February 5th, 2011 | 410 Entries

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410 Entries for “controller”

  1. a person who has to have everything exactly their way. You know one? we all do, perhaps you are one yourself because you can’t possibly fathom that someone else could do something as well as you

    By Dawn on 02.05.2011

  2. I love playing video games. My favorite video game is probably Bio Shock. It is absolutely thrilling and very intense. It’s crazy how fascinating the world is that has been created. The eerieness of the underwater world is just mind blowing. Not to mention the graphics and visuals are stunning. It’s seriously an awesome game.

    By Meg on 02.05.2011

  3. I have no control over the things in my life, and it makes me sad. I can control my actions and my health and even who I choose to associate with, but I can’t stop someone from being self destructive. I can’t make someone love me. I can’t prevent someone’s death. I’m not certain I’d do these things even if I could, though…who knows. I wish I had control…

    By Corey URL on 02.05.2011

  4. is someone who tries to make you do things you dont want to do. i dont like control.. but i like to be in control. rather, i dont like to be controlled. no fun. i feel angry. uhhhhhhggggggggggggg. my remote is a controller. so is my mom.

    By karen henriksen on 02.06.2011

  5. I don’t believe in fate. I don’t believe in a controller for my life other than me. I don’t believe in things meant to be, or not to be. I choose what is supposed to happen to me.

    By thefoolyouloved URL on 02.06.2011

  6. there’s a remote control for my tv. then there’s my mom.

    By karen henriksen on 02.06.2011

  7. This could be a remote controller. We don’t have one in our home. Or it could be a man controlling something. Hmm, or something more sinister. Inside your mind. Inside the depths of it.

    By on practice URL on 02.06.2011

  8. sometimes, i feel as though there is a controller. sometimes, i feel as though i, myself am not in control of my life. Is there a person out there who is perhaps controlling my life? Am i but a mere puppet? It never ceases to amaze me how we all think and how we all interact with each other. Are we all in control of our lives or is there a grand author of this book?

    By Tina Ta URL on 02.06.2011

  9. I’ve got callouses on my thumb due to fighting games. When you played with the old SNES controllers, and played fighting games so much, it would eventually happen. I remember when the callouses first formed. I couldn’t touch anything with my thumbs because they were so swollen.

    By Jonny URL on 02.06.2011

  10. there is only one controller – GOD. i dont understand why i try to control my life when only God can. it only messes things up when i try to be such a control freak. i wish sometimes id sit back and relax.

    By marissa URL on 02.06.2011

  11. The controller for the car was in the center and it was clean and dry most
    of the time. That is why she was so surprised when she took hold of it to get the car off the ground and her hand came away wet. Not only was it wet, but it was red. After seeing this she noticed the iron smell of blood in the close air of the car.

    By Kathy URL on 02.06.2011

  12. The one thing I always lose in my house. Usually because my cat has batted it under the couch with my hair ties and shoes. I wish they weren’t necessary for laziness.

    By Bailey on 02.06.2011

  13. I want to be more in control of my actions. I know that I’ve been putting off my problems on other people lately. It’s time to stop and take responsibility for myself. I want to be the controller of my own life, and of my own destiny. It’s time to start living for me and taking control of my health, my relationships, my finances, and my living quality. Time to become the controller…

    By Corey URL on 02.06.2011

  14. I Hate being controlled. The more someone or something or society tells me what to do, the more I feel the deep seated need to rebel against the controller!

    By yoyoyo on 02.06.2011

  15. the controller began to fly our his hand. He had missed his chance of winning the wii bowling game and now it would end in tears. Daz yelled ‘look out’ however, he wasn’t quick enough, the controller hit the tv and exploded with a bolt of electricity, Killing everyone.

    By aidan on 02.06.2011

  16. Air Traffic Controllers work in two areas, radar and airport towers. Both areas have their specific tasks in the safe, expeditious movement of aircraft.

    By Ron Van URL on 02.06.2011

  17. I hold in my hands a power like no other. I command life: my own alternate reality. With this, I disappear. Only to wonder…

    By M. Wilber on 02.06.2011

  18. CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK! that movie with adam sandler! it’s actually kinda sad, i defiantly cried like a baby. xbox, zombies! scary! my boy friend just snored.ja;ksdjf;a fja;skdfja;dfkja;sdkfja;sdkfja;sdkfja;dfkja;dkfja;skdjfa;ksdjf;akdsjf;akdsjfa;kdsjfa;ksdjfl

    By blah on 02.06.2011

  19. controller, reminds me of playing nintendo when I was a child. Pass me the controller we’d say as we would try to beat mario world. now i don’t know what it means.

    By Ryanne URL on 02.06.2011

  20. The dominance in him, it made me quiver. His gaze, his movements, his controlled expressions, they made him perfect.
    And he was beautiful. He smiled and lightened up the room, he laughed and got everyones attention.
    He was everything I ever longed for.

    By piitou URL on 02.06.2011

  21. I threw the controller across the room in frustration. I once again failed to complete the level within the time limit. Video games ruin my life.

    By dawn on 02.06.2011

  22. Remote control. Control. What is control? Control is the desire to have power over someone — humans crave power, crave control because it gives them that sense of security. Having control, power, over something gives you security. Security is it in the end, it always comes down to security.

    By Suzanne on 02.06.2011

  23. Takes me back to when i was a small girl. Playing video games with my uncle until whenever. I always waited for him to come home from work so he would set it up for me. Those were the best times.

    By Soukayna Houdroge on 02.06.2011

  24. When I was sixteen I was in a terrible relationship. I went out with this boy that wanted to be with me every second of every day. If I wore something he didn’t quite like or said hello to another guy he would get very jealous. Once he even got mad that I ditched him to go to my brother graduation, I guess you could say he was a controller.

    By Laur on 02.06.2011

  25. A device used to control or operate a particular thing or object.

    By Erika Suetos on 02.06.2011

  26. Most men think that in this world of women libration they’re not in controll. But they’re really is and that the women love them for that with them.

    By Darnell Reid on 02.06.2011

  27. my videogame controller is a nice guy. he does everything i say. with him it’s easier to play video games. you don’t have to do anything. he does everything for me.

    By Simom on 02.06.2011

  28. a man. a guy. a thinking being taking another thinking being and using it for its advantages, claiming it cares, but just going for it’s own benefits. An ass. A jerk. Men like playing video games because they use controllers. THEY ARE CONTROLLERS.

    By Megan Assalone on 02.06.2011

  29. hhh

    By Clair URL on 02.06.2011

  30. The controller. That guy behind the monitor that checks all of us and makes sure that everything is fine. He knows our secrets but doesn’t tell anyone… He has such a power… I hate that guy…

    By Kernoll URL on 02.06.2011

  31. Someone who makes you do everything they want you to do. Absolutely a buzz kill, its someone you don’t want around but you probably will keep around. A controller, will some how without you realizing end up controlling your life, your best bet is to get away as fast as possible. Sometimes you may unconsciously become attached or friends with this controller… it is a mistake and you need to get that in your head. Once a controller, always a controller. Live your life and and enjoy it you should be the ONLY controller in your life. Control what you eat, do, how long you sleep, everything about your life.. just LIVE.

    By kg482806 on 02.06.2011

  32. the word troll just reaches out and yet behind control is fear, and behind fear is the small child whose life was bruised too young.

    By Ange on 02.06.2011

  33. The controller is me. SOmetimes, I control my life too much. I try to plan out as much as I can, when I should let life happen. Life seems to be more fun for those who are not controllers. They are liked more. But it also seems like good things happen to them out of nowhere. I’m afraid that if I don’t control my life, nothing good will happen to me.

    By Nadia Aquino on 02.06.2011

  34. There are many kinds of controllers. Game console controllers, controlling people, controlling senses. Im a controlling person. I like to be in charge. Very stubborn, like both of my parents and their parents as well. I have experience in all kinds of controlling.

    By Carly Smith on 02.06.2011

  35. sometimes i feel like i’m the controller as the Ultimate Self, but hard to think so when things go wrong. cool to have no ego focus and let things unfold nonlinearly – easy when things going your way and you’re in a groove.

    By jonas URL on 02.06.2011

  36. I used to be a controller but i don’t know what happened to that. It used to be fun, I was being myself and I wasnt too power crazed or anything. I lost a lot of that side, and i wonder why. Either way, im getting it back. It’s nice being heard.

    By mihaela URL on 02.06.2011

  37. I couldn’t find the controller anywhere in the house. That’s when it all started. I started loosing all sort of things : my keys, my makeup bag, my nose spray. Then found it in variuos other places.

    By Miau URL on 02.06.2011

  38. We always fought over that controller. There were three of us and only two controllers. We fought, we played, we laughed, we cried. And after everything, we stayed together. The controllers may have gotten dusty but we still fight. We still are with each other. We still care. That’s just how blood relations work I guess.

    By Neha URL on 02.06.2011

  39. she watches as he stares at her with a sick smile. she can do nothing. can’ run. can’t hide. just watch. she knows that every single one of her movements, every single thought, is determined by how he is feeling. she is helpless to change things. he controls her.

    By evie on 02.06.2011

  40. I picked up the controller to see what was on the other channel but all the buttons had disappeared. I think the cat has eaten them.

    By Neil on 02.06.2011