February 4th, 2014 | 104 Entries

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104 Entries for “cinema”

  1. cool

    By Ana Maria on 02.04.2014

  2. The tick tick tick of tape, the popcorn smell in the carpet, the sticky floors. Life as seen through a tiny square, rolling forever away into the distance. The movie IS the carpet: is the stain of memory. It’s the stars in heels teetering down the red carpet between velvet ropes–this is what we pay them for. It’s the bright tiles squares in the movie theater.

    By Yona on 02.04.2014

  3. When we got to the cinema, it was closed. That in itself was odd, as it was Friday night, but the place actually looked as if it had been abandoned for years. I knew for a fact that I’d been in there just a month ago, and the front had certainly not been full of cracked glass and yellowed posters; there was more going on than I could fathom.

    By Chris URL on 02.04.2014

  4. Hunkering down in the rickety fold out seat, I let my eyes adjust to the inky blackness enveloping me in the 50’s style cinema. Black and white spots dance on the screen, and my stomach does cartwheels. I’ll be on screen in 5…4…3…2…1.

    By DM URL on 02.04.2014

  5. “Shall we go to the cinema today?” my dad asked in a bad attempt at a fake British accent.

    By Hannah on 02.04.2014

  6. I remember seeing you standing there. Awkward and shy with nothing but a childhoods dream in your eyes. The beauty was there too but you were lost in a fake reality that you dreamed out of the books and movies in your head. You dreamed of love and all I dreamed of was running but you thought you could teach me not to run and I thought the same thing. The day I met you, at the cinema. Good bye.

    By Joseph on 02.04.2014

  7. We see the camera pan from right to left. The lens flares as it passes through the frame. We witness the magic of it all. We see the creature that captures all.

    By Joey A.M. on 02.04.2014

  8. cinema runs through lives of every being on planet earth.One atleast once get attracted to the charms of it.Bollywood (the cinema world of india) hub is mumbai !
    it is thus called the city of dreams. People from all walks of life see themselves in one or the other role of hero or hereon and who knows ! villian as well

    By bhavya on 02.04.2014

  9. Cities & Love
    circling, fast, escape
    out play
    now silver
    now color
    finish line
    first place
    the track
    for your tastes
    not of the race
    get so addicted
    you begin to see the credits
    before the finish line
    so you replay
    see the color in the
    silver screen
    but you try to avoid
    watching this silver lining
    filled by
    mistakes coupled with yearning
    for replays, to be remade,
    a cinematic escape.

    By Yours Truly, Bête on 02.04.2014

  10. I love the cinema
    A place of red seated cushions
    Wild fantasies and far away places
    Dark places with warm feelings
    Time stops or speeds
    Nowhere but the Cinema
    A place of childhood and dreams and love
    The Cinema

    By Saffy on 02.04.2014

  11. George sat in the cinema looking listlessly at the empty screen. He reached into his empty container of popcorn, searching desperately, with his fat, sweaty hands.

    By Liam McDonald-Lurch on 02.04.2014

  12. Movies are a source of entertainment. There are many different production units around the world. They act as an employment source.

    By sdac on 02.04.2014

  13. regarding myself from a distance, something of an out of body experience. like i was dreaming or something, moving slowly, feeling everything very sharply. a haze around my vision, stars falling around me. the sky such a beautiful blue. the snow such a stark white. happy to breathe

    By Yasmine on 02.04.2014

  14. We went to the cinema two by two, we each got a bucket and a bottle and a brew. We nestled in the cushions while the screen went white and looked forward to the feature presentation that night. We ate popcorn and pretzels and grinned with the salt glistening on our teeth while the actors onscreen waltzed.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.04.2014

  15. “Tonight darling, we have an /agenda/,
    First dinner, desert and the cinema,
    Then a late night drink,
    Your head in my sink,
    And your body soaked in ammonia.”

    By kyren on 02.04.2014

  16. Such a fancy name for the movies. Or maybe an old fashioned name for the movies. I never say I’m going to the cinema. I guess the new theaters that have the lazy boy chairs and serve meals might qualify as cinemas. Or not……

    By just a girl on 02.04.2014

  17. The cinema was “open” but completely empty. No customers, no employees, no sign of life anywhere. Popcorn, candy, and sticky spilled soda was strewn all over the floor. I stared at the desolate place that used to be so crowded and lively, filled with laughing and crying people.

    By Grace on 02.04.2014

  18. “Cinema”. A place people went to laugh and cry and maybe secretly do things in the dark. It used to be a place of joy for me too, back when there were friends to go with, laugh with, cry with. But now, the cinema was empty. As was I.

    By Grace on 02.04.2014

  19. I make movies. I don’t like watch movies.
    Art Waste of time
    Why’d you even ask? Wasn’t it worth a try?

    By Beth A on 02.04.2014

  20. Cinema is a more dramatic word for movie. Are you really going to be that ass pipe that says cinema? “what a wonderful night at the cinema!” NO. Don’t say that, you went to the movies where you stuffed your face with greasy movie popcorn.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 02.04.2014

  21. “Let’s go to the cinema!” she said, excitement showing all over her face. “Let’s go watch a movie together!”
    “I’d love that. I would really love that” he said, feeling a seed of hope growing inside him for the first time in two decades.

    By diana m on 02.04.2014

  22. I make movies.
    I don’t watch movies
    Waste of time
    Mindful Mindless
    Why’d you even ask?
    Wasn’t it worth a try?
    She hates me
    I wish I didn’t
    Hatred Love
    isn’t beautiful isn’t beautiful

    By Beth A on 02.04.2014

  23. I make movies.

    I don’t watch movies


    Waste of time


    Why’d you even ask?

    Wasn’t it worth a try?

    She hates me

    I wish I didn’t


    isn’t beautiful

    By Beth A on 02.04.2014

  24. The waking moments of my morning play out like art-house cinema. Heady, rambling internal monologues of no consequence. Scenes of silent, reflective stares and not a single line of dialogue. And the length of it all. A slice of life with no audience.

    By asavas on 02.04.2014

  25. A smile; bright in your face and longing your way, slow and steady, life; a touch; whisper, breath tickling your skin, hair whipping across your face, magic.
    You think about these things quietly, patiently, in the cinema or in the bookstore; relive them softly, touching hands cheek lips crook of your neck, reach them with the tips of your tongue and your fingers threaded through theirs.

    By Jordan on 02.04.2014

  26. The ceiling of the cinema caved in,and great chunks of plaster fell amid screams. No, this wasn’t part of the movie, not part of the 3-D glasses deal. No one was looking at the monster on the screen now, they were all running from the real one.

    By Holden URL on 02.04.2014

  27. it’s the big box of shattered light surrounded by blasting sound. Can’t we sit in back I plead. I’ll get a neck ache, a butt ache, maybe some heartache.

    By Maryanne URL on 02.04.2014

  28. I like going to the cinema

    By Rich URL on 02.04.2014

  29. on our first date, you took me to the cinema. it took you thirteen minutes to put your arm around my shoulder, and twelve more after that to move that hand down to my thigh. it took you eighteen more minutes to kiss my cheek. later, when we got back to your place after the film, it took you five minutes to lock the door and push me down. it took me three years to scream.

    By Rose on 02.04.2014

  30. Dark
    and all we see
    are the glow worm
    lights on the ceiling,
    illuminating and glittering.
    The world will never be the same.

    By Emily URL on 02.04.2014

  31. The movie rocked my world. quite literally. It sucked me into it and put me on a roman battle field with all the myths that came with it. I guess this movie was my life now. What would happen when the movie ended? Would I go with it? Would I be ended too? I worried throughout the battle and tried my best just to survive it. Who knew fighting was this tough? The movie came to a close and I was back in my seat, holding my uneaten pop corn and sitting next to my best friends. We all immediately agreed that it was one of the best ones we’ve seen and they even noticed an actor that looked a lot like me. I laughed and rubbed my shoulder, sore from swinging my heavy sword. Id keep my little experience to myself for now. Perhaps I’d turn it into a full scale movie one day once I got my career moving.

    By Star Castellia on 02.04.2014

  32. I think the thought of going to an old fashion cinema is amazing. It brings me back to the though of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s where women would dress up in hoop dresses and the men would wear suites and go to see something that would get them out of their element, their bubble of the world around them.

    By Kat on 02.04.2014

  33. Quintin tarintino:
    pulp fiction
    resivour dogs
    kill bill 1 & 2
    inglorious bastards
    django unchained
    true romance
    jackie brown

    By nicole on 02.04.2014

  34. It was indeed a tiresome task, unlike those scams one would see in the cinema, where the boring, repetitive part of the job is glossed over in a few seconds, usually with a catchy backing track, and some cinematic trick to indicate the pasage of a substantial amount of time. But for Killen, it was a hard slog. Watching odds fluctuate, calculating the spread, and sending his team of bet placers around the betting shops of London, and eventually further afield. As Race Day approached, it became more intense, as the average punters started placing their once a year just-to-make-it-interesting bets and tipped the balance towards a few select horses. By the day before the race, Killen had used up almost all of the ten million pounds the old man had fronted him, but was certain to win it all back, and still make a minimum profit of two million on the day. He would need to keep an eye on the odds fluctuation right up until the white flag was raised, but he could finally relax a little. Nothing could go wrong now.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.04.2014

  35. We walked around the block, the cinema coming into view. The red, green, yellow and blue lights flashed on in off in sequence. Red, then green, then yellow, then blue, and then all at once. Then it begins again.
    Our hands swung between us. His giant, strong hands encompassing my small and thin one.

    By umbazachika on 02.04.2014

  36. Life was flickering before their eyes. And yeh, people sat and watched. They nibbled on popcorn and giggled at the funny bits. I don’t know if anyone stayed for the entire film though. Maybe it got too boring. Or maybe it just got uncomfortable.

    By esky1118 on 02.04.2014

  37. we sit in the dark and we don’t know what’s going on. I think he’s about to reach over and slap her and the blue lights keep flickering over everyone’s cheeks. i feel lonely amongst the crowd and it takes a certain sort of privilege to be able to sit during the matinee and be empty inside the theater and not have to worry about the screaming children locked behind classroom doors. no blue light for them.

    By Ylan on 02.04.2014

  38. I love and hate going to the movies. I usually find I am annoyed by chair kickers and chatters and texters. But I can rarely stop making comments to myself or my party about the movie. Hypocrite.
    I don’t usually see many films oas they are released.
    I hate popcorn. It makes me literally sick.

    By jt valdes on 02.04.2014

  39. I heard “Cinema” come on the radio and was instantly drawn back to that day. The day of pure happiness and love. The day where for once in my life I felt good enough, I felt loved, and I felt accepted. That day haunts me, knowing what could be, but knowing that feeling will never again come back…

    By foost URL on 02.04.2014

  40. Watching the movie of our lives unfold directly in front of my eyes. Watching the interweaving of people: cherishing, loving, enjoying each others company. What a cinema to behold, an explosion of joy and love.

    By Jose on 02.04.2014