 07.16.2012

  23. The crew muttered and crossed themselves as the heavy fog settled over the ship. “It’s a witch fog!” One cried out.

    The captain took a breath of the damp air and peered out into the haze. “Stand your posts, it’s just fog.” In his mind, he said his own prayers against the Kracken and sirens.

    By EliseV URL on 07.16.2012

  24. the tired ones, long overworked on jobs they’d much rather not have been doing. Aliens in their own spaceship, they mopped up messes whose stains were everlasting. They were in need of their own cleansing

    By Dean on 07.16.2012

  25. The pirate crew was washing the deck and humming the song of the death of the captain.

    By Taylor on 07.16.2012

  26. The crew gathered in the middle of the deck, where the captain was supposed to deliver a speech that night. However, he never showed up.

    By bramblepath on 07.16.2012

  27. My team. My crew. My family. I could never choose a better group to play lacrosse with. I will be by their sides anytime anyone tries to hurt them. I love them and how far they’ve come.

    By Bridget URL on 07.16.2012

  28. the cleaning crew swept past the highway, trying to look busy. Their orange jump suits standing out against the yellowing, brittle grass. “How many McDonalds cups can one man pick up?” he thinks.

    By mhatlas URL on 07.16.2012

  29. A crew is a very important part of a ship. without a good crew the captain is entirely useless and cannot do anything. A captain must always be involved and familiar with his crew. The same applies for life, be familiar and involved with it.

    By Dhava on 07.16.2012

  30. A crew can be so many different things. It can be a team that simply plays sports together, or it can be something much more malicious. A crew of violent people, all fighting for a cause that springs from their own delirium, that kills and harms the innocent people..

    By MD on 07.16.2012

  31. What a crew we were. Five girls with summer light hair. Five giggles in the gathering twilight. Fireflies.

    By Kathy on 07.16.2012

  32. Cast and… necks… rowing races… smiling faces… navy pier…. pie races… blueberry… apple pies… crew.

    By accc URL on 07.16.2012

  33. The crew backstage jostled nervously. It was the first time any of them had ever been a part of a show. What could they do? They waited anxiously for the director’s cues, concentrating totally on the tasks they’d practiced for weeks.

    By Munson on 07.16.2012

  34. the crew on the ship were big strong and sexy. they were all tan from working on the ship all day in the blazing hot sun. i stood there watching one in particular. i was at my peak of youth and extrememly frustrated from my lack of sexual intercourse. The one in particular and shor curly hair, electric green eyes, and had the most amazing build. he was strong yet i could tell he still had a sensistive side to him

    By caroline on 07.16.2012

  35. my crew is cool. my brother is in a band called the liunch crew. they rap to music and have videos on youtube. they even got a soutout at graduation and they are popular in they’re high school. people like to hear theyre raps. my borther is rik tik, and the other two are fun ang games. i like some of their songs, but not all of them. And they always rap in brad’s basement and record their music then upload it to the computer. My brother makes the beats for them to rap to in music synthesis class at school. so anway, thats everything about the lucnh crew. there is a soccer team called columbus crew.

    By Abby on 07.16.2012

  36. a crew is a rowing team and a kind of band requiring more than one person.

    By langdonl on 07.16.2012

  37. “My set was supposed to be finished weeks ago!” Screamed the director, his vein popping out of his head. “You’re the worst set crew I’ve ever seen! I’d fire you, but the show is in 3 days!” They all lowered their heads and shuffled home, regretting they’d signed up for such a task.

    By Amarie URL on 07.16.2012

  38. Sie waren eine Gruppe. Sie waren unzertrennlich. Es war lange nicht alles perfekt in ihrem MIteinander, aber es gab auch nichts, worüber sie sich wirklich jemals gestritten hätten, weswegen sie sich getrennt hätten.
    Bis zu diesem einen Sommer.
    Dieser eine Sommer, der alles veränderte und sie auseinanderriss.
    Charlotte wusste nicht, wie sie damit umgehen sollte.
    Sie hatte alle verloren.

    By Patty on 07.16.2012

  39. The cleaning crew was working busily on the side of the stage, cleaning up the mess that was Alice. It was unexpected, but the crew was ready for anything, and the “untimely death” of an actor did nothing but startle them. Everyone knew that Alice LaMay held a grudge against The Mob, but no one thought that they would take such drastic measures to eradicate her

    By KayKay on 07.16.2012

  40. The latest crew member was a real asshole. Swearing all the time, arguing with everyone. He thought he was the boss there … Oh my God, how wrong was he. It’s a pity that he realised this fact with both of his legs broken by my wrench. What a terrible ‘accident’ it was … Pity indeed

    By Omnix URL on 07.16.2012