August 12th, 2012 | 261 Entries

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261 Entries for “concept”

  1. i dont know

    By quincy howard on 08.13.2012

  2. i think that whoever made this website had a concept of making it. this person was really creative to make it

    By paul johnson URL on 08.13.2012

  3. is proving difficult to write about. There are several concepts to try and understand but the word itself is proving difficult to define. Misconceptions however are easier to explain and infuriatingly common

    By Organic Nyan on 08.13.2012

  4. Concept……..what is concept?

    By Tyler Phelps on 08.13.2012

  5. to catch on to something important.

    By pashe' on 08.13.2012

  6. The concept of who I am is not to please anybody. It’s to live this world as I see fit. The concept of me surviving is Gods plan for me to strive. My image isn’t to live in someone else image of who I’m suppose to be. My image is to live as god put me on this earth to be. My concept has nothing to do with me being me and you being you.

    By Daijia Greer URL on 08.13.2012

  7. The concept of me being “WHO I AM”. Is the way it feel when you sit and try every concept there is and you sit there and everything goes wrong. I feel life goes by a journey and the obsticles we go threw is like a adventure.

    By Darnell Young URL on 08.13.2012

  8. what a monday word
    so busy with lists, why think about ideas?
    concept is better

    By Tea Monkey URL on 08.13.2012

  9. IT is an idea of something concrete.. It should be developed before executing any thing that is practical.. Generally good concepts make good projects.

    By Payam URL on 08.13.2012

  10. is so conceptual I’d rather like to move through with inspiration and drive through the creative process to build concept into manifestation and let her rip beyond that we drive intuitively to keep the dreams alive and possible.

    By Balance on 08.13.2012

  11. The concept of the “adventure” was to get something out of it. But our whole group got nothing. We won, and the writers went against their word. All their mangled ideas forced into a forest of which we were destined to die, but didn’t.

    By Marie URL on 08.13.2012

  12. What is the concept i need?
    Have i already found it; so close, within my grasp.
    I do not know if i have or so but it does wonder through my mind.
    The beginnings twirling through my mind but the final product remaining a mystery.

    By James on 08.13.2012

  13. “The concept of this whole… play/game/storyline called “life” is that no one ever understands it.

    No one.

    However, there are winners and there are losers.”

    “It sounds quite fickle to me.”

    “Everyone has to participate, dear.”

    By Ollie on 08.13.2012

  14. concept…the base of something.The basic knowledge of any topic that one have on his or her main constitutes the concept .concept is very important so as to learn a new thing.

    By medhavi on 08.13.2012

  15. its tricky
    i dont know what to think…im thinking everything and everybody
    and nothing
    thats so strange but i like it
    its like a chalange but you cant fail i hope i cant
    i t feels like its controlling me.

    By Zoli on 08.13.2012

  16. I feel very comfortable with concepts. They can be changed and formed into something new, like putty. Once something is concrete it cannot be changed…and where is the fun in that?

    By Elise URL on 08.13.2012

  17. It is the main idea. It’s rough like a first draft not finished or polished. It is more general but more specific than an idea.

    By Kat on 08.13.2012

  18. We’ve been struggling with the concept of an open relationship. Well, I have. He’s fine with it.

    By Nonnie Augustine URL on 08.13.2012

  19. A concept is an idea. It is a plan for something. It could be anything. It could be absolutely stupendous and amazing, or simply just the concept for a way to spend one’s time, such as on this website, randomly rambling about the word “concept.” And that is all I have to say on the subject.

    By Donalbain on 08.13.2012

  20. One word cames to me. Think! That’s all: your soul is on it.

    By Alfredo on 08.13.2012

  21. Everything is a concept.
    Why can’t it just be an object–table tree run eat sleep dream
    but in our complex life it must be part of a larger concept
    like reality TV–who knew where that would go–blurring the boundaries
    between life and fake life.

    By Robin on 08.13.2012

  22. The concept of colors keeps me returning to contemporary art galleries to experience new ways of seeing the world. I am fascinated by the use of colors in modern art. I return to impressionist paintings to compare and contrast and wonder about the softness verses the hmmm….. brashness – not really hardness of the color pallets found in many contemporary paintings.

    By Katherine on 08.13.2012

  23. What concept should I even write about? If you think about it, concept is a very vague word. You could interpret it to anything. Hopscotch is a concept, but so is world peace. You tell me what kind of concept I should be writing about.

    By Rachel on 08.13.2012

  24. the very base and foundation of any thing in this world is concept . it makes u and it can break you …. true meaning of everything lies in this word concept… from the begining till the end the true essence lies in the concept .. it’s like a link between the person and what he is trying to understand .. to master any task one has to know the concept which is the very essence of it .. moreover its the building block, the backbone of all the tasks one wants to master.. even in the building of great leaders the very step towards acheiving the goal of leadership lies in conceptualisation.

    By sujata URL on 08.13.2012

  25. to understand something simple or
    to have diferent thinking of life
    having to go through diferent situations

    By marjorie on 08.13.2012

  26. A concept you were, so perfectly woven together with best case scenarios and hypnotic charm; your eyes so bright that I could barely stand to look at them. You are only as real to me as the thoughts drifting through my mind like fall leaves in autumn. You are fire tearing through a forest, you are the worm at the bottom of the Tequila bottle, you are a raspberry on my tongue, you are the water dripping down my thighs. You are, you are, you are everything.

    By Lorel URL on 08.13.2012

  27. asdfasdfhhhhhhh

    By WC on 08.13.2012

  28. It starts off as small as a mite of dust and grows into a child. If you’re lucky, it reaches adulthood.

    By Soft URL on 08.13.2012

  29. Concrete concepts concede the construct.

    By Marianne URL on 08.13.2012

  30. My brother dosen’t get the concept of chewing with your mouth closed, he just
    Chomps away at his food.

    By Zachary Williams on 08.13.2012

  31. I’m not ready for this new idea. Why doesn’t everyone just go with the same concept? So what if the last project looks like the next project? at least we know what we’re doing, instead of treading in the same pool of ignorance every morning. This manager is the worst

    By Starworks on 08.13.2012

  32. My concept of life is as simple as take it easy. I don’t do too much planning. I let it flow.

    By Ade Putri URL on 08.13.2012

  33. A concept is a remarkable idea which can change and inspire lives. Concepts are unique and interesting, they are also universal. Everyone should think of concepts and deplore them in everyday life. Please do not ever stop conceiving of ideas.

    By Ksusha on 08.13.2012

  34. I really hate concepts. they should be IDEAS. I mean it’s like an idea, but with less in it. just go make a full blown idea, then fulfill that idea. complete it. because i mean why not? its not like you have anything better to do.

    By Ethan on 08.13.2012

  35. Concept is the heart of mankind. We use a concept to explain the abstractness of our thoughts. With the bulk of information around, we use concepts to explain difficult situations.

    By Phebe on 08.13.2012

  36. when i say concept , i mean something that you can guess about the meaning the word responsible for.

    By ferizad on 08.13.2012

  37. I think of a concept for an escape plan, Just one thing i could use to get out of this hell hole…. I hear my dad creeping up the stairs…. Oh no! I’m to late to escape, i guess i have one more day to wait.

    By Seren on 08.13.2012

  38. He didn’t grasp the concept that she loved him.
    She said it over and over again, but she could see the words visibly deflected, like the light reflecting off of his eyeglasses on this sunny day.
    “I’m sorry. I should not have said that,” she muttered hopelessly as he walked away without a hint of the problem at hand.

    By annie URL on 08.13.2012

  39. The blonde studied me for a few short torturous seconds. Then, he motioned to a chair before the mahogany desk that he sat behind. “It’s good to see you, Mia. Please, sit.”
    Acting as nonchalant as possible, I ease into the leather chair and smile. “Hello, Sean.”
    The blond man smiles, his blue eyes twinkling. “Come on, Mi. You’re supposed to call me Jason, no one else can hear us in here.”
    The name rang familiar, but all my memories were still safely tucked away in my brain so not even I could find them. “Alright, Jason. How long has it been?”
    “Four months,” he says with a shrug and a frown. His eyes turn strangely hungry. “How’s Katie?”
    “Fine,” I say, thinking of Kate who was now either dead or in interrogation. And for reasons I don’t know, I say, “She misses you.”
    Briefly, the smile returns. “Well, I’ve been needing to ask you something about the Central. I’ve heard that they have created something for all rebels. A way to make them forget everything that they once knew about the Central. This concept isn’t quite accurate yet, their first experience totally erased all of the woman’s memory. Do you happen to know who this woman is? I would like to see if she really remembers anything at all.”
    My eyes grow wide. “It’s…it’s uh.” I take in a shaky breath. “I’m the guinea-pig, Jason. And I don’t remember anything at all.”

    By KenzieB19 URL on 08.13.2012

  40. I was into art in highschool, so I would do these big paintings of horror film characters or old rockstars. The concept art for it would end up taking longer than the actual painting. Seems I should’ve been taking time management classes instead.

    By Casey the male on 08.13.2012