August 30th, 2010 | 264 Entries

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264 Entries for “cheek”

  1. My niece Sabrina is such a beautiful little baby… all 7 months of her. She was born with the most scrumptious cheeks and they get so much kissing time. All I want to do when I see her is pinch her little cheeks, plant a few kisses on them, and then bury my face in her pretty little neck!

    By mceeh URL on 08.30.2010

  2. tears slid down her cheek but no one noticed. she sat by the fire quietly sobbing. wondering when someone would show the kindness to her that she went out of her way to show to them everyday. trails of tears kept sliding down as she walked away slowly and solemnly; no one trailed behind her.

    By Delilah URL on 08.30.2010

  3. checks make me want to barf because they take up too much of peoples minds. when people live their lives they don’t think about their families, only when they will get their next check so that they may buy something.

    By madeline monge on 08.30.2010

  4. her cheek rested on the pillow, flush with red. I looked up to her face, and found that flushed, too.

    By Melinda on 08.30.2010

  5. The man…. so cheeky. I don’t know why he was always so annoying. He seemed to enjoy it, but everybody tried to get away from him because of it. However, I knew that he could be a good friend, so I invested the time in him, and, amazingly… he was exactly as annoying as everyone thought he was.

    By Taylor Maoman URL on 08.30.2010

  6. I don’t think there are bad cheeks. They are always cute in some sort of way. You can pretty them up if you wanted to, but why..they’re cheeks!

    By Kryssie on 08.30.2010

  7. Her cheek was soft as he brushed his fingers against it. But she turned away. It was time to go, and if she looked at him, she would be tempted to stay. But she had to move on, life was waiting for her.

    By Aley on 08.30.2010

  8. as your cheeks caress the southern wind, wrapping itself around and about the frigid-spinning cycles, you take a step forward to begin the ending of what we call life. in other words, you are the apocalypse.

    By John Austin Lachausse URL on 08.30.2010

  9. red bashful cheek, dimpled and sticky from colored popsicles and this morning’s sleep. your eyes are crusted crescents reaching for the moon, but gravity is worried about your eyesight. just close those glimmering pearls and go back to sleep.

    By alyssa shayne bailey URL on 08.30.2010

  10. He kissed my cheek lightly and I had never felt this way before. My hands shook and suddenly, i knew. I was in love with him. and i was too stubborn and disconnected to see it.

    By muggs URL on 08.30.2010

  11. They were like roses. But that’s cliche. They were more like a leper who had been healed by the hand of Christ. She wrapped a smile around my heart that led up to her soft cheeks.

    By David Hamby on 08.30.2010

  12. I rest my cheek on my pillow and as I inhaled I could smell him all over it. Memories of last night flooded my brain.

    By Amanda URL on 08.30.2010

  13. His cheeks are beautiful. I love to rest my face upon his cheeks and sometimes when he feels especially happy he’ll shift his eyes so his eyelashes brush my cheek. I love when he does this. He knows that I know that he loves when he does that. He thinks I’m beautiful. He often tells me this at moments like that. However, he is the beautiful one – just like his cheeks.

    By Lola on 08.30.2010


    By DELENA URL on 08.30.2010

  15. Canvas for a kiss.

    By Jess on 08.30.2010

  16. well i remember in bio we had to do a cheek rubbing and we made our own dna to keep in this little bottle and mine was terrible it was all chunky and im pretty sure there really wasnt any dna in mine.

    By Leah URL on 08.30.2010

  17. He wiped the tear that rolled down her cheek with his thumb. They embraced as she began to weep onto his shoulder.

    By Chelsea on 08.30.2010

  18. kiss on the cheek. a sign that it might go somewhere, just not tonight. a sign of thanks, but no thanks. a sign of friends, of culture.

    cheeky, smart with style. sassy but sweet.

    By Joanna on 08.30.2010

  19. otra vez pues chucha? que pito ajajaaja en verdad esta mierda ya me eeres secreto de maorrr eres secreto de amorr pareces el conejo de barniee jajaa no era barnie iba a decir barbie pero me refiero a bambi eres secreto de amorr SECREETOOOOO viva thaliaa borondongoo le dio a bernabeeeee ijeofijefoijd NI EN VIVOOOOOOOO IM VIRGIIIINNNN

    By paola on 08.30.2010

  20. round, facial. white, protruding. sometimes i bit the inside of my cheek. But, did you know, wounds heal faster inside of your mouth?

    By ali on 08.30.2010

  21. i love kissing his. also love dancing next to another one. ones that are actually on each others faces and not located on others parts of our body. but theyre most beautiful after coming in from the snow.

    By BP on 08.30.2010

  22. She presses a kiss onto my flesh with the lips that have frowned more than they were designed to do, stretching now into that puckering embrace memorized in the childhood that older than written history between us.

    By Nancy O'Neill on 08.30.2010

  23. I love to kiss my youngest daughter on her cheek. I don’t know what it is about them but they are always warm, soft & squishy. Totally kissable pink cheeks!

    By jenn URL on 08.30.2010

  24. i pressed my lips against your cheek. it was rough from stubble but i didnt mind one bit. i had missed being so close to you. it was almost a foreign feeling at first since it had been so long that i had been so close to you. but once they found their place brushed against your skin, they felt at home once again.

    By sarah on 08.30.2010

  25. I have so many reason not to like him, way too many to count. But there are those times when we start talking, and I look at him, and he looks at me, and it’s all I can do to resist laying my cheek on his shoulder and telling him all my secrets.

    By aster URL on 08.30.2010

  26. Your cheek against my hand, as you almost cry in both joy and sorrow – it may have been the single most moving moment of my life. I love you so very much and can’t wait to continue spending every waking moment of the rest of my life with you.

    By Fallon URL on 08.30.2010

  27. He had a lot of cheek. He just walked up to her and lifted the back of her shirt. She gasped and said, “What the hell do you-” But he interrupted and said, “I had to see the rest of your tattoo. If you’re the kind of girl you advertise to be, I want me some.”

    By Kathy on 08.30.2010

  28. I love the way his cheek feels when it’s pressed against mine. His warm soft skin presses mine in.. Makes me feel like we are almost.. Connected. It’s my favorite thing to do with him. More than kissing.. More than anything.. It just feels.. perfect.

    By Ashley on 08.30.2010

  29. soft when you shave, rough a day later. you pull me in and i can smell that familiar chlorine scented sweat while your arms wrap around my waist. sandpaper against my blush, i adore every bit of you.

    By Ellen on 08.30.2010

  30. bleak make break how do we care so much because it is in us to make it or break it I love life because it’s amazing painful no way always try good by

    By Aaron on 08.30.2010

  31. As the sun shines forth we feel the warmth in our cheeks. Our pale faces meet the sun as it bends upward from the mountains. The cool air rushes past in the breeze of an August morning. We are alive.

    By Andrew on 08.30.2010

  32. i never understood what it meant to be “cheeky”. like “don’t get cheeky with me!”. Shit. i should probably know what that is by now, second year of college? I feel like people today don’t have cheeks, they have cheek bones. If you have cheeks your fat or your a baby.

    By alex URL on 08.30.2010

  33. a woman’s cheek is soft, much like that of a baby’s. a man’s however, is much more rough and course, although some woman like it this way. this is not to be mistaken for but cheecks, which in most cases, are always soft- except when they belong to that of the elderly.

    By Mariam on 08.30.2010

  34. easter
    yellow puffy new chicks
    bright colors
    red blushing

    By m URL on 08.30.2010

  35. On your face, also on your nether reigons. pink, flashy, sometimes fat, sometimes gaunt and sometimes pink, unless it’s on a black person then it may be a little ruddy, but usually dark.

    By Kathryn on 08.30.2010

  36. Heyyy I aleready got this one. What is this? Is this like one word a day or something? Or was I just too soom? Like… one word every five minutes. so aparently you’re supposed to write like, stories or something about your word. I didn’t know that, so I just described it.

    By Kathryn on 08.30.2010

  37. he kissed her on the cheek as she walked out the door. She didn’t even feel it, and instead she brushed it off as him just playing along with what she wanted. but her cheek was abnormally cold to him. actually, she was abnormally cold. but she wanted him to kiss her; not on the cheek, but rather unlike anything she’d ever felt before.

    By Courtney Huggins on 08.30.2010

  38. Hahah, I told her they gave me my name because of my Cheeks! Now she won’t call me Biscuit; she’d rather call me Cheeks!!

    By Biscuit URL on 08.30.2010

  39. Your cheek… the hollow space where shadow meets my face. I will miss looking at your skin through the blur of my eyelashes.

    By rebecca on 08.30.2010

  40. I want to touch your cheek. Or I did. But I can no longer see you, let alone reach out in the way I want to. The way I never did. The way I never could. I regret that each day.

    By Lauren on 08.30.2010