July 3rd, 2011 | 374 Entries

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374 Entries for “crane”

  1. Reminds me of the bird, the crane. When I was at Camp KEEP many years ago we saw a lot of them. It was really cool. I think there was also a counselor whose nickname was crane… but I don’t really remember.

    By Emilia URL on 07.03.2011

  2. crane. a tool. used to carry, to lift – to counteract weight. it is a being in nature, it exists on it’s own without the help of outside forces…….

    By joanna on 07.03.2011

  3. A crane is two things. It can be a bird, or a machine. The machines are used to life things up. The animal crane eats fish. Cranes, the animals look alot like

    By Liz on 07.03.2011


    By LYNDA on 07.03.2011

  5. lovely bird, white and regal. babies. cranes.

    By em on 07.03.2011

  6. The crane is a bird with a long neck (?) and a long beak. A crane can also be used for building things, and construction sites. It can also be used for lifting large objects high above. It starts with the letter C and

    By Inez URL on 07.03.2011

  7. The crane crept through the water on legs long and thin, like a cloud balanced on chop sticks. His neck stretched down to dip his beak into the fish-filled pond, and he paused to look at me before he plunged, as if to say, ‘Bet you can’t do this…’

    By Andrea URL on 07.03.2011

  8. it had me in it’s mouth ,
    and i was flying
    there was a fish beside me , it smelt real bad
    i think it was in its mouth longer than i had been
    but it brought me to my momma
    so thank you crane.

    By carleyemma on 07.03.2011

  9. The crane sat there, staring at our car. The music played as it kept her awake. The popping of our firecrackers and bottle rockets must have terrified the poor thing. I wanted to go see if it was okay… but then… it stopped.

    By Andy on 07.03.2011

  10. The way the crane flies makes me jealous. I wish I could soar as high and as fluently as him. He is a majestic bird. I can only imagine the possibilities that await in the sky for me. To be a flying bird is a wonderful thing and I can only hope that in my next life I get to be a great bird as he.

    By MrSillythings on 07.03.2011

  11. Paper cranes soar through the air, not quite butterflies, not quite swans, but majestic in its flight, the paper crane, made by a child, drifts away on the breeze

    By Aoife URL on 07.03.2011

  12. bird machine large metal object picks up stuff pretty tall bird can be useful sometimes the bird can be blue or grey chicken yea

    By Katya Maruri on 07.03.2011

  13. Crane my neck, face pressed against the glass window, trying to see the street below, my forehead gets cold.

    By Alice URL on 07.03.2011

  14. It took everything I had not to crane my neck to look at her. She was beautiful. Just magic to look at. Her stride was like watching a show. A runway model. But yet she had the edgyness of a new yorker. I wanted every bit of me to stand up at that moment and make her see me. I didn’t. Once again a passed opportunity. I’ll try again tomorrow.

    By joe on 07.03.2011

  15. The crane stretches it’s wings, it’s beady eyes still stuck on you. Suddenly, it takes flight. Its long skinny legs seem like nothing now. Only his elegance is apparent.

    By Elly URL on 07.03.2011

  16. The elegant man stood atop the pole, his eyes fixed on the horizon. Sunshine, settling into the crimson before nightfall, burned into his mind, so that he could barely breathe. His time was nearly up. There was still so much to be done.

    He tipped his hat to the sun.

    By Leigh-Ann URL on 07.03.2011

  17. i look out at the city. the busy streets and tall, metallic buildings remind me of London but here in Madrid even the structure of the city seems to have an accent. The colours are somehow different, there is still a sense of tradition and exoticism in the brickwork, the cement. And there, right outside my window an enormous crane over the beautiful old train station that tells me this place is growing and things are about to change.

    By bethanyruth URL on 07.03.2011

  18. Yesterday the crane stood still, defiant of her nest of siblings. Her mate, the blue heron, was out fishing and scoping out the scene at a nearby rookery. He liked to disrupt the great egrets, and possibly infiltrate their fishing grounds.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 07.03.2011

  19. One thousand flying paper cranes dance across the sunset.
    She held one flittering and fluttering in her palm, held it up to Jeminy’s eyes.

    Who stared and stared because

    it didn’t really seem real that a tolling of the bell could make them fly.

    By F. V. Felix on 07.03.2011

  20. Crane



    Crane your neck

    Crane in a construction zone….


    Paper cranes. Always wanted to know how to make them. Then did. Then I think I forgot. I can still make a blow up balloon/box/ball thing though. And a frog. Used to jump those all around the classroom from desk to desk. Because that’s what you do when you’re a creative/geeky type and bored in class. – Passing notes was so “yesterday.”

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.03.2011

  21. Paper. That’s all they’re made out of. But they represent so much – peace, and healing, and friendship. She holds one out to him and he takes it gently, then places it on the table with all the others – it’s the thousandth. She’ll get her one wish – but now she’s not so sure of what that wish is. It has always before been to cure herself. Now, in this moment, it is to cure him.

    By silentalltheseYEARS URL on 07.03.2011

  22. The crane swooped in and grabbed the sandwich right outta my hand. I couldn’t believe it. I know times are tough, but this is ridiculous! Damn bird.

    By Fender2010 URL on 07.03.2011

  23. I often hear noises outside my bedroom window. Usually just the nothingness of the outside world, but in the case of tonight, it’s not. I looked out my window and I saw something you don’t usually see in the city. I thought it was strange – fantastical in fact that something like this would occur – like a dinosaur cropping up on your windowsill.

    By Rachel on 07.03.2011

  24. a metal crane tilted forward onto to the stone building it smashed through it the crack the crumble the destruction .the cold icy wind pierced through me as the small shards of brick brushed against face.

    By haley URL on 07.03.2011

  25. the elegance of the cranes in nature is so beautiful
    their walk, their heads held high
    the long neck and longer legs
    just a beautiful creation to appreciate my all

    By she53lly URL on 07.03.2011

  26. Even dinosaurs aren’t as elegant and the crane. Elegant? Maybe in the moonlight. But this crane is different from other cranes. It’s mean. Ruthless. It pecks at the crisscrossing screen of my window, trying to get in.

    By Rachel URL on 07.03.2011

  27. The paper crane stared at me from across the room. He had made that for me on my birthday…it still hurt to look at it. I couldn’t help but feel his hand on mine as I looked at it in disbelief that he was dead.

    By Izzy Gorden URL on 07.03.2011

  28. the Japanese people have a wonderful tradition of Origami peace cranes. They are folded with great care and done sometimes by groups of children. A grade school class in my area folded thousands of cranes and sent them to Japan to let them know they were thinking of them after their disaster with love and concern.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 07.03.2011

  29. Japanese good luck charms. They say to fold 1000 for good luck – but why not make use of that time folding to take action? I don’t believe in work. I believe in doing. But cranes are nice, I suppose. An elegant yet gawky reminder of humanity and its possibilities.

    By Kimberly Yang URL on 07.03.2011

  30. I walked down that dismal sidewalk, littered with wrappers and old candy from the parade. The air was cooler now that the sun was hiding under the horizon. Its last few rays of the evening settled on a lonely crane beside me. It was left in a dirt field, waiting to do its master’s bidding. And even though the weather was nice, and the sun shone across my face, I felt ten kinds of melancholy while looking at the lonesome mechanical creature left in the vast reaches of nowhere.

    By Marissa URL on 07.03.2011

  31. ten..eleven.. twelve. I can count twelve of them from my bedroom as they strike the horizon. Gurning and groaning as they go about their heavy loads. Armed to progress.

    By lizamajig URL on 07.03.2011

  32. You sit in class and you struggle so much to see that one guy. That one special guy. You crane your neck just to get a glimpse of his hair. His eyes. Because to you, that’s all you need right now. Just to see him. Just to know that he isn’t just a dream. He’s real.

    By Shannon URL on 07.03.2011

  33. Cranes are a symbol of long life in Japan. They are beautiful animals, and usually rest on one leg.

    In “A Single Shard” by Lisa Park, Craneman is named after this animal for having a deformed leg, and thefore hopping all the time. He also lives a long time.

    Crane equipment is another ugly machine.

    By Allison URL on 07.03.2011

  34. crane
    i wish i had a memory affiliated with the word crane but i don’t
    sad days

    By Emily URL on 07.03.2011

  35. crane? like that pretty white bird i see near the marshes?(: or crane, like a builder’s crane?(: haha or i like origami cranes! they’re so majestic and beautiful. well, that was cheesy. sorry. GO CRANES!

    By Andrea Licata on 07.03.2011

  36. When I worked in construction my job one day was to secure a crane for the site. I didn’t know the different types and my boss was furious. Work that day took twice the time it needed to. Won’t take on a task again without my knowledge.

    By AYFULD URL on 07.03.2011

  37. A thousand paper cranes, folded nicely, neatly, and then you get a wish, they told me.
    I sat down one day and began to fold. Over, over, under, down. Crisp, sharp lines that made the crane come to life.
    And then I breathed into its belly, set it afloat on the air and turned to the paper stacks to make nine-hundred, ninety-nine more.

    By Lancir URL on 07.03.2011

  38. the crane is the one that is in your head and contains your brain, it is made of bone and it can be broken and damaged too.

    By Dani on 07.03.2011

  39. one thousand paper cranes are made to make a wish. some do that on their own, and many cooperate to reach the number. i wonder if that really works.

    By kaorita on 07.03.2011

  40. crane. black bird. edgar allen poe. a baltimorian. a sicko. baltimore total breeds a demented mood in baltimorians. .

    By riandiane on 07.03.2011