March 25th, 2011 | 160 Entries

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160 Entries for “structured”

  1. words chosen
    iambic pentameter
    syllables counted
    everything structured
    to write a perfect poem
    for his beloved.

    By Khushali on 03.26.2011

  2. In a strict environment I am. Everyone’s lives built according to plan. When will I follow suit? When will I find stability. I’m trying…..I’m trying.

    By Nebula URL on 03.26.2011

  3. Before I met Dean Winchester, my entire existence was based on service to Heaven, obeying its structured rules and laws and policies. He changed that, changed my views of almost everything. For the first time in my thousands of years of existence I felt doubt.

    By Castiel URL on 03.26.2011

  4. the building was structured pretty well, designed by a well known architect, but is was in terrible need of repair, and would cost them thousands in the long run, money they just didn’t have.

    By Marie URL on 03.26.2011

  5. so this time is structured and that is OK although it is not my preferred way, I like to deviate from any plan, I like to respond from within myself and go off in the way that tells me, but this weekend there is structure and I will just have to hang ribbons of colours from that structure, affix my mojo objects and treasures and trinkets and in that way make it mine

    By geraldine URL on 03.26.2011

  6. The sentence was structured all wrong. The verbs had been replaced by nouns. The adjectives had been transformed to adverbs.Nothing made any sense.

    By tzoyia URL on 03.26.2011


    By scotchwhiskers URL on 03.26.2011

  8. this is a means of putting things together that make a lot of sense and in an organised way. We look at structure in buildings and they sometime look at them as say it was well structured. In a sentence the way the grammar flows with the vocabulary is indicative of how well structured it is.

    By kwok on 03.26.2011

  9. a life. one thing which in all things requires some structured purpose for it to be. without it? it becomes worthwhile.

    By kate fleming on 03.26.2011

  10. After Allen’s best friend was murdered, they threw together a plan, a very detailed and structured plan.

    “Let’s go to Subway, eat fresh, and pretend like nothing ever happened.”


    By URL on 03.26.2011

  11. They both lay there in the soggy grey ash snow. Jensen was breathing hard and the woman was twitching and moaning. He looked up at the structure that they’d used to hang themselves. It was a tree, but something else was lashed to it, too. Jensen couldn’t for the life of him make out what it was. Then she coughed.

    By chole URL on 03.26.2011

  12. “Please sit down, Mrs. Mundsen,” the teacher’s overly dulcet tones had immediately put Molly’s teeth on edge. “To be honest, I’m not sure why you wanted to see me,” Molly perched on the edge of her chair.” “Well,” the teacher’s hospital tones continued. “We’ve had some … challenges … with Timothy. It appears that he needs to have his time constantly structured.” “Why is that?” Molly asked. “He is a bright and curious child. Surely, that can’t be a bad thing.” “No,” the teacher steepled her fingers together in front of her pursed lips. “It’s not a … bad … thing. It is just that during recess, he spends his time organizing his class to protest lunch room noise policies and the approved elementary school reading list. And I’m sorry, Mrs. Mundsen, but we just can’t have that kind of individuality here at the Oceanian School.”

    By Izolda on 03.26.2011

  13. The structured buildings in urban areas, although magnificent, proved to be a main cause of Earth destruction. We should not make majestic buildings just to show them off. We should conserve Earth’s resources.

    By Iffah on 03.26.2011

  14. Structered? This was yesterday’s word. Don’t you people ever change the word? It’s past midnight; therefore, the word should’ve been changed already!

    By Mildred URL on 03.26.2011

  15. Build it. Live it. Feel safe in it. It’s your life and your plan. It’s your structure.

    By Lily on 03.26.2011

  16. For a good time call 6373463 – the structure of my life. Timing each speech to the second and wishing for for a moment more. Every weekend, four or five times that day. I have my structure – how about you?

    By Sebby URL on 03.26.2011

  17. When your whole life is structured how you’re used to it, one little change can be monumental. Whether it’s good or bad, everything can change within a few seconds, and nothing will ever be the same.

    By Ally URL on 03.26.2011

  18. My life has been far from structured perfectly. I love it. The structure of my world is such a mess that it’s wonderful. Screw the structure; thrive in the chaos. Conquer today.

    By savanahfaith :) URL on 03.26.2011

  19. I’m not thinking, I’m trying to break away from the structure of endlessly repeating cellular patterns, but it’s not working. No way in hell is it working, I try to but it’s just crumbling to horrible moist decomposing rotten ruins, wounds, tombs and

    By Colm Sewell URL on 03.26.2011

  20. Daniel’s life has been not so wonderful before. It wasn’t until he found his true love in Stacey. She caught his fancy the very first time he saw her at the pool. Shoulder length black hair, beautiful eyes, skin tone perfectly complimenting his greek looks. She had everything he dreamed of. Her most astonishing feature was her lean highly structured body… so perfect as if chiseled down by the God Himself…….

    By Tyroceur URL on 03.26.2011

  21. Daniel’s life has not been so wonderful before. It wasn’t until he found his true love in Stacey. She caught his fancy the very first time he saw her at the pool. Shoulder length black hair, beautiful eyes, skin tone perfectly complimenting his greek looks. She had everything he ever dreamt of. Her most astonishing feature was her lean highly structured body… so perfect as if chiseled down by the God Himself…….

    By Tyroceur URL on 03.26.2011

  22. They gate certainly looks the same to me. Slightly crooked, but hanging in there. Very structured, this place is. One would think that a cemetery would

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 03.26.2011

  23. Percy was organised. Some would say Structured. Everything had a place and eveyrthing was in it’s place, and everything was most certainly clean. That was until one day, after a very hard game of quidditch, Oliver walked into the room, soaked to the bone and getting mud everywhere. It changed Percy’s life forever.

    By Alexandra on 03.26.2011

  24. Structured like a military complex, unbreachable and heavily fortified, the walls of his heart buttressed the inner recesses where wounds still too raw to touch lay in wait for some signal of safety.

    By yellowstone URL on 03.26.2011

  25. the importance of structure? debatable. loose is the new structured.

    By ttabby on 03.26.2011

  26. Structured we are. Our society is forced into conformity like a train on tracks. Break the tracks, turn off the beaten path, because you are the only structure you need.

    By thoreauisking URL on 03.26.2011

  27. the bane of my existence. non-structured, over-structured, less structured more structured. i have too much of it and not enough. military structure and then a lack of familial structure. organizational structure. structure structure structure. pyramidal structure is

    By Julian URL on 03.26.2011

  28. The red brick buildings were so perfectly structured. The crisp white pillars complemented the crisp, clean, preppy look of the students walking around the historic Jeffersonian campus. Everything was in it’s rightful place, and now I will be, too. I’ve been offered admission to the University of Virginia!

    By sarah URL on 03.26.2011

  29. a structured life.. a definate time table a routine… a structured life means more productive time… you willhave a given set of rountine and things to do. so no much thinging.. just doing and doing.. and achievenig
    .. i hope it makes

    By rndm URL on 03.26.2011

  30. not today. today i am not interested in the structure. today i just want to let my mind wander. just to relax. structure is not allowed . sorry, you are not welcome!

    By Irena URL on 03.26.2011

  31. Structured oatmeal would not really work, It is all about the mushy texture and the option of taking a bite wherever you please. Nothing should be structured when it comes to oatmeal except maybe how long you microwave it, but even still you can always add water,…

    By Anna-Jayne URL on 03.26.2011

  32. this building, a structure, the geometry, architecture.
    “All architecture is political” he says and takes another drag.

    By Al(l) is on(e) URL on 03.26.2011

  33. Bashing down the structured staffs – thrumming thunder guitar and scraping screech violins. And lyrics that don’t make sense sung by vocalists who can no longer speak.

    By Hyperbole URL on 03.26.2011

  34. School, essays, more essays. Life’s like that.

    There’s an introduction, an introduction that everyone says must be great.

    Then there’s a nice body, a full body, with content, references, quotes and beautiful words.

    Finally there’s the conclusion, a conclusion that sums up everything.

    But you know what? That’s just a structure, and life isn’t about having a structure.

    By extremexunyi on 03.26.2011

  35. stiff, sore, structured.
    thus freedom becomes absolute key
    like birds from cages
    we burst forth from the wreckage of solid backbone

    By mercedes URL on 03.26.2011

  36. The plan was well structured and included in depth analysis along with vital details needed for implementation.

    By dahiana Tejada on 03.26.2011

  37. I’ve lived a structured life all my life. Routines. Conformity. Everything planned out at least two day ahead of time. I wasn’t one to take big risk, or any actually. I lived in a glass fish tank, looking out at all the big city people living their big city life. And I was comfortable excatly like that, that is, until the day I met him.

    By Samantha Velazquez on 03.26.2011

  38. The structured life I had led for so many years was falling apart and I wasn’t exactly sure where to go. I mean, how can you go from doing one thing day after day for 18 years to having the world fall out underneath your feet? The ground was shaking and it was all I could do not to fall in the cracks and never get out.

    By Emily on 03.26.2011

  39. strucured house, well-laid plans. battle plans, layout of a houese, unstructured, free-flowing, structured unstructure, no-make-up make-up, no-effort dressing casual appearance, casual hairstyle which actually includes lots of effort, lots of styling,
    structure in your lif, routine, daily, grind, structure whihc gives safety, safety in well-practised patterns of thought, actions; structure which can be too rigid, too boring, too predictable, the beauty of the unpredictable, inflexible structure, structure which can bend and survive the harshest storm, structure which will snap like a twig undefoot.
    molecular structure, patterns which are invisible but always unchanging, reassuring

    By maria74 on 03.26.2011

  40. It was a normally structured day. Edgar sat down at the kitchen table to eat his Kellogg’s Frosted Cornholios, took a walk around the lake with his pet alligator, and went to his job, cleaning out the buckets behind the local steak house and glue factory. When he came home, he walked his alligator again, had a nice peanut butter and nutella sandwich and went to bed.

    By richpee URL on 03.26.2011