July 6th, 2013 | 147 Entries

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147 Entries for “collection”

  1. I have a collection of thoughts in my brain, i’m strained to make connections. When I stray from my purpose I feel bad, but I know that it’s all part of my life path. Every action, is added to my collection of memories.

    By Starla J on 07.06.2013

  2. I have a collection of beanie kids. I also have a collection of snow globes, notebooks, jewellery, One Direction merchandise, and PollyPockets. My collections have evolved, but the symptoms were always there: I am a chronic collector.

    By Jessica on 07.06.2013

  3. “A family is not something you can replace that easily!” she berated him. “It’s not like that coin collection you value so dearly! You can’t just trade it with your friends!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.06.2013

  4. a collection of butterflies is a beautiful things. all the different colors are an amazing thing to behold. every butterfly is unique in its own way, just like humans.

    By Tabby on 07.06.2013

  5. A collection is a word describing a gathering of specific or nonspecific items together. collections come in different patterns and are attainable through gathering said items throughout time or altogether as a whole. naturally a colelction is created by someone with a passion for specific items

    By Courtney on 07.06.2013

  6. One day my father decided to throw away his coin collection. I told him not to because it was very valuable and we could sell it for money.

    By Sabrina on 07.06.2013

  7. Some people’s collection consist of stamps or dolls some other kind of dust collectors. When I review my life I wish to look back on a collection of beautiful memories garnered from a collection of beautiful experiences. Now that’s a collection worth having.

    By Tracey on 07.06.2013

  8. i have a collection of elephants. honestly i couldnt tell you why, but ever since i was little i have been fascinated by the beautiful species. the way they live is allows me to reflect on my life as a human. Not quite sure how, but its one of those things that just does.

    By izzy on 07.06.2013

  9. When the night is one where it’s too hot to think and too boring to be creative and you’ve seen your old friends in a grocery store, you check up on that old collection of cronies and see how truly fucked up they’ve become given enough independence and free range and alone time. Some things you’ll never come back from. But they’re not my problem anymore which makes me feel free and curious as to where they went wrong.

    By Marissa URL on 07.06.2013

  10. heylow whats up i cant believe your here right now. how are you doing. are you okay, well i hope all is good because i really miss you. i don’t really know what im writing or why im writing, i just know im suppose to write until time is up.

    By Lina on 07.06.2013

  11. Boots in my closet, sons on my couch, memories in my journals, socks in the green basket living on top of the washer. Books on my shelves at home and in my classroom. Groups of like things, records in the basement from my. High school years longing to see the light of day, an old turntable, and big headphones.

    By Angela on 07.06.2013

  12. So I have a collection of ideas in my head. they are in no particular order. however, i believe they will naturally play themselves out as my life progresses. they might not make themselves visible at this point in time, but i know they’re there.

    By Zachary Thames URL on 07.06.2013

  13. Most people collect something or other. Usually it costs money, sometimes a lot of money. I like to collect stamps. Stamps show where you’ve been, where somebody else has been that was thinking of you. They show you the world on a tiny little picture.

    By Maja Sieczko on 07.06.2013

  14. I once had a bug collection… Or was it a rock collection? I don’t remember. It’s not important. I sunk my life into that thing. Every day I’d search for another one. Another piece to the puzzle. Another piece of my life. Another memory…

    By Ricky Halahan on 07.06.2013

  15. I collect voices. The melodic ones suit my tastes best, but it’s the raspy quality that I find enrapturing. I sit and listen and the sounds float through the air and reach my eyes. I draw closer, closer, near, I hear, so I draw near, closer, and brush my fingertips across the owner’s throat. A delicate accident, they understand. In the morning, they are forever soundless, and my collection becomes ever more charming.

    By Aera URL on 07.06.2013

  16. Lots of people have collections, of many things: cars, cards, stamps, books, shoes, stuffed animals, ect. Other collections aren’t so docile, things like broken hearts, lies told, scars and cuts, meals not eaten, friends who have left. Collections are scary. Once you become attached to them, it’s almost impossible to let go.

    By ToriJoyLynne on 07.06.2013

  17. books, music, journal, mind, magic, wicca, lana del rey, notes,

    By Bree Cooper on 07.06.2013

  18. I have a collection of biddily bumps that bounce in their cage whenever they hear reggae music. Unfortunately, when they bounce, they start deteriorating the metal, like a dog would chicken wire. Therefore, I can’t listen to reggae music lest I release my biddily bumps.

    By Sophie C-B on 07.06.2013

  19. Most people collect random trinkets. Things they were gifted so many times it just became something they collected. Not me though. I have a collection, a collection of things I’m holding in my heart, things that won’t let me sleep.

    By Frances on 07.06.2013

  20. My favorite hobby was to collect your smiles. It began in the winter when we sat across from one another on the bridge in Central Park, and I told you how much I loved you, despite your recent mistakes. I remember thinking that your smiles were worth the fight, and I planned on collected them for as long as you’d let me.

    By Nicole on 07.06.2013

  21. I one oowned a collection of rocks, that i thought were extremely special. No one, not even I, know why these rocks were so significant. They were not shiney, nor were they colorful. They were dull, normal pieces of oversized gravel.

    By Esperanza on 07.06.2013

  22. I have a great collection of great books.

    By Idrees Kasbati on 07.06.2013

  23. a collection of things, of related items, of many, of few, rare, vintage, unusual,

    the collection of taxes, collection of fines. Collection plates. Collection of stories.

    collection day, once a week.

    By Aimee on 07.06.2013

  24. She had a collection of books and magazines thrown around the apartment, advertising weight loss and hair growth and larger lips, breast and buts. I climbed over them gingerly as if afraid to knock them over. Like if they touched the floor it would be the same as burning a bible.

    By maggie on 07.06.2013

  25. i collect dresses. dresses are my collection. most are from the 1950s and are one of a kind. i wear a dress every day so collecting them is practical. full skirt dresses are the best. i would like to acquire a 50s dior dress one day.

    By lu on 07.06.2013

  26. I have a great collections of many great books. Actually most of these books were purchased by my father, who is no more in this world. I am also 53 years old now. I am thinking about the selling of this collection but it is not that much easy. I know very well that the books are quite costly but if I go the old booksellers they will offer me a very little amount. I have just come to know about a old books selling and buying market in Karachi and I am thinking about to put a stall over there. The market takes place every Sunday and the cost of the stall is not very high but the problem is that the month of Ramazan is about to start and I think I have to wait till the end of the Ramazan. But during the Ramazan I’ll pay a visit to the market to try to know what is the interest of the audience and in the month of Ramazan are they visiting with same vigour and zeal as they visit during the rest of the year. This is all bout I want to say about the word “collection”. I wonder that my 60 seconds time has still not finished. This is my first experience so I am a little confused about this activity.

    By kasbati on 07.06.2013

  27. collection are stuffs that you gather for the sake of just owning it or for the sake of knowledge and stuffs. you can collect different things like pebbles, leafs, butterflies,etc.

    By Reina on 07.06.2013

  28. I have a collection of coke bottles that is on my book self. They wait there and are never touched, never loved. Kind of like me. Guess thats why we collect things, to fill up other parts.

    By Erin on 07.06.2013

  29. Collection of what – stones, fools, books, dreams, stories?

    I have no need of these things. For what is time but a passing collection of memories and experiences?

    There are things I do collect, yes. Stories – experiences, dreams, memories.

    And in my hollow shell that breaks, they leak behind me in a wave of molten rivers, pouring.

    By rianna on 07.06.2013

  30. Compiling things into a group of everything it needs to be. Constantly changing, growing into something you were working towards since the beginning. A record of growth.

    By Maria on 07.06.2013

  31. i’ve never cared enough about one particular thing to start a collection. i’ve always admired people who are dedicated and persistent enough to begin collecting things. it would be nice to look back and remember each piece of your collection and when and where you collected it. similar to a photo album, a memoir, or a diary except your story is explained in pieces.

    By lexi URL on 07.06.2013

  32. I have a wonderful collection of currencies from around the globe. I really like to travel and on my travels I like to collect the natives’ banknotes and coins. My wide collection ranges from British pound sterlings to Japanese Yen. I even have some reichsmarks from Nazi Germany.

    By Rainflame on 07.06.2013

  33. I have always tried to start a collection, but I never thought of what I should collect. I wanted to venture away from the more cliche items like stamps or coins. I wanted a unique collection. Something that wasn’t heard of before. Alas, I could never find such an item.

    By Rainbow Warrior on 07.06.2013

  34. Pieces of old tape, buttons, and screws. Little odds and ends. It was a collection of unimportant, easily missed objects. He loved those sorts of things. Things easily missed or overlooked, but that had once been part of something larger than themselves.

    By Dale Harrison URL on 07.06.2013

  35. I have a collection of decks of cards. And most days I don’t do much with them. But other days I look through the collection to see all the places I’ve been to and the places I long to go. This collection is me.

    By Amanda on 07.07.2013

  36. piles and piles of things, adding up as time progresses in front of us. to collect something is not just to enjoy it or to want it. it’s the need for more that you currently have. collection is greed. to collect the the things we love most is to indulge in the greediest part we bare.

    By bergen on 07.07.2013

  37. I once had a collection. Actually I lied I never had a collection. Actually that’s a lie too, I have a collection. A collection of books. I’ve collected books since I was little, and I’ve read them since then too. Actually, my parents read to me until I was able to read. They helped my love for reading a great deal, because every night before bed I’d get a story, and ever since I could read I’ve read more books in a week than most people I know.

    By Rae on 07.07.2013

  38. See, I’ve always wanted a collection of CDs, especially a collection of MaRIAH CARIEY’S CDS. Goodness, that would be the greatest because of the tangible aspect of having my childhood’s soundtrack in my shelf ready for me to touch and flip through all over again. See, digital downloads just don’t cut it for me.

    By Sam on 07.07.2013

  39. Once when I was a little kid I would collect rocks. Random rocks that were just scattered across Arlington. Rocks from the zoo where you could buy them, rocks in the grocery store parking lot, from my backyard, you name it I probably had rocks from there. My collection grew until I was in 2nd grade when I just stopped.

    By Christian Tjoa on 07.07.2013

  40. She walked through the long hallway, looking up with bright eyes at all the dolls. They were sitting straight, with not a bit of dust on them. They obviously had been very well taken care of. ‘Even though it is a bit odd for such an old man to have so many dolls’.

    By Ellen on 07.07.2013