July 6th, 2013 | 147 Entries

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147 Entries for “collection”

  1. Everyone I’ve met is a part of my collection of my self. Everyone refracts, breaks down, and splinters, melts together to form me. Everything author and lover and teacher, every musician and person on the street, their parts have collected and helped me to build my own.

    By Jessica URL on 07.06.2013

  2. I don’t know how it began or with whom but now they are everywhere I look and I begin to wonder who is collecting whom .

    By nannan URL on 07.06.2013

  3. He looked up at the wall, pictures of people that could never thank him. Below that was a box of mementos, things he was sure they would want him to have. Every one of these people must be happier now. No one wants to live on this corrupt earth. He did them all a favor. Gone and happier with only a collection of photos and nick knacks left over.

    By Jade URL on 07.06.2013

  4. Oh my it’s a collection collection, collecting collections. we better be brief here. we are at church and the collection plate is going around. we have barely enough money to buy today’s bread and butter and yet mum puts in a coin into the plate. i’d like to collect that coin back, what does God need it for? she has all she needs forever.

    By Theresa on 07.06.2013

  5. I used to have quite a collection of books, but they had to go when I moved halfway across the Pacific Ocean. I couldn’t afford to ship 9,000 books, nor could I afford to store them at the other end.

    It wasn’t easy, parting with the collection of a lifetime, but we at times have no choice.

    By chipschap URL on 07.06.2013

  6. “But it’s my prize collection!” protested Brittany.
    Rosie glared. “Look, gal,” she snapped, “you are either going to throw out all of those rotten tuna cans, or I’ll personally kick you out of the Girls’ Glam Gang.”

    By Ariadne Jenkins URL on 07.06.2013

  7. This is a good word for today. Collection, ah I need to go shopping, the library and whatever eles. t believe in colle

    By Vivikah URL on 07.06.2013

  8. Carrie fished around in her purse for something to put the sample in. Finding a package of pocket tissues, Carrie emptied the tissues from the package. Setting her purse on the floor behind her, she crouched down with a tissue in one hand and the plastic package in the other.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 07.06.2013

  9. collection collection collection of peanuts, marbles. stamps, shirts shoes towels computers remotes teacups cards movies socks clothes printers dresses jewelry seconds is what comes to my mind when i see collection.

    By Tiffany on 07.06.2013

  10. gifts
    special people

    By holly on 07.06.2013

  11. My grandfathers coin collection was one of the most vast I had ever laid eyes on, and that’s saying something in my line of work. As a child I would gaze in wide-eyed wonder at all their dazzling rich colors glinting behind immaculate glass displays, imagining the stories each little coin would tell if it could. He would pick me up and let me look at, but never touch, his most prized finds. “What about that one Grandpa! Where did you find her?” I would ask when one caught my eye. He would smile and as he told the story a long lost spark of adventure would creep into his eyes.

    By Kelsey on 07.06.2013

  12. “Some people collect buttons, while others collect bottle caps or stamps or miniatures of ships in bottles – my interests simply happen to lie in areas rather far removed from the general populace.”

    A- seemed hesitant. “But sir,” she began as politely as she was able, “you collect human skulls.”

    The baron tapped his cane on the floor and flashed her a quicksilver smile. “I do believe we’ve already well established my eccentricities at this point, my dear,” he said. “But not to fret – I do collect seashells as well.”

    By LordSriya URL on 07.06.2013

  13. They were a collection of misfits. Former teachers, indoor plumbers, delivery men, and one who held a summer job at an ice cream stand. They had no similarities other than their fate–to be the seven who saw the thing only they could save.

    By Will B. Somethin URL on 07.06.2013

  14. i want a book collection. a big one. and a music collection. a an art collection. i want to own a little of everything in the world. everything there is.

    By Iva on 07.06.2013

  15. in my stomach a new one with racy rotund eyes and scrappy fingers dance in side holes they never should have uncovered in such darkness i try to keep it cold so that it’s not triggered that bad though

    By reluctant URL on 07.06.2013

  16. cherished things that, when gathered, create a set. anything and everything that can lift a mood, bring forth a memory, or create a smile.

    By amy URL on 07.06.2013

  17. He had the most beautiful collection of butterflies. One of every shape, size and hue. It made him feel alive, powerful, knowing he could control and possess such beauty.

    By Alvina URL on 07.06.2013

  18. I had once a collection of photographs. It was the best thing in the world. I could just slect which ones to be in there and which ones not to be. Now, that collection is lost, but I do know that I can do now same with things in my life. But sometimes it doesn’t comes out as I expected.

    By Camilo Bermúdez. URL on 07.06.2013

  19. collection, I believe this can be a very amazing thing. You can collect so many things in life, for instance I collect my old dairies from when I was little, I love reading over them it makes me remember the good old days.

    By Hanna on 07.06.2013

  20. This collection i have is about all the thing that happen, about all the people i meet and all the experiences i have every day. This collection called my life is everything but filled out, and it’s never gonna be until the day my vital signs cease manifesting.

    By Camilo Bermúdez URL on 07.06.2013

  21. In my drawer I keep several things. I keep a hollowed out book, a jar, and a bag full of pennies, the kind which are made of metal worth more than 1 cent per coin. In the hollowed out book there is a smaller hollowed out book, just because I like to collect them.

    By anonymous on 07.06.2013

  22. collection of anything makes us remember all the times when we found each and every piece of the whole. one does not make a collection. three, four, maybe even 5…now we are getting somewhere. Collections allow us to reflect on the past and r

    By Chessa on 07.06.2013

  23. All I wanted was her touch. Caressing my back. Dipping and sliding her fingers on the collection of freckles across my thighs.

    By Nadia on 07.06.2013

  24. My life is a collection of failures and successes.

    By Jason URL on 07.06.2013

  25. I have a collection of stolen hairs. I take them from bystanders on transport, passers by on the street and sometimes stray animals. It’s a strange obsession I have with stolen hairs. I don’t use them for anything. I just keep them there. They sit idly on my desk, and I never move them.

    By Cassy on 07.06.2013

  26. collection of spoons
    hang on the wall unused, unsure.
    what will they accomplish
    except for hanging there,
    burnt out,
    with nothing to do?

    By Jessica Tower URL on 07.06.2013

  27. People think a collection of novels is a collection of stories written by a person who takes the time to think up tales to entertain other people. But in fact – a collection of novels is more simply an archive of one’s life stories and experiences, shared with the world in the hopes that maybe they, at least, will learn something from it.

    By Mirit Elyahu on 07.06.2013

  28. This collection tears me apart every time.
    The stains of my tears remain left behind.
    While nostalgia kicks in and the coma partially resumes I learn to follow and consume like my parents assumed.

    By Eian on 07.06.2013

  29. There are a collection of thoughts in my head that I wish that I could just get rid of. The things that were said are in the past. I’ve grown up, they’ve grown up. It’s time to move on. But every time those thoughts come back, I feel as though I am re-living them all over again.

    By Paula URL on 07.06.2013

  30. just like a collection of photographs. Over the years, I will shoot and save all of my photographs on my Canon. When I am old, and grey, and wrinkly everywhere I can look back on my life and think ‘oh shit’ I could have done so much more. Here’s me, Lily, hoping I will get shit rich and retire at 38.

    By Lily on 07.06.2013

  31. In his collection, there stood the leg bone of a t. rex, and the open bone basket of a forty year old woman’s pelvis. A mouse’s skull and ancient, toothy fish skeleton. Whatever one collects in one’s dreams, he said, is made real in the teacup each morning. He fishes them out of the china, delicately, until they rest upon his table or kitchen floor. And tonight, he says, he will dream of me.

    By RS Bohn URL on 07.06.2013

  32. I don’t know how to write about the word “collection”. Collection means so many different things to different people. It could be a collection that they’ve been collecting for years, or just simply a collection of people.

    By Taylor Andreschefski on 07.06.2013

  33. Collection of clothes in my closet. Each piece means something different. Sheer black top with a black bra means sexy. Pair it with leather shorts and to die for wedges, both making my ass look spectacular. Each different but part of my collection. Part of my image and me.

    By Larissa on 07.06.2013

  34. I am proud to have in my possession a collection of stamps that I have collected over the last ten years.

    By victor URL on 07.06.2013

  35. Ha! … I’ve already done this word. My entry for yesterday’s word had this word in it too. (I must be psychic.) My work here is done for today. I can haz the day off. I can go home now.

    By ukipuki on 07.06.2013

  36. He shared his collection, a many sort of things. Different and strange things. Things from his travels. a nose, a foot, an ear. He showed these things and was proud. He was proud of his horrific collection.

    By Dom on 07.06.2013

  37. There are very few feelings in life that give us such pleasure as nostalgia, something that can only be brought through a collection. Whether it’s beanie babies or coins, collections remind of us of our past and give us a sense of what we could be in store for our future. What’s so special about yours?

    By Marshall Pick on 07.06.2013

  38. Collection.
    Some collect vinyl’s while some collect shells. I collect heads. I’m not a serial killer or anything, trust me. I collect heads of all types! Doll heads, stuffed animal heads, dead animal heads, et cetera. I’m not weird or anything. This is what we do. We as in me and my people. We live in a world where everything is hard to come by. We collect and sell anything we need to get by. Our king is the demon himself. He made our world the way it is now. We can hardly see the sky some days because of the pollution and the ocean is so toxic, we can’t swim in it without our skin burning. I haven’t seen a white cloud in over a decade. But the day I did see one, was the day our world exploded.

    By hipster1hedgehog on 07.06.2013

  39. “Wanna see my collection of lizard tails?”

    “Your what?”

    “Lizard tails! You know…tails from lizards!”

    “How in Hell did you get lizard tails?” demanded Shaw. “What, did you cut ’em off of victims with a cleaver?”

    “No, Shaw!” gasped Rensley. “I found ’em! I always find ’em. They wriggle something awful, even without a body. I just pick ’em up and stick ’em in a pretty blue box!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.06.2013

  40. “Is this an original Strahowski?” she asked, her jaw dropping as she moved to closer examine the piece.
    I rolled my eyes goodnaturedly. “He’s a favorite of theirs.” I explained. “Their majesties have the largest collection this side of the Aegean,”
    “That’s amazing.” she said. “I love his work; it’s sublime.”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 07.06.2013