February 14th, 2011 | 765 Entries

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765 Entries for “chocolate”

  1. Chocolate is great because i was ate loads of it and it gave me really bad wolfcoon farts then i ate the yellow snow and then i ated the mobile phone outside the house of mayor pickles!!!! awesome is what it was

    By Rocko Wolfcoon on 02.15.2011

  2. I find chocolate one of the great vices of this century. The western world has an affiliation for it’s rich creamy tastes that are perpetuated continually by the brash and harsh media that advertises and advertises these consumerist brands.

    By Tad on 02.15.2011

  3. It is supposed to make the happiest of thoughts for the saddest of minds. All it does is remind me of the love i lost. She enjoyed chocolate. Damn you chocolate.

    By James Kulig on 02.15.2011

  4. During this spring festival, I eat tons of chocolates in order to test whether my teeth are good enough.

    By ashley1990 on 02.15.2011

  5. The buildings rise above the trails of workers like ants in the green depths. It is not really a jungle but the products are derived from simple natural ingredients and become assimilated to something complex neurotic even. Children in saffron run through the line of dark figures like fillings.

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 02.15.2011

  6. Chocolate stains on her back pack, on her blouse and now all over the front of her pants. She didn’t understand where the chocolate came from. She hadnt bought any in weeks. “is it chocolate?” she muttered. She scraped some off her blouse and brought it to her nose… “No way!”

    By visage URL on 02.15.2011

  7. It is sweet.
    I love chocolate. A milk product, usually brown or white. You can make drinks out of it. YUMMY after sex. Woman love it. Great gift.
    sweet. milk. You get it in snack form and in bulk form.

    By Kinesis on 02.15.2011

  8. Life is bittersweet. There are good times. The sweet joy you feel when you achieve something. The lovely times with friends and family. And there are the not-so-sweet ones, the constant fear of losses and banishments. The actual reality that the world is not rainbows and butterflies.

    By yunisee on 02.15.2011

  9. chocolate is a perfect companion to my almond butter
    a gift from my friend
    so far away and hard to get; i am a lucky girl
    I want to dip a bar into the greasy gooey nut butter, watch it drip…drip…drip from the end then bite. soooo sweetness is melting and thick inside my mouth–the roof, I roll it around with my tongue. it seems to swell.

    By Susannah URL on 02.15.2011

  10. The desire of the mouth when your soul is broken. When you want to feel the taste of love you can’t feel from another person. When you have been ripped apart you seek this comfort and you smell it, taste it, lick it and savior the flavor.

    By Tinna URL on 02.15.2011

  11. It drips down the side of my mouth, hot from being melted in the microwave. I fill up the trays and set them in the fridge. Then, I kiss you. Drizzled chocolate and all.

    By Lauren URL on 02.15.2011

  12. As he rubbed the chocolate on her body she thought this cant be real, its all going so fast, why did I agree to this art display?! It is so unlike me to do this perhaps that is why. All I know is that I am attracted to him and wanted to impress him.

    By T on 02.15.2011

  13. The chocolatier has withered hands. Her face with time is fading into blandness. She cradles the warm bowl close to her hip, stirring and lifting the spoon. No one will love it as much as she.

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 02.15.2011

  14. Is something I can’t eat any longer. What a pity. because the world seems to consist out of chocolate. But I have other pleasures I am following: like wonderful cake without choc, love, hiking, cycling, Austrian wine.

    By Annette URL on 02.15.2011

  15. Chocolate – sweet, thick, creamy, delish, delightful .. my friend when feeling tired. I adore the stuff – I love the dark, the white and the milk it is soo soo comforting and makes lovely presents too. But best when eaten in abundance and alone!

    By matilda URL on 02.15.2011

  16. Mmm: scrummy, melty, mouthy, lippy indulgence with guilt and pleasure in curled up in equal measure.

    By Erica on 02.15.2011

  17. This wonderful elixer is able to conjure one to far away places and give the amazement of love in one bite. This potion of nine letters is a poison. It is overpowering and will take you.
    Never underestimate the world of “chocolate”.

    By Sylvia on 02.15.2011

  18. What a beautiful world we live in because there is chocolate. Granted, the colour of chocolate is a bit drab, but the taste, ooooh! It can be bitter, it can be sweet, just like love. And love is what I think of when I think of chocolate. That makes me think of the story of Mr Sweet. He loved chocolate so much that he never thought about anything else. He married a lady by the name of Ms Tooth and together they were happily married because one was as much sweettooth as the other. Man, chocolate truly drives me crazy, as this story well illustrates.

    By Ralph on 02.15.2011

  19. Melted ecstasy dripping down your fingers to settle in little pools of rich, brown sweetness in the cleft of your palm. Lick it all up.

    By Hyperbole URL on 02.15.2011

  20. i used to think i liked it but i don’t really. sometimes it’s okay like twist or twix or maybe mint chocolate but i actually don’t enjoy it all that much… although when it has nuts in it, it can be good. i could live without it is all i’m saying. i guess i dislike it because i start to eat too much of it when i have access to it

    By vic on 02.15.2011

  21. we read about any passage
    the whole idea about the passage

    By abinaya on 02.15.2011

  22. the best of friends share their joys over a dark brown chocolate whether a bar of it or a hot chocolate.its the heart of switzerland.

    By Abhinav on 02.15.2011

  23. chocolate, sweet bribery. but his will is even stronger than his desire. No, don’t want chocate. The cheek of him. Yesterday, Daddy came home with a bar of white chocolate with little brown balls and cranberry swirls on it. The monkey claimed it as his own, stuffing pieces in his mouth, refusing to let go.

    By verityk URL on 02.15.2011

  24. “Johnny, give me the chocolate bar!” But the young boy would have none of it. He bounced around on the sofas, and tracked mud all over the carpet like a wet and dirty dog. “It’s Easter!!”

    By Laura Riddle URL on 02.15.2011

  25. i eat the chocolate as conscious therapy, hoping the neurochemicals it encourages will allow me to take one happy breath, or at least a few inhales and exhales where I am not overwhelmed by the blanket of dread that cloaks me throughout the day.

    By dominguez URL on 02.15.2011

  26. Greed is bad for a persons mental health, people need self control in their lives.

    By Kayla on 02.15.2011

  27. ooooo chocolate! i love chocolate. malleys has great chocolate. you can mix chocolate with a bunch of stuff, creating many different candy bars. ooo the mixes you can make with chocolate. although there are some mixes that should never be allowed. for example: chocolate covered bacon!!! another example: chocolate covered fritos!!! ew! haha

    By Ashley Tenney URL on 02.15.2011

  28. Really truly chocolate is a woman’s best friend when sadness erupts chocolate is always there to soothe always in good taste convenient and easy to come by and never gives any guff or backtalk just pleasure

    By joolie URL on 02.15.2011

  29. “This is great. I’ve always wanted one of these things,” John smiled. The chocolate bunny was shiny and gave off a faint smell of sweetness. Sherry laughed, “Well there is more than meets the eye to that bunny, so be extra careful.” Then the bunny winked at John.

    By Sopdet URL on 02.15.2011

  30. Chocolade. Door de inca’s (of de maya’s, een van de twee in ieder geval) werd het gezien als het voedsel van de goden. Ze hadden zelfs een chocoladegod, waar wij het woord chocola aan te danken hebben. Je hebt dit heerlijke godenvoedsel in verschillende vormen, van wit tot hazelnootbruin tot donkerbruin. Je kunt het in zodanige hoeveelheden krijgen in de lokale supermarkt dat het menig diëtiste zou gaan duizeligen. Mijn favoriet? Pure chocolade met nootjes! Daarnaast zitten er flavanolen in die weer goed voor je zijn, bovendien voel je je alsof je verliefd bent.

    By ping URL on 02.15.2011

  31. It was harder than it looked, being made out of chocolate. After all, you had to deal with crazed children chasing you, drool everywhere. Ugh. Ah well, at least she had this moment of peace, this moment where she could hide in this house, free as a cacao creature could be.

    By Rin Katt URL on 02.15.2011

  32. Delicious! I love chocolate. Wasn’t it invented by the aztecs or something? Sometimes I eat it when I’m sad. It makes me sad when I eat when I’m sad. But chocolate is still good.

    Chocolate reminds me of sex with pretty girls. It’s given as a gift on valentines day, probably because it used to be considered an aphrodisiac– well, I suppose it probably still is. I gave my girlfriend chocolate, but I never got any last night… :(

    By Theresa Wallace on 02.15.2011

  33. If my heart was made of chocolate, it would make sense, it would make sense that you should devour it like this, swallow it whole and not leave one bit for me, if my heart was made of chocolate, maybe you’d want to save it because it’s too good.

    By Lucie URL on 02.15.2011

  34. Mmmmmmm. Me like-y. Me want-y.

    By David Saleeba URL on 02.15.2011

  35. my guilty pleasure.
    rolling like music across my palate.
    coursing through my guilt like the whitest of lies.
    the purest of desires.
    the sweetest of sighs.

    By laarni indonto on 02.15.2011

  36. Sometimes I need to have chocolate. I never need to have sex.

    By Miranda on 02.15.2011

  37. Delicious. Some say nutritious. But tastes like shit without any added sugar. I’m talking about chocolate. One thing I have noticed about this delectable treat is that it mimics the love chemicals in the brain.

    By Ryan W.C. URL on 02.15.2011

  38. Valentines day. Neither my mom nor I remembered to give my stepdad a card or flowers or anything like that. I did however make chocolate dipped cookies and chip cookies and distributed them to neighbors. One of which was old and widowed and needed company. She told me of her girlhood in a nearby town.

    By EllieG on 02.15.2011

  39. Chocolate all over his face, in his mind, filling his heart. If only we could all be as happy as chocolate makes David, if only we could all embrace the joy of being a child again, no hatred, no pain, just chocolate.

    By Eph on 02.15.2011

  40. Chocolate, is yummy. Chocolate, is a creamy delightful sweet or sometimes tart treat.

    By RaeRae URL on 02.15.2011