November 3rd, 2011 | 442 Entries

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442 Entries for “combination”

  1. A combination of hard-work and intelligent make Ali a rich person in just five year…

    By Jimmy URL on 11.04.2011

  2. There was a combination of confusion, shock, and furiousness. Being lied to, just feels like a stab in the back. I thought i could trust them. But apparently they can’t keep their mouth shut long enough to be a decent human being…

    By Hannah URL on 11.04.2011

  3. you are a combination of the most beautiful things in the world.
    the way seas rush to shores and back again
    the pull of the moon
    and actions versus thoughts.

    By thegreatperhaps9 on 11.04.2011

  4. Take two completely different things, intertwine them until you can’t see the boundaries, and there you have it. A combination. Sixty seconds isn’t enough to write about this word. Everything in this world is a combination of something. Me? I’m a combination of insanity and sanity. Times up!

    By Sacrifice911 on 11.04.2011

  5. you are a combination of the most beautiful things in the world-
    the way seas rush to shores and back again,
    the pull of the moon,
    and actions versus thoughts.

    By thegreatperhaps URL on 11.04.2011

  6. combination

    By Ankit on 11.04.2011

  7. A bright mixture of two or more things that compile into a masterpiece

    By T. Fong URL on 11.04.2011

  8. combain? urmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, two thing that make 1? urrrrrrrmmmmmmmmm lol? derp…………………………………………………………………………………………….10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

    By gio URL on 11.04.2011

  9. It is always a combination. There is never one cause for anything. Illness? Blame it on a bacteria–perhaps–but there is always the problem of the immune system, which should reject the bacteria. And genetic problems or not problems but just genes.

    By elizabeth b URL on 11.04.2011

  10. A combination of two things can cause synergy, which is an amazing thing. When you mix flour and water, you get glue. But add a little sugar and all of a sudden it’s a cake! Putting together multiple ideas is one of the best ways to create something even better. It is through this cooperation that we are able to grow as a race.

    By virziinvasion URL on 11.04.2011

  11. kjiokjhkjhkhkh

    By Claire Torres on 11.04.2011

  12. Things grow and develop in combination. Thinking in combination allows for greater insights and alternative perspectives. There is beauty in discovering new relationships.

    By Ed URL on 11.04.2011

  13. together forever that’s you and me
    our loves a drug combined
    greater than the strongest ecstacy

    you take me higher than any rocket
    now that I hold you, mine all mine
    never want to take you from my pocket

    the combination of you and I
    is better than any mixture of the past
    as long as there is you i’ll live or die
    I say this because I know what we have will last.

    By Kyley Polston on 11.04.2011

  14. he asked, ‘what are you having?’
    ‘i’ll take the combination fried rice, please.’
    and he was gone to turn in my order.
    the resturant wasn’t crowded today.

    By Michaels on 11.04.2011

  15. There has to be a perfect combination of what I want and what I need. You are neither what I want or what I need. You are also not the perfect combination. I like you, but I don’t think your the one.

    By Marina URL on 11.04.2011

  16. I wish i know how to make the perfect mix. the right ingredients, how much of each should be in there. It always seems like I have too much of one thing, and not enough of another. And then sometimes I’m working with the wrong stuff. It’s all usually fucked up.

    By Soft URL on 11.04.2011

  17. The fucking combination, i forgot the fucking combination. The plan was so good. I knew every single step. But than in the end. I just forgot the importants part. Damn

    By Samson Schneiderman URL on 11.04.2011

  18. Combination reminds me of two seperate things coming together and contributing each factors from their side to create something new.

    By Amy on 11.04.2011

  19. I have a combination number for my locker. My locker opens the world to giraffes. They eat and dance around in Africa like amazing creatures.

    By Giraffe URL on 11.04.2011

  20. combination is the probability btwn 2 ppl .in which they leave their single identity to mingle and prosper.combination is a positive addition…of qualities .and subtracti0on of margin of errors.

    By avs on 11.04.2011

  21. I have a combination lock on my locker in P.E!!!!!!

    By Taylor6699lilbug URL on 11.04.2011

  22. I have multiple combination lockers. I would like to rember the combination to one of my lockers……

    By Twerewolf URL on 11.04.2011

  23. a combination is something that is put together with something else. a combination is something that in which 2 makes 1.

    By Laurez Hernandez URL on 11.04.2011

  24. my friend has a locker with a combination.

    By pinkeydinkeydoodlesticks URL on 11.04.2011

  25. The combination of apple juice and orange juice tastes nasty. I have a locker that comes with a locker combination.The combination of sertain foods and spices can make a wonderfully good dinner.

    By bowman URL on 11.04.2011

  26. We are prospecting on private lands. Lands occupied by grazing cattle herds and broodmares out to pasture. I have no notion why the gates are not all texas style, but the ones that are not slow us down. We are forced to get out of our vehicle and dial the combination to get through.

    By Veronique URL on 11.04.2011

  27. the smoothie was a combination of fruit and berries.

    By Celliana URL on 11.04.2011

  28. a combination is a code like a locker combination

    By Amazing Antonio URL on 11.04.2011

  29. When I have a smoothie I have a combination of different fruits. Also there is a combination of 8th graders and 7th graders in some classes like pe and math.

    By bean! URL on 11.04.2011

  30. i am a combination we can all be combinations if we want to . computers are combinations of technology, brains, and advanced memory. we have a combination of 6th 7th and 8th graders and adult teachers and staff at this school.

    By mccrazy URL on 11.04.2011

  31. AGAIN! I can’t believe I’m a senior and I still can’t get this stupid locker open. You know, I think there are locker elves. Yeah. And they change your combination whenever they like. It’s really horrible. They cause some serious embarrassment and really, what do they want with my math book?

    By Kelly T on 11.04.2011

  32. One needs to have a combination of only a few things to be happy. Love, friendship, family. This is the combination for success. A recipe of Happiness.

    By Ashley on 11.04.2011

  33. I slowly hacked into the combination lock. I knew I had to get out fast and they were already after me.

    By awesomeninja333 URL on 11.04.2011

  34. one or multiple things put together in differet arangments

    By 24cool URL on 11.04.2011

  35. a combination is when you combine 2 or more things.

    By lil-gaylord URL on 11.04.2011

  36. combination of love and laughter make life go on. life is not as sweet without love and laughter. without the combination of both no one can live a happy life or get anything they may be searching for out of life. my life day to day gets better when i combine love and laughter. i cannot live without this combination.

    By Emma Cate on 11.04.2011

  37. combination can be code of letters and numbers or a combination of two or more objects

    By anton URL on 11.04.2011

  38. There is a combination of two.
    Yes that’s me and you.
    We’re with each other tell death.
    No matter what you will always take my breath.
    Through snow and rain.
    Sun and moon.
    I hope we can be together someday soon.

    By cupcakebunnyeater URL on 11.04.2011

  39. It was a combination of both. Good and Evil. You can’t really have one without the other and still hope for true excitement. They work so well together and you really need to appreciate the teamwork. When a person is genuinely good it doesn’t really say much about him when he stand solo, but when standing next to the devil himself – Well, now we’re talking. That’s the story of good and evil, the most powerful combination……What was that about a President and Vice President being the same person?

    By AndrewBryan URL on 11.04.2011

  40. A combination is like two different colors together, like blue and yellow make green. Green is the combination of blue and yellow. Or you could combine ingredients to make something. Like on Tuesday, we combined butter, vanilla, cinnamon, and milk to make butterbeer. The butterbeer was the combination of those ingredients.

    By Damaris URL on 11.04.2011