June 30th, 2012 | 269 Entries

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269 Entries for “chills”

  1. When you feel cold or excited. Good chills are when there’s magic in the air, like a full moon or a scene out of a book or movie. Your hair stands up and you get goosebumps.

    By Gayatri Saxena on 06.30.2012

  2. chillout
    chilly sous
    chily weather
    chilli pepper red hot chilly pepppers

    By Yevgeniya on 06.30.2012

  3. Chills running up and down her spine as beads of sweat fell down her back. The crisp morning air felt too fresh, too good. Here face a pale shade of red slowly coming down.

    By Amanda Asay on 06.30.2012

  4. i got the chills when i saw her standing there behind the tree it creeped me out the way she looked at me with those blood thirsty eyes . she had nothing but a white dress on . she looked pale like she had had the blood drained out of her and now she wanted more

    By bianca on 06.30.2012

  5. My house gives me the chills. Literally!

    I understand that I live the Oasis of Nevada, but jeez mom, does the air conditioner have to be 59 degrees!

    It may sound nice to you “sweaters” out there but I can only tolerate it for so long.

    I had to put socks on because my feet were freezing…and I hate socks.

    By MollyJ URL on 06.30.2012

  6. Ice cream gives me the chills. The icy goodness slides down my throat, quenching my hunger for an icy treat.

    By Sara on 06.30.2012

  7. Chills is what I get when I think of you
    Which is constantly…
    Not that you care.

    By Jessica Cameron on 06.30.2012

  8. Chills. I’m reminded of horror. I’m reminded of the electric worms that rolled down my spine as I tried to sleep with the covers pulled over my chin to keep the monsters from gobbling my feet. I think of chills and I think of all the times I felt them in pitch black. They were always accompanied by a cold breath on my face.

    By Alicia on 06.30.2012

  9. Chills run through your body like a curse and wrap your soul in varnish like a meadow full of holes like life eating a field and ears hearing an ocean. Blue chills feel like gold and whiteness envelopes my eyes, feelings peek like hollow hearts.

    By Em on 06.30.2012

  10. Freezing cold moments that dribble down your skin. moments when the amazing happens that sends your body through and amazing tremble through each section of your skin

    By ashley osborne on 06.30.2012

  11. i get chills when people are behind me. that’s not good leadership skills

    By Hal Ona on 06.30.2012

  12. I first started getting the chills three years ago. I thought nothing of it. Three years later they have slowly faded out but they’ve marked a new phase. They are the dreaded, foreboding omen. I can only hope they never come back

    By micheline on 06.30.2012

  13. It’s a good thing and a sign of sickness. I have the chills when I see my husband and I have them when I’ve been in the rain too long. Language is so inexact

    By Nushia URL on 06.30.2012

  14. When I was walking down the street, just having a drink, I couldn’t believe was I began to realize.
    I saw a funky little man, with a slowly beating heart, and beady read little eyes.

    By Crystal on 06.30.2012

  15. Chills again? I do not fear chills, they creep up on me in the morning but I push them away with an irritated sigh. I do not wish to shake the hands of Death so these chills do not stir me, or still my hand. I do not fear these chills. Or perhaps I do. Perhaps I fear them more than Death himself.

    By Em on 06.30.2012

  16. i get chills a lot. when i’m cold, when my boyfriend touches me, when i’m walking and some weird thought comes to me and sometimes even on a very sunny warm day. the human body is a strange, funny, wonderful, intriguing puzzle. and i sound like Yoda. but hey.. it’s time to chill(s) :D

    By roopkatha on 06.30.2012

  17. chills is what i get whenever i see you,
    at least what i used to get
    now i get hatred
    i hate you
    i used to get butterflies
    but not anymore
    were done

    By Michaela on 06.30.2012

  18. “I don’t know about you but this place is giving me the hibbie jibbies.” Maurice chuckled.
    I had to agree with her, I had a case of the chills too. This place was really starting to freak me out. Spider webs hanging from the rafters of the abandoned house, the floorboards creaking under every baby step we took, not to mention the fact that the house was haunted. It was scary enough!

    By Gaia Serene URL on 06.30.2012

  19. Coldness, the way you feel when you see the guy you like. or when you hear an amazing singer. It sends a chill down your spine and you get goose bumps.

    By Ana on 06.30.2012

  20. I feel chills go down my spine an overwhelming sense of dread. Instantly the cold sweat breaks out and at this point, I know if I don’t lay down, the ground will hit me before I can say, “I feel faint.”

    By kelseyjordon URL on 06.30.2012

  21. I woke up in the middle of the night with terrible chills, but I wasn’t cold. I had been dreaming about you. The way your lips traced the curve of my neck, giving me goosebumps a few nights before. I wasn’t cold then either. But now I was alone.

    By Lauren on 06.30.2012

  22. He was one of those men who gave a person the chills when they saw him, but not because he was attractive. It was the vibe that he gave anyone in the room.

    By Daniela on 06.30.2012

  23. I sat upon my front porch in the cool September temperature, chills racing up and down my spine. I don’t know what really caused me to have a craving for the outdoors, but I satisfied it by sitting on the swing my mother bought for her matching patio furniture set. Her most prized possession, as Dad would tell you. She was always cleaning it and buying new cushions for it, having her elderly friends over for nice sit-out dinners, where they relax on the chairs, talking about their kids, and recipes, and knitting (Yeah, she’s that kind of mum). It’s kinda weird, my mom having friends all of the sudden; she used to be kind of antisocial, preferring to sit indoors in front of the telly rather than going out doors and meeting new people.

    By Padfoot on 06.30.2012

  24. From behind her, she could hear the soft whisper of the door as it began to slide open. She tried to stop herself from glancing over her shoulder, “It’s just your imagination” she assured herself. However, her head did not listen to her words, and it jerked backwards. Briefly, she was able to catch the glimpse of a large and monstrous creature stretching it’s next through the door frame, before it slipped into the night.

    By Hannah URL on 06.30.2012

  25. It still pretty much gives me the chills when you say that you love me, that I’m the only one for you.

    By Zeoru on 06.30.2012

  26. It was a good day. The sun was shining mercilessly, but I took solace in the warmth anyhow. The trees rustled overhead and I felt so calm and at ease; it was paradise, really. But then I saw a couple walking by.

    “You know I’ll always love you…”

    It was just a snippet of conversation, but it sent chills through my body. It was so familiar, so painfully familiar. I touched a hand to my cheek to discover a trail of tears. I looked up to the azure sky and blinked back the tears.

    You had said those exact words to me, once.

    Oh, why had you stopped loving me?

    By Isabelline on 06.30.2012

  27. Winter bones, winter steals
    winter in the broker deals
    winter in the words of old
    winter in the olden mills
    winter in the warm fuzz
    winter in the hot chills

    By Winter on 06.30.2012

  28. maybe you get chills when you remember how i kissed you just a few short (long?) days ago, the way i get goosebumps when i remember how you smelled, the smell of japanese cherry blossoms and twilight woods, the notes of each scent mixing together to create you.

    By lauren URL on 06.30.2012

  29. Lyze let the ethereal chills take over her body as she stepped onto the holy ground of the Uurukiim. It was neither solely the air or the atmosphere that sent tingles down her spine, but a combination of both. The cold air around this ancient, tribal place made Lyze feel as if she were part of some long-forgotten people.

    By RE_Sullivan URL on 06.30.2012

  30. I got the chills when I saw my creepy neighbor. Why must she be so scary? I now have goose bumps from the chills. I hope my fear goes away soon. The chills can also come if you’re cold. Brr!

    By Madeline on 06.30.2012

  31. Chills kill. thinking of the women in Saudi Araiba give sme the chills. They are made to hide under black …. faces hidden to the world. They ahve no legal rights other than those conferred

    By s on 06.30.2012

  32. Chills. I’m beginning to get chills less and less. Not much surprises me, and not much catches me off guard. They say there’s nothing new under the sun and it’s true. But theres a difference between hearing that phrase and actually believeing it. The world is such a redundant place. Chills.

    By Char Adams URL on 06.30.2012

  33. Ally walked to her car. She heard a loud noise coming from behind her. Before she knew it, she got the chills. It was a cold winter night and it scared her.

    By Madeline URL on 06.30.2012

  34. wracked with chills and fever he crawled to the window to see the street below. the world was covered in a deep haze. or was it his eyes? he wouldn’t be certain. all he knew for certain was that this… whatever this was..was most likely fatal and that he was facing a quickly ticking clock

    By debra on 06.30.2012

  35. Chills

    Chiller Theatre.

    That dumb start of the show, with the hand coming out of the ground and the voice saying *CHILLER!!!!!* – Maybe it would seem corny nowadays, but it scared the crap out of me as a kid!

    I bet it’d still scare the crap out of me!

    ** Here it is on YouTube:

    (Yup! I totally screamed just now when it said “CHILLER!!!” at the end!!!

    * If you read the comments on this at YouTube, I wasn’t the only one who had nightmares!)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 06.30.2012

  36. I always get chills when I hear my favorite song or when I see a music number in a movie or a tv show, there’s something about music and dance that just makes me extremely happy.

    By Florencia Explorer URL on 06.30.2012

  37. She gave him chills. It crept down his spine and into his heart. He felt them crawl up his spine. His love for them burned as much as his hatred for them grew. He never recognized how she made him feel before this very moment. The moment that she gave him chills.

    By Chiara on 06.30.2012

  38. That november I remember. For I had an iced tea in my hand and then he walked into the restaurant, I could remember how the chilly wind blew at my face and how his face send chills through my spine..

    By Akshardasi on 06.30.2012

  39. You hands… A certain look… A passionate kiss… And it’s all over. From the nape of my neck to the tip of my spine. And I feel as if I could float away.

    By AmyMae URL on 06.30.2012

  40. I was walking down the street, and I knew he was following me.

    He’d been following me
    For miles
    I knew he was there

    I never doubt his presence

    He is without absence
    He does not sleep

    He is always behind me

    I have stopped checking to see if he is there

    He gives me


    Down my spine
    my legs
    my fingers

    By Landon Churchill URL on 06.30.2012