February 4th, 2014 | 104 Entries

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104 Entries for “cinema”

  1. art life love reflections coming in and out, a door, your eyes. vision. different kinds of perceptions. it is where imagination meets the eyes. where words becomes a mirror.

    By eda on 02.04.2014

  2. reflections. where imagination blooms. where words become the mirror. different kinds of perception meets. a door which connects you to the rest.

    By eda on 02.04.2014

  3. This movie was boring. Damn cinema only had one movie out. Just one. This was not suited to Dimitri’s taste. This stupid animated film with talking snowmen and, what country was it, Denmark? Pfft, stupid Europeans. America is where it’s at, along with that northern extension of it people call Canada, Canadia, or something like that.

    By Kenzie URL on 02.04.2014

  4. My husband and I love to go to the movies on Sundays. It doesn’t matter what type of movie we go to see, we just love the whole environment and experience of it. The people and the chatter don’t bother us. All that matters is that we eat the popcorn and enjoy the movie, and oh yes, we have to have good seats!

    By Regan on 02.04.2014

  5. Many people are in the cinema as always everyday. Watch your favorite movies, actors, stories, etc. What is your favorite movie?

    When do you want to go? When are you free? The whole friends are going you cannot not be there. I know your favorite actors and actresses. It’s fun in the cinema. Lights are out. It’s so dark. I suddenly held your hand. You caught me when I’m about to fall.

    You didn’t see me smile. I felt something wonderful at that moment. I hope that this won’t be over. I hope that the movie won’t be over. This will be a start of something great.

    By roze_princess URL on 02.04.2014

  6. I walk in and sit. the movie plays in front of me, I only catch bits and pieces of color though. I am stealing every glance I can get at the boy next to me … my first date!

    By Kristin on 02.04.2014

  7. Everything we do is as cliche as the movies I used to watch in the cinema. Nothing new, nothing fresh. But the ending. Oh, the ending. I hope it’s good but not as cliche as the usual “happy ever after”.

    By Karen Michelle Victoriano URL on 02.04.2014

  8. It used to be a place of grandeur. A palace of the imaginative and the haven of those lost in the world. Now it is left an empty shell, a mere shadow of its glory.

    By Rachel L URL on 02.04.2014

  9. though a bad first date decision
    we went, wound up home late.
    now old, back here together
    hands held, looking away.

    By Jem Page URL on 02.04.2014

  10. He hated it. The darkness. He looked at the people around him, their eyes bright with the reflection of the screen. He hated the cinema. As he sat, swallowed by the crowd of popcorn eating viewers, he felt as if he were staring into a hypnotic abyss. One that pacifies the masses, and keeps them from their own thoughts.

    By Ashley URL on 02.04.2014

  11. the landscape was painted
    and the script was printed
    and the actors were all ambiguous
    i wasn’t sure whether the light was supposed to shine
    on her
    or him
    or them.
    or maybe we’d go for a nice panoramic.
    i always thought movies about people
    were a little artificial.
    who would watch this shit?

    By Kairn URL on 02.04.2014

  12. Silver screen
    once painted
    by spinning reels
    static colours
    and false light
    they now sit
    in steel canisters
    their edges gleam
    like silver linings
    I blink
    and they take me
    8mm closer
    to what could have been
    I blink
    and I take myself
    16mm back

    By thedugong URL on 02.04.2014

  13. she mesmerized him
    from the moment he laid eyes on her

    in the flickering screen he found

    so every day he sat at her feet
    and fled the cinema of his life

    By S URL on 02.04.2014

  14. In the south y’all go to the theAter. Y’all come on down we got a movie ta see at the theAter!

    By Rover URL on 02.04.2014

  15. We hold a secret.

    Deep beneath the streets of Paris we convene, disbanding only once we’ve had our fill. Past the catacombs and to the right; worry not, there are those among us who know the way.

    We were found once, by a bumbling policeman with extraordinary luck. We evacuated that night; each of us swept up in a haze of bafflement.

    Our new home will not be so easily found, our lair of serenity not so easily penetrated. This time we will move before you come, popcorn kernels and candy wrappers the only evidence left behind. And a note.

    Do not try to find us.

    By Kendra URL on 02.04.2014

  16. The two women arrived at the cinema and got out of the car, their stunning outfits dazzling every man within a 10 foot radius.
    Dress up, eat junk food, watch a good flick, make the men trip over their own shoelaces.

    Girls night.

    By cat URL on 02.04.2014

  17. after purchasing a rather large bucket of unbuttered popcorn, she walked away, casually tossing out one at a time…

    By Aliza Wiseman URL on 02.04.2014

  18. her use of “cinema” was implied… :-)

    By Aliza Wiseman URL on 02.04.2014

  19. It was the cinema in her gaze. The cinema drew him in, in the way the light cast a box upon her face, in the lines that her legs drew in the foreground; it was the cinema in the stitching of her socks. The cinema was all he could see and there were no villains; only beauty. Only the eternal endorphins released in her smile.

    By Moriah URL on 02.04.2014

  20. The cinema is where dreams come to life. one person’s imagination becomes another person’s temporary reality. It doesn’t matter what the movie is about, there is something for everyone at the cinema to expand the mind and make you think.

    By Becca on 02.04.2014

  21. Movies produce a certain light. It can be brooding and dark as well as light and bubbly. I’m staring at you. The shadows and light that dance across your body make you look beautiful even when it’s dark.

    By Tonya on 02.04.2014

  22. She left the cinema with a broken heart; haunted by how his favourite actor died in the movie she just watched. The illusion of death that presented very well on the screen wouldn’t be forgotten.

    By Alodia on 02.04.2014

  23. The screen was white. The janitor swept up all the pop corn, gum, and spilled soda off the floor. IT’s amazing how messy people are when they know someone will clean up after them.

    By Ryan on 02.04.2014

  24. Lights! Camera! Action!

    “Boy, Johnny, the criminal got away again!” A caped masquerade exclaimed to his younger companion as they turned around the corner, walking along the pavement, making sure they didn’t look at the cameras or the crew that stood behind the wondrous machines.

    Everyone was thinking the same thing. This movie was probably not going to do well in the cinemas.

    By Rosheen URL on 02.04.2014

  25. I drove there. IT was late. Traffic was bad. That’s new years eve for you I guess. I pulled up in the car park out back and that’s when I saw him in the dingy light. Facedown, by the dumpster. He looked so lifeless, his tatty clothes somehow blended in with his surroundings.

    By sammii URL on 02.04.2014

  26. I danced among the treeline.
    letting silhouettes of light
    brimming through the trees
    move with every inch of my body
    that slowly sway with the breeze.
    a projection of life coming from the body
    each move another frame
    bringing altogether the wondrous soul inside.

    By Lovelysunnyday URL on 02.05.2014

  27. Dark, popcorn, drinks, ice cream, loud, exciting,

    By Helen on 02.05.2014

  28. I used to go to the cinema with my Gran. We’d watch the film and she’d have a nice long nap. Her favourite was ‘pokemon the movie’, she managed to sleep the whole movie!

    By Jenny URL on 02.05.2014

  29. “Wanna catch a movie? The Cinema Plex is offering a double feature discount,”
    She shook her head, eyes downcast and her arms still wrapped tight around her middle, despite the lack of chill in the air. “No, thanks, Ry. You go ahead,”
    Ryanne looked at her friend with a mixture of concern and sympathy. “Want me to take you home?”
    She nodded. “But…”
    “Will you…will you stay over?” she asked, voice barely above a whisper. “I don’t wanna be alone right now,”
    “Sure, Lynz. Long as you need,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 02.05.2014

    I do not like 3 d as it is too explicit.
    It should let you imagine some of the film… not give you all the answers.

    By nick on 02.05.2014

  31. He thought that a date to the cinema would impress her. But what type of film, she’d proably appreciate something soppy, but could he sit through it.

    By kirsty on 02.05.2014

  32. cinema is a really important part of my life. I think it is the one place i’m not judged for liking what i like because the people sitting right next to me like the same stuff and it’s like a community of people, where the person sitting next you doesn’t put you down for having a crappy test score instead offers you popcorn and let’s you sit at peace.

    By krazysay on 02.05.2014

  33. I felt exactly like the hero on screen. Jaded and tired, not caring what the world had to say.

    By amber on 02.05.2014

  34. I used to love going to the cinema when I was younger. We were there all the time and the really late shows were always such fun. No popcorn but a lovely tube of ice-cream. Not quite the same now.

    By Alexandra URL on 02.05.2014

  35. Hazel would not like to go to the cinema that often. She would much rather read AIA or The Prince of Dawn rather than go out an be social unless she is with Gus.

    By Colinz on 02.05.2014

  36. Isaac does not think the cinema is as enjoyable as it used to be because he is blind. He can only use the earphones that tell him what is happening on the screen. Sadly, it is not the same and therefore less enjoyable for him. In conclusion, being blind must suck.

    By Ryan Boehning on 02.05.2014

  37. I like turtles. And watching turtles. And bringing my turtles to the movies. To watch movies about turtles.

    By Colinz on 02.05.2014

  38. Cinema is a fancy name for movies. When I was growing up, I wouldn’t have considered that art. Art was Van Gogh. Beethoven. Not every day life. And now that I’m grown up, I know that art is life and that the best cinema, the best of the best of movies are based on the most ordinary of the ordinary everyday life, and the nostalgia is better than ever.

    By Ruth on 02.05.2014

  39. I sat in the cinema waiting for the movie to start when I heard it. The small cry for help that changed my life. It seemed that no one else had heard it but me. I immediately went to go investigate.

    By Ally URL on 02.05.2014

  40. i don’t know what’s the mean of this word but i but i want to know whats the mean. it sound like cine

    By claudia on 02.05.2014