June 5th, 2013 | 179 Entries

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179 Entries for “collage”

  1. A collage of words echoing in a chamber of water. I dark moist cave which bats call home. Would you bat an eye? The unsuspecting child who falls in the cave, the terrified bats, who flee in terror from the unforseen invader. The panic. The struggle. The miscommunication.
    The End.

    By Eric on 06.05.2013

  2. A collage of ugly photo’s is what the newspapers end us every day. it is a vomit of pictures and leaves the reader with an indigestion. Please editor do someting about itt

    By verstraete on 06.05.2013

  3. hey do you want to use some of my glue

    By buin URL on 06.05.2013

  4. Life is a collage of experiences. It’s a beatutiful thing

    By Sel Edor on 06.05.2013

  5. I loved making a bigger picture out of the smaller inspirations I dug up around me. It was a gift that I was often complimented on, but never paid for. I’ve thought deeply about doing what you love for a living, but can I seriously live an artist’s lifestyle if my parents disapprove?

    By Ruben URL on 06.05.2013

  6. Collages of many kinds lay on my bed. My mom always loved them. I can’t believe I’m finally leaving this place. I love her but I have to go to college.

    By Jade on 06.05.2013

  7. The collage that is my life has been made of experience. Experience from things I have seen with my own eyes and from things I have felt with my own body. Our lives our collages, made up of pieces that don’t seem to fit together unless you look at the whole. Things that appear unlike the others until the story has been told.

    By Emily URL on 06.05.2013

  8. All things, having maybe nothing maybe everything in common coming together to create something beautiful. Kind of like the world we live in now. Every town or sky or city full of people being a collage of its own.

    By Anonymous on 06.05.2013

  9. Pieces of tattered photos laid across the floor, they were the jig jaw pieces of emotions from times gone by. A smile in that corner, where he gently wrapped his arm around her for the first time on that warm and fair July the Fourth, Always simply a light hearted fellow and never really taking most things seriously before jumping recklessly into the fray head first, it was clear to her that he would irrevocably be woven into the collage of her past year.

    By Betsy URL on 06.05.2013

  10. I made a collage of photos from my vacation to the beach last week. In the center was a picture of my children and my wife digging their toes into the sand. It reminded me of why we go to the beach in the first place. To remove ourselves from everyday life to do something that we just can’t do anywhere else. To relax, and dig, and play together.

    By Jon Hancock on 06.05.2013

  11. All my feelings mixed up jumbled but pasted to be a complete picture of my heart I’ll figure it out with the glue and scissors

    By Brooke on 06.05.2013

  12. pictures are beautiful. you can put them in a collage and make them pretty and very great to look at. there re different frames you can buy to post your collage on the wall and to see what everyone thinks about it. collages are great with just yourself or others. they are pretty of things also not just people. i love collages.

    By emily on 06.05.2013

  13. photos, numerous events, programmes, software, charity, people, smiles, sunshine, photos, cars, software, animals, money, business, France, estetique, beautiful, presentations, divine

    By Silviya on 06.05.2013

  14. A collage is a mixture of photos. Memories. Each unique to its own, mashed together in a wonderful show of creativity. Each captured moment makes up a greater picture, a metaphor for the thing we know simply as life.

    By Jenny on 06.05.2013

  15. She’s seen it all before. Her smile is fixed. She laughs loudly on cue. She has memorized the script. This isn’t how it is supposed to be. Living the same thing. Never changing. Grow up. Move. Do something.

    By Ellie on 06.05.2013

  16. It takes too much energy to love her. It takes too little to not care. It has been years and years. I’ve grown up and changed. She hasn’t. It takes too much energy to hate her. It takes too little to not care.

    By Gia on 06.05.2013

  17. Walking up the steps to my new dorm room, I took a shaky breath. It’s okay Carla. There are lots of new people here too. But it still felt like I was alone. I looked down at my room key.

    By Betti on 06.05.2013

  18. my brain. end of story

    By Evan URL on 06.05.2013

  19. It strikes me that mosaic is the new work of my life. That once upon a time, I invented patterns for whole cloth, and only with words. Now it’s all the news… found footage, little pieces pulled together into a story. But then with that one or two woven, hyper-manipulated threads.

    By Jack URL on 06.05.2013

  20. collage

    piece me together, will you please?
    teacher, i need some help.
    show me the way.
    this way? that way?
    just give me a hint. anything. really. come on.
    teacher, i need some help.

    By T URL on 06.05.2013

  21. life.
    Everything including the darkest of days and the brightest of nights.
    My least favourite activity in school.

    By Kitty on 06.05.2013

  22. i’m piecing together
    the bits of your lives
    that comprise me
    that create me
    that condone me

    By smnthbll on 06.05.2013

  23. The world was beautiful in it’s sickness. An endless collage of carnage and death. Landscapes painted in crimson, glinting evilly beneath golden sun. Water as red as blood and flowing just as freely.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 06.05.2013

  24. This rooms getting really messy again, isnt it?

    yes. yes it is, but i prefer to call it a collage of clothes, placed carefully about the floor; not quite in your way, but enough to hide the purple stain from when we decided dying our hair was a good idea.

    By Doodlepip URL on 06.05.2013

  25. I hung up the collage my friends and I made. I thought back to all the things we did when we were kids. Then I thought about the thing that changed it all. Someone was bound to find out soon. We would be in so much trouble, maybe even be… arrested.

    By TheWritingGiraffe URL on 06.05.2013

  26. A collage is a collection of pictures pasted together, all of the same subject matter, such as flowers, or butterflies.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 06.05.2013

  27. We collage together bits of our lives to make ourselves happy.

    Furiously sticking things together; forcing them to fit to beat off loneliness and unwanted feelings of self-hatred.

    By Ruth on 06.05.2013

  28. Collages are important things. So we think. Collages are over used pieces of junk made by teenage girls. They serve no benefit to society, rather they drain our minds.

    By Ayan on 06.05.2013

  29. I will perfectly fit your pictures my pictures our pictures, all of them intertwined to create a perfectly and randomly work of art of us together. as if we still were together.
    i will perfectly lock our eyes as if we were standing face to face just to forget you are never gonna be with me, ever again.

    By M. on 06.05.2013

  30. if there was ever a word for it
    not to put too fine a point
    to find a point in space
    to create chaos from a
    cosmic collage
    is to understand that
    it takes more than momentum
    more than will
    bull headed ignorance
    passionate pain and loneliness
    the ever dwindling answer to
    a question that’s never quite asked.

    By Matty M. on 06.05.2013

  31. A picture is worth a thousand words, well i am worth more things inspire me like no one has before i see the world many ways but with you always in mind. id care to share a thousand lives and a thousand deaths despair

    By taylr prescott on 06.05.2013

  32. A group of things, some matching some not. A life that is full and beautiful full of love as in a fine picture album.

    By Horrace Foster on 06.05.2013

  33. I can taste the salt in
    my wounds and I wash
    my toes in
    the waves crashed against the boat
    sending me to
    pieces of bullet fragments
    of a disturbed mind
    over matter
    of taste
    It’s delicious. So rich and so sweet.

    By penny dreadful URL on 06.05.2013

  34. The collage was hung on her wall haphazardly, with the tacks you can get for ninety-nine cents at the grocery store. It was all pictures of the summer before–the four of us, wild-eyed and drunk with life and summer.

    By lydia URL on 06.05.2013

  35. A collage is more then just a collection of things. It’s a collection of life, of moments, momentos, memories created into memoires that are seen rather then felt. Every second determined by a picture that is felt and connected by a synapsis in the brain

    By Andrea on 06.05.2013

  36. I just love working with my hands. The collage was made of cut-outs of magazine pictures of people’s eyes. It was amazing!

    By Ericka Renee URL on 06.05.2013

  37. Creativity seen by all that we love combined into God’s view of life, all one and separate,

    By breesbreeze URL on 06.05.2013

  38. You are an amalgamation of you and me. Us together, my initials lit in bleeding red on your forearm — a sign of the love we swore we would never hold. It’s sad, because I’d always wanted that tangible piece of art, the one I could hang on my wall and have people ohh and ahh over. What I got instead was us. This imperfect collage of all the things we always wished we could be, sewn together for eternity to mock us with what we will never have.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 06.05.2013

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    By freya URL on 06.05.2013

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    By freya URL on 06.05.2013