July 3rd, 2011 | 374 Entries

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374 Entries for “crane”

  1. Back in fourth grade art, Miss Lee taught us how to make origami. The best thing I made was a paper crane that I folded out of pink paper with yellow flowers. Shiloh turned up her nose at origami (she was in a different art class) but the crane was still on her dresser long after she was gone.

    By trish URL on 07.03.2011

  2. The blue crane flew over the strawberry fields as the berries lay silent in the brown dirt. The berries will burst if left under the yellow sun, but the crane will miss the berry bomb because it will still be flying.

    By DCH on 07.03.2011

  3. you crane your neck to see over my shoulder, but we’re still alone in this staircase

    By Ani URL on 07.03.2011

  4. paper cranes, 1000 of them, in a bundle by the side of my bed. everyone hopes i get better. i guess i’m the only one who knows i won’t. but i appreciate the craftsmanship of each bird, folded carefully just for me.

    By sydney justice on 07.03.2011

  5. Wow this is weird. I just got home from my Aunt’s lake, and she has a family of cranes up there that have lived there since I was a little girl. I remember the sound of me shaking the corn to get them to fly over, and we’d lay it out on the ground and feed them. It’s kind of a tradition. And that’s all I can really think to say about that.

    By Ashley URL on 07.03.2011

  6. is an animal that can fly? i dont really know……………………………….

    By Nothing You Need To Know URL on 07.03.2011

  7. You’ll need a crane
    To pick upthe broken pieces of her heart
    The lyrics to one of the first music videos i ever watched
    thank you they might be giants for ur epicness
    U define my childhood

    By Emer Wick URL on 07.03.2011

  8. cranes are tall, yellow, and there are wayyyy to many of them by my ship, the make alot of noise, construction workers use them…which are usually fat hispanic men who hit on me alot…cranes are also birds. large birds…they fly and stay around water…not sure if its rivers or lakes.

    By Corinne on 07.03.2011

  9. paper cranes, 1,000 of them, tied in a rainbow bundle by the side of my hospital bed. everyone hopes i get better. i guess i’m the only one who knows i won’t. but i appreciate the craftsmanship of each bird, folded carefully just for me.

    By BattleCry URL on 07.03.2011

  10. The truck driver was excited about his promotion: he was finally able to operate the elusive crane! All the hours of preparatory work in the local arcades finally paid off, he thought to himself as he stared at his collection of stuffed animal prizes.

    By Tyler URL on 07.03.2011

  11. Long, elegant, Impossible creature
    Subtle, quiet, bending features

    By Danielle on 07.03.2011

  12. The crane rose high above the rooftops, higher than the clouds, higher than the moon, it seemed. The man liked this huge crane, but he knew it could not be real. If it were, it would have been tiny.

    By Heidi URL on 07.03.2011

  13. crane is the name of a beach that I go to with my aunt sometimes. Last time I was there was in March, and we hiked the sand dunes. I told her all about Oliver and how he tried to kill himself and how I love him anyways still and how I started cutting and about Michael and how he’s my best friend but his dad hits him daily and it scares me. I told her about how my mother and I are always fighting and I hate it.

    By Olivia on 07.03.2011

  14. The bog was entirely empty, save one crane. He stood erect, surveying the world from one leg. The breeze displaced a few feathers on his wing. Soon he would return home to his nest, it had been an unsuccessful day of hunting.

    By Luke Renoe URL on 07.03.2011

  15. Flying over our house, was a white crane. The reservior protected such birds, but I’d never seen one in full flight. Awkward and beautiful, I panned with my eye’s camera as it faded into the treeline.

    By thought2action on 07.03.2011

  16. “1000 papers cranes equal one wish, right?” The girl thought to herself while folding yet another one. Her fingers ached, and she knew that she was going to run out of paper soon, but she couldn’t stop. Once she got 1000 of them, she got to make her wish out of paper, and God would give her what she wanted. “Stars don’t work, and neither do wishing wells,” he had always said with a wink. “Now, paper cranes, that’s where it’s at! Any wish made on a thousand paper cranes will always come true, if only you have the patience to make them.” Then he’d smile and kiss her forehead.

    What she would give to have him back.

    She’d give 1000 paper cranes.

    By Morgan Ashleigh URL on 07.03.2011

  17. the wild crane flies as it tries to deliver all the babies to their rightful mothers, an overwelming job for such an animal…

    By rodrigo on 07.03.2011

  18. I heard a strange noise outside, so I jumped out of bed. I threw my comfortable old daisy-print bathrobe on (it’s always right next to my bed) and ran to the window.
    “Harold!”, I yelled at my husband who was still sleeping in bed, “that crane is back!?

    By emily colmer URL on 07.03.2011

  19. Beautiful, graceful, long, lanky birds. They lift off the earth effortlessly and spread their vast wings to glide and woosh up into the air. The sky beckons as the archaic bird propels itself into the atmosphere.

    By mollyruth URL on 07.03.2011

  20. i have tried
    to fold a thousand cranes
    i mean i really need that wish
    i got to fifty-eight
    and ran out of paper
    i guess it’s just as well
    i mean
    what if the wish came true?

    By Valkyrie URL on 07.03.2011

  21. A crane flew across the sky, and that’s when I knew the bombs had stopped. I stepped out the door and could smell the destruction in the air. I looked down the street and saw the rumble of my next door neighbor’s house. If I had more time I would have made sure they had made it to the safe house as well.

    By JustMeAgain URL on 07.03.2011

  22. Long and beautiful white and feathery peaceful and simple.
    Big and gray, strong, hard and cold. Tall and skinny, powerful.

    By Meaghan on 07.03.2011

  23. “besides,”countered bogdan,”you have a crane hook sticking out of your hip,teacher,”

    “hmmm,so I do,”he said as he crumbled.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 07.03.2011

  24. I fold them day by day, night by night but to reach the thousand I wish to reach will never be achievable. I can only wish to perfect each crease, to smile at each attempt and live each day as I create each one.

    By * on 07.03.2011

  25. the crane croons his head to
    the left and
    then to the right
    looking, staring down at his prey
    back and
    forth it moves
    but he waits
    and waits
    and waits
    for the perfect time for him to

    By Amy URL on 07.03.2011

  26. Allyson Crane, my roommate. Elegant, strong bird. Beautiful, large wings, fast. Powerful, large. Kung fu. smart. Sometimes terrifying. A bird of flight. Wings flapping in the breeze. Wings cut through the air like sharp knives. White wings, large beak.

    By Kaylee on 07.03.2011

  27. Knee raised to my chest so slightly. Ankle and toes pointed like a poisonous dagger. Hands risen atop the tree of arms erected from my body. Waiting to strike. Deep breath. Pause. Eyes squint and…. Silence.

    By Spencer Campbell on 07.03.2011

  28. The crane fell down from the sky, crashing through the reeds as it hit the surface of the water, its white feather spraying liquid crystals through the foggy morning. The animal did not resurface, a pool of crimson seeping up from the point of impact.

    By Rin on 07.03.2011

  29. She lifts her head up and places her right hand over the glare as she looks up at the tall structure to be the new clock tower. A top of it sat a bird that stared down at her with sprawled out wings, Caroline blinked and suddenly the bird took of in flight. With a frown she turned around to see if anyone else had seen the bird but the market was quiet.

    By Violatrix on 07.03.2011

  30. I folded the e slowly. following e steps o peice of paper.was it to make a wish? 1000? 10,000? that part Ididn’t yet know,although I know it was alot. so all Ite on making the damnpaper birds rightow. the number in this moment didnt matter. the wish still glowing in my mind. beating like a bad headache. lot of cranes. hanging. sitting, watching, pinched. thoughtfully manipulated papers. I will keep this up till I have too many to count. then I’ll look up that number and find out how many more I need. Wouldn’t it be cool if I finished up righ ton the number exactly? that wouldbe fate. that would be divine.

    lucky cranes – what a thing.

    By Amber on 07.03.2011

  31. I mechanical crane looms above the world and snatches a bird of the same name out of a lake, snapping it’s long delicate legs in the metal teeth that held them.

    By bethany URL on 07.03.2011

  32. I have no idea have that means. I think i should really look up this word after i am done with this. I should also work on my voc. to. I need to understand things more too.

    By tay on 07.03.2011

  33. She craned her neck around the restaurant looking for the familiar head of hair she had grown to love. His returning gaze made her blush with embarrassment as she crumpled into her wicker seat. She silently ate her soup and gingerly ate the warm bread.

    By Morgan URL on 07.03.2011

  34. I fold paper cranes and leave them on the table for waitresses in restaurants. Adam says that makes me adorable, but I don’t think so. Spencer found one the other day, hiding among the yarn and needles. I think I know how it got there, because it looks an awful lot like my handiwork… if you fold a thousand paper cranes, the gods will grant you a wish.

    By Kestrelfeather on 07.03.2011

  35. Dr Frasier Krane is sexy to me in the worst way and I think that if I married him I would blow my brains out but only after fucking him repeatedly. I think that this says wonders about my neurotic ways and the fact that my boyfriend is holding out on me.

    By Melissa on 07.03.2011

  36. A bird, standing the water. The light reflecting brightly on the lake. The waves hit the shore as he cawed peacefully. The calm was promptly broken by the crane fluttering away.

    By Kaesta URL on 07.03.2011

  37. He craned his head to one side, trying to peek around the vending machine. He could have sworn he heard steps, but alas, no one showed themselves. He bought his mountain dew and quickly opened it. The taste rejuvenated his taste buds.
    wait… he thought… I hate mountain dew.

    By Jalyssa URL on 07.03.2011

  38. The bird looked upwards. Its long neck craned toward the sky, the feathers lightly rustling as it did so. The Sun was setting, and the bird’s long beak was silluehted by the background sun. It was a beautiful sight. Long, slender, beautiful!

    By Cici Roper on 07.03.2011

  39. Teníamos seis años. Estamabos haciendo pàjaros de papel. Estaba molesta con tigo, y rompì el tuyo.
    Lloraste, lloraste tanto.
    Te ofrecí el mìo, pero no lo quisiste. El tuyo estaba roto, ya no había vuelta atrás.
    Me sentí culpable, pero felíz al final.
    En ése pájaro iba lo que me habías hecho tiempo atrás.
    Que simple era todo entonces.

    By Fernanda on 07.03.2011

  40. A thousand paper cranes are the equivalent to one wish. If I had one wish, what would I wishh for? True love! World peace? Happiness? I can’t decide. How does anyone decide? I’d love to try to make a thousand paper cranes though. It would take a long time but even if the wish didn’t come true, the sense of accomplishment would make it worthwhile.

    By Lindsey URL on 07.03.2011