February 28th, 2011 | 616 Entries

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616 Entries for “cheap”

  1. it was big big enough, this is what i told her. she made sure it was not cheap but i did not realy care. i just wanted an excuse to spend time with her

    By tylllet URL on 02.28.2011

  2. you don’t spend any money on me
    why? am i supposed to?
    no, but it would be nice every once in a while
    here’s twenty bucks, enjoy it
    if you buy something, it would be more thoughtful

    By Kyle URL on 02.28.2011

  3. cheap is something that is low quality or not for very much money.

    By Caleb URL on 02.28.2011

  4. It was plastic, nothing special.. well i guess it should have been special. Tally always expected it to be special, but no.. The ring was cheap and turned her ring green. It was loose and cracked on the left side. She supposed her wedding ring wasn’t going to be amazing after all that had happened…

    By Sayge URL on 02.28.2011

  5. No. I’m not cheap. You’re cheap. All I wanted to do was take my watch back and go to the pawn shop instead. You know, that place you went to sell your wedding ring?

    By vanhaydu URL on 02.28.2011

  6. I snorted. “Well, I must have made it on the cheap, then. I can’t imagine a bleaker place.”

    “Well, you DID imagine it,” he said. “This,” he gestured expansively, “mirrors your state of mind.”

    By mimimanderly URL on 02.28.2011

  7. cheap makes me sad :( unless its cunningly disguised as ‘a bargain’. slow brain day.

    By mihaela URL on 02.28.2011

  8. We talk about a culture of life in the United States, but we don’t mean it. We may never know how many innocent lives were lost to our weapons in Afghanistan and Iraq. How many Afghan and Iraqi children have we killed? Human life is so cheap to us that, when we take it away, we refer to innocent men, women, and children as ‘collateral damage.’

    By ruth URL on 02.28.2011

  9. Im the cheap s person you will met dollar menu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????//….

    By Brandon URL on 02.28.2011

  10. In our house- cheap was a positve word, a good one, nothing to be ashamed of- “It was a bargain”. But in his house cheap meant “lower in quality” and beneath them- which is why we broke up.

    By Arlene on 02.28.2011

  11. I may not have all the riches in the world, but one would never know because I carry my wealth in my heart therefore I never look cheap because I carry myself as one who has all she needs.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 02.28.2011

  12. I love saving money. It thrills me to no end when I can find things for less than their original price. Bargains make me super excited, and even when something is already cheap (say, a 99-cent notebook), I often times will not buy it because I like to save money purely on principle. Surely, I say to myself, I can find some on sale somewhere else. Oh what we go through to save a few pennies!

    By Courka URL on 02.28.2011

  13. She was cheap. From her mind to her body right down to her stilettos. She wasn’t the type that liked to stay long, or that liked to be anywhere at all in the first place.

    By whitepicketdefense URL on 02.28.2011

  14. sometimes she described my tastes as “cheap”, unworthy of my status. He was cheap, it was cheap, that was cheap. My actions, my friends, my dresses. All of them: cheap. Nothing was ever good enough for her, to her it was one cheap trick after another. The funny thing: Her attitude was perhaps the cheapest thing of all.

    By Leah on 02.28.2011

  15. Cheap. Cheap is the sound that bird can make. If I could be any animal I would be a bird. Flyinbg would be fugging amazing! Think of the veiw………

    By Lor-n URL on 02.28.2011

  16. cheap perfume–that’s all she ever wore, and the smell of it made him want to upchuck. really. he believed that he loved her, and she knew that she loved him, so why did that cheap perfume have to destroy the mountains of love that could exist between them? the walls that were built–both metaphorically and physically–distanced them further than they could even see.

    By David on 02.28.2011

  17. sometimes i feel cheap when I think about how i lost my virginity. I knew him for like three months, but had only been talking to him for two weeks. I gave it up the first night. Hell, I let him finger me the first time i hung out with him. But what did I expect? That’s all we talked about. I’m still with him, though. So that makes me feel better. I’m glad it was him.

    By MaeMonchichi on 02.28.2011

  18. The fabric was cheap, there was no denying it. She stroked the bolts of silk and taffeta and satin and muslin as she walked around the shop but the one she had chosen was plain cotton. Coarse. Rough even.

    By Carolina on 02.28.2011

  19. pathetic, imitative, disgusting, pathetic, imitative. A sign of something thst should’ve never been. Walmart. I dont believe that anything is cheap, it all comes for a price, a hefty price. It’s ridiculous! People, believing in such nonsesne. My thoughts are jumbled, it is confusing. I dont know. When will the 60 seconds be up?! Pleasssee! I’m not sure what else to write about. I’ll write about writing. I love writing, it’s not cheap, it comes with the price of the thoughts in your mind, the consuming imagination that plagues thoughts oh so dear to one. It opens up worlds that were previously locked away, barred by a door that only we have the key to open.

    By XYZ URL on 02.28.2011

  20. n00bz g3tt1ng k1lls w1th n00btub3s

    By Derp on 02.28.2011

  21. I am cheap and crazed. never once have i ever been so lonely and oddly passive. i don’t understand my self half the time. i don’t understand much but i slightly get myself.

    By vicky URL on 02.28.2011

  22. Costing next to nothing
    Hard to pass up such a bargain
    Easy to fall into the sale trap
    Always buying the hype at the lowest possible price
    Pennies on the dollar

    By Amy URL on 02.28.2011

  23. cheap is cheerful which makes me think of that band the kinks but now im thinking about julian casablancas because of the coat the guy from the kinks wears in a kinks video… is kinks even the correct band name? i have no idea. im runnning out of time BOOOM the world just exploded and all thats left is a triangle.

    By oliver Macdonald Oulds URL on 02.28.2011

  24. Cheap. For some reason cheap gifts come to mind. Not the good kind, but cheap quality. Which unfortunately can exist in more expensive gifts too. I hate cheap quality. I love cheap price! :)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 02.28.2011

  25. cheap is something i like, i automatically like something more if it is cheap. cheap as chips, diirrrrrrrt cheap and so on and so forth. today i tore a hole in my boot, the shoelace snapped off two days ago, arsed? no because they were cheap and satisfied me for a whole 2 weeks with that nice feeling of finding a bargain. HAIL PRIMARK!!!!

    By Claudia on 02.28.2011

  26. d

    By XYZ URL on 02.28.2011

  27. is there a difference between being cheap and thrifty? is cheap really that bad, i mean right now i find myself in a cheap lifestyle. i want cheap beers, cheap clothes and cheap travel. economic use of your time and money is thrift… can you be cheap with your time? well that was a cheap 60 seconds..

    By soj URL on 02.28.2011

  28. c is for creep. h is for harassment. e is for edible. a is for abnormal. p is for prickly.

    By Sam on 02.28.2011

  29. Cheap is nothing but a relative quality assigned to those less thrifty and patient. I myself have been considered cheap by many.

    By Sam URL on 02.28.2011

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    what? what’s going on?

    By Sofia on 02.28.2011

  31. Cheap thoughts will take you somewhere cheap

    By Eva URL on 02.28.2011

  32. cheap is a term that can mean many different things, it can mean the cost of something, it’s worth, or it’s monetary value. It can also be used as a slight, or can denote poor quality.

    By John Bissett on 02.28.2011

  33. Everyone wishes everything to be cheap. I want it to, I wish rent was cheaper, I wish gas was cheaper, I wish life was cheaper.
    But it never will get cheaper, everyone is in it to make money, even the people complaining about the expenses of something are wanting to make money
    bleh I am not feeling this today…

    By AmberJade URL on 02.28.2011

  34. cheap clothes, cheap cheap cheap. it used to be a negative term “those clothes are so cheap” but now we almost flaunt our thriftiness and we say “look this shirt was so cheap!”

    By michelle on 02.28.2011

  35. Is the price we pay. We is the way I find it easiest to think about it or I’d have to take on the full responsibility of my decisions, those strange actions that one would find it simply impossible to justify if one were not a we.

    By Anj URL on 02.28.2011

  36. Love is cheap. I am cheap. I can’t even take a girl out to a nice dinner because I have no money! But if love is cheap then I am doing fine. I don’t have to worry about “love” in this day and age. Love is something that happens because you’re hot and I’m horny. How does that work?

    By Alex Hart URL on 02.28.2011

  37. Non expensive, almost non existent because everything in this world is over priced because people have a strong desire for material objects and most possess a lot of greed.

    By Sapphire on 02.28.2011

  38. Sometimes I think back about what happened to me, and I feel cheap. Then I realize, that it wasn’t my fault. I was young, and now it’s over, and I’ve taken hold of my life. I am ME.

    By Lala URL on 02.28.2011

  39. I like to buy clothes and shoes when they’re cheap. Sometimes cheap is a great insult to use – as in, “You’re a cheap whore.” Why is cheap so often associated with whore? Really cheap is usually a good thing – until you make it an adjective for whore . . . sad, really.

    By Me79 URL on 02.28.2011

  40. cheap. usually i think of people..i think of people who are selfish. but i am cheap, so am i selfish? i don’t know. cheap things can be good or can get a good deal..or just be white trash..HAHA i am mean. cheap=peach weird right?

    By Hannah on 02.28.2011