October 22nd, 2011 | 302 Entries

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302 Entries for “comfort”

  1. Here I sit, in the comfort of my own home, wondering why there are so many unfortunate children that have never had a chance to sleep with a roof over their head. It just doesn’t seem right…why the imbalance?

    By johken URL on 10.22.2011

  2. The couch. The comfy and squishy couch that had leather as soft as butter. The place where family came together to watch a movie or friends piled on to eat pizza and scare themselves silly with a horror movie. The place that held many epic sleepovers and many family gatherings. The couch

    By renita on 10.22.2011

  3. I thought I’d never do it again, yet here I am, seeking comfort in another’s embrace, trusting enough to let down my guard for a blissful moment or two. There’s nothing sweeter… until they stab you in the back and then you’re dead. There’s no one one should trust on this godforsaken planet.

    By Lucie URL on 10.22.2011

  4. comfort food
    like tea and chocolate
    oh god i love tea
    and i’d love to try that japanese recipe
    the one with the rice with green tea and leftowers
    teir comfort food sounds lovely <3
    lol i read too many mangas XD

    By ren URL on 10.22.2011

  5. i feel so alone and just need a hand to pull me out of the darkness and just hold me. make me feel its going to be alright and just say i love you. God you were there to make it okay just didnt realize you were there all along.

    By Tatiana on 10.22.2011

  6. very pleasant, I like it, enjoy it, peace, love it, not an easy thing, not always, in some places, maybe a good thing,

    By Michelle on 10.22.2011

  7. a weighted blanket. a steaming bowl of soup. my teddy bear. a hammock under a canopy of autumnal trees. a big hooded sweatshirt. a warm embrace. ahhh

    By lily on 10.22.2011

  8. warmth, family, satisfaction, chocolate cake or brownies, a job well done, inside on a rainy day, when your car has new tires – what makes me feel good!

    By bearface on 10.22.2011

  9. a word
    7 leters
    a feeling
    an action made by other people when you are upset
    an action made by some teachers when you are rich
    something that makes you feel good

    By Angela on 10.22.2011

  10. reading harry potter, hanging out with my friends, rainy days curled up by the window with a good book, family time, laughter, the stage, theatre, audience applause, love from my family.

    By Ashley Jaron URL on 10.22.2011

  11. i wrote about it 5 times before

    By Angela Katona URL on 10.22.2011

  12. Comfort,
    What is comfort?
    Comfort is being comfy and having fun
    Being safe and friendly.
    Lying down in your partners lap,
    Kissing them on the lip
    Comfort is very comfoting

    By Baiey on 10.22.2011

  13. It is comforting to know he, my lord Jesus Christ, is there. He will always be there for his friends. I love him!

    By Muddypawprints on 10.22.2011

  14. all it takes is your touch. and like a subtle ray of sunshine, glowing in the afternoon, i am warm.

    By Taylor K URL on 10.22.2011

  15. comfort is for the weak, comfort is for losers, she said and tried to prove herself right. I cannot receive comfort if I want to be strong if I want to make a revolution happen. and with these words she turned me down and left me in darkness.

    By max on 10.22.2011

  16. Ah. When I think of the season, fall, I think of comfort. It feels so good to wake up at 11:30 to a bright, clear, windy, fall day. It’s so comforting to watch the leaves fall from trees while you have a warm Starbucks drink in your hands. There is nothing better.

    By Daniel URL on 10.22.2011

  17. all it takes is a touch. and like a subtle ray of sunshine, glowing in the afternoon, i am warm.

    By Taylor K URL on 10.22.2011

  18. Comfort. I find comfort in many, many things. I find comfort in cold weather. I find comfort playing piano. I find comfort in my bed. I find comfort singing my heart out. I need this comfort. Without it, how would I feel?

    By Daniel URL on 10.22.2011

  19. I snuggled up against her warm, soft belly. I had absolutely nothing going for me in life, but Dina the Dragon was full of unconditional love, full of hope, full of home. A place I finally belonged in, there, against her full, pulsing, beautiful, gorgeous gut.

    By Eowyn on 10.22.2011

  20. It hurt me to find out that you were into her, even more more to find out momemts later you two were dating. But if anyone else was going to have you, I’m glad it’s her. She’ll treat you as you deserve to be treated. I know I wouldn’t; I’m too selfish. My only comfort is knowing she is better for you than I am, but at the same time that’s what pains me the most.

    By Haley URL on 10.22.2011

  21. ever since i was a little girl i found comfort in my little stuffed doll. she was tiny, with a square fixture and pink and white clothing. she had dimples, freckles, pretty blue eyes and a tiny, yellow string pony tail. if only i knew how many tears had spilled onto her through out the years. ever thing thats ever gone wrong from being one years old, to twelve i have told her. now i find my tears spilling on to my cell phone as i discuss my dilema’s with my friends. i feel bad that the doll now just sits amist the rest of my collectables.

    By Emmy URL on 10.22.2011

  22. Comfort, ahh, comfort. 72 degrees. Ultimately, comfort is the ultimate aphrodisiac since we seem to work our tails off to achieve it. The Ride, the House, the air, humidity. IT all kind of points to comfort doesn’t it?

    By david URL on 10.22.2011

  23. can be broken, shattered so simply. Making someone comfortable is the most uncomforting thing you can do for them. Let them be awkward, nervous, uncomfortable. Let them learn how to be. And maybe sometimes they shouldn’t be comfortable.
    at all.

    By sky URL on 10.22.2011

  24. You make me feel like hot weather. warm air spreads and im whole again. Please do it again. I just wanna feel it again. There is nothing better. Even if I tried to find it.

    By Chanel URL on 10.22.2011

  25. the comfort of a friend.

    By Nicole URL on 10.22.2011

  26. comfort is found in many different ways, and every single person finds comfort through different things. Comfort can be found through other, through food, through objects. Many people are comforted by music or reading or just relaxing with a bubble bath!!

    By Madison Zayak URL on 10.22.2011

  27. This chair used to be comfortable, I thought. Now it seems like in the time I first thought of it up until now something has changed, as if only the chair is in flux. I tried to pull my butt up but the chair is just as hard and weird as it was before.

    By Kel on 10.22.2011

  28. I love laying in bed on cold days. I always have about 3 blankets on my bed and I’m just so warm. I love sticking my head out from underneath the covers, that amazing feeling you get when the cold hits your face, but the warmth under your blankets pushes it away. That’s comfort to me. Those precious moments.

    By Marie URL on 10.22.2011

  29. I moved around in the chair. These damn chains are cutting up my wrist. I looked around the dank room, hoping that their was some means of escape. Their wasn’t. I was left with my own mind and hands.

    By Emily W. on 10.22.2011

  30. the comfort of knowing you’re with me is all I need. I need you here right now. It is just not acceptable that you are half way across the country. And I know it’s not your fault that we’re so far apart, but I need you to be here…. now.

    By Emily T. on 10.22.2011

  31. There was this something about him, something that made him feel at ease no matter how bad his day had been. He knew to soothe without words, without actions, just his mere presence.

    By Nogalina on 10.22.2011

  32. you look to me
    as if
    to seek
    but that’s far from what
    you’ll find
    comfort is not what you deserve.
    at all.
    i want to see you writhe around
    in that awkwardness of yours.
    for you to
    how it feels
    and that’s when you’ll look at me
    and see
    in my eyes.

    By Iffath URL on 10.22.2011

  33. It’s the comfort in the sunshine, the way it warms your skin, that makes you think twice. Once the dawn has broken, there is a softness that envelopes your heart. You think maybe you aren’t as brittle as you believed, maybe you aren’t as damaged. Maybe this day is going to be different, clean, new. Maybe this time, you will be everything hidden inside.

    By cmsiena URL on 10.22.2011

  34. The scarf lay across his shoulder
    It seemed to warp his back
    Soothe his throat to a whisper
    He ordered gin and tonic
    the ice screaming like beatle fans

    By gsk URL on 10.22.2011

  35. emotional and physical contented ease; safe recluse

    By Mortoni URL on 10.22.2011

  36. It was snowing hard when I fell into the hole. I was wearing my new, super high tech Snowmate 3000 that I had been given for my birthday. I thanked my lucky stars as I huddled down, feeling smug and warm whlst all around me was bleak.

    By Charlie Barrow URL on 10.22.2011

  37. It’s kinda how lily screams for all of us, usually in order of who she wants the most. Just screams until someone makes it all better. Nothing is wrong, but it feels wrong. And her screaming feels wrong to us, so we run and comfort her, to comfort us. Kinda making things better for both.

    By Sam on 10.22.2011

  38. comfortable things are familiar. familiar people, places, foods. comfort is a warm feeling in your chest, a contentment that spreads throughout your body.

    By goohd on 10.22.2011

  39. the warmth of His hands as they wrap a blanket around me, filling my innermost soul with love and hope and wish. the feeling of hot cocoa on a winter day as you watch the snow twinkle outside like a million fairies.

    By Samantha on 10.22.2011

  40. The feeling that I never seem to have had, the feeling I wish to get if by potluck comes the day when He wraps his arms around me like a warm blanket, and I feel like I never want to let go. But He will never be mine, no, because She, She is the one who takes that slot.

    By Sam URL on 10.22.2011