April 30th, 2011 | 389 Entries

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389 Entries for “clover”

  1. When I was a kid my mum said “go and do something” I said “what?” and she said “go find a four leaf clover.” So I went to the grass and started looking, and then within a minute said “like this?” It’s now in my flower press safe and sound and lucky.

    By Mosy S on 05.01.2011

  2. clover and over and over. what is that song called again? idk. going to google it after this. then i will say “oh yeah”. what is going to happen when the time runs out. first time on this site. need to poop.

    By Gandhi on 05.01.2011

  3. There was a five leaf clover hidden in the hills beside the seashore town of Bray. My bretheren and I went on a search to find it. It held the key to the knowledge of all that ever was and all that ever will be. And of course it provided its possesor with an unlimited amount of luck. He would be invincible. Nay unstoppable. We didn’t find it yet. But we haven’t stopped looking.

    By Hessa on 05.01.2011

  4. Like understanding love, a four-leafed clover is rare. Its complexity difficult to understand. If you find one you should never let it go. I have never found a four-leafed clover. But I have found love.

    By Megan URL on 05.01.2011

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    By miguel martins de menezes URL on 05.01.2011

  6. “‘Each with his bonny lass, upon the greening grass…’ Hey,” Jonas abruptly stopped singing. “Does that mean what I think it means?” Ms. Palmer quieted the rest of the choir and turned her attention to her Number one tenor. “What do you think it means?” she asked. He fidgeted a little. Ms. Palmer was hot and talking about this with her was going to cause him some discomfort. “Well, you know, they’re lying on the grass … and … kissing and stuff.” As the eighth grade choir tittered, she smiled at Jonas in sympathy. “Actually,” she replied, “while I believe there was plenty of kissing and stuff, why don’t we just look at it like they were looking for four-leaf clovers?”

    By Izolda on 05.01.2011

  7. irish dreams of cold misty mornings and songfilled nights. Soft mound of damp ground with breathtaking views and stunning warm friends

    By Jenni McCann on 05.01.2011

  8. I want to sink deep into it. The mossy underneath, the wet between my toes. Falling away into deep, dreaming sleep. Sleepy dreams without anxiety.

    By Val on 05.01.2011

  9. It makes me think of Clover Green the lawyer from the tv series Rake. I’d almost love to turn out like him just so I could be interesting. Because I think right now I’m dull. And I’m a terrible law student, so I’ll never make it as a lawyer. So I may as well be interesting and rougue in the time being. The trick would be getting past the GDLP and the bar association. Fuck I’m never going to make it.

    By M Rose on 05.01.2011

  10. There once was a clover on a field. A magnificient clover. It was bright and overshined all the clovers on the field. But all was not good. One day a man came, picking clovers and he was looking for best and brigthest. That was the one he saw and he picked it. The life of a clover

    By Thomas on 05.01.2011

  11. Oh, yes, the mystic magical clover. Although. before I knew anything about Irish mythology, I used to simply est clover. Not all of it, leaves and roots, but juts the sweetest tips of each tiny needle-like petal. I plucked each of them one by one and chewed on the roots of them. Sweet.

    By Ia Sama URL on 05.01.2011

  12. I love the irish the accents are amazing. the clover is their symbol for good luck, they’re into that “ah… the luck of the irish”. It’s a four leaf clover that you need to find for luck, and if you carry it with you it should bring you good luck. Four leaf ones are rare though most clovers have three leafs or more than four. The irish are into other things related to luck as well they have good luck charms such as horse shoes. etc. Clovers are green in colour and found in patches.

    By Elise on 05.01.2011

  13. clover is the type of three prongs
    it is a shell of vines and a clap of luck
    it is the treasure of green and nothing
    the very finest are the four pronged majesties

    By mori on 05.01.2011

  14. Green. Clover field were green, and apparently beautiful. I say apparently because I never say a field of clover. All I saw was fields, expanses of green nothingness interspersed with weeds of luck.

    By India on 05.01.2011

  15. found in grass, also surname of actor, part of many irish songs, green, lovely, not sure what it does, rhymes with dover.

    By liam coleman on 05.01.2011

  16. I can’t help but only see lover in this word I look at, which is clover. I think I’m saying more about myself than about a clover. I’m sorry, I want a lover.

    By Danny on 05.01.2011

  17. Today I walked out of the back door on my way to a friends house. On my way past the flower beds in the side garden I notice a four leaf clover. I picked it up and for the rest of the day had good luck

    By Lauren URL on 05.01.2011

  18. Clover. The word reminds me of parades in the almost-springtime and bright Sunday mornings I have all to myself. And luck, a thing I can never achieve.
    I’m not a superstitious person. So is luck superstition? I think it’s real. I’ve seen others stumble upon it without even looking for it. But I can never find those four leaf clovers, or horseshoes, or whatever people use for a lucky charm these days.

    By Mara URL on 05.01.2011

  19. It’s something you don’t usually find out here. Nu is absolutely ecstatic, mumbling and smiling and staring at it’s shape in the palm of his hand. So we take it inside and I press it with a couple of old books. When it’s done, I encase it between two tiny sheets of glass and hang it from a chain. Nu never takes it off.

    By Veerin URL on 05.01.2011

  20. Springtime. Making love in a field, soft winds gliding over our bodies entwined. The hot sun broasting on our shoulders making each movement even hotter. Sweet smells of life spur us on.

    By Mark on 05.01.2011

  21. I’ve always dreamed of laying in fields of clover, but we don’t get much green where I am here in Australia. It depresses me that I can’t lay in those fields with my prince (or princess) and talk until the sun goes down exactly like what happens in romance films, like the real ones, not the fake ones.

    By Erin on 05.01.2011

  22. Four-leafed variety? The type that Irishmen sing about buy never turn up in my fields. By mother used to sing a song about a four-leafed clover; I suspect it began life in music halls, and ended over the washing up in our grubby kitchen.

    By joey on 05.01.2011

  23. I always wanted to find a four leaf clover. They are good luck charms, and I could always use a little bit of luck. However I’ve never found one. Apparently you can buy them online, but how is it luck if you are buying it? I think if I could just sit in a field one day and happen to spot one next to me, that would be the best day ever. I throw coins in fountains and wish on stars, but I’ve yet to find a four leaf clover.

    By Laura Ashley on 05.01.2011

  24. The videogame company known as clover is one of the most highly rated companies in the video game industry. With their innoavate games such as Okami and Vietiful Joe, this developer help push the gaming industry to an new level. Unfortunately they were closed up by Capcom.

    By AJ on 05.01.2011

  25. Clover. Like, four leaf? I heard four leaf clovers are actually common in one part of Ireland. Must be why it’s there symbol. Didn’t clovers originate from there as well? I don’t know. There’s that futurama episode with the seven leaf clover.

    By Zac on 05.01.2011

  26. clover leaves bring me luck. yeah luck is quite important in life. even if you’re bloody talented, you need some luck to bring you success. i wish i was a luck person. maybe i already am.

    By c on 05.01.2011

  27. Luck. The clover has usually 3 leaves but it’s a charm when it has 4. I remeber when i was walking to school on my 3rd-4rd grade a friend mentioned that her grandmother had a secret garden where she had found lots and lots of lucky clovers. I remember how fascinated i was.

    By António on 05.01.2011

  28. Four-leafed clover. Luck. Good luck. Bad luck?
    My sister told me sometime this week that four-leafed clovers were bad luck, which made no sense, for obvious reasons. I didn’t believe her.

    By Erin Schroeder URL on 05.01.2011

  29. Today was the that day my ship was to come in. But it didn’t. Today was also the day I was to find a four-leaf clover in the valley, to insure my luck truly had not run out. But I didn’t. Today was the day that something was going to fall from the sky and into my lap. Things fall all of the time, but I never adjust my lap to the left or the right. I expect not to have to work for it, it’ll just fall and find it’s own way to my lap. But sometimes all we have to do is move a little to the left or right, and there it is. The key word here, is you gotta move.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 05.01.2011

  30. I think clovers are special. Some of them have four leaves and they say that these are the lucky ones. I guess that’s a lot like people too, hey? Some people are born into this world with four leaves, the lucky ones. I do not have four leaves, I make my own luck.

    By Jessica Holmes on 05.01.2011

  31. “Tex, you suppose this cattle drive is worth it?” Vincent asked . “Of course,” Tex said, “is you or ain’t you a real cowboy?”

    Vincent kicked his cowboy boot at a pebble, raising a small cloud of dust, “It’s an awful long drive from here to Dodge city. It’ll take at least better parts of a week.”

    “Gol dang it, Vinnie,” Tex angrily spit a wad of tobacco-laden saliva and adjusted his cast iron belt buckle, “We’s doin’ this thang and that’s final! Now let’s git that cow ‘crost that prairie!”

    Vincent picked up his whip and a bran muffin and walked into the pasture. Off in the distance, rolling around in the clover, Bessie scratched her back.

    By richpee URL on 05.01.2011

  32. four leaves lucky green field Irish Ireland St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun red rover children’s movies Dr. Seuss

    By Kellianne on 05.01.2011

  33. plant ggreen and pretty and low growingl what vore cane i say its

    By josie URL on 05.01.2011

  34. Lucky charms are delicious. My favorite part is the marshmallows. When I was a kid I just ate the marshmallows. Now I eat it all. Yum! This is terrible. This is also a very long 60 seconds. Am I supposed to write stories?

    By yeshi on 05.01.2011

  35. Take your wrongs and go forth with earnest right such that you may be the better man for it. For any man is nobler that seeks to best himself in the face of such scorn and anguish at himself and at others.

    By Jason URL on 05.01.2011

  36. Irish people are cool people. I only know a couple of ’em but they turned out to be the best guys ever. Also, Guinness is amazing. One of those Irish guys is actually a girl and she is my best friend now, and I love her and I wish I could see her right now. I think I’m not that creativie for talking about the Irish when I see the word “clover”. Also thought about the movie “Cloverfield” but that sucked so I left it out.

    By Jay Pi on 05.01.2011


    By KATIE on 05.01.2011

  38. The field of clover

    Untouched save for the tender lips of sheep

    Holds the key to the secret

    That lies beneath

    The hill of Faerie

    By Gadtzgan Gadfreya URL on 05.01.2011

  39. The grass shifted underneath the wind sending a tuft of clovers from the day before flying from various places. It was the most beautiful thing anyone could see it was better than anything. Nature was amazing , I knew that now. Finally.

    By Lauren on 05.01.2011

  40. said the leprechaun.
    “That’s the answer.”
    “Eat it and live longer. Better Luck. The works.”

    By rjk on 05.01.2011