January 27th, 2013 | 269 Entries

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269 Entries for “cool”

  1. feeling, salvation, reble, unchained, powerful, looking good

    By suncica on 01.27.2013

  2. Why did I get this word twice?


    “Cool” as in that saying, “cool beans!”

    You know..I don’t think I have ever been called “cool” before?

    I’m kinda grateful…

    By Bee URL on 01.27.2013

  3. I am cool. The air is cool. Everything is cool. Ice is cool. My friends are cool. The Earth is cool. School is cool… sometimes. The clouds are cool. I am cool. Everything is cool. Nothing is cool.

    By Zoe on 01.27.2013

  4. cold. worth looking at. wow! dare! not to miss. simple, but stunning. laisser-faire. what up??

    By nn on 01.27.2013

  5. He was cool. collected. everything that he shouldn’t be at a time like this. His father had just died. But here he was, drinking wine laughing with some woman. He must have something to do with this cold killing. Why wasn’t he mourning if he didn’t do it?

    By Kim M URL on 01.27.2013

  6. i don’t know what it means to be cool. There are temperatures and there temperances. I have always claimed to be uncool, yet the majority of my closest friends have and currently are “cool.” Does it come from within? Is it like a magic spell we’re all caught under? Or does it rely on the crowd around us — meaning nothing.

    By Natanya on 01.27.2013

  7. The wheels of Ragnarok, the sleek skateboard, turned sideways and produced small, but precise jets of flame. Riding the board was a lanky teen dressed in an entirely black suit with a skull design at the collar. His yellow-topaz eyes stared intently at the mirrored horizon, and he casually spun a pair of dual pistols in each hand, ready for whatever monsters may lie ahead. This was the son of the grim reaper himself.

    By Greg Bush URL on 01.27.2013

  8. Ah, the irony this word holds to me. Just recently, I suggested this site to my friends online. Of course, i do not use my actual name, but instead the username “The Cool Guy.” Ever since, they’ve referred to me as “Cool.” Even as i write this, I am in a conversation with one of these friends. Little moments like this always give me a chuckle, and a brief smile. I simplyy adore them.

    By Hibaki "Hibby" Coon URL on 01.27.2013

  9. cool is …. me. i don’t know what to write.

    you’re only as cool as you believe you are.

    By Shelby on 01.27.2013

  10. cool.
    you’re gonna ignore me?
    you’re just gonna leave me here when we spent everyday together?
    you’re suddenly coming back saying i miss you?
    i say i don’t and you get mad at me?
    you’re leaving again?
    that’s just really fucking

    By theresahoang URL on 01.27.2013

  11. Cool people are seldom as cool as they seem. They are often just being themselves and their “coolness” depends on whether or not they fit your impression of what cool is. So be yourself. Many people find that cool.

    By Joe Carey URL on 01.27.2013

  12. She tries to be cool, she really wants the groove in her blood, the dance in her step. Cool means staying up late with a glass of wine, writing poetry, and watching the stars drift across the sky. The word “cool” has just the right amount of Os, she thinks. That is cool in itself. Saying “cool” makes you feel good.

    By nicole washburn URL on 01.27.2013

  13. cool. It is one of the whole reasons that I am pursuing a new hobby that is quite dangerous. Although many people are supporting me in my new endeavor, I am still apprehensive about my ability, money, and the image of someone who rides. I am completely confident in the fact that I will look cool, but what happens when I get myself into a situation that even I am not cool enough to get myself out of?

    By Fender2010 URL on 01.27.2013

  14. He dipped a toe in and winked. Then grabbed my hand.

    By penny dreadful URL on 01.27.2013

  15. “Hey, cool ride”, said Jerry. He was jealous but didn’t want his buddy to know it. He was saving up for his own car and had several months to go. If only I could afford a car like that, he thought.

    By Rick Colby URL on 01.27.2013

  16. Complete

    By Spencer on 01.27.2013

  17. “Cool,” she said, smiling slightly though Luke could still sense hostility. He shrugged and nodded, turned around, and began to walk down the long hallway to get to his class when he heard her voice; immediately, he stopped in his tracks. “Pardon?” he asked, whirling around to face her.

    Jezabel was fidgeting with her books. At times holding them close to her chest, and then letting go of the tight hold, and swinging them around this way and that. She bit her lips. A long pause commenced. “Nothing,” she then murmured, though her eyes sought to express all that she was confining within, but was too afraid to let out. Another smile then danced on her face, it was another pretentious smile, as her eyes were otherwise getting starry with tears.

    Luke wanted to run towards her, hold her in a gentle embrace, tell her everything would turn out alright, even if they really didn’t – very few predicaments turn out to be alright – but nonetheless, he wanted to make her feel better, but they had gone through too much conflicts in their pasts, always at each other’s ends, and so hugging her, embracing her, brushing his fingers through her silken, gold locks, was out of the questions. Simply out of the question.

    Luke nodded. “Cool,” he said quietly, almost to himself, but Jezabel had heard him nonetheless.

    “Cool,” she repeated, and turned around. Her blonde locks swung slightly with the winds that had entered upon the opening and closing of doors, as streams of students marched in, some sluggishly walking towards their next classes, dismayed by the thought of having to go through roughly three hours of more schooling before getting home.

    “Cool,” they both had said thrice. And thrice, they had faced unuttered circumstances that definitely had been anything but cool.

    By Aisha Momand on 01.27.2013

  18. It was the only word to describe the situation. Everything about it was cool. The breeze on my neck, the colour scheme- the blues and aqua greens mixed with turquoise and shades of purple. The coldest thing though, was that he had left without a second though.

    By Aleasha P. URL on 01.27.2013

  19. It was the only word to describe the situation. Everything about it was cool. The breeze on my exposed neck, the colour scheme- the blues and aqua greens mixed with turquoise and shades of purple. The coldest thing though, was that he had left without a second thought.

    By Aleasha P. URL on 01.27.2013

  20. If cool was a action, it would be sly and content. If cool had a would be timid and intense. If cool was a person..they wouldn’t think they were so..and if cool had a profile they would keep it on the low.

    By Crystal URL on 01.27.2013

  21. ice cold, a nice soul lost within a tight hole
    pressured down the “right road” multiplied by five fold
    this is cool dawg this is cool
    fuck school fuck the man and fuck all the rules
    this is cool dawg this is cool
    society played him, tossed him, used like a tool

    By kapanga URL on 01.27.2013

  22. “Cool beans,” said the good sir to his young daughter as she pranced around the room. She had just received a new gift and proceeded to hug it with joy and preplex her father with the exclamation of “Cool beans!”

    By Mikayla on 01.27.2013

  23. “Well aren’t you just Mister Cool,” Sarsan said, suppressing a smile.
    “You know it,” Seth said with a grin. “So, are we gonna let these guys get away with a cover up…” he said, pushing the sunglasses back into place, “or are we going under cover to bust them?”
    “I only wish I could be surprised that you just said that,” Sarsan said, wincing slightly and sighing deeply. Seth just cracked up laughing.
    “I think we’re gonna work great together,” He said.
    “Next time I’m partnering with Moordred,” Sarsan replied.

    By scribblingface URL on 01.27.2013

  24. Cool it. That’s all he had to say and I became livid. So livid that I wanted to scream and become the tyrant that I saw in him.

    By Jackie URL on 01.27.2013

  25. You walked by like you knew what was up. Like the world had revealed some secret to you. Your smirk showed a careless disregard for everyone around you and you nodded your head upward when you walked past someone you knew. It was all in the feet. You almost kicked as you moved. And I hated you for it. I hated that you disrobed the weight of the world from your shoulders.

    By Hudson Scott URL on 01.27.2013

  26. i turned the volume down but something happened…the music became far away instead, a distant place, a face; a scream cried out from the seventeenth century to reach me in the twenty first.

    By drew URL on 01.27.2013

  27. A cool kid rolled down the street with a smug look on his face. He just asked Lacy out on a date. She was so pretty, and he couldn’t wait. All the boys wanted her and he won, she was going to be his. His bike wheels squeaked as he arrived home, his mom passed out in the yard once again.

    By Leah on 01.27.2013

  28. Jacket so smooth, so sharp, so fresh. Colors that make my skin look sallow. He walks in, so smooth, so sharp, so fresh. Attention. Short breaths. So cool, so sharp, so slam. Gray.

    By Behnnie URL on 01.27.2013

  29. the fan blew the ice across the the surface. the surface forms wavelets that move across time. Not space. It brings the mind to a special place.

    By Jon Rob on 01.27.2013

  30. He was the epitome of cool. Cool radiated off him in waves. He was miles too cool for school. And, of course, he was taken. “Oh, look at that slut hanging off his arm! Bet she only wants him for his looks!” said my friend Annie.

    By Maddy URL on 01.27.2013

  31. Strange… if boffins had described the physics behind its path through the air, things would soon become boring~ if you saw Elvis on his death throne, the peanut would become sinister, but here and now the arc the peanut travelled from a deft flick, before plopping satisfyingly into Leon’s mouth was certainly cool, if only for his leather jacket.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 01.27.2013

  32. “That’s the coolest thing ever!” says Ammanda as her eyes grow wide.
    “I told you, it’s all in believing. The only way to see Jack is by believing,” i say as a wrap my arms around his waste, causing cool tingles to flow through my body.

    By Allie Vaccaro on 01.27.2013

  33. The metal of the ring felt cool on her finger. The warmth inside her heart spread to the ring and before she knew it, it was as if she’d had the ring on her whole life.

    By laurenlauren28 URL on 01.27.2013

  34. He would cocoon my feet in his legs. During winter, the only parts of me that ever get cold are my extremities. It’s like the rest of my body hoards the heat.

    He’d give me the most vulnerable parts. Behind the fold of his knees or the shins. Eventually, my toes would thaw, never quite warming completely because they’d drank in his heat.

    By MONO URL on 01.27.2013

  35. Gaspar LeChong, head chef of the Le Papillon Gros, is quite the cool cucumber. Last week a customer accosted him, accusing him of spiking the daily special with pepto bismol. Bernard stared him down, and, froth flecking from his lips, showed that man the DOOR.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 01.27.2013

  36. Cool, I have no idea what it really means to be cool. Sure i can see mtv when i channel search and see houses full of perfectly diverse people screaming at each other, wearing clothes i have seen change. Styles being born and evolving over time into different things and leaving its now comical predecessors long gone in the past.

    Am I cool? I know I try, I wouldn’t tell you that I don’t try, that’s always bullshit.

    By bryce holt on 01.27.2013

  37. Outside, snow falls peacefully, unconcerned with its direction or landing. The blanket of white rests on the world as far as can be seen.
    To anyone else, the blanket might be a comfort.
    To me, it is a hostility.
    I can feel the cool air on my face from the window, a tease to my state in this trapped room. Cramped fingers fold and unfold themselves in my lap, resisting the urge to reach for a pen.
    For, sure, what better time to write than right here, right now, influenced by the cold winter night…
    except that I have nothing to say.

    By Kelly Anne on 01.27.2013

  38. It was cool to wear these striped leggings. When I was twelve. Now it made her look like a tool, especially in front of the rest of the executive committee.
    WHY didn’t she seriously wear a different costume for the company costume party?

    By Amanda URL on 01.27.2013

  39. coolness is an interesting concept. who came up with the idea of someone being cool? and why that word in particular. maybe it was supposed to mean that someone was really chill? or maybe the other way around?

    By Scarlet on 01.27.2013

  40. There one was this really cool penguin. He had seen the entire world from a different view, He had travelled the seven seas. A life of a penguin was always cool….some times difficult and challenging but mostly cool. Cool as Ice, but Hard as stone.

    By allyson on 01.27.2013