June 30th, 2012 | 269 Entries

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269 Entries for “chills”

  1. When you get the chills, it’s usually when you’re scared or along the lines of that. Some sort of uncomfortable emotion; ie. fear, nervousness, embarassment. You know that whole jist. But I love the chills that I get when I listen to music

    By Erika on 06.30.2012

  2. I really need to go to bed right now but instead I’m sitting outside in the dark night sky. The stars are above me, twinkling brightly. Okay. No. That’s a lie. I can’t actually see them since I’m so absorbed in my technology. What I do notice is how cold it is outside right now. The air is crisp and is giving me chills.

    By Amy CJ URL on 06.30.2012

  3. The enormous mansion on the upwards slope of the street always gave you the chills, whenever you went outside to skateboard or shoot hoops in your precariously inclined driveway. The stone lions were the worst of it. Their stony eyes had no pupils, no color – a simple blank stare into a world that not even you were ever familiar with.

    But today, you are going to be brave. You are going to walk up to that mansion.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.30.2012

  4. She felt chills going up her spine as she walked across the forest floor. It was dark and the crescent moon in the sky was her only source of light. There was a loud sound and she gasped a loud, jumping nearly a foot in the air. She cursed under her breath when she realized that the sound had been only the cry of an owl. She continued to walk as quickly and quietly as she could.

    By Anna on 06.30.2012

  5. All that I see is snow. A big field of snow. The Sky is a pale grey and almost looks as pale as the snow. It is just an empty abyss of white. I feel the cold all the way to my bones, and I feel it race up my spine.

    By Sarah on 06.30.2012

  6. I hate getting the chills. When you see that one person and they just creep up and make you shake. Their irresistible, unstoppable. Kind of like love, don’t you think? I must hate falling in love also…

    By Krista on 06.30.2012

  7. Chills running up my arms. The room was closing in on me. Suffocating me as I tried to draw in one steady breath at a time. It did not help. I was dying, without anyone having to pull a trigger or dig a knife into my skin.

    By Michelle URL on 06.30.2012

  8. well its a really weird feeling as you could get it when say walking past a graveyard or when you’re just actually cold i get chills when i get out of a really warm shower and walk into the cold.

    By caleb on 06.30.2012

  9. seeing a scary clown while walking to your kitchen in the middle of the night for a midnight cold glass of water. the clown is sitting in the hallway with a large knife, and a creepy grin. you get cold chills down your back. thats what i think of when i see/hear the word chils

    By jonas on 06.30.2012

  10. Gasp and just breathe, like you can hardly contain yourself. And they run up and they grip you harder than you’d think possible, because their fingers are so light and gentle. And so you stand, frozen, unable to move. Just hardly breathing, staring out through your peripherals, with the chills running up your back– waiting for them to pass over and release you again.

    By tomo on 06.30.2012

  11. Sitting alone at home in the middle of the night when you here a knock on the door. Its the cops….

    The neighbors dog got out and made its way into your back yard.

    By Mitch Benyon URL on 06.30.2012

  12. Chills. Like penguins in snow or like the feeling that you get from a really good horror movie! Or the feeling that runs through you when you know you did the wrong thing. Or the feeling that that special person gives you every time they touch you.

    By Rhiannon on 06.30.2012

  13. The “s” is really what gives the word a spooky connotation. Remove that letter and I remember warm summer days at the beach, not clowns or ghosts.

    By Mitch Benyon URL on 06.30.2012

  14. the air mattress is cold on my back. I lift my head at the sound of the door. “I’m going,” he grumbles. “Work?” “Where else?” I place my head back on the mattress. I roll onto the concrete floor. Ice runs up my spine, touches my neck, my back, my fingertips. I like to feel by body react. I do not how to do anything else.

    By Luna URL on 06.30.2012

  15. He touches my hair, my fingers, my spine. My nerves are on fire.

    By Luna URL on 06.30.2012

  16. It was a warm summer evening when I stood out on the porch overlooking the Savannah city. My father had always used to tell me about the cemetery over yonder, but I always laughed at the notion of ghosts. But that night, I felt the chill of his presence, and knew that his stories were not childish fables.

    By Shannon on 06.30.2012

  17. something you get when you hear a song that really moves you. it’s so beautiful and greatly written that it causes you to get chills. You can also get it when you’re scared or hear something you don’t want to believe is true. You can get them when you’re cold.

    By sunny on 06.30.2012

  18. I get the chills sometimes. Whenever I think about what we used to be. It’s ironic really, because you used to hold me so close, so tight, and I was warm. Warm in your embrace. But now that I think about all of the sad feelings you caused me, I get the chills. Which is not how I would’ve hoped we would’ve turned out.

    By Emily Stephens URL on 06.30.2012

  19. a feeling you get when something really moves you. Whether it be an emotion, a song, a movie, or whatever else. Something you can also get when it’s cold outside.

    By sunny on 06.30.2012

  20. There’s snow on the ground. Fear in my heart. I turn to look at him but he’s gone. “Over here.” he lures. Turning fast, I look to where the voice came from. There he was. Pale, tall, and cold. Chills run through me. What have I gotten myself into?

    By Sunny URL on 06.30.2012

  21. cold places in dark areas……scary or lonely at times….dont know what to think about things….

    By Marisa on 06.30.2012

  22. Like a cold breeze, these feeling chill me,
    I wish I could let just every feeling be,
    Just walk away, let these thoughts just leave me
    With time everything will fade away
    And I’ll find these feeling the right way….

    By Simon Says.. URL on 06.30.2012

  23. chills on hills. im so tired of writing other languages. english are the onlys way og give me the foreste. teach me the language of hills an clouds. just silence perhaps.

    By Annie URL on 06.30.2012

  24. Autumn is a time for cold to start seeping in to the bones. It makes me think of losing summer and not being able to handle the long wait for the hearty warmth of growing hom grown vegetables again. It seems to be the time I get most melancholy and to think of the past and the issues that my family have gone through.

    By Jonathan on 06.30.2012

  25. The chills from the cold rippling air sank down into my bones. We were looking for the way but got lost in the vortex. Sometimes I think it was fate.

    By Steffany URL on 06.30.2012

  26. Shivers down your body, Eyes look upon you from an unknown location and fear crawls along your skin. The cool brush of wind across your skin.

    By Chelsea URL on 06.30.2012

  27. i want to get chills when I look at someone… or when I hear their voice. It would be nice to feel that again. Sometimes I find myself wondering if that will ever happen. Will i ever love again? I sure hope so. Until then, I’ll try to give myself chills. lol

    By Anique on 06.30.2012

  28. living in the Upper peninsula of michigan has left an permanent chill in my bones. even today, at 90 degress, im still covering myself up and sitting in the sun to ensure that i dont get the goosbumps to make all the hair on my legs grow back.

    By ktina on 06.30.2012

  29. She ran through the corridors, cold chills running along her spine. She couldn’t find him and she couldn’t find a way out. Everything around her began to shift, the floors were changing again and this time she had no control. The chills wouldn’t stop. She willed them away but nothing she did helped.

    By Andrea on 06.30.2012

  30. i get chills their multiplying and i am losing my cool cause the girl that i love is near or something like that from grease.

    By joe URL on 06.30.2012

  31. An incredible enlightenment. Something that I have never before felt. Though the cold air penetrated my clothing, I was still warm inside.

    By AniqueAmari URL on 06.30.2012

  32. it gives me chills when you walk in the room, i just want it to be me and you, but things get in the way. i wish it wasn’t like this, feeling alone and with no way out, you give me the chills in a good way, it is also a little eerie. the feeling you instill in me, it seems invasive but almost addicting. you give me chills, a tingling.

    By Bridget on 06.30.2012

  33. I think that ice chills very much, but even moreso: his words. I was chilled not just on my tongue, but to the very bone. My core. My heart, that I’d forgotten until his words struck. Chilled tongues and teeth leak cold words, and those chill the heart.

    By Ayanna Blunot on 06.30.2012

  34. Chills shooting up my spine. I know that there’s no turning back now. I feel a serpent moving inside of me, contorting, writhing. And the cool lightening.

    By Will on 06.30.2012

  35. I’ve got ills
    They’re multiplying
    And i’m losing control
    The sickness that caused me dying

    By gsk URL on 06.30.2012

  36. it gives me the chills fills my bones up with ice cold rum can’t understand how the beat of a drum can make one succomb to this feeling see my breath when im breathing it’s stealing my warmth away

    By kamilah URL on 06.30.2012

  37. Chills were sent down her spine at the very thought of what she had to do. She hated the dark. What kind of things were prowling in the shadows, waiting to get her? Taking a deep breathe, she gathered up her courage and stepped out of the doorway.

    By Kristina URL on 06.30.2012

  38. The killer stepped silently through the brush, waiting for its next victim. As it got darker by the hour, a group of teens headed to a campfire spot where no one could hear them scream.

    By Mikayla on 06.30.2012

  39. It’s cold.
    The autumn winds chill to the bone. All the towns people hate it.
    But it reminds me that I am alone in this town. I feel so alive in the chill of the sundown.

    By TheGlassPhoenix on 06.30.2012

  40. i get chills every time you
    throw your gaze
    to mine. every time
    your skin barely
    brushes against my skin:

    i am on fire,
    yet the chill bumps
    decorating my skin tell
    another story.

    By rachel. URL on 06.30.2012