November 3rd, 2011 | 442 Entries

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442 Entries for “combination”

  1. She had that combination of beauty and intelligence that every guy of a certain type craves like a cigarette after dinner. Her blonde hair hung past her shoulder as she sat in the cafe, leaning over a small notebook, pen in hand, scrawling down every one of her (presumably) magnificent thoughts.
    He’d never had the nerve to talk to her before, but today might be the day.

    By S.C. Nolan URL on 11.03.2011

  2. They weren’t really the something in town, people don’t talk about them nor see them as a couple that would go along like a lock and a key. They just don’t fit, in any sense, they were something else. They were something that needed to be together, like left and right.

    However, right now they are lost, but they both know they’ll find a way. They have each other, right and left, Taeyeon and Jessica. They are going to make it though.

    By -Sarah URL on 11.03.2011

  3. black and white melting, dripping over brown.

    combat boots, black burka– your eyebrows. arched back, big lips, bushy eyebrows, birthmark on the left lash.

    By Gabriela Espinosa URL on 11.03.2011

  4. My feelings are a combination of excitement and nervousness. Today is the big day, SAT day. This will determine my future, whether I end up in Harvard Law… or Community College. Or even somewhere in between. I’m going to puke, I should just go home.

    By Sara on 11.03.2011

  5. combination

    By Bridget URL on 11.03.2011

  6. when you put two and two together that is a combination. i really like the word. i think of combining things a lot. i like sex, when you combine a penis with a vagina that equals sex. i’m perverted. i need to get my fix :/ combination, the word is cool.

    By Serene on 11.03.2011

  7. Combinations of flavours are what cooking good food are all about. Getting the correct mix of heat and spice into a curry, or simply getting the right amount of salt into your bread are the way to go ensure a delightful taste experience.

    By hilldwellertom1 URL on 11.03.2011

  8. Life is a combination of things, good and bad, dark & light, happy & sad. You just take it all, one thing at a time, in stride. Try to put a smile on your face and remember happier times. That makes the bad move on quickly.

    By paulie aragon on 11.03.2011

  9. a combination. whether put together, or just magnetically pulled toward one another a combination doesn’t always work. what if a combination slowly erodes, or what if the combination is placed together and is actually repulsed by each other?

    By Carolotta on 11.03.2011

  10. A focal point between infinite and undefended, drip drop tulip trash talk simple sleazebag, together we are twins entwined.

    By Shaun Salmon on 11.03.2011

  11. Let’s go, pair up,
    Matching all these peoples,
    Finding the threads that bind,
    So thin yet so strong,
    Until cut, severed,
    By broken promises and empty words,
    People come and go,
    And so many ties are made,
    Only to be set loose,
    And thrown ashore,
    So nothing lasts,
    Atleast not the bringing of souls.

    By Vareesha Khan URL on 11.03.2011

  12. combination, like the combining of chromosomes, the combining of bodies.
    the combining of mind and skin, flesh on flesh. hot sweat sweet heavy.

    By AJ URL on 11.03.2011

  13. Eine Kombination ist eine Zusammenstellung aus verschiedenen Dingen. Und man kann nützliche Sachen daraus bauen. Zahlenschlösser zum Beispiel. Aus je mehr Nummern sie kombiniert sind, desto sicherer sind sie, zumindest was das Verschließen anbelangt. Wenn es um die Sicherheit geht, das Schloss auch wieder aufzukriegen, ist es am sichersten, wenn sie gar keine Nummer haben.

    By Eli URL on 11.03.2011

  14. You meet someone, and they don’t tick the boxes you think are important. On paper it looks like a disaster. Your star signs clash, they are blue collar…or white collar, they smoke, they don’t smoke, they hate family sundays…..

    By georgie on 11.03.2011

  15. i look up and see
    a combination of emotions on
    your face
    was that
    or passion?
    or maybe it was anger?
    it was fear

    By Iffath URL on 11.03.2011

  16. gin and tonic are a real good combination. Peanut butter and raspberry jelly are another good pairing.

    By johken URL on 11.03.2011

  17. with all these things in the world, how could we ever expect to keep them separate. 1 plus 1 does equal 2. i wouldn’t have it any other way. i wouldn’t be anything if not for all those around me. they make me me as much as i make myself me.

    By Shana Parker (@BubblesCParker) URL on 11.03.2011

  18. Combination reminds me of that old Reece’s peanut butter cup commercial – Hey! You got peanut butter in my chocolate! Hey! You got chocolate in my peanut butter. Either way, YUM! The collision of two very different things makes for one tasty combination. Isn’t that true about everything in life?

    By Ms. Wilson on 11.03.2011

  19. a combination lock, chalk marks on the side of the safe, but liquid nitrogen’s the shortcut. I just do this for the challenge. lists of numbers, a stethascope, this is what i live for.

    By Jez Owen on 11.03.2011

  20. The first combination lock I had was for middle school gym class – it was the round kind that you have to turn left right left. I still have dreams that the lock is on my gym locker and there are things inside and I can’t remember the combination.

    By Jamie Pondera URL on 11.03.2011

  21. This is a mixture of different components, but also a word for some archaic item of clothing. It could be underwear! Is it a pun for a nation of combi drivers?

    By Jonathan Rodgers on 11.03.2011

  22. What is a combination?
    A combination is two things put together to make one.
    Even genes from your parents are put together to make you.
    You have your eyes, hair, etc. from your parents.
    However, a combination can be anything that comes to senses,
    Or that can be made.

    By Taylor Miller on 11.03.2011

  23. put together, collection, sometimes a mix. sometimes it’s heterogenous or homogenous. you can blend some things but can’t blend other things so they awkwardly float around, forced into an environment where they can’t blend, can’t stand, sometimes. when that happens, they need to break down to combine. guess sometimes two heads aren’t better than one.

    By ella URL on 11.03.2011

  24. combination. we combinate, or we TRY to combinate our lives together. but does it work? no. i have school. you have too, but you never show up. i feel like i am trying so hard, and you don’t want to combine us. please. we could be one.

    By i on 11.03.2011

  25. Things put together, sometimes drinks or things like that, sometimes it can be meant in a less literal way, such as a combination of motives or emotions. A creation of more than one thing.

    By Connor Hornsey URL on 11.03.2011

  26. together people love underwear joining parts skin combing together
    why combining share

    By sue nurse URL on 11.03.2011

  27. i tried to combine the thoughts and feelings from the last 24 hours. though, it’s still a mess. it’s like having a messy room and picking up the pieces here and there, you know?

    By lmoon URL on 11.03.2011

  28. It’s hard to say which combination is better, the one with the shrunken head or the one with the lizard entrails. Either way, the enantiomorphic substance of it all will have nothing in common with the desired result so talking about this is pointless. There.

    By Spellbound on 11.03.2011

  29. The combination of some people just doesn’t work. Sometimes it seems such a perfect fit, but it seems that sometimes they are such a match that there’s no way they can possibly go together. Funny how life does that. Not everything is like batteries.

    By K. on 11.03.2011

  30. What Billy served Jacob was a combination of meatloaf, egg, onion, and plenty of ketchup and sauce. His Texas-style meatloaf hash, he called it. Jacob chewed slowly, grinning, savoring the high-packed salty flavor of the meat crumbs and the red pepper sprinkled throughout.

    “It’s damn good,” he told the stubble-faced, cowboy-esque man in front of him.

    “I made it just for you.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.03.2011

  31. Combination means well i don’t know what it means but it’s when you combine something .

    By Chata97 URL on 11.03.2011

  32. Combination means to make things together into some kind of a group. Like junior high is a combination of 11-15, elementary is 5 to 10, and high school is 15-23.

    By Drenna(: URL on 11.03.2011

  33. Colors and patterns. Clothes and bags. Shoes, sneakers, heels. More colors, more patterns. Think with your soul, not with your mind. Inspire, mix and create.

    By Victoria Vartanian URL on 11.03.2011

  34. it’s a combination of things really that make up the makeup of us the fact that we both seem to like the same things that we’re wild and obnoxious and we’re ok with it that you’re a little older and I’m just me and maybe that one of the first few times we met you were drunk yeah that might have been a factor as well but whatever it is whatever makes up this fascination with you that I have I know that it’s the right combination to make it work out i know it

    By C. Ritchie URL on 11.03.2011

  35. It was a daunting combination. Peanut butter and Ice cream? I’ve always found cold peanut butter to be brittle tasting, and all wrong. Whereas hot ice cream is disappointment in a bowl. But I trust the magicians, Ben and Jerry. Who knows, they may succeed.

    By TheBlueFool URL on 11.03.2011

  36. Combinations of sandwhiches. Turkey, ham, cheese, mayo, miracle whip, combo mealt fast food restaurants, and chemistry elements that make up things.

    By Eric on 11.03.2011

  37. It was the dance combination that did AJ in. He saw Jake put his hand on her back, sliding down to the hinterlands that AJ wanted to explore. And it rested on the dual mound of honey – as a bitter drip of saliva trickled down his throat and into his belly which rumbled like a thunderstorm.

    By Surrenderpity on 11.03.2011

  38. This is a bad time to be trying something like this, she thought. Just not good timing. She felt like the floor was moving away from her, the smell of sweat filling her brain and overwhelming her nervous system. The balance system seemed to writhe like a snake or a rubber pencil trick. She had to move eventually, get it over with, but when?

    By gymnastics on 11.03.2011

  39. The kind of skin I always wonder about when I’m standing at one of those makeup counters in a fancy department store. I shrink, out of place, wishing I had an imposing grandmother to make shopgirls scurry to do my will. But it’s just me, probably dressed in neon blue, while they interrogate me about my skin type with fancy jargon and q-tips, trying to sell my soul away to the Clinique gods.

    By Talia on 11.03.2011

  40. There was a chill in the air that permaeated even the thickest layers. She just wanted to curl up and sleep, but he wouldn’t let her go, not just yet. She hadn’t tried his cure for the cold, hot cocoa and liquor, the perfect combination.

    By emmystrange URL on 11.03.2011