February 14th, 2012 | 301 Entries

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301 Entries for “clue”

  1. Hidden, with an agenda. Something that points towards a mystery, the unknown. It’s intriguing and it captivates you with its secrecy. You are thirsty for it; thirsty to know the secret. And yet it never reveals itself.

    By mali on 02.15.2012

  2. I did not have a clue as to which way to go to get back on the track that our trail leader had taken us. However I remember passing a sambox tree about twenty feet to the south of where I am now.

    By victor walkes URL on 02.15.2012

  3. i have no clue on what he’s thinking, and I’m sure he has no clue on what i’m thinking. it’s good to stay mysterious, but sometimes the mystery means the end of a connection–or relationship.

    By kaorita on 02.15.2012

  4. I don’t have a clue what to write about this word, except that it is a board game that some likely remember well. Clue refers to a little piece of information that you notice, and use to help you unravel a mystery. My granddaughter, 8 years o

    By Margaret on 02.15.2012

  5. Clues could be a star in the sky, a twig on the ground, a spot of blood on the clean ream carpet. But clues can also be hidden, kept a secret by the people who should never have made this pointer to destruction.

    By Eleanor on 02.15.2012

  6. You don’t get it, you don’t have a clue. I’m trying to save us. The closer we get to the ultimate expression of love, while I am not yet “in love” with you, the farther I feel I want to get away from you.

    I’m not ready. I cannot voice this feeling. There are no words for it. Please listen to my body language. I don’t want to do this.

    By Laurie R. URL on 02.15.2012

  7. i have no clue what i want to do.. where to go or who i am becoming – that is part of the fun and fear especially after 40

    By aly URL on 02.15.2012

  8. I don’t have a clue what I’m writing about here, I just came to this page these men were behind my back one was carrying my dead dog and I don’t know why the dog died five years ago surely it must have decomposed before but here was the cadaver fresh like a summer breeze jesus don’t do thi

    By Tom Johns on 02.15.2012

  9. I have no clue. My friend hates me, she loves me – wtf. I mean jeez what is going on? I know this is sadly lacking in punctuation, or any sort of meaningful, decent writing, but hey . whatevs. Um. Clueless.

    By Linda on 02.15.2012

  10. I need some clues from source. Clue me up. Clue me down.
    Clues are great! Cluesome. More. The clueclub. Pray.
    Recieve clues. Then clue-do. Thank you, clue. Syronicities are clues.
    White feathers are clues.

    By n on 02.15.2012

  11. I haven’t a clue. Why don’t you reach into your pocket and buy yourself a clue? A smart ass remark we used to say as teenagers. Back then we thought we knew it all. Now, I realize that the older I get the less I seem to know.

    By Leela108 on 02.15.2012

  12. It’s my 23rd birthday and I have yet to find the fit. The book I’m supposed to write to define me. Like Tender is the Night began Fitzgerald’s rich intellectual archetype and The Sun Also Rises gave way to Hemmingway’s pathetic mal.

    By Ruben URL on 02.15.2012

  13. He peered threw his monicle…a single hair,one finite clue. The crown jewels where gone. Nothing but shattered glass and a question remained. He pinced it with his tweezers and placed it in a plastic baggie.A new mystery,but this was only another in a long line for detective Mattews. The American P.I had been called in for a simple reason.He was the best.

    By Elena Chavez on 02.15.2012

  14. when you see a clue you need to go and be a detective to find out what the clue will take you to – someone, something, where you need to go, who you need to be – what does this clue what to do with your plan in life and an action you need to take? What is the next step? What is the plan from here?

    By Lauren Welch on 02.15.2012

  15. tell me …. one at a time…. lead the way.

    I will find you … bit by bit.

    Anticipation building, burning, leading me on.

    One clue at a time…..

    By vivianne barry URL on 02.15.2012

  16. He found something, dirty piece of paper … There was blood on it and somebody’s phone number. He knew that it was important. ‘Bonyaski, call chief, we have something. It might be important.’ ‘Aight, Boyo. Will do.’ Then he focused on the paper once again. ‘Tell me what you are hiding you bastard’ shouted .

    By Omnix URL on 02.15.2012

  17. having one, not having one, guessing, who knows, many don’t the truth is out there its within us all when I think of you I just don’t know or maybe I do well I’m waiting and lets see what happens it’s written in the stars and

    By Rachel URL on 02.15.2012

  18. There was only paint covering the walls, nothing else to lead anyone to anything resembling a clue, let alone a body. He persevered nonetheless, unrepentant and unforgiving in his quest…

    By Julia on 02.15.2012

  19. What is a clue, will it bring me closer to you?
    Should I already know what’s in your mind and heart?
    Or read between the fine lines?
    A hint, a glimps into the truth…
    What truth?
    I’ll give you a clue…
    The inner burning love that’s in me and you.
    Yah, it brings me closer to you.
    And you, and you.

    By Atown on 02.15.2012

  20. I don’t have a clue. I don’t know how I got here or why I’m here. I don’t know how the earth got here. I don’t know how it’s possible for our sun, Sol, to be able to produce enough hydrogen gas to burn for billions and billions of years. I am clueless

    By Brandon URL on 02.15.2012

  21. I don’t have a clue what to write about but I am searching, always, for the clue that will lead me toward the down the thread the line the focus the vision that will take me there. where i am going… which is odd because i now understand that i am always going there anyway, anyway… i am on the way whether or not i ever realize there is a clue… even without awareness of a clue there i would be headed… to the me that I am becoming.

    By amy URL on 02.15.2012

  22. I haven’t got one. Looking and looking and all I see is sky and wind. and my feet are in the mud. which is soft and I will leave foot prints where ever it is I choose to go. what is this we have here?

    By lbk URL on 02.15.2012

  23. I wish I had a clue as to way I am dragging my feet moving forward with my group coaching program. I wish I had a clue to what is stopping me. I wish I had a clue as to way I am living a life that does not reflect my true potential. A clue- will that have me move forward?

    By Jayne URL on 02.15.2012

  24. There had been clues all along, but I had missed them. They weren’t part of the plan. They were ignored and now I was still lost struggling to remember all the scattered bits of heaven I had been tripping over for years. Funny though, once I let go they all came rushing back as faces, over heard conversations, color and sound. There would always be a path if I was willing to stop trying to plow my own.

    By Gabrielle Saliba URL on 02.15.2012

  25. I don’t have a clue how to get everything done today I need to get done. The dogs need walking and my husband needs errands run. My book needs chapters written but I don’t have a clue how I’ll manage to be in three places at once.

    By Sheila Good URL on 02.15.2012

  26. Got a clue? No one ever really has a clue. One person has all the knowledge, and the others are just oblivious.

    By naghs URL on 02.15.2012

  27. Professor plum was always my first suspect. Miss scarlet was rather attractive, even in cartoon form. Colonel mustard had a mustache like my uncle. But the butler…the butler.

    By BRC on 02.15.2012

  28. I don’t have a clue what to write about. I don’t have a clue why I’m in school when I’m really not feeling well. I should probably go home. I don’t have a clue why it’s raining. I thought it was supposed to be sunny today….

    By ape224 URL on 02.15.2012

  29. Walter knelt down, magnifying glass in hand, in order to anylyze the colossal corpse that was smack dab in front of him. I’m not one to question a man’s tendencys but how necessary is this?

    By David URL on 02.15.2012

  30. Get a clue. Give a clue. Add up the clues. Find the clue. All the clues.

    By ceeeees URL on 02.15.2012

  31. I got no fucking clue what you want. I would really like to be left alone right now, thank you very much, no no no thank you, I really do not want you to touch me there. I’m quite alright by myself thank you very much. Buh bye now! No I mean. Go the fuck away.

    By Chris URL on 02.15.2012

  32. Clue is a boardgame. You can choose to be a character like perfessor plum or col. Mustard and there are different rooms of a house on the board. There was a murder and you have to find out who did the murdering in what room and wi th what object before the other p,layers to win the game.

    By AJ URL on 02.15.2012

  33. Clueless is a movie that everyone in my lit class kept talking about that I have never seen. At least I think that’s the movie we were talking about. I don’t know, it was supposedly based on Emma by Jane Austen, although I’m not really sure how some movie could turn that kind of book into anything worth watching. I mean the book was good but I just don’t see how someone can take a Victorian (I think) novel and turn it into some romcom whose plot is completely centered around a beach party.

    By Jackie URL on 02.15.2012

  34. In games you ask for a clue if you can’t solve a word. If someone is telling you something and making you guess it you ask forncluesto help make it guessable. What’s a clue other wise? My cousins dogs name!!

    By Caroline Dixon on 02.15.2012

  35. Clue. Reminds me of the board game I used to play as a kid with my best friend and her little brother and sister. Those were the best times, when we were all so innocent and new, taking snack breaks between different board games: chess, Risk, Sorry. Clue. I miss those days.

    By Grace URL on 02.15.2012

  36. mystery leading to intrigue and excitement. possible places my heart will go. held aloft like bird in guilded cage as the cat waits longly below

    By sianie edwards on 02.15.2012

  37. A clue is a hint , something to help you. Picking one up has helped many problem solvers on countless occasions. how cool

    By Becky on 02.15.2012

  38. Get one, a clue that is. Childhood games requiring thought and mustard. Who killed Virginia Wolff? I don’t know. I don’t have a clue, Jr. I don’t know what it takes to solve this mystery. Eyes open wide, smell the breeze of Now. Now I get it. Now I got it.

    By Tammy on 02.15.2012

  39. Lost in the darkness, my hands felt for something – a hint, a clue, a sliver of silver light – that would show me the way out … the way home.

    No clue. No light. No hope? Will it ever change …

    By Liz Benbrook on 02.15.2012

  40. Clubs are fun they have friend there and family they have fun music and so much more thats

    By Gabby on 02.15.2012