October 16th, 2012 | 358 Entries

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358 Entries for “civilize”

  1. I don’t know what civilize means but it’s a funny word that i have heard very few people use before.

    By bryce URL on 10.16.2012

  2. You must civilize your house or die!
    C I V I L I Z E is how you spell civilize.
    civilize is that word up there.

    By Benji URL on 10.16.2012

  3. I’ve never heird anyone use that word before.

    By Benji URL on 10.16.2012

  4. we have to civilze in this world to survive everyone is welcome to be a citicen

    By tanner URL on 10.16.2012

  5. The convent walls were so high I wondered who they were keeping out? Or who were they keeping in. I peeked through the iron gates and saw black and white swishing through the court yard with small children penguining behind.

    By Louise URL on 10.16.2012

  6. i hope we do. its time. too long we’re letting our lessers have nothing. its uncivilised to watch someones pain for lack of something that we could give without noticing. we’re losing the battle of enlightenment, still animals

    By Jana on 10.16.2012

  7. people around other people.

    The person was civilized because he was around other people.

    By andrewk URL on 10.16.2012

  8. people around other people.

    The person was civilized because he was around other people.

    I am civilized because im always around people.

    By andrewk URL on 10.16.2012

  9. “Could you just act–” “Like what?!” he screamed at me. I sighed, trying to push away tears. I shook my head and hopped off his bed. He watched me walk to the door, leaving without another word. I found the way out on my own; I had been to his room enough times. Pushing open the door into the stairwell, I found myself alone. “Civilized,” I said, answering his faded question.

    By Marissa URL on 10.16.2012

  10. A loud shriek and a rush of blood accompanied the slicing of the blade. He lifted his head, fire still in his eyes, and turned his head to the moon. This would have to end soon. He would have to stop.
    But it felt so good. The outlands were his home.

    By Selvaron on 10.16.2012

  11. I had to be civilized, and so did she. We were wild children, not of a barn, but a city where it was okay to run free at night and to attack the local shops, scouring for food. It was okay to act like an animal, and that was okay since we lived in a jungle.

    By Emily on 10.16.2012

  12. Civilze is something people talk about but do they really mean it? If everyone becomes more “civilized”, aren’t we just confomringto the norm? What about individuality? Sometimes Civilization can be blamed for a lot of inhumane acts. Trying to make someone else be more like you is not always the right thing to do.

    By Cheryl on 10.16.2012

  13. “Try to act civilized,” she said, straightening his bowtie and coat. With her hand on the small of his back, she guided her eight-year-old back into the wedding reception, praying that he wouldn’t pretend to be a fire engine while the groom broke the ceremonial glass under his foot.

    By Aera URL on 10.16.2012

  14. civilize is a word i dont know how to put in a sentence. civilize is a big wor

    By desiree URL on 10.16.2012

  15. Civilize is word i haven’t study or haven’t heard so i don’t know what the word means?

    By siena URL on 10.16.2012

  16. civilize is a huge word i don’t know how to put in a sentence or use a def for. iv never even studied it before in my whole life. i am civilized around people though. civilized civilized!!!!!!!

    By desiree URL on 10.16.2012

  17. Civilize what hmm?
    What is there to civilize?
    I do not know, sir.

    By Abbysandwich URL on 10.16.2012

  18. They stood still, but not in a manner an average individual would recognize as such. All of them running, pacing, or striving for something so mundane that from childhood they harbored similar desires. A lifetime spent in desire, is a civilized life. A lifetime spent in progress, is dangerous.

    By Derek Dahlk on 10.16.2012

  19. “When your civilize you…” she yelled “Your what your ?” they askked “Your sweet ‘ calm’ nice proper and have manners.”

    By taylark URL on 10.16.2012

  20. obedience is the root of civilization. we demand servitude, reward with privilege. Am I not a good King? Go forth generals, and conquer for me. Feed them my words, plant the seeds of civil living.

    By serelloo URL on 10.16.2012

  21. I think humans have a barbaric instinct in them, as in, we are savages, we have evolved as far as dna and all that …but our emotions are still so raw, although we try and hide them. It’s hard to think of the human race as civilized…

    By kelly URL on 10.16.2012

  22. Civility is one part of society that never ceases to decrease.
    Does anybody care any more?

    By Louise on 10.16.2012

  23. Try to act civilize while you fix his tie on his tux.
    Try not to be civilize with her.

    By annarui URL on 10.16.2012

  24. Try to act civilize while you fix his tie on his tux.
    I hope you try your best to be civilize with that girl, please.
    My mom told me to act civilize.

    By annarui URL on 10.16.2012

  25. The world we live in isn’t civilized. We have come so far as a society in terms of modern technology, yet our moral values have digressed to a form of barbarism. Violence, drugs, and disease have diminished our society and the people have lost the notion of what it means to be civilized.

    By Bucks on 10.16.2012

  26. is a root word for civilization.
    to be civil

    By sterlingm URL on 10.16.2012

  27. we as humans need to find a way to keep our thoughts ready and prepared to take on any situation that may arise. we sometimes lose ourselves by second guessing what might be right when reacting to another person. we created a way to keep order but in this order we often lose a part of ourselves that is significant to the life of livinng fully for your happiness. we lose creativeness and a sense of culture by civilizing ourselves to what we think is proper. we are not subject to specific behavior based on the norm of populus. we see the common reaction, the safe reaction the safest behavior so that we may not be judged. but civilization is important to proper progression. we need to have order and some sort of general system to sustain some sort of human sanity. humans sometimes do need boundaries but not to the point where the “rules” or guidelines hinder the ways of culture. sometimes it goes too far to the point where life is no longer beautiful but simply physical and practical.

    By chelsea on 10.16.2012

  28. I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna,

    By Randi on 10.16.2012

  29. Uncivilized. Neanderthal. Inhuman. You don’t belong here–here being society, civilization, the world of people the color of ebony and toilet seats. These words, once thrown in the air, are permanent, and what they leave behind is incredible. It is a sort of stink that never fades away. The stench is like something that has rotted at the bottom of a fetid puddle of steamy, diseased rainwater for too many months, something that would be alarmingly sweet and sour if you were to put it in your mouth–like really old feta cheese, she imagines–which makes her wonder how a human body could produce such matter, such trash, how someone could spit that out with a human mouth and taint someone else instead of himself. She comes to the conclusion that hate is a magical thing, this strange thing that, first and foremost, rots the hater’s insides–but you would never know, because the most obvious harm is done to the hated. Hate. When he throws it at her, it lands on her skin, on the sides of her arm, her shirt, a little bit on her hair, as fragrant as throw-up and as toxic as industrial bleach. She feels the sting for long afterward and knows it will leave a scar. She feels like a hunted ape with an almost fatal bullet in its backside and hates herself for it.

    By Parka URL on 10.16.2012

  30. Civilize with the I’s and dot the T’s. There was nothing quite like him. They told him he had one year to live. One year to find. One moment to reenact as your last. He shined his bones and polished the joints. Enscribing his last words into the marrow.

    By Arielle URL on 10.16.2012

  31. Kaitlyn boarded the plane to Africa certain she had been chosen by God to preach the Christian Gospel as an evangelist. He’d told her the sinners of the world needed her help and she was determined to civilize and convert every man, woman and child to believe as she did. She closed her eyes and said a prayer before take-off. Flying was new and it frightened her.

    By penny dreadful URL on 10.16.2012

  32. Civilize those heathens/
    make them more human
    they don’t even have a Starbucks!
    the CATCH their own food!
    there is no DISPOSABLE cutlery!
    Civilize the heathens!

    By beckenbocker URL on 10.16.2012

  33. he never did act in a civilized mannor
    everything was dramamtic
    everything was violent
    he overreacted to any little thing that pissed him off

    By pym1014 URL on 10.16.2012

  34. “These savage needs to be civilized, Packard. And we have to civilize them.” He slurped his tea noisily.
    “But sir, I don’t think…”
    “No, Packard, you don’t think. You do as I say.”

    By Rhiannon URL on 10.16.2012

  35. “These savages need to be civilized, Packard. And we need to civilize them.” He took a noisy slurp of tea.
    “But, sir, I don’t think…”
    “That’s right, Packard. You don’t think. You do as I say.” He set the teacup down.

    By rkelly on 10.16.2012

  36. Groups of people coming together and forming a place where they can survive. they use the land to grow food and create businesses. People work to make this civilization function. Civilization has really enhanced throughout the past few hundred years. we now have huge blossoming cities and crazy technology. We have really become a civilized species. Humans rule!

    By Zach on 10.16.2012

  37. go home and think about it and then come back and know about it and then sell it as something awesome and then tell others about it because it isnt what you think it is

    By caitlin on 10.16.2012

  38. They’re all like fucking animals in this place, they tear each other to shred with out mercy or pity or fucking… empathy.
    They say that people of our generation are apathetic, hopeless. They say that they don’t know any better because their parents haven’t taught them how to behave like civilized human beings. But where did this chain of shit start? And where should I burn first?

    By cordeliacopson URL on 10.16.2012

  39. what is it to be civilized? is it to reform to what everyone else thinks is normal? or is it just the thought of one not acting with our animal instincts, when in reality the simple fact is….we are all animals of our own doing.

    By Chelsey on 10.16.2012

  40. Education, morals, love, intelligence, tolerance, communication, peace.

    By Mabelle on 10.16.2012