June 30th, 2012 | 269 Entries

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269 Entries for “chills”

  1. She clawed his back and chills rain up and down his spine. Nestled in between his legs, her knees pointed to the ceiling and sweat trickled down her face. She felt his beard tickle her shoulder and then he rocked her forward and she was lost all over again.

    By LifeisaVerb87 URL on 06.30.2012

  2. As I stare out of the car window, the ran splattering the sides, I get a chill down my spine. Something bad is going to happen…

    By The Rev URL on 06.30.2012

  3. Slowly she stood up, shaking, beads of sweat falling down her face and stinging her eyes. Her hands fumbled as she attempted the zipper on her pants. Her fingers hurt, her bones ached, every part of her felt raw. Savaged. Ravaged. Chilly.

    By Amanda Asay URL on 06.30.2012

  4. The moon was a bright orb outside; crisp and clear in the dark tapestry that was the sky. Not a single cloud obscured the darkness, save for the puff of smoke that emanated from between her lips. She pressed her arms tight around her slight frame, her bare hands grabbing at the thick, woolen fabric between. No matter how warm her scarf of coat, the freezing chill in the air still sent shivers down her spine.

    By Heather on 06.30.2012

  5. I got the chills tonight right after I took my nyquill. BOY does that stuff taste bad. But at least it puts me to sleep. I sleep like an angel on that stuff, man. Chills also remind me of winter, which it is not. Sometime i get the chills in the morning this summer after I’ve left the air condition on too long.

    By Scott D on 06.30.2012

  6. A shivering sort of sense, climbing up your spine, permeating every bone and nerve in your body. A coldness that cannot be shaken, a warmth that shall never be felt. A fleeting phantom of fear.

    By Eve on 06.30.2012

  7. chills… when i look at you, you give me chills.. my stomach feels weird and i can’t help but smile.. i can’t believe how time goes by when we’re together.. you’re the only person i never get tired of spending time with.. i love the way you look and the way you always smile.. looking at you gives me chills all the time

    By sam URL on 06.30.2012

  8. Right now, I’ve got the chills, though that’s because my fans on too high. I’m getting goosebumps, oh my lol

    The song entered my heart, its word rung true to my soul. I felt chills run through my body like electricity, making every hair stand up on end. I was truly moved.

    By Mary URL on 06.30.2012

  9. He Touches Me,
    Brushes My Forehead,
    Caresses My Cheek,
    Takes My Chin in His Hand,
    Leans in
    His Lips Are So Near,
    I Close My Eyes,
    Shivering With Excitement.

    Open My Eyes Again.
    Laying Alone,
    In My Bedroom,
    My Kitten Strokes My Face With His Paw
    In the Effort to Wake Me Up.
    I’m Shivering From the Cold
    Of the Air From the Vent Above Me.

    He Was Gone,
    He Had Never Been There.
    It Was a Dream.

    He Was Never Coming Back
    From Arizona.

    By Story Solo URL on 06.30.2012

  10. Chills ran up her spine as she froze, unable to control a second of what happened next…. sailing down the driveway, across the lawn, running over the playhouse, through the fence a finally crashing into the neighbor’s tree.

    By Olli on 06.30.2012

  11. Chills ran down my spine as I put the popsicle in my mouth. It wasn’t the right day for it, but I had really wanted one, so who knows. It reminded me of the day I realized I had power. Chills then, too. I could do whatever I wanted, and it scared me. Maybe I shouldn’t have had the operation to take them away. I could have saved the world. Or I could have destroyed it. It doesn’t matter now. The popsicle is melting.

    By Aki on 06.30.2012

  12. what gives you the chills? personally, i can’t think of anything. not one thing. one thing that could make a shiver run up my spine. and as i sit here typing this, i wonder if maybe the fact that i cant think of anything… i just got the chills.

    By John Wildauer on 06.30.2012

  13. I ran through the cold, chills racing up and down my spine. I couldn’t stand the not knowing. The oblivion of it all. Where are they? Can they see me? Can they find me? It was unbearable.

    By BellaBella URL on 06.30.2012

  14. The forest was eerily quiet, except for the occasional hoot of an owl. He traipsed down the pathway, hands shoved deep in his pockets as he stared up at the big yellow moon hanging low in the sky. Any other person may have found the night peaceful, but it gave him the chills. Something wasn’t right.

    By Rachel URL on 06.30.2012

  15. it is cold, i pull the sweater down over my stomach and trudge on. I can’t stop walking, otherwise I will be even colder. It sucks being homeless. I often wonder how it feels to be someone so ignorant. To be someone who has never felt the cold like I have felt it. One who has always had a bed and central heating. I envy you.

    It’s makes it harder to think of the times you were indoors. The tines when you didn;’t have to sleep on a train to get your warmth, and get kicked off at the end of the line on last train. To not have to dodge security guards in Crown Casino so you have a warm place to sleep.

    By Charelle URL on 06.30.2012

  16. The wintry wind sent chills down her spin, raising the hairs on her arms and the back of her neck while she sat on the front porch steps. She wrapped her arms around herself, trying to stay warm while she waited for him to come. That was what her life consisted of: moments of waiting. Different goals, different people. Always waiting.

    By Ris URL on 06.30.2012

  17. Spine

    By thesleepingbeauty URL on 06.30.2012

  18. He came to my window during the night. He had a plan for escape and I was willing to try anything. We removed the screen and the summer breeze gave me chills that forced me to reach for my jacket, last minute. I jumped out the window and we held hands as we walked down the road together, the long, dark dirt road.

    By thesleepingbeauty URL on 06.30.2012

  19. Oooh I just got the chills, sometimes people say that means that someone either thought about you, or walked over your grave. Walked over your grave? That makes no sense, it’s like what are all these people doing in cemeteries anyway? I am not dead. not yet anyway.

    By Lexi on 06.30.2012

  20. “I have a fever, and I have chills, and I feel like my head is going to explode! I wish I could eat something. But my stomach is not my friend right now. I wish it was warmer here, it’s freezing cold!”

    By one shoe URL on 06.30.2012

  21. Chills. The name of my family cat when I was 5. Chills ran away to become an actor. He didn’t make it out of the neighborhood.

    By Rico on 06.30.2012

  22. Chills
    Drip down my spine as I look into your eyes
    eyes of ice
    eyes of fire
    Which should I respond to?
    I feel you with every beat of your voice
    and every flick of your iris
    you torment my soul

    By Kyna URL on 06.30.2012

  23. Sometimes I get random body chills and give a little shudder. It happens at the weirdest times, when Im hot, cold or whatever it doesn’t matter. Its funny the looks some people give me. Its best when they try to be polite but you know they thought it was weird. Its amazing what people will do to be perceived as polite, that gives me the chills

    By hschmalz URL on 06.30.2012

  24. One brief touch is all it touch. That single moment. The run in, that look. He never meant to feel anything when he was asked to fullfill this assignment. He never thought when he was doing anything. That was his only weakness.

    By Amy URL on 06.30.2012


    By aLLIE on 06.30.2012


    This is making me bonkers.


    “It sent chills down my spine”: the commonly used phrase.

    By ollie URL on 06.30.2012

  27. The rain began like a soft voice in her ear, slowly, gently, then rising to a roaring thunder. It chilled her body and heart, mean and forceful in it’s determination to not only soak through her clothes but through her mind and soul. Gave her chills.

    By AV on 06.30.2012

  28. The chills are in my hands, in my feet, in my bones. Without hesitation, this is the most tired I’ve ever been – up for 48 hours.

    By dan URL on 06.30.2012

  29. It was like a white, wet, cold layer of icing on a cake. It had settled smoothly on the fresh grass but the smooth layer of white was soon ruined when we started to play. It was thrust down my back. It sent chills down my spine. It’s all an enjoyable game, putting snow down each others’ backs… until it ends in tears.

    By Chrissie :) URL on 06.30.2012

  30. i get the chills whenever i see two brothers on a show or a movie who are at odds. There’s something about conflict between brothers that resonates a deeper core inside me, something that goes back to biblical times when Jacob and Esau decided they were at odds over their father’s inheritance.

    By Kyler on 06.30.2012

  31. I get chills when i see something i like. i get these when i love something. i get chills a lot.
    Chills are very good for the soul. Chills lets you refresh yourself. chills are amazing.

    By Alaina on 06.30.2012

  32. People get chills for many reasons. Some get them down their spine when they are scared. Some feel them in their bones when they know something is going to go wrong. Some have them tingle across their arms when they are around a loved one. I get them when I’m about to die.

    By Alyssa on 06.30.2012

  33. We get the chills when we’re alone, listening to songs we’ll forget in two years, because we are so run down and lonesome for nothing. God awful nothing. Let’s wrap our arms together, bring the chills together, leave together—nothing. You say, nothing. You say, you have a cough. You leave first.

    By Lauren on 06.30.2012

  34. i get the chills when i think of you and i hate it,. it runs down my back like a spider and it makes me sick. get away, i don’t want your chills anymore. i really wish you wouldn’t cross my mind, and i hate the thought of you. goodbye to the chills, i hope you don’t return.

    By lex on 06.30.2012

  35. I get chills just thinking about them – the little many-legged creatures. Their tiny bodies race across the carpet, just out of eye-shot. They appear in the fall and summer months, no matter how often I clean. Where do they come from? The cracks in the walls? Crevices I can’t reach? They just keep…coming….

    By Jade on 06.30.2012

  36. Chills can be beautiful when they come from a touch or a brush of the skin or the lips. I love the feeling of ice running down your back from where he touched by shoulder.

    By Emma URL on 06.30.2012

  37. I get the chills when i think of you and i hate it. I wish those spiders wouldn’t crawl down my spine any longer, and i hope they don’t ever return to me, because you certainly haven’t/ but you cross my mind every day. I try to block the thoughts out like dream catchers do for my nightmares. But it never works.

    By lexi URL on 06.30.2012

  38. ooh wow ok i get the chills when ever i hear beautiful singing and when its cold like most people lol but somtimes really random things can make me get the chills like hearing a distinct noise or word i dont know im weird i guess

    By Kaylista! on 06.30.2012

  39. I get chills when I realize just how perfect things can be. It amazes me when things fall into place without my doing anything to make it happen— like getting a text from a friend at just the moment I need it… Those things are what give me the chills!

    By Leah on 06.30.2012

  40. I get the chills when i see Andrew Garfield’s face oh my oh my that boy is the most perfect thing to ever walk the planet.

    By hey on 06.30.2012