February 6th, 2013 | 250 Entries

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250 Entries for “claims”

  1. “So, let me get this straight… she says I robbed her?”

    You nod gravely. “That’s what she claims, anyway.”

    By WearyWater URL on 02.06.2013

  2. They are claiming to be good English teachers. Sadly,they are not even close to that…I feel pity for children who are thinking that they are good teachers. It is not their fault. They don’t know better.

    By Tiny Elvis URL on 02.06.2013

  3. claims. she claims to care. she claims to really want things to matter. perhaps it’s all just a huge ruse. waiting waiting for it to all….happen. were it not for those heavy chains, she’d have flown into the sun years ago. not that it really matters. when you can scam an entire lifetime out of everyone you;ve ever met, loved, hated, used, abused or stabbed you can make claims abou what

    By c. on 02.06.2013

  4. She claims that the man is his. Its not. Its mine. In my head, he belongs to me. Virtually, physically it might be hers. But he is mine. He told me so. I hear his words.

    By Nick URL on 02.06.2013

  5. the papers fluttered down from the sky
    a sky of white and plastic and metal
    in which sunlight streams down from the flourescent above
    and surround the arms
    thrown up in the air triumphantly
    by the young 20 some business man
    who proudly chucked them

    By Aidan URL on 02.06.2013

  6. He claimed my heart. I claimed his. I claimed his best friend’s heart too. He claimed my heart back. My heart was split. I was choking.

    I was claimed by love. Till he left; the one I loved. After that, I was claimed solely by sadness.

    By paridhirustogi URL on 02.06.2013

  7. one wonders – cl claustro clandestine – both are sinister . aims – what are my aims – to escape from this dreadful life , what have I done who have I inadvertently injured and plealse excuse the bad spelling if you lived like I do perhaps you would be happily dead now and why live – to suffer more , to suffer the revenge of others and why – what have I done ? I am anxious , my bones , my neck bones are going to snap and they won’t give me pills , I struggled on all my life , my teeth need treatment and I cannot afford the work . Evil has been spread about me , there is a Hate Campaign to make me succumb to life long humiliation and degradation . Yes it is all sinister – what about Wrights , what about fish . I am already tired and I have to go to the bus to go to to go to – ms , mslexia – there are claims on my time – , I wish there were claims on my time which would enable me to earn money . She claims she is innocent , she claims she never said what she said and she gets away with it all , she is —– a corrupter in many ways and all applaud her — clam clam clam , People eat clams , in American Literature I read about them , I never saw a clam , are they hard to open ? One clams up ie says nothing . I tried even though —- and I could not succeed . I was blocked and a trillion other things . Clamo – is it – I shout , what type of revolution is this ? where is Mao , the modern Mao ? it is like that – and who is running it all – allowing people to —- is it gone – it is mine – I am here to claim it ., im – is it butter ? as , is , lis- is that a fairy fort ? lissom – not used often . lis in urbe . I would not stand around a gallows and laugh at the people hanged , others do , their minds are filled with idiocy , they abuse time , they claim they live well , the do well , they do not want to think , they are not trained to think and because I was not rich I did not study Philosophy and those who did and did nothing have now succeeded and can beat me to death , they have already destroyed the small amount of things I was good at – they have reduced me to nothing so they can destroy me and mock me -my family they wanted my dear parents to die in extreme suffering , if I had been allowed to succeed I could have helped my parents . they deny how they discouraged students from certain paths , it is easier to blame a person like me , like they always have done . A disclaimer – what is it? maybe Lauren knows …

    By Anna Grogan URL on 02.06.2013

  8. Claims. Many feel that they have claims to certain things in life. Claims to money, to success, every materialistic desire. The universe owes us nothing. Every blessing we receive is just that, a blessing.

    By Anthony on 02.06.2013

  9. House fire in Washington Township claims life of family dog.

    By Valentin Eni URL on 02.06.2013

  10. I claim a computer
    I claim a couch
    I claim a lot of things.

    By Thomas Gentile URL on 02.06.2013

  11. Claim; to have something or have ownership of something.

    By Thomas Gentile URL on 02.06.2013

  12. It is not in common usage now , not in modern colloquial discourse anyway . If people want to show they adhere to another era they use it , or perhaps they want to stab at others and allocate them to a past era of their choice where these people are tortured according to the prevailing mores . they have never seen a kangaroo but run kangaroo courts – so stuck up . It is great how the – i changes the word . What have clams and claims in common ? —c , l , a , m, s —–claustro – Klaus .. am am

    By Anna Grogan URL on 02.06.2013

  13. Well, this was his and that was the other guy’s. He travelled all the way from Connecticut just to stake this one and he’d be damned if some brat was going to take it from him. It wasn’t exactly the California gold rush, but this buffet was all he had left and again, he would be damned if he was going to let some fresh-faced sophomore take the last chicken wing.

    By Jesse URL on 02.06.2013

  14. There are so many ways to think of the word, “claims.”
    Claims of hardship, of wrongdoing – claims of something you did
    that someone else took credit for. What if, instead, we claimed –
    rightly – that God was King of kings, Lord of lords, and that He
    would be watching out for us no matter what? I clam that. Jesus is
    my King, my Lord. I claim Jesus.

    By Melissa on 02.06.2013

  15. Claims of one thing or another can actually be your biggest regret. Never open your mouth too wide,take care of your mind,speak your words like they’re limited,and talk like your tongue is made of glass. How wise you are.

    By H URL on 02.06.2013

  16. he claims i’m his, but i don’t want him.
    how can one person claim the other without permission?
    it haunts me.
    how can he own me?
    when i don’t own him…

    By Aspen on 02.06.2013

  17. waiting on my income tax return it’s what i worked for and earned so like tha i could travel and wait for my baggaged in the airport

    By junior on 02.06.2013

  18. I have written the claim on myself. Too many forgers have tried to take, and I won’t let them anymore. I’ve signed the sheet. My name in blood, so no more blood will be spilt. Not a drop. Whole and healthy and entire. Me. Not yours. Mine.

    By Margot on 02.06.2013

  19. i got nothin.

    By Brandi URL on 02.07.2013

  20. people will claim that they care about you. they can talk all they want.

    people will claim they are loyal to you and that they would never leave you.

    but claims are just open-ended statements that have no meaning.

    they don’t prove anything.

    By Kailey URL on 02.07.2013

  21. She claims she does not understand.
    She claims it isn’t worth it.
    She claims nothing is going on.
    She claims she isn’t perfect.
    She claims everything that is not true.

    By Liam on 02.07.2013

  22. People make claims all the time. Most of the time they can back them up, but what really annoys me is when people cannot. Especially when they are grand claims. My philosophy professor claims that there is an ultimate morality and that ethics are essentially set in stone. Those are some grand claims, but has he given us any evidence? Nope.

    By Matt URL on 02.07.2013

  23. “She claimed he jumped off the cliff into shallow water. He broke some bones, I guess but he’s alright.”

    “Man, what kind of idiot would do that? Was he stoned?”


    “What a shame.”


    “He’s a waste of space.”

    By HoldenLyric URL on 02.07.2013

  24. He claim, I claim, we claim. In a world full of deceit and manipulation, there is only one word to set things into reality. Claims, for that the truth is now hidden and can not be seen through the lies. So we look at claims, perspectives of those who attempt to manipulate and twist our mind.

    By shaokai URL on 02.07.2013

  25. Stating claims is a way of showing that you want to posess something. If you claim your right to inheritage from your grandparents, you state your will for posession of their heritage. But that does not mean that you will be very popular amongst your siblings.

    By William Berntssen on 02.07.2013

  26. oy, again with this
    can barely keep my eyes open
    another day passes along
    drawn lines deep down
    forgotten phrases on the tip of my tongue
    wishing for clarity
    hoping things go a little slower
    time makes claims on our lives
    remembering the times we tried
    before the crushing weight
    of misspelled words, afterthoughts
    of who we knew were our mates.

    By Matty M. on 02.07.2013

  27. claim!!
    i need to claim in my company for my salary
    for my offered salary but i m unable to claim.
    and this is the biggest mistake for not claiming at the right time.
    once i claim i m sure i will get my demands fulfil

    By ankita URL on 02.07.2013

  28. “It’s been a long time!” he exclaimed, his smile wide but his eyes muted.
    “How have you been?” I asked, loosing my tie and setting my pint briefly on the corner of the table. Perhaps he could see through the feigned interest, but he played along.
    “Very well indeed,” he went on, “I’ve been travelling. South Pacific mostly; New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa. I spent a long time moving around urban Australia – you know – Sydney, Brisbane, taking whatever work came my way, seeing whichever girls came my way!” His grin was very broad, but still his eyes betrayed him.
    “Anyway, I only flew back in yesterday and I’m exhausted. I probably should get on my way.” As we shook hands I looked for the sun-stricken tan line beneath his watch; the freckled skin; the bleached tips of shaggy hair. I like to think of myself as pretty perceptive, but I found none. He was always like that at school.

    By Barber URL on 02.07.2013

  29. There were claims that an attack was in progress on the newly installed government in the small African nation of Latongo. It was later understood that a mistake had been made and that no such development had occurred. Over that past month tension was high after the government gained independence .

    By victor URL on 02.07.2013

  30. She claims he stole something from her
    He claims he didn’t steal anything from her
    She was hurt by what he claimed
    One day she dissappeared, leaving no word
    He was hurt by her action
    And then he claims when she left, she stole something from him
    When she heard about his claim, she went back
    Then they both claim back what was stolen
    Their hearts….

    By LunaSyn20 URL on 02.07.2013

  31. That is all he tells her. He just keeps on saying those types of thing again and again, but she know that it is not true. Not true at all.

    By Gabrielle URL on 02.07.2013

  32. Some people claim to know a lot of things. More arrogant people claim to know everything. I think that’s completely and utterly preposterous! Most of the times the people who claim such nonsense doesn’t know anything at all.

    By Joji on 02.07.2013

  33. Not very exciting unless I was an attorney. The claims department, but then again … She claims to have not know that her husband was a gangster. He claims to have no knowledge.

    By Nol Beckley on 02.07.2013

  34. I claim to own this place, this world, my love and whatever I desire . I claim to give happiness in my life. I claim to bring kindness in this world. I claim to help poor

    By sunil URL on 02.07.2013

  35. I stake um, I make um!

    By Pauline Watts URL on 02.07.2013

  36. My Exs never claimed back things we shared.

    By Alex URL on 02.07.2013

  37. Claims: put up by someone. Often argumented. Why is spell check cancelling out my “argumented” word. That’s not how you spell it?

    By Jan2510 URL on 02.07.2013

  38. Claims are something somebody makes. They make claims to
    claim something.

    By Swasthika on 02.07.2013

  39. Claims to what! He exclaimed to himself. Shuffling around the room in a mad dash, he tried to scoop up all the papers before they burned. Get out of there! His brain was screaming at him over the buzz of smoke filling his consciousness. But his body wouldn’t listen. He grasped the documents for dear life before he decided to run out and save his own.

    By Laura Riddle on 02.07.2013

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    By jacqui on 02.07.2013