February 6th, 2013 | 250 Entries

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250 Entries for “claims”

  1. Claiming is looked down upon on the snowboarding world, as if being thrilled to have performed a difficult trick is something to be poo-pooed. TO be cool, you must apparently ride away, as if it was no big deal, took no effort, whatever. So blase. These same people look down at others whooping it up in a fresh snowfall. Screw ’em!

    By Ara on 02.07.2013

  2. Had this word yesterday and I claim to know that this because for a one word site, you tend to remember what words you get. there is still nothing of substance I can even want to write here. Claims…is claims. nothing to me.

    By dapenguinninja on 02.07.2013

  3. claims are made every day
    those words
    the ones that are whispered or yelled
    in a brief hint of passion,
    but all can stake hold of a claim
    but is what claimed the real thing
    is it everything you say it is.

    By CheyenneDrew on 02.07.2013

  4. lawyers defend claims
    people file them
    gossips say them
    gays detest them
    i cant speak for them all though

    By on 02.07.2013

  5. “You know, I could just leave. It’s not like you have any legitimate claims on my time, you know.”
    Paris and Jacob were sitting at a coffee shop. Paris was clearly anxious to be on her way – annoyed that she had to be here at all. It was almost a mystery why she had come in the first place.
    “You’re in such a hurry all the time. It’s been weeks since we’ve seen each other. I just wanted a few minutes to catch up…”

    By hannah URL on 02.07.2013

  6. this is just something people tend to make. they say this and that and always think they are right which is quite beyond ridiculous. you can make claims about everything but if you don’t back it up, there is no substance to your words. so keep claiming but mind yourself.

    By kyla on 02.07.2013

  7. She claims to be perfect, she claims to be calm, she claims to be all the things she wants to be….but she is not.

    By Amy Munns URL on 02.07.2013

  8. He claims to be the one. Sure, he might be. But how do you really tell? He could be the one, he could be the one to break you, make you, leave you alone. If you ask me, it’s better to be alone.

    By Zoei on 02.07.2013

  9. This man claims to have never been to the defendant’s home. But I intend to prove without a shadow of a doubt that he has in fact been there many, many times. So many times, that he has his own key. That he used that key to enter the victims home undetected and murdered him in his sleep on the night in question.

    By laurenlauren28 on 02.07.2013

  10. A claim is is when you take something that belongs to you. You take possession of it. You have a right to have it. Claims would be more than one item. People used to claim land in the west. It was called stake a claim.

    By Sheri on 02.07.2013

  11. I have claimed for half my life to be someone important. It started when I was a little girl and I stood atop tall rocks, claiming to be the king of the world–queen didn’t sound strong enough.

    By Zoe on 02.07.2013

  12. Nobody had a claim upon her. She ran, free as the wind, wild as the wolves that yipped and circled around her body. Their furs melded together, and then separated. They paused in their movement, and as they did, she tilted her head back, and the howling began.

    By Serryphae URL on 02.07.2013

  13. So, she claims to be my friend. But do friends really kiss your man! I don’t think so. They would kiss you before they kissed your beloved!! I’m done. No more time for this person in my life. This was the last straw. I don’t know why they would claim to love me and be my bestie then at the same time go behind my back…

    By mindy on 02.07.2013

  14. I claim to be free! I have the right to breeze and live happy and safe the rest of my life. Who are this men who pretend to take everything from me? You’ll se, i’ll show the world what I can do and claim my freedom!

    By Clara on 02.07.2013

  15. claims everything. i dont know what to say, im not an english speaker. i speak indonesian. ownership. make something her/his own.

    By anin on 02.07.2013

  16. the court room was hushed by the startling evidence spewed out of the accused mouth. how could you accidently murder your own sister? this cse was one that many people could not fathom. I myself as a court stenographer struggled to keep my composure as the accused confessed to the grusome details of the crime.

    By Kim on 02.07.2013

  17. The judge slammed his hammer onto the polished desk.
    “Present your case,” he shouted at the woman standing before him. “Woman” isn’t the right word: the girl was 14 years old.
    “Atalya Travis presents her case; she claims she has done nothing wrong,” announced the lawyer standing beside the girl.
    “I have done nothing wrong, your honor,” she said respectfully, “But in our government’s eyes, I have done the worst crime imaginable. I have loved the Lord Jesus Christ, distributed Bibles among my schoolmates, and I have led a Bible Study in my home.”
    Gasps echoed in the sparse building.
    “But!” the girl’s courageous voice rang through the stillness. “My Lord is with me. He is my Best Friend, my Comforter, my Defender. I am not afraid.”
    The judge’s eyes connected with the hammer in his hand. He blinked back any thoughts of mercy. This girl had done the worst crime in the Iranian law. She was a Christian.

    The sound of a sharp tap on the desk announced her fate: guilty of loving Love.

    By Emma Travis on 02.07.2013

  18. I don’t like this word vwer ymuch. Although I understand its meaning, both as a noun and as a verb, well, I don’t really like it. I don’t like “claiming” things, because, you know, i don’t know anything about the world, so I have nothing to claim.

    By Monica on 02.07.2013

  19. We are all surrounded by claims. There are claims from advertisers. 2x better than the leading brand! 3 out of 4 dentists agree! People claim to be the baddest, the best, the realest, the smartest, the most beuatiful. the most smart. the richest. It’s bullshit. It’s called a claim because there isn’t sufficient evidence for it to be fact.

    I don’t want claims. I need observations.

    By S on 02.07.2013

  20. You don’t know what to write when a word pops on the screen. You make false claims and then you go about your day.

    By Dean Marshall on 02.07.2013

  21. My sister claims that she doesn’t care about any of the silly business of demon hunting, Said Rhys, but I’ve seen how she gushes over three headed critters and unicorns with wings. She’s just as nuts as we are about looking for magical creatures. She’ll come around.

    By Chelsea on 02.07.2013

  22. Although he claims it was an accident I never believed him. From the first time we met I knew he’s change my life – although the first time we met I assumed it would be for the better, but then who could have expected that a chance encounter and a split drink would lead to this.

    By Grace on 02.07.2013

  23. All her claims are false. I can’t believe she would even think to say that I had said those things to her. All of my acquaintances, friends, and family think of me as a gentlemen. At least I’m confident that she’ll have a hard time getting anyone to believe her story.

    By dan URL on 02.07.2013

  24. Who do I claim to be?
    What do I claim to have?
    Why do I claim
    to be
    to do
    to hear
    to know
    to speak
    to stand
    to fight

    By Helene on 02.07.2013

  25. “Please fill out these claims forms and return them to my window. We’ll figure things out from there.”

    She grimaced at the sheets of paperwork, but took them. She had no other alternative. She’d tried all the other options and all of them had failed, this was her last chance. if only these forms worked. She’d heard horror stories about people who filled them out and then were booted straight back out the door. That wasn’t an possibility for her. This was her last chance.

    She sat down and started filling the claims forms out.

    By just on 02.07.2013

  26. claims are very useful in life. Without them we werent able to write about the word itself. i think that i love them, because i have used them all my life. Also, when i was y

    By Chikay on 02.07.2013

  27. “I hear the majority of the girls cannot whistle.”
    “I hate the sound of music.”
    “I won’t watch anything that doesn’t have Hepburn in it.”
    “The thermometer is simply way to high.”

    By Jorge Franco IV on 02.07.2013

  28. She’s full of false claims and lies. The Earth is flat. The stars are little diamonds. The moon is made of cheese. My sister fattened me with fantastical thoughts until I floated with the cotton wool clouds, the melted-butter sunlight. And then, abruptly, popped.

    By F on 02.07.2013

  29. desiI don’t like this word vwer ymuch. Although I understand its meaning, both as a noun and as a verb, well, I don’t really like it. I don’t like “claiming” things, because, you know, i don’t know anything about the world, so I have nothing to claim.

    By Monica on 02.07.2013

  30. People get claims all the time. There are many different types of claims. I however, do not know what they are. Therefore, I can’t tell you what they are. Basically this topic about claims has no relevance to my story.

    By Mary Claire Li on 02.07.2013

  31. My step mother claimed that I was a monster when I was six, she might still claim that I am a monster, but I’m not. She no longer has power over me, for I have freed myself from her.

    By Jacob on 02.07.2013

  32. I dont want to write about the word “claims.” So im going to write about Weston Dayton. He’s in the back of the classroom right now and no one knows what he’s doing. Weston is really cool and stuff. He is in chamber choir and hates it.. Which is pretty cool. I LOVE WESTON <3

    By Squidward Tentacles on 02.07.2013

  33. I dont want to write about the word “claims.”

    By Squidward Tentacles on 02.07.2013

  34. Isn’t the worst thing when people make claims against one another with nothing but little to no concrete evidence to support themselves? Claims are hurtful, but they give some insight to the people making them; they show that maybe the accusers are much more hurt than the people they accuse.

    By meghan on 02.07.2013

  35. beliefs, believes, proof, idea. What I think it should be, but shared by you? I owe, or am owed and here’s the proof.

    By Timothy Munns on 02.07.2013

  36. She claims is time to go even though we had just arrived. I wanted to stay, have some fun, break some rules. She said I was old enough to know there was no time. We had to go home, just for this time, I listened to her. Now I know I shouln’t have.

    By Mila on 02.07.2013

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    By sally on 02.07.2013

  38. f-ck off just f-ck off
    stop looking at me like i’m crazy

    read the f-cking sign

    she left me she f-cking left
    her key on the mantle

    my side of the closet looks
    like it swallowed the contents of hers

    (hers was empty you f-ckwits
    it was /empty/)

    she had dinner ready in the table
    a post-it note stuck to the cling film

    “you said f-ck off to where you came from
    just f-ck off

    so i did”
    you see do you see now?

    i never said the world was ending
    for everybody:

    just for me.

    By isa on 02.07.2013

  39. claims means to own, to pick something, to possess something. like : i claim that bag. claim also means to state something.

    By Mehr on 02.07.2013

  40. she claims to be from foreign lands, she talks with a weird accent… she could be from some island, faraway. she wnt tell me where she’s from, she is hiding a lie…

    By Mehr on 02.07.2013