September 19th, 2012 | 339 Entries

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339 Entries for “claim”

  1. She claimed that I was leaving her, but it was just a mistake; I had put my stuffed bear in my suitcase while I cleaned off the shelf. I always take Bobo with me, but his shelf needed dusting, and I didn’t want to get him dirty, now did I?

    By Zyada on 09.19.2012

  2. I claimed my rightful place as the Queen of the underworld, ruling over all that is dark, all that is macabre, all that is evil. The demons and monsters obey my every whim, defiance punishable by death. I am all powerful, the Queen Muerta.

    By Maggie on 09.19.2012

  3. My, my, my… You want to claim that cookie all for yourself don’t you? Well it’s mine, so too bad! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!

    By 01jdog URL on 09.19.2012

  4. She offered me a place in her group, at her lunch table. She had claimed me on the first day of school. I was to belong to her and her friends. She had pretty much steered me away from the scary people, which i suppose i didnt mind, but i wasn’t sure how much I liked her control over me.

    By dizzier on 09.19.2012

  5. they went to claim their baggage after leaving for the Caribbean honeymoon. it wasn’t there. it was like it just disappeared, vanished into thin air. almost like they had been in the Bermuda triangle. their plane had just landed. how was it possible that their luggage was lost? what an awesome way to start off your honeymoon, right? surely that has to put a damper on things.

    By kristin on 09.19.2012

  6. Caius would continue to claim that he didn’t have any friends for years after he met Delaney.

    It was half out of pure and simple stubbornness. He didn’t want anyone to think that they could get that kind of hold on him, that they could make him admit that he liked them, too.

    But it was also half out of fear. The fear that if he admitted that he was close to someone they would only get taken away. In his relatively few years of life it had already happened too many times for him to want to tempt fate any more.

    By Julia A. URL on 09.19.2012

  7. To obatin something that you feel is rightfully yours. This can be taken to many contexts. The subject may not be yours to own but you still go out to make it your possession. Demanding it to be with you.

    By Janita on 09.19.2012

  8. Claim the blame falls on others but you.
    be more greedy
    and take all of it for yourself.

    By Sofia URL on 09.19.2012

  9. Some make these “claims,” boasts of extraordinary qualities, really.
    And others choose to believe in them, although sometimes halfheartedly.
    Making it up is easy, it’s the effort when you believe it to be true that is so damn hard to do.

    By Fire on 09.19.2012

  10. to profess as one’s own. to exhibit an ownership over something or someone.

    By smita on 09.19.2012

  11. Some people claim to know just about everything. The truth is that everyone is different and we all experience things in our own individual ways.

    By Rylee Blade on 09.19.2012

  12. claim. to say something belongs to you. like “I claim this sandwich to be mine.” that means the sandwich belongs to the speaker. I hope the speaker enjoys that type of sandwich.

    By Sarah on 09.19.2012

  13. i claim to know a lot of things about people, like how the guy at the car dealership claims to get me the best deal, people can claim land, but they cant claim other people, claim makes me think of the world climb, you can claim to know about things, but you really dont like how i claim to know a lot about the word claim because i really have no idea what i am talking about. claim.

    By shannon on 09.19.2012

  14. Ownership. A person with insecurities believes in this. You are there’s. Therefor they own you. They never see the pain you feel behind you eyes. When they tell you how to be yoU. They never know until it’s too late. They never know until they lose you.

    By Emma Maguire on 09.19.2012

  15. i claim you… i dont want to own you but i dont want you to belong to anyone else. you are your own person but you are also mine the same way that i am yours

    By Jodi URL on 09.19.2012

  16. Just to claim something isn’t really what is going to get you to do it or anything like it.
    Just don’t claim for the sake of claiming…

    By YourMomma on 09.19.2012

  17. I know a lot of people to claim to love. But I don’t believe that everyone knows what love is. False claims and false hopes.

    By Bree URL on 09.19.2012

  18. i dont really know what do here. claim is a fun word to use
    i use it sometimes. reading it over again makes it look funny. i still dont really know what to say. this is a bad idea for a website. that is alltimes almost up

    By jack Strulowitz on 09.19.2012

  19. the claim that I don’t care is absurd, because I do. I do care, about everything. maybe I care too much, or maybe it is that I spend so much time worrying about what I care about, or if anyone cares about me to focus on what really matters. i mean, who cares to know what i think? who claims to know anything about me?

    By Tiffany on 09.19.2012

  20. They said love was something that you’re born with,
    but the older I get, the more I feel alone.
    Mama claimed the coffin at the end of her day
    The plot beside her father
    She always said she’d never love another man the same.

    By Winter Rose on 09.19.2012

  21. i want to own something; mine, rightfully mine, money, fame, fortune whatever comes my way I get it; to share or to be greedy I get to claim it because it’s mine and so I want it, because I know it’s mine even if they don’t I do, because claiming mine.

    By Maddie on 09.19.2012

  22. i claim a lot of things. i claim to be the shit. i claim to be shit. i claim to be great. i claim to be the worst thing to ever walk this planet. i don’t know the basis of these claims; i guess they’d have to be subconscious thoughts of myself. that would mean that there’s a dual nature to how i view myself.

    By george on 09.19.2012

  23. And you claim you love me, you claim to want to be with me, yet whenever I look at you I doubt you feel that way. By the end of the day, it is just that, a few words.

    By Blue on 09.19.2012

  24. God I don’t want to see this word claim all I could think of is claim your love, claim your heart claim what is meant for me , claim the property left behind that isn’t yours lol no don’t do that, unless you really need it and

    By ak on 09.19.2012

  25. i will claim everything that you have even if it doesn’t exist i will claim it.. i will claim your life your soul everything and there will be nothing left to you cause i am a greedy bastard. haha
    i will claim everty

    By jose on 09.19.2012

  26. I wish I could claim you like you were mine, because that would make me smile, perhaps really happy again inside, something I hardly feel anymore if ever really can in this world again.

    By ak on 09.19.2012

  27. I claim my power.
    I claim my beauty.
    I claim my worth.
    I claim my sovereignty.

    I claim today.
    I claim my dreams.
    I claim my sacred space.
    I claim my self.

    By gypsypriestess URL on 09.19.2012

  28. i claim to be the one person who wont do anyone wrong. But little do you know is that i crave revenge and vengance and i will fuck you over just as easily as the next person that comes along.

    By Aja Lopez on 09.19.2012

  29. claim is used to represent your authority. you can claim everything you see and rule the world and eat all the apples and be happy forever. it can also be used by mojo jojo to claim the world. in short.. its dangerous!!!

    By Abhijeet Sharma on 09.19.2012

  30. I claim to be a wholesome person. Someone who would never do you wrong. But look at my past and give me one good reason for why i should protect you. I have so much revenge and vengance in my heart that i will fuck you up just as easily as the next person.

    By aja courtney URL on 09.19.2012

  31. There was nothing to do but to crawl on his knees and beg for forgiveness.

    “We’re alright,” his friend said.

    “I can’t,” he said.

    “It’s alright, it’s alright,” his friend continued to say. “We don’t have to say it’s ours.”

    But the truth was, Death belonged to them, and there was no way out of it.

    By Ming URL on 09.19.2012

  32. I wish I could find the words. To claim you as mine would be the most beautiful thing in the world. It’s too quiet here without you. One day.

    By Drue URL on 09.19.2012

  33. Claim that it’s all my fault. Well, it’s not. It’s our fault. Claim that there’s no “our” because there was never “we”, well I claim that’s a lie.

    By FUCKME on 09.19.2012

  34. It was the claim of mine that I spoke earlier that set off Robert. I couldn’t understand why he took it so offensively, but perhaps I was missing something about what I had said. I’m usually very self aware, but I had found myself in doubt.

    By Tim on 09.19.2012

  35. Claim your power to rule and live your life as you want, to be happy, to understand people, to love nature and animals, to read books.I want one more cup of coffie.

    By Tanja Svenda on 09.19.2012

  36. boobs?…….wtf is this???? 60 seconds is too long…. I’m bored….. is this a joke??….. 8==D~~~

    By Rob URL on 09.19.2012

  37. a borrowed sunshine doesn’t light the corners of my bedroom.
    She can’t see the dust mites and dirty clothes piled high.
    I’ve never claimed to be her dream man.
    I’ve only ever claimed to be a man.

    By Keith Baumgardner on 09.19.2012

  38. I claim you as my own. I want you to be next to me. I need you now more so than ever. When I feel alone, it’s you that I think about. I can feel you all around me, even when you’re not around I wish that you were. I love you, I just wish I could tell you in person how I feel.

    By Gilltyascharged on 09.19.2012

  39. He claimed to know me, if I knew him I couldn’t remember him, he looked like an angel, I said to him I didn’t know him, he kissed me full on the mouth, I remembered, “I love you ” I cried.

    By jaybebabycakes URL on 09.20.2012

  40. You clamored to claim me, I aimed to clam up, I clamped shut – I am not yours to claim.

    By Hafada URL on 09.20.2012