February 5th, 2011 | 410 Entries

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410 Entries for “controller”

  1. some people are controllers, they want things their way. This is sometimes necessary but often bad. No one wants to be controlled. Everyone wants freedom.

    By valerie on 02.05.2011

  2. She’s just like her mother, someone who has to control everything, anything. Even the things no longer in her possession. She’s a Controller. One who can’t work without having the perfect order. Rather, perfect in her eyes.

    Its funny, really. She’s sworn to never be like her mother. But here she was.

    By Stephanie Cheng on 02.05.2011

  3. Controllers are going to take over the world. Remote controllers. They don’t even live here. They live on another planet. Far away. But still, they control. They started through the media. They knew that was the best way to get everyone’s attention and fear. Fear is an important tool for controllers.

    By Megs on 02.05.2011

  4. They break when you use them too much. Especially if you game competitively or play mario party.
    I use them too much.
    So much time spent jamming buttons and joysticks on a controller.

    I just don’t want to grow up.

    By October URL on 02.05.2011

  5. It controls the tv and helps you to just be able to control other things in life. It allows you to take control. Controlling is good, but can be bad. Too much control causes problems especially in relationships. Control in a relationship can cause problems because it can mean a lot of difficulties in the relationship. That’s what I believe.

    By Ellaina on 02.05.2011

  6. Its a thing to help people, places and society. They work i airports, they own the skies. We need them, withput them we’re nothing. Popel neeed control I hate that but it’s true. Our controllers fa

    By Sandra on 02.05.2011

  7. the controller of the tv is the one controlled by humans to control the television. MAYAYA. I dont know what to thinka bout controller… SHall we control the controller? He’s a con artist. and A Troll. and a Roller… a roller coaster! Wow. What a guy!. I am not sure I can control myself.

    By Vanessa on 02.05.2011

  8. A small black object, can work the universe. Used by evil masterminds frequently! V. handy! Lots of buttons..

    By Molly Frances on 02.05.2011

  9. The television? Political leaders? Money? There are many controllers in the world. Perhaps you can even consider your own brain, emotions, impulses without explanation to be controllers. What is free will? Is it an endless closed loop of controllers, or merely a comfortable illusion?

    By Eric on 02.05.2011

  10. I was the controller, every moved he made was by my wish. His hands danced along my body, he was under my control. He pleased me like a woman should be pleased.

    By Adriana URL on 02.05.2011

  11. The remote control was too far from my grasp. I could stop it for everyone if I could just reach it. The room is going to kill us–the ambiance, the horror, the fear of when HE will come back. GOSH! It’s like a real-life Saw movie. How did this happen?

    By Soojung URL on 02.05.2011

  12. Controller: TV remotes, people who try to control others for their own personal benefit, alien invasion, space ships, Star Wars.

    By puritylover on 02.05.2011

  13. iwow I can’t believe it, I used to use controllers with video games all the time. Wll, actaually i still do. Yeah i’m sorta a nerd. It’s a pass time I love. Don’t mock me son! Yeah I love this writing and stuf about video games. hhahah

    By Virginia on 02.05.2011

  14. The remote controller had so many buttons, and the girl jusjt didn’t know which to push just to turn the tv on. Instead, when she pushed the play button, it took her into another lifetime. She didn’t know when or where, only that the place was perfect.

    By haley on 02.05.2011

  15. I pick up the remote, cycle through the channels. Nothing satisfies. Always tempted by what I might be missing. And somehow it never occurs to me to just go outside.

    By Taylor URL on 02.05.2011

  16. She held the controller in her hand unsure whether to use it. If she chose to, her whole world would change; in what way she could not know. Was she ready for this? She closed her eyes tightly, not daring to peek as she pointed the controller toward the huge, glowing machine. In an instant it was done; click and silence. Holding her breath, she slowly opened her eyes, the controller dropping noisily at her feet. “Wha…wher…..oh, my God!” Turning slowly as her mind struggled to grasp what was before her.

    By MsDodieK on 02.05.2011

  17. Can be used for many things; I personally think of television, consoles, stereo’s etc. But I suppose you could apply it to trains and leaders and other such things. I am controlling my mind.

    By Peter on 02.05.2011

  18. a controller is someone who is in charge of quality
    or someone who THINKS he is the boss
    or a game joy stick
    or a possessive spouse

    By she53lly URL on 02.05.2011

  19. Wait wait wait! Here, listen. Ok, take this controller. Got it? Now… hold on HOLD ON let me finish. Ok, look, this button here? When I say so you- STOP NO!!! WHEN I SAY SO!!!

    God dammit, Philip. Always you have got to be ruining everything.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 02.05.2011

  20. i was told to not hthink just type but, i am suppose to not think and just type but i think i cant type without thinking so by typing this i had to think therefore breaking the rules

    By lexi232388 URL on 02.05.2011

  21. i used to have a controller. a game controller. now i don’t it was stolen. i have no way to play my game now. i try to press the buttons, but i have none. i have no joystick and i have no cord to connect me to my game. my mind, it should be the controller, but it is not. i am lost. where is my controller and why do i have none. my game is lonely.

    By deedee on 02.05.2011

  22. No thinking, or worrying, or nervousness, or doubt. Nothing is up to you, you are just an object, an extension, of the controller. It tells you where to go, when to be at a certain place, who to speak with and who to avoid, what you are to do, but never why you are there, why you are important, why you must meet certain people, why the things you do are significant. You are just a vehicle in the race of the controller.

    By Genevieve URL on 02.05.2011

  23. He was a Controller. He controlled children from the moment they were born, until they hit puberty, then they would become Junior Controllers. The Controllers trained children to be the most intellegent scholars, and best fighters the world had seen.

    By Aerona on 02.05.2011

  24. A controller does what his instinct wills him to, his controlling instinct, that is. Nothing stands in the way of it, nothing provokes hesitation or compassion. It’s all his game.

    By Tookie Clothespin on 02.05.2011

  25. give me the xbox controller. now. you’re done. be responsible. where is it? i hid it. for your own good. its under the bed. go tell him where it is. or bring it to him. all he does is play that stupid game! so much tension. fraught with violence. real violence or violence on tv? your time is up. do something better with your life.

    By chiara URL on 02.05.2011

  26. The playstation 2 controller in front of me is wrecked. Somebody threw it on the ground after losing in Rugby ’08. I wish it worked because we can no longer change players on screen or sprint. Damn.

    By Paul on 02.05.2011

  27. Grabbing the controller from my hands, he delivered the ultimatum.

    Either you get up and out of this house. Now. Or I’m going out without you. I’m tired of staying here at home, day in, day out.

    I grabbed the controller from his hands and watched him walk out the door.

    By Amimee URL on 02.05.2011

  28. at the head of the train
    his half-smile catches his spine
    pulled up by the string of his joy
    disspointment etched in the lines of his mouth

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 02.05.2011

  29. You just know how to push my buttons, don’t you? Every time you prod me, yelling obscenities and blaming the way I’m wired, I die a little inside. Well, you know what? Maybe one day, I’ll just unplug myself. Faulty connection, bitch.

    By Emily Neie on 02.05.2011

  30. The controller was sitting high on his tower, the storm clouds creeping with the intensity of vinegar across the sky. The controller stood and placed his hands on the edge of the wall, peering down into the abyss of nothing. What was his control you ask?

    By Nate URL on 02.05.2011

  31. “I can never find the damn thing!” He grumbled, sifting through the crevices of the couch. It had to be around here somewhere, but where? Today was simply not his day. He rifled around, sticking his hand here and there, moving a cushion, moving a cat from said cushion, and restoring the seat from disarray.

    By Lola Beckett on 02.05.2011

  32. i just played this word. I want a different word. Controller is boring. All i can think of is a remote! Or a crazy guy who could be controlling. I hate men like that. I would never be controlled. Ever. Some women just aren’t meant to be tamed.

    By Aubrey on 02.05.2011

  33. Someone who has unresolved needs. A person who is the source of irritation and angst. Someone who needs to lighten up.

    By Bart on 02.05.2011

  34. ps2 controller , contol things i duno just conrol i think on control and troll lol hummm and i relized i have alot of speelin mistakes, WOW …. still not 60 sec eh ahh well ps2

    By shihana on 02.05.2011

  35. Please
    I know you can’t control your own feelings
    Please don’t look at me like that
    Please don’t talk to me with those gentle words
    Please don’t fall for me
    Please just let us stay cool
    Please don’t be mad
    Please don’t throw your anger towards me
    Please just stay my best friend
    I love you the most that way
    Please just talk to me about this
    I love you

    By kespi URL on 02.05.2011

  36. The engine pulled out of the yard, steam rising from its funnel like a smokey haze. “We’re off” cried the driver
    “Hooray,” echoed the passengers.
    “About time too said a stern looking man. “No thanks to the Controller. He took his time sorting things out.”

    By Helen URL on 02.05.2011

  37. When I think of controllers, I think of gaming systems, particularly the Nintendo gaming system. The old rectangle ones with 5 buttons. But with those five button you could do so much.

    By lacadia on 02.05.2011

  38. person without the confidence or self esteem.
    not using unconditional love

    or a thing which changes channells on a t.v.

    By Erin on 02.05.2011

  39. dj.
    someone i don’t want to be
    insecure, uses manipulation to control their surrounding. grasps at straws because nothing is for certain
    unhappy,finds happiness in hurting and manipulating others.

    By megan on 02.05.2011

  40. restricted is a; restrait that holds all your dreams. control the passion and you will contrroll your life, im in a life of regrets. can you control my fate without my permission. if the world would only wait for closer. to chose my distiny.

    By sydney shore URL on 02.05.2011