November 29th, 2010 | 218 Entries

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218 Entries for “copper”

  1. Copper is the essence of the world, like wood is to trees. Licking copper can give you diseases, I’m not sure wood has diseases passable to humans.Does this mean copper is against us? Working to eliminate the stupid humans who lick copper, I didn’t lick it. I know from a friend. She has a bad cough now

    By Jenny URL on 11.29.2010

  2. Copper is the essence of the world, like wood is to trees. Licking copper can give you diseases, I’m not sure wood has diseases passable to humans.Does this mean copper is against us? Working to eliminate the stupid humans who lick copper, I didn’t lick it. I know from a friend. She has a bad cough now.

    By Jenny URL on 11.29.2010

  3. metal wire
    electricity danger
    speed information
    internet connection
    creation limit

    By Frosty URL on 11.29.2010

  4. Der David, ne, der Copperfield, was war das gleich nochmal für einer? Ein Kupferschmied? So ein ganz berühmter? Der wohnte doch, warte mal, der hat doch die Kleene von den Schmidts geheiratet. Und die ist dann gestorben. Keener wusste warum. Einfach weggestorben. Armes Dingelchen, das hätte der keener gewinscht.

    By Eli URL on 11.29.2010

  5. Pennis used to be made of copper. 100% copper, through and through. Pure. Now, though, we’ve cheapened. You boil down a penny, it’s innards dissolve and you’re left with an outside layer of pure copper. Thin, crumbling. It’s cheap and insincere. What a beautiful metaphor.

    By Jessica Speaks URL on 11.29.2010

  6. The cracked copper trumpet
    shining round the curves
    greening at the mouth
    slumped on the old armchair

    The old man levers up from the chair
    licks his lips, stretched his mouth
    Feels around the tables curves
    Reaches out and seizes the trumpet

    By gsk URL on 11.29.2010

  7. Copper

    A highlight colour
    A vital material in todays world

    Copper is cool
    Copper is sick
    Without copper this world would be hec-tic

    By Grace Ashwell URL on 11.29.2010

  8. word defenitions

    By andreu on 11.29.2010

  9. Copper is a way Cooper sometimes spells her name. That’s the only way I can get psyched about copper. When I was a child my aunt gave me a copper bracelet to ward off arthritis. I was nine. I wasn’t arthritic bound. Maybe it worked.

    By pia savage URL on 11.29.2010

  10. copper is the money I rely on these days. There’s little else available, thanks to Heir Cameron.

    By SisterLips on 11.29.2010

  11. The old copper pipes rattled as the door slammed. The air changed in the house as she felt his presence, her muscles tightened and her gut clenched.She knew he’d have been drinking and was always nervous of the mood he’d come back in. The door slamming was not a good omen.

    By janie URL on 11.29.2010

  12. I could have watched my dad fix those pipes forever. Just watching him at work made me feel like I would be able to grow up to be just like him. Strong, family orientated, happy. that’s all i really wanted to be, happy. I’d never had it, and that’s all I wanted. How silly to think that copper pipes would be the root of it.

    By Alexa on 11.29.2010

  13. At first, copper does not seem as good as gold or smooth like silver, but if you take a closer look. It is so much more beautiful. That honey like color, the wear that goes with it… unmatched. So, it may have less value, but it is just <3.

    By Cabalero Karakashyan URL on 11.29.2010

  14. Copper is nice.

    By Hank Moody URL on 11.29.2010

  15. You know, it costs more money to make a single penny than that penny is actually worth.

    By kaylee ray URL on 11.29.2010

  16. Copper II sulfate, blue and beautiful, like a sapphire dissolved in clear water.

    By A Bananie URL on 11.29.2010

  17. We spent the day scouring the streets for bright copper pennies. I’ll never forget, not for as long as I live. He would find one and then press it into my hand with a smile that said “this is for you”.

    By Lucy URL on 11.29.2010

  18. It shone. Not from reflections of glittering lights- but something from the inside lit this object.
    Smiling with its very own mystery.
    Begging questions with no answers.

    By Mary McCormick on 11.29.2010

  19. “Brass,” he pointed out, “is the Victorian Era’s omnipresent decorative metal. Composed of Cu and Zn, you know? Very cheap, for something so fancy looking.”
    His friend wasn’t all too interested, but added, for the sake of small-talk: “Doesn’t Zn rust like hell?”
    “Hypothetically speaking, if there were a hell, there wouldn’t be any rusting.”
    “Because of the fusion point?” he rolled his eyes at the failed joke.”Just admit you forgot to review the oxidation parts and stop hypothesizing.”

    By kaitoleen URL on 11.29.2010

  20. the copper wires followed along with the tracks,and she wondered,as she walked, if there was a way for her to tap into these lines and call for rescue.probably not.her utility belt had food{if you counted powerful girl bars and powerful girl energy drinks as food-she did},and a few other useful!she unhooked her turned into a knee length hoodie…what other wonderful things had she forgotten?!?

    By The Fake Dann URL on 11.29.2010

  21. The epitome of illustrious yet commoner metals. It is the El Camino. The poor man’s sports car.

    By Leppy on 11.29.2010

  22. Copper is a metal, an often undervalued one at that. If people were to take all the copper out of their scraps around the house over the years, they could all make a ton of money. But noooooo…. god forbid we actually live by the 3 R’s… that would just be stupid.

    By Sircool2008 URL on 11.29.2010

  23. The penny fell and as I watched it the room spun rapidly. I fell, right next to it and looking up I could see her face pouring down on me. This was insane.

    By Mark on 11.29.2010

  24. The tang in my mouth. I hurt so bad, but I wouldn’t let him hear how what he was doing actually affected me. So my teeth bit down into my lip, bringing blood and causing swelling.

    He told me I wanted it.

    Told me that I deserved it. But he was wrong. No one deserves to feel like that.

    No one deserves to have that happen. But he always said I was a nobody, a no one. Sometimes I wonder if he was right.

    By Andelia URL on 11.29.2010

  25. copper shines underneath the ground. copper runs over a log. copper, reppoc. repacalyptica. copper came from somewhere else, and we should go live there. i buy my belongings with copper, but when will copper be my belonging and what then?

    By shayne on 11.29.2010

  26. just a few, rusted, at my feet.

    will be enough.

    for tonight,



    By isabel on 11.29.2010

  27. Copper is something that hurts when you cut your finger on it. It’s malleable when melted and reminds me of Abraham Lincoln. Also, my aunt had a dog named Copper. I think he was a beagle.

    By George Parros on 11.29.2010

  28. i made a copper candle holder in metalwork at school when i was 13. it was ugly as hell. but i made it.

    By sallysix URL on 11.29.2010

  29. copper is the penny you gave me with the kindest look in your eyes.
    the penny i still keep on my bedside table and wish on at night, when the sun goes down.

    By Katherine URL on 11.29.2010

  30. Copper; that was really the only way to describe his hair. It was… metallic. I know, sounds really bizarre, huh? To think that I would be so eaily distracted by some mere BOYwith red… but not so red hair. I mean, come on, Me, the one who has never deviated from her studies and goals. Me, silly little, logical and conservationally thinking me. I’m rambling I know. But i figure i should end this letter and tell you; I have a date next Friday with this copper boy.

    By garbs on 11.29.2010

  31. I once pulled copper wire with ten men all around me as if we were in a chain gang. We all pulled to a beat we made up in our heads because the wire was hard to pull.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 11.29.2010

  32. Give us a copper, will ya, coppers for the babby – go on love. Thos shawlies used to scare me in the back streets when I was little and they were threatening. Go on love, go on love, I hope it chokes ya!

    By susie URL on 11.29.2010

  33. the crimson liquid smelt like copper,
    the only thing I could see and smell in the dark dank room.
    All I can hear are the terrifying screams,
    of the lost spirits that torment me.
    The hard damp floor,
    is the only thing I can feel.
    My body’s numb.

    By musical_ink URL on 11.29.2010

  34. Copper leaves fall of the tree. Floating down and down. When they touch the ground they flip over revealing a dull side. I bent down to flip it over so that the ground will be made of copper.

    By maggie on 11.29.2010

  35. the old copper pot was worn. it sat on the stovetop on the right corner burner as always, but things were different. you could feel it in the air. without her here in the house that we called home, everything felt cold.

    By Selena URL on 11.29.2010

  36. Copper is a metal that is used to make pennies. It costs more to make a penny then it is actually worth. The homeless guy from The Wire, Bubble, stole copper pipes from vacant buildings.

    By stu carroll on 11.29.2010

  37. The long barrel was pressed against the skull of the king. Everything was quiet; not a thing moved. Everyone waited, watching. There was a blast, and a man changed the world with a copper bullet.

    By tman on 11.29.2010

  38. eva made me a beautiful copper bracelet. when I wear it, I feel loved.

    By glitterish URL on 11.29.2010

  39. copper beeches, that was sherlock holmes. i only read the title though–not the actual story. i should read more. i should edit more. i should not be so stifled or something. but goddam, whats a boy to do in this world to be happy? i don’t know.

    By carl on 11.29.2010

  40. One copper coin.

    He twirls it between his fingers. He puts it on the wooden table.

    The dealer takes the coin and examines it. “Good.”

    The dealer hands him a card.

    It’s a queen of hearts.

    “Better luck next time,” says the dealer.

    There is a thud, the metallic tang of copper, and then darkness.

    By EMcD on 11.29.2010