August 31st, 2010 | 364 Entries

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364 Entries for “trees”

  1. the trees stand tall outsside as the people walk by. hight up in the building on the 6th floor i feel like a bird in a tree looking down at the city of denver. i love the buildings and the cars driving fast by i love the sounds of the world around me.

    By abra URL on 09.02.2010

  2. There are so many moods associated with trees. Weeping willows sometimes make people sad. Pine trees can make you happy. The twisty, dark, ragged trees that scare you. For a tree to do so much with our psyche is amazing.

    By Moira URL on 09.02.2010

  3. trees knees
    will you please?
    don’t squeeze.
    don’t be a sleaze.
    bless me I sneezed.

    By finnsaid on 09.02.2010

  4. I see the trees, blowing in the breeze. Their song stirs my soul to the deepes, and I love to listen to the howl as it stirs through me, listening, whistling, ever moving, never changing, and yet never stopping.

    By Maria on 09.02.2010