July 5th, 2013 | 134 Entries

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134 Entries for “creative”

  1. When I think of the word creative I think of endless options, eons and eons of time of differences. Wow this is stressful. I don’t know what to write!

    By Selena on 07.05.2013

  2. I feel the spark, my heart alive, brush strokes on a pale canvas, small and secure. He watches me gently, seeking my hands. Observing the stroke, commenting.
    “Do you paint?”
    “Not really,” I respond, but I’m learning as I express – I explain. I feel him smile.

    By rianna URL on 07.05.2013

  3. She listened to his story too. He was said he was sad, lonely from losing his own family, but she could not believe him. He had always been a very creative liar.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.05.2013

  4. She was always the creative type. She always had something on her mind. It was always nice to hear her ideas. It would always make my day better than the usual mediocrity.

    By Kristin on 07.05.2013

  5. This is not creative. This is stupid. I have nothing to say about creativity, at all. So…that’s that then.

    By Nicole on 07.05.2013

  6. luxury miners, cave-dweller trophy holder. subterranean do-gooders, flashband stylers. cloudy with a chance of meatballs, orangutan marauders shuffling their feet, dangling sideways.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 07.05.2013

  7. creative is a word that is meant to apply to art but it really applies to everything that is of any value in this world. Creative has to do with life. Life is creation and creativity. A good scientist has to be creative to be effective just like a doctor or a surgeon. It just gets attached to the arts more than the others.

    By Andrew on 07.05.2013

  8. “Entropy.”

    “What?” I ask.

    “Alden.” He smiles, holding out a hand that I take. “I meant that this whole thing reminds me of entropy, the measure of molecular disorder. This whole town’s gone into chaos over one murder.” I can see that he instantly regrets his word choice as my stomach drops even lower than I thought it could. “I didn’t mean–”

    “It’s fine,” I say. I’m too exhausted to argue or cry or care, so I leave him in my wake, leave him regretting and feeling stupid, like everyone here.

    By Marissa URL on 07.05.2013

  9. Creativity is the soul of mankind. It is what justifies our dominion over the earth and the animals. It is anomaly of nature, allowing the synthesis of information into something greater than the sum of its parts; something with a higher “energy-state.” It gives meaning to our lives as humans that does not exist in the lives of animals.

    By Nick on 07.05.2013

  10. i’m not feeling too creative at the moment. what sort of prompt is this anyway? inspiration inspiration! where are you?? la de da..

    By Josie URL on 07.05.2013

  11. Help me be what you need
    Let me be what you feel
    Allow me to be you air
    In return you are my blood
    I want to be renewed in you
    Replenish me with your heart
    I’ll dowse you with my soul

    By Kiley Chapman URL on 07.05.2013

  12. thinking adventure ocean painting writing drawing imagination dyuygughvchviuhfkjynkjiuj njyhbmnhjcn,smdjkfj,mxnv,mhuyh,mnjh bmnjj,.,vjvjuvjvjv.k,m lkjlufjgpjmn ny87y ooiu’o’oxihg;h ;cvn,mn i8yxgkhikjyyh, mhk

    By Jayde on 07.05.2013

  13. Creative is what I like. Getting creative is fun. I love getting Creative. I want to be a creative photographer. Art is creative. Pretty much everything I love is. =] It makes me happy. This is starting over that isnt really fair for others….But anyone this website is creative. I hope everyone is. Not many thing make me happy but when Im creative it makes me joyful. =]

    By Kelsey on 07.05.2013

  14. I’d like to think I’m creative.
    I guess, if I believe I’m creative, the less correct I am, the more creative that belief is.

    In a way, everyone who thinks they are creative must be right, if only in that one, very limited sense.

    By Land of Dave URL on 07.05.2013

  15. My brains sends out electric impulses ordering my fingers to write. I cannot stop it. The creativity is overflowing and almost paralyzing, my brain can no longer contain it. I must release it. Like a volcano, creative lava is about to burst out of me, destroying much, but creating more. I am a God.

    By Anon on 07.05.2013

  16. Oh wow, this word again? I just wrote something about this. Is it the same one every time?

    OK, short version: like coming up with new ideas, but I wonder if they’re really mine. Originality is the universal, time-transcendent currency, so one has to wonder: This idea occurred to me, but is it really mine?

    By David R. on 07.06.2013

  17. Stay créative only Time its more difficult. For all the Time i write i dońt be capable to write any thing créative. I.m block un thé continuum of my mind. I don.t write. But i forgive the difficult of writing when i.m writing for nothing. I don.t know why ?

    By Sébastien V on 07.06.2013

  18. Society sees creativity as just the painting on the wall, but it is so much more. It can be the new flavors in your mouth or the dancing words on the page. It can be the way you live your life or decorate your bathroom. And some of us know that creativity isn’t quite a thing as much as it is a lifestyle, a mindset. You see things and you think and you create.

    By Emilee URL on 07.06.2013

  19. He was a creative soul. Looking towards the world with eyes wide open. he conjured up a sort of magic from within, giving him a sense of belonging. the time had come. his destiny was yet to be fulfilled. He got up and took his shoes and left beyond the valley of No Return.

    By Dom on 07.06.2013

  20. “I can see it..” she said as they whisked over the horizon.

    “See what?”

    “I can see what I have to do.”


    “Yes. Yes it is.”

    They reared back as she pulled on the horns of the mighty beast.
    And finally they landed on the cliff’s menacingly rocky edge.

    “Wait here,” she commanded as she hopped down off the side of the monster.

    “Hah! Leave me here?! With… this? I didn’t plan on becoming a chunk of proteins for your meat grinder over here..”

    “Ah, please! She couldn’t hurt you! She’s practically a vegetarian!” she smirked as she waltzed down the cobblestone pathway in front of her.


    By Pohe on 07.06.2013

  21. So you think you can dance, be creative, life life to the full. Well you haven”t even left the nest yet. You are waiting on the sidelines for someone to ask you to join. You are hardly breathing yet, still covered in the yoke you were born in, damp and raw to the touch.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.06.2013

  22. Creative. That is what people called her. Good with her hands. Good with a pen. Good with a hammer, a wrench, some clay. What they never called her was beautiful. What they never called her was lovely. They never called her smart or intuitive or anything like that. Just creative. That’s what she was. That’s what they told her.

    By Katlyn Tenold URL on 07.06.2013

  23. I was finally creative. I figured out what the the implications of the tsunami. Or at least I think I did. It is my colossus. And I’ve merely scratched the surface. There is more to decipher. There is more to be done. But at least now I know what I’m facing. And where to begin.

    By Ruben URL on 07.06.2013

  24. Creative force. The sorcerer savored it. He had spent so much of his life chasing after the runes that would give him access to the force. Now he was in a position to make significant changes to the principalities of the realm.

    By MauriceWilliams URL on 07.06.2013

  25. I am so creative, but I am drunk which makes this very hard. I have designed my own Tattoo which I think is very creative and I was an art student at school which was very creative and fun.

    By Kacey URL on 07.06.2013

  26. bila je najbolj kreativna oseba, kar sem jih kdajkoli srečal. morda je bilo prav to tisto, kar me je pritegnilo. včasih, ko sem prišel domov po dolgem dnevu, sem jo videl, kako je krasila hišo z novimi in novimi okoljevarstvenimi idejami, ki so naredile najino hišo njeno. v vsakem prostorčku sem našel njo. vse, kar je storila, se je odražalo povsod – na

    By KARMEN on 07.06.2013

  27. creative which means creating things in a most unique and different way. which leads you to be someone. creattive in a sense that it doesnt have same thought.

    By all URL on 07.06.2013

  28. it’s about new things. it’s a way of living. it’s about nevergetting bored and having something to do all the time. creative is a free soul, searching for the light of his life.

    By aida on 07.06.2013

  29. beauty in soulful words written upon purple paper, scattered with the dust of a thousand fairies. creative beauty is unscathed by the standards of society.

    By kimberley cattaneo on 07.06.2013

  30. Heaven hated being creative. Creativity was hard. But.. maybe if she just thought about random things, she could come up with something – right? Blinking as she laid back on her plush mattress, she appraised the ceiling, contemplating what would be creative. Rainbow flowers and black rainbows, maybe even a blue cat and a green dog?

    By Phoebe on 07.06.2013

  31. nithe other day in my result my teacher told my mother that i am a very creative but a quiet person. I take pride in my creativity since i’ve been taking a lot of efforts to develop my art lately. I think it is the best ability in a person and i respect people who are creative.

    By devyani on 07.06.2013

  32. Juliane scratched her creative head. How could she make this story work? The assignment was due in less than 12 hours and she didn’t know what to write.

    By Stephanie URL on 07.06.2013

  33. Being creative is something that comes naturally. It cant be forced or pushed. You cant turn creative. It’s born. It blooms. Flourishes. You cannot suffocate creativity. It pushes back with intensity so bright,it blinds you. Creativity is awing. It’s art. Its beautiful. Its a talent.

    By FariAy on 07.06.2013

  34. well, this is difficult. being creative is hard. in fact, i am not a creative person, otherwise i wouldn’t be writing this. but anyways, maybe that’s something i can work on during my lifelong learning experience.

    By Claudia on 07.06.2013

  35. “It’s beautiful.” She took the object and turned it over curiously. “But what is it?”

    The other woman shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know,” came the reply.”It’s true that my father’s people are known for their skills in craftsmanship and smithing, but also for their abstract and curious way of thinking and creating.” She looked down and smiled fondly at the object. “My mother told me that my father sang it from a young aspen sapling for her during the first new moon of the spring in the year I was born, and while I don’t doubt that at least a bit of magic was used to make it, I’m certain that most of the effort came from him shaping and smoothing the wood himself with his own two hands.”

    “He sang it?”

    A grin formed on the smaller woman’s clever brown face. “Didn’t you know?” she asked. “My father is an elf.”

    By LordSriya URL on 07.06.2013

  36. “That’s the most creative use I’ve seen,” he said. “Even though I wish it hadn’t been our rarest and most expensive.”

    “It had to be done,” she replied. “Otherwise we never would have known in time.”

    “Three-hundred-year-old wine to determine the approximate age of a dinosaur fossil, Jade?” said The Management. “I think you’ll understand if we only toast your success tonight with a pint of Deep’s Special Lager.”

    By Anthony StClair URL on 07.06.2013

  37. all i can think about this word is that i wrote something for this yesterday, it was pretty and it made me feel good because it was the first time i saw something mine on the internet
    that wasn’t a fairytale

    By zeit on 07.06.2013

  38. to be creative, embrace uncertainty and have faith in yourself. you are the controller of your own ride.

    By a m on 07.06.2013

  39. Creative Cristina’s crazy crunchy croquembouche crushes crafty Krysten’s cranberry crepes.

    By oioio on 07.06.2013

  40. I wish I were creative enough to write a really exciting narrative, but it appears that all my muses have flown the coop to leave me in my desolate wasteland of exhaustion and day-time television.

    By Stephanie on 07.06.2013