March 26th, 2011 | 178 Entries

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178 Entries for “classic”

  1. It seems like nothing is as amazing as a “classic”. Cinderella, Belle, Repunzel, Little Mermaid, Disney World, it just is never gonna be the same..everyone is all into horror movies and screamo music, fads and labels and I’ll always be a Disney girl <3

    By abbi URL on 03.27.2011

  2. Created
    Souped up

    By Amy URL on 03.27.2011

  3. ah yes, the classic moves that come with ballet. but i was only three and making my toes point in the right direction was not as easy as it looked.
    I tottered.
    arms in second position.
    a classic in the making

    By ginna hoben on 03.27.2011

  4. A perfect pickle walked up to a perfect top hat and said, “Have you seen Beethoven? He’s dressed up as early Bruce Springsteen.”

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 03.27.2011

  5. A simple thing. You are guaranteed to win approval with a classical move, like classical music, it is something old and aged. An excepted way of doing things, but a way you will love in the end. Everyone, loves it. Classic.

    By Smittthers on 03.27.2011

  6. I feel classic. There isn’t much about me that is made anymore in this time of mass production and such. But that’s changing. Diversity is making things easier to accept as less than congruent. Then best classics are a hodgepodge. Diversity is classic.

    By Mark G. on 03.27.2011

  7. Classic. This word makes me think about old cars and good movies. Delicious food and cheap gasoline. It makes me think about the good things in life that don’t seem to be around anymore.

    By Ryan16 URL on 03.27.2011

  8. Her fingers drifted along the racks of dresses, trying to discover the one – the one that would fit her miraculously and make her feel like a true beauty. Her thumb nail snagged onto one – a red dress, and she realized this classic piece was her, in the form of a simple gown, one she would remember for the rest of her life.

    By Meghan on 03.27.2011

  9. That jacket is classic

    classic song

    Classic John… he would.

    classic is one of those words that are, well, classic. It is a word that will never go out of style to describe the sheer awesomeness of something, somewhere, or someone.

    By Jer on 03.27.2011

  10. We zoom long the coastline in his old car. The wind blows my hair away from my face and the sun welcomes it. It is so classic, so cliched, so perfect that it isn’t true.

    By carter URL on 03.27.2011

  11. the differences between classic and cliche are very hard to outline, ’cause they eventually cross each other on so many levels that one finds itself emerged in a chaos of coincidences that in some cases end up in suicide.

    By andré URL on 03.27.2011

  12. There was a simple time once. We wrote letter and said prayers. We told stories to our children, sitting by a roaring fire to keep the cold and sickness at bay. We were dirty and sick, we were helpless and stupid. But what are we now that we weren’t then?

    By carter URL on 03.27.2011

  13. classic. coke classic. classic beauty. classic cars. classic dress. classic anything. classic is always classy. classic. oh yeah, classical music.

    By jessi on 03.27.2011

  14. She wore a classic suit and proper business heels. No one knew what passion seethed in the heart of that navy jacket and prim ascot.

    By Sara URL on 03.27.2011

  15. Classic. Music. People. Yu. You. Chinese. Asian. Philipino. Gabby. California. O.C. seth cohen. CAPS LOCK. time is running out, live like its the style. regina spektor. beautiful im jealous i want to be pretty i want a boyfriend i want to hurt him so much im hurt im mad

    By Crazy on 03.27.2011

  16. Classic.Vintage.Oldies.
    Romance. Marriage. Pure. Love.

    New. Electronics. Rap. Money. Power.

    Look how far we’ve come.
    Is this really where we want to be?

    By MBFAW URL on 03.27.2011

  17. i do enjoy a classic looking pair of pants paired with a silk shiirt and a really loud necklace.

    By lorraine on 03.27.2011

  18. “It’s a classic.” That’s the tagline I wrote for Talbots. No it seems that business is in the toilet. They refused to ever go with any of our marketing recommendations. Now it’s too late. They think a celebrity spokesperson can save them, but they’ve missed the boat.

    By wemuma URL on 03.27.2011

  19. Classic means old, unique and remembered. A classic book or movie is one that everyone knows of but is a little on the antique side. Classic is what you want to be when you’re old. Classic is music that makes you smile and miss your childhood.

    By Hayley on 03.27.2011

  20. the beauty of life is not knowing what’s in your future, but knowing something great is always around the corner

    By Emm on 03.27.2011

  21. The love we feel is always based on the past memories. It can be strengthen through the music we hear and the times we recall. Love is classic. Never ending. And forever. In the darkest days the idea and feeling of love bring joy and happiness. The sound of the violin singing her song of beauty brings a smile to my face, and brightens the place around me.

    By Panda on 03.27.2011

  22. a look that is simple and timeless.

    By shannon on 03.27.2011

  23. out along the dusty road car and train race like canisters of the industrial essence of mechanised life – sharp and clean and silver and free of attainment of coagulated filth of history, naratives and old flat scenes

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 03.27.2011

  24. i think abou the old sixtiesks me getting nostalgigo means or associates with class, and value

    By johan on 03.27.2011

  25. Original, and something to remember. No one will ever forget. A classic will be the guides to others who want just the same, to be remembered. I want my achievements to be a classic one day.

    By Jessie on 03.27.2011

  26. From here to eternity
    Classical modernity
    As transient as time
    Tell me —
    What will I be thinking when you finally bring your lips to mine?

    By HelenGrant URL on 03.27.2011

  27. A great old song that brings back memories of old friends and great times of summers past. the laughs the smiles the love you feel now and how you felt then

    By Lyle on 03.27.2011

  28. Classic. what a fun word. I love classic things. they are so cool and old fashioned. one time a girl rode around in a classic car and asked me to go with her. we jumped in and flew away with the old classic tunes filling the air and the car. We laughed and sang along and went to antique shops, dressing up in old clothes, having a blast. It was CLASSIC.

    By Misty goes Rawr :D on 03.27.2011

  29. It was so classic, the things he said to me, the tipycal things boys always say… Classic. Even though, he got me. I was fooled by him. Classic. And even though I knew I couldnt trust him, I did. Classic.

    By Paola Ascencio on 03.27.2011

  30. Classic is a tricky word. Many things are thought of as being classic that shouldn’t really be classified as such. The past is the past. We all think too much.

    By Carissa on 03.27.2011

  31. cars. classic is the best word i have found in a while it’s great for classic jokes, classic cards, classic looks,. my goal is to be a classic. humour. clothing. hair. Babes Just look at me go, they could make movies about my life and put them in a gold box as a series of classics cause everyone knows and loves them. classic. yep.

    By Molly on 03.27.2011

  32. Classic, classist, classy, classiest. That girl has class, he said. He means that she is beautiful but modest. Is a classic novel beautiful but modest? It certainly can be proud of itself. But it’s true, it’s not over the top.

    By harns on 03.27.2011

  33. “It’s a classic in the making,” I always remember him saying. I remember how I asked, “How can it be a classic? It’s brand new. That’s not possible.”

    He bought me a soda and cookies and told me not to interfere with car dealership issues. He was an old family friend, so nobody chastised him. Besides, I was always getting bribed and pushed away. People began to forget that what I really wanted was answers, not something to distract myself.

    And now it happens again. They murmur about my uncle only to stop and stare at me in silence when I walk in. I hear them babbling, but it ceases the second I cough a little too loudly or sneeze or make my presence known. They refuse to tell me what’s going on, and distract me with dinner or presents or promises they don’t intend to keep. I want the answers, but all I get is bought off.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 03.27.2011

  34. grandad listens to classical music, it reminds me of my journeys with him to brighton, its soothing and god to listen to and walk to , classic cars , music moments all positive things , its a classy word, and i love it ! memories.

    By dori Sparrow on 03.27.2011

  35. Everyday – the same thing. We were all accustomed to his little tantrums. It was a classic move on his side. He usually threw words around. He will soon turn to chairs. And people.

    By Silvia Lupuianu URL on 03.27.2011

  36. Be classic, nostalgic, and enjoy our past. We focus to much on today when we could be discovering incredible things from the past. Classic books are my favorite

    By thoreauisking URL on 03.27.2011

  37. Classic movies are the best movies to watch because they contain so many great things that have been lost in our generation. The morals were different they didn’t have much technology so there is so much that varies from classic movies to movies of our time.

    By Paige on 03.27.2011

  38. Simple. Refined. I think of a leather couch with nail head trim. Very neutral in style, can go in almost any interior. Timeless. That’s what I think of classic.

    By Kritter on 03.27.2011

  39. Classic reminds me of the word classy. I usually say that to my friends when they’re being really perverted. Like “Put the stick in the whole.” “That’s what she said!” “Real classy, guys.” I hardly ever use this word in the literal sense. I don’t even listen to classical music. Though sometimes I will when I’m studying. If I listen to alternative rock or anything with lyrics really, then I tend to sing along and I can’t focus anymore. It’s pretty class

    By Audrey on 03.27.2011

  40. Classical music has never been my taste. I can’t stand it actually. I just can’t. It’s so, well, I don’t even know how to explain how much i utterly hate classical music. i don’t care if the people that made it are the ones that helped form the music I like today and whatever. i just can’t stand it.

    By Samantha on 03.27.2011