February 6th, 2013 | 250 Entries

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250 Entries for “claims”

  1. There were several claims to the money which was found on the train seat, mostly from people who could be proven to have not ridden the train. In the end it was given to its rightful owner, the little boy with the incomplete “Monopoly” Set.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.06.2013

  2. Claims, people have claims about things. You can claim various items, such as a rock or tree’s. There are also legal claims

    By Daniel Jansen on 02.06.2013

  3. the boy had many claims. he claimed that his girlfriend did not cheat on him when obviously she was. He claimed that his mother was not an alcoholic even though she visited the bar every night for the past five years when his mother died. He didn’t know why he made these claims, it just seemed that he needed to.

    By Franklin on 02.06.2013

  4. lawyers and crooks assertions and lies wishes that are not quite ever realized clams with I involved

    money and papers pile upon papers

    he lies and lies

    By karen on 02.06.2013

  5. She claims she was once the most beautiful woman in the world. i don’t believe her, but she vehemently declares it time and again.

    “let me show you,” she cries, pulling down old, musty books stained with age, “the pictures they used to take!”

    you flip through page after page of an admittedly beautiful woman. Why does she always do this? Damn you, grandma.

    By Samantha on 02.06.2013

  6. He begged, he begged so hard that his claims might be heard by her.
    She wanted nothing from him, her indifference cut him to the core. HOw could she not believe him? How could she think anything else of him?

    By Emma Birchall on 02.06.2013

  7. People have different “claims” on life. Some blame things on others for the stuff that happens in there life some see it as their on fault but in the someone is always at fault.

    By Andrea on 02.06.2013

  8. There are certain thing in life that you cant claim it your’s. For example, your parent’s house, yes you have been staying there since childhood but that doesn’t mean you can claim that house. Its not something you have bought it using your own hard earned money.

    By travellerinmotion on 02.06.2013

  9. Its all about perception. He clai, s to jave done this…she claims the call came in at 3. I claim happiness. They claim power.

    By student on 02.06.2013

  10. Who is truly right to make claims. Claims on objects, claims on ideas, claims on anything for that matter. As someone or multiple someones have said, “There is nothing original left in the world.” Well…at least in the world of literature. I promise you that someone, somewhere, at some point has had the same point of view as you and have said exactly what you have in the matter. It doesn’t mean that you should give up on writing though. For one, people may have forgotten what that previous genius had said; and for two, you have the right to express your opinions, whether they be unconsciously plagiarizing some old pile of dust you still have your own spin on it, and that spin may attract the attention of the world.

    By Kerry on 02.06.2013

  11. Claims. Crackling clam shell, crackling clams hell. The plaintiff claims he attracted bees not with his honey but with his bee.

    By Camille on 02.06.2013

  12. you can’t tell from just glancing
    but under my shirt are the
    bruises you worked onto me
    with heavy hands and blunt teeth
    fingers sinking in until the skin bloomed
    with purple and scarlet
    a sunset marked under my very skin

    By finchlings on 02.06.2013

  13. I have no claim to life. I was born on a favor and my life will be returned with the finishing of that favor. My life is a sham. All the friends I have are fake. I have no stake in their life. I have no claim on anything in this world. Everything is borrowed.

    By Hunter on 02.06.2013

  14. He claims he did not know. I believe he is lying. So I try to get him to tell me about it. he clams up. Why won’t he tell me. we have been friends forever.

    By Cha Cha on 02.06.2013

  15. I claim that I am a good guy who won’t hurt any of his friends or family member but in reality I tend to hurt the people that are the most important to me. I don’t know why but somehow it always happens.

    By James on 02.06.2013

  16. He claims to be many things
    none of which are true
    lord knows, you know it
    he does even too,

    Jesus, he was a handsome man.

    By David J. Herr on 02.06.2013

  17. She claims to be this terrible person. It’s always the same story. The same self-deprecating, self hate that in the end is just self righteous and looking for my pity. All I can say is that I’m done. I’m done with the excuses. And I’m done caring. Just finished.

    By Patrick URL on 02.06.2013

  18. claims is the only word this site has it claims it is fun but i do not know i want other words too claims is a wonderful word but i dont want to wear it out we all claim we are someone.

    By ChaCha on 02.06.2013

  19. There are courts about false claims, but I don’t think they have true claims. That would be dumb–if you know the claim is true, why dispute it? Except maybe there’s one person who thinks it’s true and one who doesn’t, or something. Maybe one person “claims” that something’s true, and one claims it isn’t. Law is pretty complicated anyway. Sometimes it seems like there’s no point in trying to make sense of it.

    By Kate on 02.06.2013

  20. He claims to have it all. All under his belt. The entepreneur, the mighty business man. He wanders and conquers. His conquests are temporary, his wandering is eternal.

    By Camille M URL on 02.06.2013

  21. My roommate claims that I am weird. I don’t understand why she thinks that. I’m completely normal. Well, except for my itchy thigh syndrome. It’s worse now that I’m back at school. I do feel bad for my roommate. She has to listen to me moan in pleasure as I itch my thighs. The feeling is great though. No one will ever understand that great feeling of itching your own thighs.

    By Heidi on 02.06.2013

  22. He kisses her neck, a hand tracing her waist. This is love, and it claims them both. They are owned by and for each other, like feathery chains that lift instead of drag. It can never be over, and the claim can never be revoked.

    By Samantha on 02.06.2013

  23. The World needs of people that claims in name of nature. People need who claims for them. All look to the sky and claims by something, some day.

    By Ulmo on 02.06.2013

  24. Claims. She claims the third one from the left. The fuzzy one with blue eyes and grey fur. The kitten chases its tail in a circle and mews before sinking its claws into her thigh.

    By rachelzana URL on 02.06.2013

  25. We claim that our knowledge is what makes us human, I would like to disagree. I think its our memory that makes us human. What we remember is what we reproduce.

    By salil panvalkar on 02.06.2013

  26. he claims he does this. he claims he does that. but they’re all lies. I cant trust anything he says anymore, because he “claims” things that aren’t even close to being true. why would he do that to me? I’m so tired of that word. claims. makes me sick.

    By Becca Lucas on 02.06.2013

  27. She claims to him like a pioneer to a speck of land. Honestly, it makes me sick. I thought we had established the fact that as my best friend, she should respect my family boundaries, and that meant not hitting on my younger brother.

    By overlordy on 02.06.2013

  28. Softly she pulls his hand in to hers,
    clasping his thumb between two slender fingers,
    feeling the smoothed out ridges of a fingernail,
    leaving behind tingling traces of sweet promises.

    By Zoe on 02.06.2013

  29. People claim tha they know everytihng but what do they know? Scientists claim they know everything there is to know about the universe and about particles and elements, but they keep discovering knew ideas and knew universes.

    By Maria on 02.06.2013

  30. People make tall claims everyday about many things but we must be rational and scientific in our approach to check whether their claims are true.

    By Venkat on 02.06.2013

  31. He was coming to him with insane claims. The things that were reported to happen just couldn’t have in a normal world happened. But He didn;t live in a normal world. His was distant from every other person on earth, somewhere far away, it wasnt exactly his fault that people regarded everything he said with disbelief and. They were too far away.

    By Cameron Murphy on 02.06.2013

  32. in life, people make claims. everyone claims to be something or another at one point in time and it makes everyone else think about them in a certain way.
    it’s easy to claim that you are something but the hard part is proving it.

    By ashley on 02.06.2013

  33. Claims! Next! Joshua cared. He really did. Honest to God.
    Why the fuck not? Yet here he stood in the stupid line, waiting for
    Geraldine to get her shit together. One step after another after
    another. And still no closer to her.

    By Joey on 02.06.2013

  34. He claimed to love me from the heart but he left me q tear
    staunch love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and

    By Lily on 02.06.2013

  35. Your claims mean nothing to me. So why are you still here, wondering just when will they be completed. I’m sorry to inform you of this, but in the end, you’ll only end up in disappointment and nothing else. I won’t give you anything. You don’t deserve a single piece of me, let alone a single penny of mine.

    By Ivy on 02.06.2013

  36. claims i have 60 seconds to write about claims
    you claim i have 60 seconds
    i have 60 claims to that second
    the second claim is 60 seconds claimed 60 seconds ago

    By brändon on 02.06.2013

  37. Claims……. I claim my family. God claims me. I claim my
    artwork and crafts as my own, those He is the one who made it be.
    He gave me the ability to be creative, and thus all I do and all I
    own is all because He cares for and He claims me. This is true
    love. <3

    By Sara Z on 02.06.2013

  38. anybody can claim anything. claim. claim is like clam. clams. clams claim. claiming clams. I have no idea what to write about claims. he claims. she claims. posession?
    claim. s. ….. claim. i claim. yours.

    By alyssa on 02.06.2013

  39. I walk underneath the streetlights once again. But it’s colder now–not as close and warm as those autumn nights. I haven’t seen him since that November evening in my room. I descend the stairs, thinking of all the claims to loneliness I’ve felt recently. This is my chance to get it all back.

    But I don’t even know if I want it anymore.

    By Marissa URL on 02.06.2013

  40. She claims she loves me. She lies. Nothing she’s done shows me love. Claims. A nice word for lies. Takes the sting out of it. Yes. It hurts. Hurts more than I can ever predict each time I speak with her. No materr how much I prepare she always surprises me. I wish I could surprise her. With some pain. But then she’s have to chars to feel pain.mto be effected by anything I day or do. If I were a psycho I’d make her care. My hurt and anger would be out of control and I’d make her pay. Butmim a good girl. A nice girl. A never hurt you girl. I figure out. I please. I justify. I support. But I side I’m filled with rage. My life was stolen many times. My father, the rapists, my mother, my illnesses. Even myslef. I stole and robbed and starved myslef I deserved it. It was something that I claimed wasmfact. Claims. Are they still lies when I have them?

    By RedChickPoet on 02.06.2013