November 3rd, 2011 | 442 Entries

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442 Entries for “combination”

  1. of thing. of people. of stories. of place. things combined to make a whole. a picture. a circle. a idea. its the coming together of things that makes the world sometimes rather beautiful. Even in the dark moments when things fit together like a puzzle, its something kind of wonderful.

    By Charlotte URL on 11.03.2011

  2. a combination of things. How did I get here? How did we get here? One moment we were on top of everything. Floating through life. Then falling back to earth. Falling into a combination of things.

    By sarah on 11.03.2011

  3. It’s the combination of you and I that is utterly wrong. I can’t live with you but I can’t fathom the attraction I have for you. Deadly to the core.

    By Jneen URL on 11.03.2011

  4. Sheila banged the locker door in frustration. For the third morning in a row the combination on her locker didn’t seem to work and she couldn’t afford to be late to homeroom again; Mr Evans already had her down on a second warning and a third would mean she’d be banned from the soccer finals this weekend.

    By Veekz URL on 11.03.2011

  5. The combination of noise and pain and light and the intense feeling of isolation in this sensory hell reached a zenith in Jensen.

    “I WANNA LIVE!!!” he screamed at the top of his lungs.

    By chole URL on 11.03.2011

  6. i keep my secrets hidden there
    locked up tight they will not depart
    but love me true and I will share
    the combination to my heart

    By dbhurley URL on 11.03.2011

  7. Fingers on her hips
    tongue on her neck
    already taken
    his is gone for the month
    the perfect combination

    By Bee URL on 11.03.2011

  8. Gog helped her up onto her horse. The troll grunted in a way that must have been his way of asking if she was comfortable. Lia felt as okay as could be expected. There were a combination of feelings running through her; she had no idea which one ruled. For now, she would just let the troll lead. She was used to following all her life. Though hopefully soon, she would be the one leading her own life.

    By Mrs. Leigha Desmond URL on 11.03.2011

  9. She frowned. I laughed.
    She ran. I stopped.
    She went left. I went right.
    She clapped. I yawned.
    She talked. I stared.
    She reached up. I fell down.
    She found nothing wrong. I found everything wrong.
    We were polar opposites
    Yet still, the perfect combination.

    By Natashaa URL on 11.03.2011

  10. The waitress set the combination plate in front of me. A steaming melange of fried rice, chow mein, and a couple of lumpy beige blobs I couldn’t identify. “I thought this was a Mexican restaurant,” I said. My sister gave me a look of disgust. The perfect ending to another night on the town.

    By Barbara on 11.03.2011

  11. I smiled brilliantly at him and screamed “YOU BLOODY GENIUS!”
    I tackled/hugged him and laughing, kissed him once. Seeing him blush, I laughed more and I danced over towards the chemicals. Carefully pouring the liquid into the vase and putting two drops of another, I looked at the result. Yes! He was right! The combination of the chemicals made the perfect serum. I observed and grinned as the color faded from a dark black into a blue as dazzling as the sky. Finally, we had been able to cure the disease, saving the lives of millions.

    By Roxana on 11.03.2011

  12. its your eyes and smile makes that perfection
    its those make you a great combination
    half your mom and more you dad shows perfection,
    who wont smile to that beautiful combination.
    its that height and weight dazzle dozen of ladies,
    its those air and beck legs mesmerize my emotion
    your dad and mom must been saint
    Angel of beauty and ruler of brain what a combination..
    God made in you a perfect reflection
    its not of your dad or mom
    just his own imagination in your creation..
    well.. you are perfection combination and i love all of you ..
    i mean i love you from head to toe..

    By solita sada on 11.03.2011

  13. combinations are fun and exciting. they combine 2 or more things of great value.. and make them EVEN BETTER! WHOOOOHOOO!

    By Morgan URL on 11.03.2011

  14. There was a combination of fruits and spices in the kitchen. Everything was in its placed but mixed and matched with other things that no one might be able to identify. These things looked colorful and intriguing in the most assorted of ways. Some looked as if you may see them at a party, embellishing large amounts of entrees while others looked like they may well be a part of the entrees themselves. In a way, none of them fit together, but in the same fashion they all belonged on the same shelf, grouped as they were. Combined, who knew what they could taste like? Tangy, tropical, or maybe even sweet or salty tasting. There were several different ways to combine them since there were so many; thousands of potentially new creations laid out before me, but I only picked out two among them all.

    By Erika on 11.03.2011


    Anger and Sadness
    Sadness and Confusion
    Confusion and Love
    Love and Hate
    Hate and Guilt
    Guilt and Courage
    Courage and Fear
    Fear and Happiness
    Happiness and Determination
    Determination and Bravery

    By Melanie on 11.03.2011

  16. Loathing is a combination of disgust and hate. A powerful combination, one that doesn’t just disappear as time passes by.

    By Alex Black URL on 11.03.2011

  17. One plus one equals two. Not really a combination, more an equation. Combination would be better described as chocolate and peanut butter. I’m really not a peanut butter fan in desert, so I’d be a bigger fan of Carmel and vanilla ice cream.

    By Amy on 11.03.2011

  18. step by step to step a step up beat
    down steps, we race
    you beat
    me every time

    but i can bind
    but i combine
    the steps your steps
    and you
    ask me
    to teach
    your feet
    to dance

    By [entury Goth|c Med!um URL on 11.03.2011

  19. And she stared across the room at him. He was a lovely combination of all things perfect. And it was nice to know that he as his.
    They made a perfect combination. She was the one with flaws, he was the one that brought good to her life.
    They were a beautiful combination.

    By Sarah on 11.03.2011

  20. Look at the combination
    of things you do not know.
    Watch the palpitation
    of my organs buried in snow.
    See the exploitation
    sitting pretty in a row.
    Now adjust the conjugation:
    you will reap the things you sew.

    By BattleCry URL on 11.03.2011

  21. A combination… what does that mean? Lots of things: tea infusions, a fruit medley, a mixed race child. What can we do but combine things? See where this combination goes, what this other combination brings out. Is this good bad ugly?

    By Estela on 11.03.2011

  22. You
    A pinch of laziness
    A dash of craziness
    A teaspoon of swear words
    A tablespoon of danger
    A half cup of amazing eyes
    A cup of bright smiles
    A gallon of sheer hotness

    A pinch of worry
    A dash of doubt
    A teaspoon of fear
    A tablespoon of creativity
    A half cup of blue eyes
    A cup of broken smiles
    A gallon of hopes and dreams

    My Feelings For You
    A pinch of confusion
    A dash of frustration
    A teaspoon of hopelessness
    A tablespoon of fear,
    A half cup of hate,
    A cup of attraction,
    A gallon of love

    By Melanie on 11.03.2011

  23. The combination of music and lyrics creates the perfect melodic symphony that soothes the ears and takes refuge in the heart and soul of all musicians.

    By Lily Martis on 11.03.2011

  24. putting together things that seem strange, that don’t like each other, that fight each other. That’s the trick to life. The thing we need to master if we are to find our way through the dark days to come.

    By Aggie on 11.03.2011

  25. Me and my kuya make a perfect combination. Happy birthday kuya Clark! <3

    By Cindy URL on 11.03.2011

  26. It was the most amazing creation the scientist had ever made! Tonight, he would finally earn his place among the gods of intellect for having created his masterpiece!

    The next day, while bragging, somebody told him that tofurkey was already a thing.

    By Tim URL on 11.03.2011

  27. Cake is a combination of things. You have sugar, eggs, flour, and lots of chocolate. Well atleast i do in all my cakes. Yum-dilly-umcious. friends + cake + love = happiness. That is the secret of life my friends :)

    By Susan on 11.03.2011

  28. There was you, and there was I, melding into complete unity. Our jagged edges fixed just so against each other, forming perfect shapes, indelibly us.

    By Karina URL on 11.03.2011

  29. one single thing may not do much, but two things in combination may do something miraculous. that’d be an ideal situation…one can achieve something enough, but in combination with one more person, they can achieve more…

    By kaorita on 11.03.2011

  30. a mix of everything, from people, to cultures, to ideas. you can combine anything, you can combine every kind of people. the combinations are endless, infinite.

    By Paige Moreau on 11.03.2011

  31. in a second, i took all of the things i liked, all of the things i admired, all of the things i wanted to be and enjoyed doing by myself, and all the things i enjoyed doing with other people, and everything in my room that didn’t have dust on it, and the plants outside, and combined them. it turned into brown ice cream.

    By dale on 11.03.2011

  32. putting many items together. combination fried rice. that sounds good right now…in fact, that may be what i pick up for dinner. yum! combos…more than one. many is sometimes better than one.

    By milea URL on 11.03.2011

  33. it is a dual paralife of time, space and being. it equals nothing and adds to things. a mixture, professing beings from time to place. adds.

    By Laurie Kynaston on 11.03.2011

  34. I felt love. I felt hate. Most of all, I couldn’t decide which one was stronger, or which one I wanted to block out every other feeling in the world. I could go with my heart, which was screaming for me to turn back and fall into the arms of someone who has me so wrapped around his finger. Or, I could chase after pride, I could yell and scream with fury of a thousand bolts.

    By Allie on 11.03.2011

  35. I guess your combination didn’t work as well as I thought it did. Two halfs of a whole have fallen apart and will never recombine. The worst part is I knew in that split second before you said it, when time froze and I felt it in the greatest depths of my soul.

    By Julia M URL on 11.03.2011

  36. It’s always full of sadness. Why in this place of choice where the direction I go is the resulting combination of all my choices does it seem to be constantly muted by s decease sorrow that will now move on from here.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 11.03.2011

  37. They always said we didn’t belong together. We weren’t the right combination.

    But we stayed together anyway, ignoring people’s taunts. You stayed by my side, and I by yours.

    We were the right combination after all.

    By Kat413 URL on 11.03.2011

  38. Combination can mean many things. It can mean a combination of ingredients or the combination to a lock

    By Adam on 11.03.2011

  39. Combination, it means when two things combine and it makes one, and that is called a combination of two things and it actually happens alot.

    By Ebrough on 11.03.2011

  40. you can have a combination of lollies, fruit etc
    A team is a combination.
    It can also be fw people believing in the same thing which makes them a combination

    By bmeyer16 URL on 11.03.2011