November 2nd, 2011 | 406 Entries

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406 Entries for “profound”

  1. He was thinking profoundly. It’s a profound issue for him. The sea was very deep and he just stood there not knowing what to do. Should he give it a lot more thought?

    By Alba on 11.03.2011

  2. i am profoundly in love with zach
    profound makes me want a lady
    a lady in my bed
    but i’m heartbroken
    and wouldn’t want to entangle her
    in my lonely mess that i’ve created
    for myself and my cats

    By Hannah URL on 11.03.2011

  3. Profound means to think deeply into the subject.
    A ruler should have the quality to be profound into his subjects, he must penetrate deeply into the minds of his people to become a worthy ruler.

    By sata on 11.03.2011

  4. the idea that somethign is beyond your normal understanding of everyday life – something that touches you and makes you think. more importantly something that makes you feel something. an idea that really gets you going

    By marie on 11.03.2011

  5. The profound silence of the room left a sharp ringing in her ears. She had to yell, she had to scream; just to stop the senseless noise.

    By Jon on 11.03.2011

  6. I have a profound belief that learning is what makes life interesting and improves the quality of life for all. Profound means deep and meaningful and learning can be like that when you are really immersed in what you are doing.

    By morag kerr on 11.03.2011