August 20th, 2012 | 295 Entries

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295 Entries for “comfort”

  1. I like comfort. It is all I need in life. Comfort means me feeling good about myself. about who I am and who I want to be. I wish sometimes one could train to feel comfort, it is something everyone needs to be able to breath, sit down, lean back.

    By RebeccaR URL on 08.21.2012

  2. She sought comfort in the cold windowpane on her face. Her tears felt cold, pressed between her skin and the glass, and the coolness soothed her burning, bruised cheek. Distinctly, she heard him sobbing in the next room.

    By Fia on 08.21.2012

  3. Comfort is something most people can’t afford. Most of the time I just beleive that most people who live in total comfort are snobs.

    By Orion URL on 08.21.2012

  4. I can say that I feel comfort when Enjoy what I do.For me Comfort is a relative thing wich depend on person.more psychologique feeling than physical.

    By Abdelkarim URL on 08.21.2012

  5. i feel really comfortable here on this planet. how would it be to be out in space, what is the amount of comfort i will feel tiny in between God’s hands..the universe as vast as it is. It is a scary place out there, out of our comfort zones. i thank god for islam and the comfort zone it has given me.

    By Skeptical on 08.21.2012

  6. comfort for me is something i’ll describe as relaxing and fun, reading a good book or even breaking the silence with a friend but nothing can really push your buttons than a good movie in a theater. A big house, with people to cater to your needs and even a women to satisfy your physical needs.

    By Asad Kamran on 08.21.2012

  7. Keep me warm when I fall. My skin will wrinkle and crack and crumble. I’ll be something new. Keep me warm when I fall. I’m only small, most days. I need a big hand to hold. Please tell me everything you have to say


    Keep me warm when I fall.

    By genahtastic URL on 08.21.2012

  8. comfort for me is pleasure and happiness. i am in comfort when people around me behave in a favourable manner. comfort is the fun to do things

    By vijeata balani on 08.21.2012

  9. Comfort is the best. You can find it anywhere, in anything, in anyone. It’s peace, warmth, happiness, and the feeling that nothing is better than what you have right now.

    By Jillian on 08.21.2012

  10. being in bed alone and lying stretched out, or with someone with their arm around you and being in their ‘nook’. being comfortable with people your freinds knowing you and knowing how you tick and can guess your mood by the tone of your voice…and onesies they are comfort

    By ashleigh on 08.21.2012

  11. The bed around him was soft, it made for a great funeral. Alex saw the family and friends that had come to comfort him at the end. The soft comforter cushioned itself on-top of him. But a greater feeling, the best feeling in fact, was knowing that soon, he would be home and this world would be gone.

    By Graysen Stille on 08.21.2012

  12. comfort is leaning against someone that you really care about somone you can trust. Comfort can also be being sure of youself, be confident and stand up for your opinions. Then you’ll be comfortable with youself.

    By Moa on 08.21.2012

  13. When I am sad there are many things that comfort me. When I think about God and heaven and eternity than I am not as sad. When I think about the fact that God has everything in control, it brings me comfort. He loves me with a perfect love.

    By Suzy on 08.21.2012

  14. The tea had been freshly made, which contained a mix of spices and honey. Steeped for the right amount of time, the tiniest amount of milk was added for the perfect cup. All that needed to be done was to consume the beverage while curling up beside the fire place with a good book. It was going to be a perfect winter evening.

    By hearapianofall URL on 08.21.2012

  15. i am so comfortable on my easy chair. watching my dad do chores and listening to my mom make her phone calls. i’m being so lazy. sitting on this comfortable chair and playing on my computer. i’m glad i’m on the vball team.


    By Janaye on 08.21.2012

  16. The ability to be in the luxury of conscious freedom of choice.

    By Wellsy URL on 08.21.2012

  17. Comfort foods. They are the best, when you feel ill, when you feel down, when you feel cold.

    By susan URL on 08.21.2012

  18. comfort is required for everynoe it is the main aim of everyones life

    By karnesh on 08.21.2012

  19. when i feel very sad and depressed ,i bring out my golden daffodils which comfort me every hour and day.
    The host of golden daffodils is so pleasant to me,anytime i remember the sorrows and un
    pleasantries which vacillates my mind to an outburst.

    By stacy ifeoma URL on 08.21.2012

  20. My mother holds me in her arms, gently caressing my hair. I lean into her embrace, taking comfort in her presence. She is, after all, my mother, and I love her very much. I have no idea what I would do without her in my life. She is my inspiration, the one I aspire to be like.

    By Emily Cochran on 08.21.2012

  21. Comfort is relative to what you believe is comfortable. I believe in comfort to be a piece of heaven sliced up into a dozen scat-holds. My heaven would be by a fire on a cold breezy evening with a book, my heart in my hands, my hair brushing across my face in casting spirals as the open window blows dusts of sand and leaves into the room. My heaven is the taste of chocolate on my tongue and the knowledge that everything is okay and where I am is the best place to be. Comfort is relative, I guess. It isn’t a universal concept. But it is what I hope to achieve.

    By Fajar on 08.21.2012

  22. comfort is the one thiong is driving todays people madly today. The comfort at times is also a status symbol. People strive for comfort because they feel jealous when find people doing lesser work gaining more than them.

    By rsingh on 08.21.2012

  23. Its a thought that makes you feel in the correct place. It is a feeling, not a physical but an emotional feeling. It is sought after in journeys, friends, parents, family and others who care about us

    By Mihir S. Kothari URL on 08.21.2012

  24. Comfort? This situation is so uncomfortable even though it looks like it’s cushy, all gold and brown and ornate. This isn’t mine; I didn’t earn it. It’s a gilded sort of cage. And, strangely, it’s the cage part that makes it comfortable – because cages keep things out as well as in…

    By Ra on 08.21.2012

  25. been easy, feeling convenient hv ease to relax..

    By aditi sharma on 08.21.2012

  26. i am comfortable with myself; i am comfortable with who I am & who I am becoming.
    the most comforting things for me are coffee & cuddling with special someone’s; curling up by the fire place in the winter with a good book; being inspired by fashion magazines on hot summer days next to the pool with sweet friends.=)

    By Layne URL on 08.21.2012

  27. You arms are the most comforting things I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. The way you hold me…well its stereotypically like the fuzziest, warmest blanket imaginable. I could really just die in your arms, I’m so happy there. Too bad you love someone else and could never think of me as anything more than a friend.

    By Kayci URL on 08.21.2012

  28. I hate comfort. When you are comfy you stop striving for someting better nd this keyvoard is crap. ok that is it.

    By Internet Par Real Name URL on 08.21.2012

  29. “You’ll find comfort in His arms,” the priest said.

    The little girl kept crying and hugged her teddy bear soaked in blood tighter.

    “You can cry,” the priest continued.

    The little girl wailed and all she wanted to do was to stop the pain.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.21.2012

  30. She wrapped her blanket around herself. It was new, and he bought it that night before he left, and told her he wanted to keep her warm. She hated it, it smelled like mothballs and was nothing compared to the feel of his arms.

    But she needed something to stall her while she finished sewing the pieces of his arms back together.

    If she couldn’t have his arms around her, nobody could.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 08.21.2012

  31. I bundled up into the blankets and quilts. It was pure comfort. I sighed, and lay down to go to sleep. Aahhh, comfort.

    By Jess URL on 08.21.2012

  32. My lover holds me tight in his embrace, and tells me that he will never leave me. We kiss passionately and he holds me close. Without his love I don’t know what I would do. He whispers in my ear that we’ll be together forever. I lean closer and breathe in his scent, the smell of home.

    By Emily Cochran URL on 08.21.2012

  33. My brother has comfort in jail, he’s there so often that it’s like a second home to him.
    Actualy, it’s his only home.

    By Zachary Williams on 08.21.2012

  34. I find the routine of writing for a minute everyday comforting, although sometimes the posts are so incoherent I don’t hit enter. Although I think of myself as someone who can easily adapt to anything that happens, I am surprisingly comforted by routines.

    By Jane URL on 08.21.2012

  35. I’d give up the comfort of having a balanced check book for the exhilarating thought of being in the same room as my idol. Who needs to eat anyway? Was it not Oscar Wilde who preached we make the necessities into luxuries and the luxuries into necessities? And he did quite well for himself… for a gay man… in his time…

    By Ruben URL on 08.21.2012

  36. mom quilts chocolate warmth sunshine hugs sweaters boyfriend child dog aspirin god blessings friends laughter

    By TinaWright on 08.21.2012

  37. comfort is his hands around me
    comfort is my mum’s food
    comfort is being beneath the blankets of my bed

    By rau URL on 08.21.2012

  38. One thing people crave for. One thing people invest all their time and effort on. One thing for which people study, work and execute plans.

    By Laughing out loud URL on 08.21.2012

  39. This word just gives me comfort- haha it is comfort well i love comfort see I feel this sighing nice deep in my heart that I am okay feeling. When there is no worrying and nervousness and crying and frustration and out of placeness there is comfort my friend :D my family gives me comfort just like my friends do to.

    By Sabrina on 08.21.2012

  40. i feel this when im with you. its probably one of the most amazing feelings in the world. i cannot even imagine a life without it. but you, you give it to me. i have never felt more comfortable until i met you. until im with you. whenever i am with you. all day any day

    By Danielle on 08.21.2012