October 16th, 2012 | 358 Entries

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358 Entries for “civilize”

  1. The act of joining disparate peoples together to create a working homogenous unit that functions for the benefit of all. Something humanity aspires to.

    By D on 10.16.2012

  2. Fire raging hot, scale it down. Purify the bounds of existence into a simple set of rules. Constraints, promoting.

    By b on 10.16.2012

  3. I am going to school everyday so that I may one day acquire a “civilized” life. I hope to not only civilize myself but also one day my children, grandchildren, and whoever the hell else I encounter depending upon how long I live. If I am not civil I will influence far less people.

    By Eric on 10.16.2012

  4. I am civilized on my own terms. No one else can tell me how to define my civility. I strive to create my own way of life unlike any other. This is what truly makes me civilized: creativity, compassion, faith, love, success.

    By Abby on 10.16.2012

  5. I believe it is very difficult to civilize young boys, particularly after spending 9 days at scout camp with 9 year olds. Every stick must be picked up and used as a sword, every rock must be kicked or thrown.

    By Nancy Emmerson on 10.16.2012

  6. How difficult it seems to teach table manners, please and thank you, look both ways. In order to create a level playing field we all need to have and participate in the same minimal rules of order.

    By Lucinda on 10.16.2012

  7. i’m not very civilized, i’m behind the 8 ball on that one. i’m vile, rude, nasty and disgusting… i’m the guy you don’t want to bring home to your mother

    By george coyoy URL on 10.16.2012

  8. Civilization isn’t as civilized as intended. Civilize is word of the past, and of exaggerated meaning. No one is civilized. What is it anyway? It’s traveled too far from the broken book it sprang from, the beautiful idea it drifted away from into the ugly truth it is today.

    By Elle T URL on 10.16.2012

  9. Civilize isn’t really a word you use all that often, y’know? Like, civilizeD, that’s one you get a lot, but the verb, civilize, to civilize, not so much. I guess that’s probably a good thing, though. Guess that at least gives the appearance that we’re not in the business of trying to “civilize” other peoples anymore.

    By Julia A. URL on 10.16.2012

  10. The romans were not civilized people a long time ago.

    By tylerw URL on 10.16.2012

  11. the romans were civilized people

    some people are not civilized

    the people in ice age were not civilized

    By Jakub URL on 10.16.2012

  12. peole are alive ummmm little bit of life on the world

    By Christian URL on 10.16.2012

  13. to be mature or not immature such as a civilian a calm expressin or

    By Tim URL on 10.16.2012

  14. civilize is a civilization that can or is organized or is a posse and a gang ppl

    By jeff102081 URL on 10.16.2012

  15. civilize civilization is a gang of people.

    By xavier URL on 10.16.2012

  16. To civilize is to make bread and honey and tell everyone you have the skills of Nemo on the one movie about a fish and his mother. You know, the one where she gets mutilated by sharks? Yeah, that was the exact opposite of “civilized.” So basically, what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t mutilate peoples mothers.

    By Caleb Alexander URL on 10.16.2012

  17. When you are in fifth grade you yell at your best friend that the two of you need to be “Civilized human beings.” HAHA! The memories this word brings back. Making duck noises at people in restaurants, than being civil (or as close as you can be to that) the next second…

    By caroline URL on 10.16.2012

  18. Civilization. It’s something we’re used to hearing, but how civilized are we truly? Think about it; the murder, the pain, the things that make us more animalistic than human. It’s things that we should be ashamed to include in our civilization, yet we act like it’s nothing. It’s common, it’s okay. Is it really, though? Can you honestly say that murder is okay? Can you tell me that it’s okay to be ignorant to the world around you? It’s not. We are not civilized, no matter how much we pretend we are.

    By destineedefillipo URL on 10.16.2012

  19. civilize is something that will never happen in america. it means to me to be human and treat people how you want to be treated.!

    By coltenr URL on 10.16.2012

  20. the afercans were civilized

    By Christian URL on 10.16.2012

  21. It’s what we humans need to do to start living again. This time our mind needs it more than our body or habits. Or there will be a moment when animals will rule us.

    By Aditi on 10.16.2012

  22. a careing person

    By Charles URL on 10.16.2012

  23. i wonder if we as humans are civilized. i dont think we know what we are doing at all. i keep changing my mind from one thing to another. and these are life changing decisions im talking about!

    By esteban on 10.16.2012

  24. To become part of the people is important; I have come to notice communication among neighbors/ strangers/ natives is vital to a healthy lifestyle. My life at 24 is at the cusp of social development, call me a late bloomer(go ahead make a joke about my interpersonal inept progress[contradictory word choices]), Today I’ll live as if it were my last day, even with the given circumstances and situations, I will not push or fight against any barrier of any sort, I will allow what is and what will be to fashion over in its own season; I will be apart of this celestial realm I call my life.
    Promises, promises, no promises, make no promises and only speak truth and feed everything love and light and no one will ever weigh you down.

    By Orjaw URL on 10.16.2012

  25. “You want to talk like civilized people? Then get me out of these chains!” she yelled, face going red.
    “Soryy, it is not in our power or interest to do so.” the man replied. “You were caught harboring a dangerous criminal, miss and we need to ask you a few questions.”

    By Tanya URL on 10.16.2012

  26. If only we could civilize the civilized. ?!?

    By Ian Harvey URL on 10.16.2012

  27. The ability to create the illusion of progress, a poor image that is gone in an instant. Savagery is honest. Civilization comes with shine and sparkle but it is a veneer for our most primitive instincts.

    By Sarah Forester on 10.16.2012

  28. civilizations, we learned about them in 6th grade. I had mrs. waterman as a teacher. I thought it was really cool how they had goats and grew things and they were hunter gatherers and stuff. i always wanted to go on an adventure and do that too.

    By molly on 10.16.2012

  29. They tried to civilize the girl. Tried to make her a pretty thing, put her in petticoats and corsets and lace. But she was a wild one. The older villagers liked to discuss her sometimes.

    By Lynn on 10.16.2012

  30. there is no civilization. there is no way to civilize a human being. we are primal. we are raw. there are hands and feet and eyes and thoughts but there is no cage there is no cage there is no cage except our own ribs and our own skin we must not civilize we must monsterize we must go with the flow and the ebb of our own blood rivers.

    By Bee on 10.16.2012

  31. Its a need. My dog was never one to be. But as human evolution indicates there is a need for it. For stability, comfort and resistance against surprises which we cant face.

    By luther URL on 10.16.2012

  32. to be cilvile is to have manners
    maners are somthing you do to be civil
    i am very civil
    kyle is very civil

    By Sam URL on 10.16.2012

  33. your civilizeation is where u live

    By ashlee URL on 10.16.2012

  34. calm
    being a good citizen
    having a vote in the city
    nice to people
    calm when angry

    By kyle URL on 10.16.2012

  35. Civilization is only a group of savages using their customs and claiming them to be coreect. Civilized is nothing more than fitting into the norm. This norm has been learned over years, tweaked and changed, so that individuals will fit into molds created by those who rule. Civilize means nothing more than to be controlled, changed, and turned into a robotic mechanism to be at the will of others.

    By Dalenny on 10.16.2012

  36. We must civilize the economy. Civlize the world to be great. civilized rights.

    By skyler jayne URL on 10.16.2012

  37. to populate an area we have to be civalized

    By Cash URL on 10.16.2012

  38. to be a citezen
    something that is legal
    to make legal
    we nedd to civilize a law

    By daisy URL on 10.16.2012

  39. Those savage beasts need to be civilized, so that we can bring them into our empire.

    By Reagan URL on 10.16.2012

  40. the town is civilized.

    By Dale URL on 10.16.2012