November 4th, 2011 | 392 Entries

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392 Entries for “downpour”

  1. Rain. It’s funny how one little change in the weather can change your whole mood. Suddenly, as the sky turns grey, a downpour of emotions floods your brain.

    By Devon URL on 11.05.2011

  2. I stood in the midst of a downpour. It came crushing down upon my skin, bouncing off, but leaving me drenched from head to toe. This feeling used to excite me, and I would spin in circles with my hands in the sky. But now, now it just felt as if the world were crashing down upon me. I didn’t know what to do anymore. I used to be so confident. Now I’m slowly breaking apart, each day another piece breaks…all I need is someone to bring me an umbrella and tell me where I’m going. Only then can I escape this downpour.

    By foost URL on 11.05.2011

  3. It’s His holy fire on me….in the midst of pulsating beats and frenzied dancing. Do they know what they’re missing? Their young hearts are numb; drowning in a sea of loathing, neon paint and feathers.

    By Arky URL on 11.05.2011

  4. it was wet. the water. Naturally. yet how wet it was still surprised me despite from learning at a very early age that water has a tendency to be wet. The umbrella kept the top half of my body dry but from the waist down it was useless

    By j on 11.05.2011

  5. water rain feelings wterfall a lot of city and hot water tea cool fresh freezing life happiness mohamed mo firo emad kandil happy invigorating life salma
    haihuieahnjkfasdaj uryiwreoij blue green white fresh mint coolness lifeness
    in love
    im in love again
    emptiness with love
    filling voids feeling alive and feeling happy and light and fresh

    By lila on 11.05.2011

  6. a blue umbrella tshirt
    drops of silver
    drops of names
    a blue umbrella jacket
    a heavy hood
    a heavy heart
    a heavy fall

    By a URL on 11.05.2011

  7. There was a downpour in the steet. It filled the gutters and drains and pushed the leaves along. I stared out the window of the indoor cafe. It was nice to be inside during the storm’s fall shower.

    By Molly A. URL on 11.05.2011

  8. the downpour that night was astounding. Mary hoped John would come home soon. It was unsafe for him to be out on a night like that, in that tiny boat, tossing and turning. She stood at the window, looking out to sea. The candle beside her fluttered and went out.

    By Laura URL on 11.05.2011

  9. i love the feeling of the rain as it hits my closed eyelids during the storm lulling me to sleep splashing in puddles running as if you can outrun the storm wash clean starting over fresh and new reborn

    By jess on 11.05.2011

  10. Downpour. Rain. Torrents. We get a lot of rain where I’m from. Ha. Downpour. Strong rain. Very strong. Makes it hard to walk in. But it can also be used figuratively. By writers. Write write write.

    By Frank on 11.05.2011

  11. Lost in the city downpour, the cars skidded past the hooded figure without any sort of recognition that this living, breathing person could possibly need the aid of a person in these machines.
    He wasn’t quite sure how he got there, but he knew the rain was soaking through his blazer, and that he wanted to go home

    By Raven on 11.05.2011

  12. Itsa huge thunderstorm. Its downpouring and you have nowhere to go. You want to run to cover but after the tornado theres nowhere to go. You see your friend and they’re lying there motionless and you are scared. You run to them. They’re okay but you still stay with them andyou try to move them to the closet thing to a shelter. The tornado is coming back. Your frantic. You dont know what to do. This has never happened to you before. You hold your friend close to your heart wishing everything its going to be okay. Its not. You and your friend parish in the downpour.

    By Sarah Achord on 11.05.2011

  13. it was torrential. A current of whirling swirling tides slipping and sliding muddily into view. The deluge was golden brown and yet clear at the same time. It alleviated the smells of the dry day and created a new world, a clean bright and beautiful world. Now I could see properly. I could feel hear and taste properly. Now I was home. At home in this storm.

    By Ben Aizenberg on 11.05.2011

  14. There was a constant downpour of rain that day. All I wanted was for it to stop so that I could go outside that day. The outside seemed to match the pain and darkness I was feeling indoors. The place of my escape turned into a mirror image of the pain that was in my heart. No sun, no life, just a downpour.

    By Chantal on 11.05.2011

  15. rain

    By fluffyangelzx on 11.05.2011

  16. If this was rain Taeyeon could’ve used an umbrella but sadly it’s not, and all she could do is stare down at the girl from the second floor.

    Her friend, Tiffany, was crying hard, she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

    Maybe tissues and a hug would be enough.

    By -Sarah URL on 11.05.2011

  17. I slowly raise my head to the rain
    The droplets seem to know my pain
    My heart aches
    The thunder clashes
    The lightning strikes
    Such a beautiful night…
    So why am I crying?

    By Brianna on 11.05.2011

  18. the rain was falling like a downpour of lost souls.
    you could hear the screams of the damned, the cries of the fallen.
    this is where the incarnation of evil must live.
    My dear maria, i am sorry. this is where i belong.

    By chance on 11.05.2011

  19. this makes me think about the rain on the window tapping and making me sleepy and happy to be cozy and warm under the roof. And I go out in it anyway because the dog is antsy and wants to see what it feels like to walk in the rain. She loves a good downpour, especially if there’s also a lot of wind and thunder.

    By Ann on 11.05.2011

  20. The rain came faster than she ever thought. Drip, drip, drip. Watching from her window, all she could do was stare as the drops traced paths down the glass, touching the pane with a delicate plop. Outside, storms raged, and her trouble of being stuck indoors angered her, but the beauty of watching from inside was lovely. There was nothing she loved more than the rain. Of course, she longed for sun bathing and beach trips, but the smell of nature, the smell of the storm…she loved it. Just the dilemma of being caught indoors…that was the downside. She couldn’t be in touch with nature through glass.

    By Rosalind on 11.05.2011

  21. A downpour of feelings hits me
    like a truck going down the highway.
    Every time i see you
    I don’t know what to think.
    conflicting emotions
    with every smile and text message.
    You confuse me
    Just tell me what you are thinking

    By Kate C. on 11.05.2011

  22. The downpour cleared. My mind still shattered from the recent news. To me the storm now beginning to strike. My time finally came.

    By Marianna on 11.05.2011

  23. can be fun during summer on weekends. love running around and playing in the warm rain or better yet swimming in warm ocean under warm rain

    By Maria on 11.05.2011

  24. The rain fell against the concrete as she walked towards her home. What was she to do now that her love was gone? She thought about all the times they had spent together as she walked in the pace of a snail. Home was not really home, home was wherever he was. And with him, she was happy. Now that he is gone there is no home, no happiness.

    By maxinne URL on 11.05.2011

  25. drops falling, falling, falling from the sky. accumulating in rivulets, running together. branching, conjoining. it becomes a stream, a river, an ocean. the single drops are no more.

    By Who Dat on 11.05.2011

  26. the torrential downpour set the mood. A cup of ‘Jessie’s Tea’, Stumble Upon, and a little bit of Bon Iver and my afternoon was complete.

    By Jacqueline on 11.05.2011

  27. water, autumn, sadness, hand, lips, tears, clouds, dark, dreams, love, miss, be, listen to

    By Alina on 11.05.2011

  28. Sometimes the rain comes down and it feels like its the worst thing that could happen. But right in the middle of it when you’re staring up asking why, you realize that its exactly what you needed and nothing else really matters anymore. Thats why I love the rain.

    By Andy on 11.05.2011

  29. sheets and sheet of rain come pouring out of the sky. every drop hits the ground, makes a splash, dissipates. where are they all going? these little, glittering orbs.

    By Mel URL on 11.05.2011

  30. rain. down. pouring. thunder storms, beautiful its a beautiful down pour sifting through your face and you dont even know what this does because darling there are no dry days, no dry spells these time are a means for rain.

    By Maja on 11.05.2011

  31. The downpour washed over her face, coating her in the pleasant sensation of icy pinpricks. They washed away each gash, gouge, and bruise. Nothing was left. She was melting into the feeling of being nothing. Everything was slipping away, the pain of years, the horror of minutes, the terror of seconds. There was peace dripping through her skin to fill the void inside, the empty space that was fought for, that allowed the knives and swords they threw to bounce off of her, in stead of break the flesh. She was absorbing all the feeling she had contained for years. The pain of it all rushed through and she collapsed, bending to its will, until the current peace brought her back to the realization of now, of the power she held, of what was possible.

    By Cleo URL on 11.05.2011

  32. There was a drenching downpour of rain and the sky lit up for no more than five seconds at a time. The thunder rumbled the air sort of like rocks from a landslide, attacking the paved road below. I was warm and cozy nestled up in my fleece onzie and a comforting snack of hot chi tea and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Though the thunder frightened me every time it corroded the air, i was still fasinated by the rushing water and stikes of purple ribbons in the disturbed night sky.

    By savannah URL on 11.05.2011