October 16th, 2012 | 358 Entries

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358 Entries for “civilize”

  1. civilized elections would be great,,if we could do away with the horrible ads on tv and radio. i think that s an impossibility. the capitalists arent civilized.

    By joe URL on 10.16.2012

  2. They’re all like animals in this place, they tear each other to shred with out mercy or pity or… empathy.
    They say that people of our generation are apathetic, hopeless. They say that they don’t know any better because their parents haven’t taught them how to behave like civilized human beings. But where did this chain of shit start? And where should I burn first?

    By cordeliacopson URL on 10.16.2012

  3. “Act civilized,” They all told me, “Act like a lady.”
    But maybe I don’t want to act like a lady.
    Maybe I want to act like a boy. A careless, slouched, improper boy.
    A boy who laughs at the silly things.
    A boy who does not have to wear fancy frills and dresses.
    “Be quiet, and wipe that smile off your face.”

    By Audrey URL on 10.16.2012

  4. There’s only so much a person can take before they fall apart, I think. Only so much cruelty, only so much hurt. But isn’t that what should make us a civilised society and not just an angry, unlawful riot of a population? Our ability to understand when someone has reached breaking point? I think it has to be. I think it should be, at least, a founding factor.

    By Clint Barton URL on 10.16.2012

  5. we’re a civilisation, but we’re by no means civil. Bitch and scream and backstab and rip each other’s hair out. Or maybe you’ll pretend to be civil, wear your mask like an accessory? Grow a backbone, stand up for what you believe in and stand apart from the crowd. you’re more memorable that way.

    By Kim URL on 10.16.2012

  6. civilization the way people live together happily in a town or community. people must be civilized with each other or people will argue and not get along. un civilized people are usually most crazy.

    By Chelsea on 10.16.2012

  7. this is when a person has an ability to be human. they are generally able to do things that animals are unable to do. apposbale thumbs come to mind as well as the ability to learn language. civilizations orrucr without language, so they are are places that may not have the written word. this is ok. but there must be a way to communicated upper level thinking concenpts. to civilize could be seen as a disruptive thing…people are all civilized, just in different ways.

    By Ree Nae on 10.16.2012

  8. im not a civilized human being, i burp when i want to & i scream & yell when i’m with friends– i bug out & don’t care who is looking i don’t care to be civilized i am who i am because that is how God made me & no one will change me at the end of the day people are always gonna love you or hate you- talk shit or tell you that you are one of a kind.

    By bonquiqui on 10.16.2012

  9. I think civilize means that………….idk

    By i love pandas URL on 10.16.2012

  10. Is definitely a word formed by homo sapien sapiens… It feels like a justification for who we are. To separate us, and place us on a pedestal from the rest of nature. I’m not very pro “civilize” because it seems silly. I was taught to be humble.

    By Mandy URL on 10.16.2012

  11. I think that it means to make the area or space bigger than it is.

    By i love pandas URL on 10.16.2012

  12. They came in and brought their ways. It was a kinder more agreeable way and utterly horrible. It drove the lust of life from their very bones and the spring from their step. sure their fingers didn’t go up their noses but then again nothing else came out of their brains

    By pretard URL on 10.16.2012

  13. Civilize. To create a culture, a community, to produce what you can with everything around you. To take control, and develop something out of nothing.

    By Justine on 10.16.2012

  14. What has this become? Every day, Nadia throws me the old rusted keys and gives me a change. She gives me one moment, a moment of twenty minutes out of my whole day to pretend, to pretend that I am free. I don’t care for this moment, I want to be civilized.

    By Sarah_Mellas URL on 10.16.2012

  15. The man walked past the temple on his way to the coast, its stone steps reached up into the heavens, the haunt of the gods. He passed through cultivated fields of maize, expertly tended and irrigated. He arrived at the shore, to spread nets for the day’s catch and hopefully speak to the woman he had been thinking about for some time now.

    Today, however, strange wooden contraptions were cresting the horizon.

    It was the white man, come to “civilize” this half of the world.

    By Davie on 10.16.2012

  16. People is made to live in a social way , but to do that in a correct way we need to be civilized, besause if

    By Majo Creuheras on 10.16.2012

  17. I don’t know what happened everyone was acting like animals it all went wrong. I don’t know how I did it, but this had to be my fault why did I mess with things that had nothing to do with me and should not exist in the first place.

    By lucy on 10.16.2012

  18. There is no need to civilize
    we should all just recognize
    that they tell us lies
    lies lies
    the lies they will tell
    they’ll haunt you with hell
    they’ll taunt you with wealth
    still we try
    try try
    there is no need to civilize
    we are independent
    we see through our own eyes

    By jill URL on 10.16.2012

  19. advance humankind as a verb to bring aesthetic concerns to human behavior

    By Ted on 10.16.2012

  20. I had to civilize them. That was the problem with being a mother. You had to civilize your children. You have to teach them to walk, talk, chew with their mouths closed. You know that kind of thing.

    By Rose Silver URL on 10.16.2012

  21. It’s hard to civilize with people you can’t stand. Hard when all you want to do is run away. Hard to do when you just can’t stand the people you looking at. When the person once said they loved you, but they turned around and hurt you, the last thing you want to do is be civil.

    By Meghann on 10.16.2012

  22. I need to civilize this civilization because it has just gotten so out of control and I don’t know where i hid the bone that the dog on the side of the road is looking for oh my what can I say what can I do??? I am a blanket left untended unloved and sad and pink and I just don’t know or don’t care. The End

    By Claudia on 10.16.2012

  23. I thought the other day of the lands of the Indians–sacred grounds that tourists muddle with filthy shoes and camera flashes, with tacky bright shirts and too-wide smiles.

    I think of the natives, whose voice goes as a wind’s whisper on the breeze. And sometimes, I wonder who was more civilized in the end, when we first came.

    By Brill URL on 10.16.2012

  24. It was a long road back from all the undoing done in prison. He known nothing but the ever present threat of violence and a constant drone of foul language for five years. It had seeped into the very core of his being leaving him edgy and crude. He had been trapped in the middle of a spiteful war between the moronic prisoners on one side and the even more moronic prison officers on the other in a primal world of fear and loathing.

    Dressed in his old suit which now hung from his bones, he made his way for the first time in eight years into a board room. He moved self consciously and struggled to summon the small talk and witty banter which had once been his trademark. He was a big fish out of water and would need to find a way to re-civilize himself.

    By vanilla URL on 10.16.2012

  25. You were supposed to be away for another year. I didn’t speak to you for four months, I couldn’t deal with the sad look in your eyes, and the anger that followed when I remembered you left me behind. I saw you from across the room, and his arms were around my waist. My face flushed red, but I decided to go over and make small talk. Small talk, which I hated so much. Small talk, something I’d always been too comfortable with you to have to endure. Small talk, just so that we can be around each other and civil again. You’re worth a shot, you always were.

    By Helen Elucido URL on 10.16.2012

  26. The Europeans came to the Americas and thought they would civilize the “savages” they found there. If only their hubris hadn’t blinded them to the fact that it should have been the other way around.

    By ariel4thou on 10.16.2012

  27. i would love to civilize alligators. to be able to live with them in our houses would be awesome. they could protect us and our houses from burglars and other predators and we would give them food and a home in return. And alligators aren’t really scared of anything, so we know that they wouldn’t back down from any fight or any enemy. alligators are so awesome and so cool and civilizing them would be great.

    By pratha on 10.16.2012

  28. monkeys manners order structure government rules

    By raquel on 10.16.2012

  29. to be neat organized civilized

    By charlynn jackson URL on 10.16.2012

  30. I walk down the hallway. Everyone around is acting like wild animals. I jump out of the way to avoid their uncivilized behavior. I scream when two boys tumble together, intelocked, in a battle. I skip around them and mutter under my breath “Most likely over a girl”. Paper balls fly overhead. I duck to avoid impact. I hurry to my classroom. I see the door to my Earth Science class. “Salvation”, I whisper. I hear the minute bell and my heart skips a beat. I reach the door when a tan muscular arm stops me in mid-step. “What do you want Alex?”, I say in an irritated tone. “Only you, babe”, he says in a romantic tone that would make any girl melt like butter. Just not me. “Get lost”, I say in a bored tone. He smiles a heart stopping smug looking smile. I meet his eyes and he leans in to kiss. I put my hands up in protection. “Gross!”, I yell. “Get away from me”. I push him out of the way and step into my classroom. He grabs my arm from behind. I turn to scold him. His brown hair falls slightly over his eyes. His blue eyes look straight to my soul and come back with my memories and thoughts. I tear away from his stare. “Quit doing that”, I say through gritted teeth. He releases his grip from my arm and walks away. He returns to the uncivilized hallway.

    By Secret URL on 10.16.2012

  31. it’s about bringing culture to the people that supposedly have none. I think of missionaries going to Africa trying to help the poor Africans. Alas, they had already had rich cultures, we just failed to say it

    By Peter on 10.16.2012

  32. They stood around in their fancy clothes and told us we weren’t civilized. They said we were savage- *us* not them. Those angry men with their guns and us with our simple tools. We are more civilized, more than they’ll ever realize, but for now they’ll call us savage.

    By Alyssa URL on 10.16.2012

  33. like a group of people behaving themselves. what if they didnt do that? what if everybody acted like the wild animals we’re classified as? there’d be madness! crazy, psychotic madness everywhere we turned and nothing would be the same. the world would be all topsy turvy and no one would get along very well. of course eventually we’d become civilied again because thats what we as humans do, we grow and learn. we evolve in our intelect and never cease to gain knowledge because we are a curious breed. we want to know everything about everything and then some. we want so much know how that we can feel our brain pressing out on our cranial space.

    By Kaitlyn Mauck on 10.16.2012

  34. being civilized is about being together and being able to live in peace. war is not civilization. war is harsh, deadly and a way of murdering innocent people who have been roped into it. civilized would be sitting down to a nice meal and enjoying the company of others.

    By susie corke on 10.16.2012

  35. an idea from a bygone age, imposing ones own ideas of what the world should be like on another people’s. – and it is what i try to do to the dregs in my town today :)

    By Sam C on 10.16.2012

  36. An insulting term. imperialist. Assumes that those who are its subjects are less than those who are using the word. Assumes as well that what you need to do is be more like me.

    By Deb10 URL on 10.16.2012

  37. “Get your elbows off the fucking table!” My grandmother shrieked. High into her seventies and she could still scare the piss out of me. “A lady is always dignified and civilized,” she scolded in a harsh whisper, scooting my own mother’s elbow off a second later, when she thought I wasn’t looking.

    By Lauren on 10.16.2012

  38. well, the definition of “civilize” is different for every culture. I’d like to think that I’m a civilized person. Well, except for when I eat. While eating all bets are off and no one is allowed to judge me on whatever may be dribbling down my chin.

    By Aly on 10.16.2012

  39. What is civilize? Is it a society that eats with silverware instead of its hands? Or is it one that doesn’t blurt out every random thought that enters one’s head? Is it manners or technological advancements? To be being civilized is not being rude or crude regardless of how you eat your food.

    By wgirl URL on 10.16.2012

  40. White men came, across the sea, he brought us pain and misery. Just a couple of days ago, across Latin America, we held a kind of holiday, honoring America´s discovery by Columbus. But, why do we celebrate the mass genocide of our ancestors?? Why do we prefer to ignore that rich past in us?

    By Diego on 10.16.2012