February 14th, 2012 | 301 Entries

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301 Entries for “clue”

  1. There was a four leaf clover on the floor of the closet.
    “Hey, Michael,” said Peter. “Check this out.”
    The two men in trench coats stand in silence for a few moments.
    “What is it?” said Michael.
    “A goddamn miracle.” said Peter.

    By Jim Truong URL on 02.14.2012

  2. I have no clue. What to do. I wanna just say boo hoo. Because I lost my shoe. It got stuck in some goo. Which resembled glue. I have one shoe now, not two. And now my life is poo.

    By Acela URL on 02.14.2012

  3. Here I will give you a clue. I love him too. Hes not you. The way he holds me, his face close to mine, his hands grazing my thigh. I was this close to cheating, but I couldnt stop being reminded of you. Guess who?

    By Marie on 02.14.2012

  4. A small indication of what’s to come.

    By Annie URL on 02.14.2012

  5. The fact that he pushed down his sister and broke her arm
    How he reacts so quickly
    That he will curse out his own mother
    That he is jealous beyond belief
    That he won’t let me have friends
    That he calls me out my name all the time
    How he has crazy emotional outbursts
    Maybe I should have picked up on the clues before it was too late.

    By Leah on 02.14.2012

  6. You stepped behind me playfully
    I felt you
    and I know you felt me
    It’s cat and mouse
    And darling,
    you only think I’m the mouse
    I catch you looking at me a little too long
    and I brush against you a little too often
    I laugh and joke
    In my heart, I know this is all pretend
    The ring on that finger says so
    Clue me in.

    By Leah on 02.14.2012

  7. Give me a clue, so on give us a clue. OR shall I leave you a clue? A clue for what I want you to do? Or a clue for what you should do? That’s what I’ll do. I’ll just give you a clue, a gentle hint to what you should do.

    By Sigsy on 02.14.2012

  8. The musty board game was hidden under an old box with a grinning man in a top hat. I pulled it out, trying not to inhale the dust. “Let’s play Clue!”

    Colonel Mustard advances. I am accused by a man brandishing a lead pipe himself.

    By an octopus URL on 02.14.2012

  9. i don’t have a clue what to write or the patience. That is really what the issue is here, i don’t have time, therefore i don’t have patience, therefore i don’t have any time to relax. I need to take a step back…give myself time to breathe, eat right, go to the gym…live a normal life. It’s so hard to take advantage of time and let youself enjoy the moments you live.

    By natalie Katz URL on 02.14.2012

  10. She searches for a clue, because she doesn’t have any. Not even one.
    “Not a clue,” she whispers to herself. “Not a clue. Not a clue.”
    She bites at her freshly-painted nails; pink, pristine.
    Runs her hands through her perfect blonde curls.
    Grazes the soft porcelain skin of her arms with her clammy hands.
    And those tears that were sitting dangerously close to the edge, they finally spill over, sending black-stained tears dripping down her rosy cheeks. Spoiling those eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes.
    She’s unable to sit still. Always looking, always searching. Everywhere, all the time. Turning over and over in her mind.
    It’s the one thing she doesn’t have. And the one thing she needs most.

    By Hayley Rose URL on 02.14.2012

  11. what. oh what could it be. I see many things that hint to what I am seeing, feeling, beleiving…but what is real…what is true..I need a clue to that which I hold dear..a clue to reveal all…please tell me!

    By rani URL on 02.14.2012

  12. This game was my salvation as a kid. miss scarlet with the candlestick in the library. Now I’m actually starting to get one. Mostly because I’m not scared to listen to the silence. What you avoid you don’t want. Booze doesn’t solve it. can’t fuck it away, get it? Finally I’m starting to.

    By julie on 02.14.2012

  13. a mystery. a candlestick. a dimension. treat me to this one bit of you and i will ache for more. defend it, honor it, gift it to the world. concision.

    By fiona on 02.14.2012

  14. i have none. I wish I did. If only there were a key of some sort….that would unlock the mystery…the unknown…I’d need to know where it was…if only someone would give me a clue and I’d spend the rest of time searching for it….but then…if I found it, where would the surprise be?

    By merrilyn URL on 02.14.2012

  15. i have a clue. i know i do. it’s deep down inside, so deep i could cry. my clue is my guide. it is my soul. never know when or where or even how it will lead me, but never doubt, never fear, my clue will always hold me dear. my guide, my companion. my love, my life. clever, hidden clue, so true.

    By Jeffrey Van Dyk URL on 02.14.2012

  16. board game. give me a hint. a peek into the future life. the colour blue. i need to get better at this game. haha. sixty seconds is a long time

    By Vania on 02.14.2012

  17. there it was. a hint of something about to come. it was your voice, and the way you talk about gretta. and the way you say everything. how you hide the mensa newsletters because you’re embarassed that you’re a genius. how you’ve stayed even though you’re terrified. i can’t take you lightly. this will be big.

    By jane on 02.14.2012

  18. They had memorized the entire movie, two sisters who fought like mad, but the one thing that always brought them back together- reciting lines from Clue.

    They were a year apart, but the mere mention of that movie would have them dissolving into gigglesnorts and fits of laughter.

    By Erica Staab URL on 02.14.2012

  19. get one. clue me the door chickie, an awesome cartoon. It’s a game.

    By Laurie URL on 02.14.2012

  20. Get a clue. Need a clue. Don’t have a clue. Does that make me clueless? Is clueless stupid? I need a clue to solve the puzzle, win the game. Professor Plum in the Library. It is a game. Life is a game. You need clues to help you along. I need a clue.

    By Mango Fish on 02.14.2012

  21. Most times these days I have no clue what I’m doing or why. The main perpetrator of this notion in my head/heart is my philosophy class and the subsequent idiocy I feel that I exude whilst trying to read the material. God help me.

    By Theresa URL on 02.14.2012

  22. The thing that I’m sure I get many of, but I wish they were a bit more obvious. Fewer clues and more statements.

    By katie on 02.14.2012

  23. Give me a clue, dammit. Leave a note by my bed. Tell me you love me, too.

    By Jobelle URL on 02.14.2012

  24. Blue’s clues. Clueless. Clue by four. Clue the game. The movie with Tim Curry. Curry? Really? What a name. Clue rhymes with glue. Get a clue. Clued in. Give me a clue. Sometimes I have no idea what’s going on. Sometimes all I have are clues, and no mystery.

    By Spidergrrl URL on 02.14.2012

  25. Clue was always a fun game. I always enjoyed thinking of the stories that were made so simple by the die-cast pieces and guessed scenarios. Why did Colonel Mustart kill Miss Scarlet? Was in it his character? He was a military man, after all. PTSD will do those things to you. There was so much to imagine in that game.

    By Jonat URL on 02.14.2012

  26. I haven’t a clue what to write but I like the idea of writing without thinking about it! Feels very freeing and fun. Clues are all around us if we open our eyes to the wonder of the world .. trying to give us messages if we but listen deeply.

    By Amanda on 02.14.2012

  27. I have no clue as to what I am going to do. But I do know everything is going to go for a bright new start. Woohoo for the brilliant beginning.. :) Thank you Thank you! Clueless is what everyone should be always. That shows you are on a road less travelled!

    By cs on 02.14.2012

  28. the clue is the glue that keeps me thinking about the subject which the clue is about. I don’t have a clue what that is!

    By Cassandra Eve URL on 02.14.2012

  29. Give me a clue – anything to guide me. What is my direction? Where am I going? Will I be happy when I get there…. why do I seem to lack direction… what is it I should be doing? Please give me a clue. Anything that will start the journey to my creative content. The thing I am meant to do.

    By Tasha URL on 02.15.2012

  30. i don’t have a clue about what to expect next

    do you have any clue as to what is coming your way?

    clues are interesting
    trying to decipher the path ahead of us

    awareness will help us in our quest

    be present to the clues
    be open

    By april on 02.15.2012

  31. I wish I had a clue. An insightful, magical clue. This clue would help me, would give me the edge. Wait – I don’t want that clue. I’m figuring it out like everyone else. I don’t want the extra edge, I want to be just like you and you and you. I want us all to do this together.

    By Camille on 02.15.2012

  32. You are absolutely clueless … as in “You have no clue!”. How on earth could you have made t hose reservations when you knew that I would be working late tonight, and that (a) I would not have enough time to get there, and (b) I would be in no mood!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 02.15.2012

  33. I dont have one. I wish I did. It would help me chose my next move. I like clues.

    By Thea on 02.15.2012

  34. Clue is the word I have got no clue, may be life is this way that the clue is to search for and there is non, like the don´t know mind walking clueless, is this really my home here in this cold funny place? I have go no clue, what is the use of a clue?

    By Andy Sydow URL on 02.15.2012

  35. What are the clues to your heart? Are you sending them to me with your silence?
    Clue if for someone who knows, clues are obtained through rational processes but in matters of the heart how does that work out? In distance how will I know.

    By hermosa on 02.15.2012

  36. Get one…get three..look for them…pay attention to them when they are presented to you. C collect L listen U understand E evolve.

    By Gigi on 02.15.2012

  37. The house was clean — surfaces were polished and the floor was clear from strewn objects, its carpet vacuumed.
    There was no trace anymore of someone ever having lived there.

    By Anonymous on 02.15.2012

  38. Well I don’t have a clue where to start. Clueless. Clue rhymes with blue. Clew. Drew. What a strange word is clue. How strangely quickly one minute passes when you don’t know what to do.

    By noreen URL on 02.15.2012

  39. He used more aftershave these days, showered immediately upon his return, worked late yet carried an aroma of alcohol and good times. She missed all the clues.

    By Laura URL on 02.15.2012

  40. that fleeting feeling that tells you this is right for you or this is not where you should be right now, LISTEN and obey to grow.

    By Meredith on 02.15.2012